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Aug. 7, 1962
Filed Sept. 16, 1958
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Aug. 7, 1962
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Aug» 7, 1962
Filed Sept. 16, 1958
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Aug. 7, 1962
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Aug. 7, 1962
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/Í//zfo/v Ä pan/Aas
dUnited States Fatent
Patented Aug. 7, 1962
FIGURE 8 is a top plan View, of one end of the water
reservoir pan used in this invention;
Milton A. Powers, Grosse Pointe, Mich., assigner to
Skuttle Manufacturing Co., Mitford, Mich., a corpo
. ration of Michigan
FIGURE 9 is a side elevation of the water reservoir
pan illustrated in FIGURE 8;
Filed Sept. 16, 19%, Ser. No. 761,314
16 Claims. (Cl. 126-113)
FIGURE 10 is a view taken along the line lll-10 of
FIGURE 1l is a view taken along the line 11-11 of
This invention relates to humidiliers and more particu
FIGURE l2 is a `side elevation of the support bracket
larly to automatically relillable counterbalanced humidi
used in this invention;
FIGURE 13 is a view taken along the line> 13-13 of
Íiers adapted to be mounted in a wall aperture of a plenum
chamber or duct of a hot air heating system and the like.
Many types of humidiflers have been proposed for use
FIGURE 14 is a top plan view of the support bracket
illustrated in FIGURES 12 and 13;
FIGURE 15 is an enlarged longitudinal vertical sec
tional view similar to FIGURE l but illustrating another
in hot air heating systems. Humidifiers in modern hot air
heating systems are usually located in the plenum cham
ber of the hot -air furnace or in the main duct leading
from the furnace. It is `desirable that these humidiiiers be
automatically reiìllalble with water to a predetermined
embodiment of the invention;
FIGURE 16 is a fragmentary view in section showing
level from a constant water source, the water-flow being
automatically controlled by water-level responsive valve 20
a special finned tube for water inlet;
FIGURE 17 is a graph -comparing performance of the
means. Such automatically reiillable humidiliers are usu
invention with other tilt-type humidifiers; and
ally complicated to manufacture, install, and service.
Also, the necessary adjustments thereon are usually diíii
cult to make ‘and maintain satisfactorily.
With the foregoing considerations in view, a primary
object of this invention is to provide an improved auto
matically reíillable humidifier of the type having- a recep
tacle such as a reservoir pan tiltable in response to the
water level therein to control flow from a water source, the
humidilier having embodied therein novel features for
simpliñed and more economical manufacture, easier ad
justment and maintenance, and trouble-free operation.
FIGURE 18 is a fragmentary view showing a coiled
Referring now more specifically to the drawings, there
is illustrated in FIGURES l and 2 the humidifier assem
bly of this invention indicated generally at 10` mounted
in an aperture 12 through the wall 14 of a plenum cham
ber or hot air duct of a hot air furnace `by means of an
adaptor plate 16 rigidly attached to wall 14 by screws 18
extending through key slots 20. Through the combination
of key slots and screws illustrated, adaptor plate 16 can
be readily mounted on the wall 14 by positioning the
Another object is to provide a novel humidifier con
round portion of key slots 20 over the heads of screws 18
struction which may be installed in areas subject to wide
and moving the plate downwardly until the narrow por
iluctuations in water pressure and which will operate
tions of the key slots are behind the screw heads, where
reliably within narrow limits of water level in the reser
voir and without overñow under extremely high water
upon the screws are tightened to rigidly clamp adaptor
plate 16 to wall 14. For removal of the assembly, the
pressures so encountered.
foregoing mounting procedure is simply reversed.
Another object is to provide a novel humidifier con
struction with all operating parts »located within the heated
air zone of the furnace or duct yet which remain unaf
fected by said heat which heretofore has caused precipi
Adaptor plate 15 has a cut-out section indicated gen
erally at 22 which is of substantially U-shaped configura
tion, the portion of the adaptor plate remaining adjacent
the inside of cut-out section 22 forming a downwardly
extending shield 23. A generally rectangular water reser
connections resulting in failure in operation.
voir pan 24, preferably of heat resistant glass or other
Another object is to provide a -novel resilient valve seat 45 non-corrosive material, tits through cut-out section 22
member which is easily accessible for inspection, may be
and has one end thereof detachably mounted on a tiltable
progressively positioned to present a multiplicity of new
support bracket to be described hereinafter. The shield
valve surfaces as wear occurs, and is provided with in
Z3 is thus disposed transversely across the inside of water
tation of lime within the valve member and water line
tegral flanges which serve both to retain the member in a
reservoir pan 24 and extends downwardly to a position
controlled position and also deflect water spray from the 50 closely adjacent the normal water level in the pan. An
nozzle downward into the reservoir.
overflow pan 26 fitting in the bottom of cut-out section 22
Other objects and advantages of the invention will be
and extending for a major portion of its length into the
come apparent from the following detailed description
plenum chamber or air duct is rigidly secured to adaptor
and drawings, in which:
plate 16 by welds or other suitable means. Formed in
FIGURE l is a longitudinal vertical sectional View of
the bottom of overllow pan 26 are elongated mounting
the humidifier of this invention mounted in the w‘all of a
grooves 28 (for mounting the support bracket) disposed
plenum chamber or air duct of a hot air furnace;
in generally parallel relation to adaptor plate 16 and lead
FIGURE 2 is a View taken along the line 2-2 of
ing to a sump 3l) having a drain opening 32 in which
FIGURE 3 is a top plan view of the water reservoir pan,
overflow pan, and water nozzle of FIGURE l, other parts
being omitted for clarity;
FIGURE 4 is an end elevation of the water nozzle used
in this invention;
FIGURE 5 is a side elevation of the water nozzle illus
trated in FIGURE 4;
FIGURE 6 is a view taken along the line 6_6 of FIG
URE 5;
FIGURES 7, 7A and 7B are front elevation, and ele
vation and bottom views respectively of the resilient valve
seat memlber used 4in this invention;
60 there is inserted an overflow grommet 34 adapted to re
ceive a length of tubing (not shown) for conducting over
liow water to a suitable location for each installation.
A substantially vertical support bracket indicated gen
erally at 36 and having legs 38 supported in the grooves
28 is pivotally or tiltaibly mounted in the bottom of over
tlow pan 26. The support bracket 36 has outwardly ex
tending spaced side arms 40 and bottom arm 42 disposed
below and between the side arms 40, the arms being
adapted to receive and support the sides and bottom re
spectively of reservoir pan 24 as shown in FIGURES 1
and 2.
A generally U-shaped spring clip indicate-d at 44 and
L’lßlias itslegßidsecuredïtoé th
of reservoir 'pan k2st can.~`be¿securely clampedfbetween
support bracket 36 andleg 456, when screw` 59" isf tig _
A valve
as shownrin
seat member
l andfíìg
y `
,supply civ/‘ate
__ i
_ _ __
water@` aswbeen evaporatedtrom reservoir ' ¿„ _
"_ ff
ten oued balance _spring "75j totiltsupport f
. ` `, reservar/s211124amivalrelseatíne
,îli‘in ,FÍGURE 1yr/thereby mf'ffïîbîï
by ~
rubber or like resilient ¿material is slidabiyimountßed `on"„
value seat member 52 `has a center planar »section '56,
Wsoïthat wateris discharged-intothepanïîf?l until‘the'added ,
opposite sides of whichforrn valve ‘seating surfaces,y AïEir- 1Qh weight at the predetermined water leveltiltsva'ive ‘seating’ f
tending outwardly on opposite sidesfronithe planar’
ineinberSZ baclcagainstuozzle 64 to shiit‘oiîthesupply
section forming theivalve seating surfaces'areV generally
‘ otfwater. .-«In general, the water levelfiiiy water reservoir
inverted `U-shaped hoods S8 having ‘grooves 60 on the v pari zái-fwillvaryfbetween% andßíi inchfronithebottom! _" f
under side thereofxadjacent the centerplanar section S6 ` " thereof, thernini'rnu‘in beingl/z inch andthe maximum lV '_ Y.
inch >for,fsatisfièict'ofry operation-z "
'whichr are adapted to slid‘alôly receive*tongue‘54.§fS/Vith
tongue 54- in either or thefgrooves> 6u, tlie'iop‘positeiside,VY
,Abilityltofmaintairi a‘ne'arly constant levelfoi`~waterfin
y .
of the'ceriter planar section `_56 forms a vaiveiseating sur- ‘ _Athefreser‘voir underfthe wide‘ïrange of `iii/ratersupply pres? L'
face, thus makingthe valve‘se'at rnember52'reversible„ l_In " ' sure's encounteredïinfthe field hasbeenafproblem of’gr'eat Í* f" i'
addition, contact friction between tongue/54 `andthe
‘îmlmïîanœ ÍÍÓ *aumfanùfâcîulïefs `0f hlïmidîñel'fs îëtlll'd‘ 0H? .. " v ‘
ber valvefmember allows `the `valve, seat to bepositioned ¢2ÓÄ Wïlîßh
hefßlîQfí’îef T105 bCeïLSGlVCCl" 0H _the Sofealledi,` -f
vertically, thus providing `several fresh valvemsurfa'ces to "’~Í‘tilï"tyl9§il 01"! Cmmlerbalanced hufflidíñeß .hä-Order* l@ y ‘ ~
bee'xposed on each ysidebyy simple adjustment from 'time j
Understand Whßthiis‘been accomplished `byliiy inventiamo; .
to time. A desired space between legs 46 andlifâlis*
lslllëëessafy‘mgßxplïlînéthe'lîïoblemvfmd glye C,Ol'lfllêflif’fë‘,r `
maintained by a screw 62 threadedthroughupper portion f SUV@ daîäïßbiîìïïled Undßïfideiïlll‘ìal‘ïeât Cßïldllïïms` 011 van*
of bracket 36 and leg 46 to abut against tongueäßi, ad-... 25» CUS Wá‘ìufkïïf-)Wntœmi’ellllvß lllklllÍSrf i,
justinent of which will be described in inorefdetail here- f
inafœn _
.R 1S Weu‘known lhat Water supply pœssuresuvary ,Widely
~ _
iii diiîerentparts of the country. Normal Lwater _pressure
They weight of water reservoir pan 2,4 and itscontents t ‘ @Home Community‘maylbe. 30 Wands Per Squaw," Ímhr
causes support‘bracket 36y to-»tilt in .a direction to move
§- ',Norlmaipressuœ mi @umher ¿ma may b5 loor‘pûmids Per A
the seating surface of valve seat member 52 `against,the " 30V Sfilläfêïlñçll/ ¿fi/12.311.153@ Weu'known» hOWeVel" 17s' howl*
of a constant
end of asource
water ysupply pipe
66. i Thefnoz»
64 'at‘t‘nef-~ ` Í'lÍ/ldßïyt?Èhîseeßßîçë‘ua@jnofmalwlfffmurîs
1993€ 1011» a 139531?. "humldfñer, ¿inning-i103?,
may ,Vari/"fiom ” ,f
zle 64 is swagedto a. conical shape `and partiallyciosedÄÍÍ im?,¿SmmSystemsi?mdmamy af‘fym‘e’ wipûunds preSSure,' '
to provide a desired yreduction»in Ásizetot’.heavyWalled;Í ~
l??glßssmçfdïgptto»wypmiildsi'ß@ y
» '
sr. toAAvnve
be amnistia
nozzle' odas
y i ‘Weihe
than ` ` ‘
sectional conñguiiation as indicated at 68 so thatpipe ¿6
pl-.Qbalile tçmporaryffa?uœ m humldïñça‘nim‘» ,Hmj'fiveff
may be rigidly and tïatly» clamped againstladapto “ ate
'72. Bracket
a. britte
a flange adapter
sub-I i
Stantially at right. angles to adaptor plated@ 4‘to support
»f A,
» Y`
bßyqnd’üm‘lmmîd?leî “law/@gan Y‘ / ' “
i »
Dyer the new' “_Pf‘îbtf‘ließï
flîaf’er’fn. ` f‘
‘ femfmsf i9 remedy 'a 'mndit'l‘on‘which 'no honger exlsls’vme
a removable cover
i 76 ’ the
f sides
f f of'whicliiit ilusliavai‘ris'f
Ö ~
»umnfœmçd' @omet @wmf
lmaytinker Wim thû’umt and Íf `
y'adaptor tplate'lóg ¿toliouse‘tbat portion' ofthe humidifier. “
lîímguîïltûffjthefvvgater'snpplyfConditions werefencoun
w :tere
f ¿from .the nozzle o@ when» waterfnin- kreservoir‘fpai'ti `2li',
falls below a predetermined level. Ten's‘ionlori spring‘fíâ
may be,v adyusted as_fdesired by turning n_ut‘ Sti t0 com' r," communities pressure'at an elevatedspot near the reser
pensate for the weight of water reservoir pan L24 and
~ l
thereby maintaining valveseating member
_ .
2 in a substantially balanced position against nozzle 64.
e __
‘___ _
ï , ghr
, '
y 1
~ e Va ey
Each 1GO feet of elevation nro
Thus a few
h lfqb
e pressure'ls muc' nu "el"
t* `
_ is not uncommon-'to find a 200 foot head difference be~`
*_ e Wedel PlîeSSufeflt DOZZA? 6 I, a high
blocks awa 'n th
PIÈSSUF@ resulting m »1G55 @M1011 belflg required by ‘the 6G
duces a 43 pound diiïerence in pressure.
It also may be desirable to adjust the tension of s rin 78
in accordam with th
voirniay be 30 pounds.
tween houses in a valley and adjacent hill.
All of the above emphasizes the importance of produc
ing a humidifier Witha single valve and simple adjustment
Sulfäble Humber (twonbfîlïplg SHOW?) 0f generally
T-Shapßd eYaPOïa'fOf pla'œs 05 OI any _suitable eVauOraÍOr
platematerial have a base leg 38 slidingly fitting 1n `S_Ub- u
`Stdîltlauy Yel'ÍlCal ‘Channels 9*@ provided on the inner s1des 5D
for universal installation and assured reliable operation '
regardless of the special pressure conditions met in any
specificy installation. How completely the present inven
tion accomplishes this will be seen on the attached graph
or reservoir pan 24_. Legs 8_8 of the evaporator plates -
FIGURE I7.' `Anyinoreasefin Water pressure necessitates
dip into the water in reservoir pan 2_4 and act as Wicks f
a counteract-ingaforce suñîcient to close the water valve
to transmit Water over
the surfaces of the plates r8i', t
tightly to prevent overilow of the Areservoir or pan. lf the
whereby the eväporating rate of water from reservoirpan> v design is such that overilowonce starts it will continue in- y
24 can `bervaried in accordance With‘tlie‘ demandsfof the »70`definitely andr‘damageyvill result unless the Over‘ilow is*
heating system _ by varying the ~ number 'of evaporator` r connected. toga drainf
over the -maximum pressure range with a minimum rise
in the water level `in the pan.
FIGURE 17 expresses comparative results in graph
The present invention incorporates a novel combination
of elements‘to provide .maximum direct valving action
with a minimum increase in weight of water in the pan.
Of prime importance toward this end is the location of
the support pivot or fulcrum 28 of the pan at the end of
the water collecting area so that every drop of water enter
ing the pan will add its weight as a force to directly urge
the valve toward closed position.
A commercially available humidifier of the same gen
eral type having a support fulcrum near the longitudinal
middle of the pan was tested under Iworking conditions
and produced the results shown in curve A of »FIGURE 17.
After being set to close at 30 pounds pressure with one
inch of water in the pan, the depth of water rose to 3
inches (which is the depth of Itheir pan) and overflowed
needed. The overflow plan 26 also acts as a safety fea
ture if for any reason the reservoir pan 24 should ‘be
overñlled. Thus itis not possible for water to acci
dentally enter the plenum chamber or air duct in which
the humidifier is mounted.
Leakage of hot air through adaptor plate 16 is -held to
a minimum ‘because shield 23 extends adjacent the normal
water level inside reservoir pan 24. Thus shield 23 in
icombination with cover '76 effectively prevents leakage of
hot air from the system.
Referring now to FlGURE 15, there is illustrated an
other embodiment ofthe humidifier of this invention
which operates in exactly the same manner as described
hereinabove. The construction is substantially the same
as illustrated'in FIGURE l except for the water supply
nozzle, its mounting, and the removable cover. In this
embodiment an adaptor plate indicated generally at 10€)
is rigidly attached to a plenum wall 192 in the same man
ner as illustrated in FlGURE l. The adaptor plate 11141
at 90 pounds pressure.
20 has a square recess 11i-6 in which there is a hole 10S
Another known type of humidifier on the market op
through the bottom thereof for mounting a nozzle re
erates yby lwater weight against a rubber diaphragm and
tainer member indicated generally at 111i.
curve B of FIGURE 17 setting forth results of a test under
The nozzle retainer `member 111i has a square body in
working conditions shows that with a water depth of 1/2
which there is a right angle iiow passageway 112 there
inch at 30 pounds pressure, the Water level had increased- 25 through having a jet discharge nozzle 114 threaded in one
to 11/2 inches (in la 2% inch pan) at 130 pounds pressure.
end thereof and extending axially from the retainer mem
A third commercial humidiñer was tested which oper
ber ‘body and a water supply pipe 116 suitably connected
ated lthru a combination of levers leading to an outside
to the other end of the passageway and extending radially
valve. With 1X2 inch Water at 30 pounds the water level
of the retainer member body. A threaded stud 118 in
rose to 1% inches (in a 2 inch pan) at 130 pounds pres 30 tegral with nozzle retainer member 110 extends there
sure as shown in curve C of `FIGURE 17.
The foregoing are representative of the humidifier art
from in axial alignment with discharge jet nozzle 114 and
is received in the hole 108.
A nut 121i threaded on the
-stud 118 rigid-ly clamps retainer member 111i to the sup
porting shield 164, the square recess 1116 permitting the
The humidifier of the present invention, operating thru
a simple counterbalance, with 1/2 inch water at 30 pounds 35 pipe 116 to lie substantially flush against the adaptor
plate ltlil'. The angle at which water supply pipe 116
increased to a total of 2%; inch (in a 21A; inch pan) at 13()
extends from the humidifier assembly can be pivotally ad
pounds pressure as shown in curve D of FIGURE 17.
justed to any of three radial positions (namely, vertical
When valve lseating member 52 is in a position to open
in commerce today.
or horizontally to left or right) about the longitudinal
nozzle 64, hood 53 over the acting valve seat surface de
flects water being discharged from the nozzle 64 down 40 axis of retainer member 11d by loosening the nut 120 on
ward-ly into the reservoir pan 24. Thus positive filling of
stud 118, thus simplifying installation of water supply
reservoir pan 24 is assured because all ‘water from the
pipe connections. A flexible heat insulating cap 121 may
nozzle 64 is deflected into the reservoir pan 24 with none
be slipped over nut 12€) to reduce heat flow into the valve.
escaping in the form of a spray to fall outside. Another
An upper edge of a removable cover indicated gen
feature of the valve seating member 52 is that it is slid
erally at 128 has spaced upright tabs 124 formed thereon
able up and down on the tongue 54 of spring clip 44. As 45 which are adapted to extend through correspondingly
the valve seating surface which abuts the end of nozzle 64
spaced horizontal slots 126 in shield 104 land abut against
the back surface thereof to hold the cover in position.
becomes Worn, the valve seating member 52 may be
moved upward slightly so that a new seating surface will
An opening 127 is provided through the top of cover 122
abut the end of nozzle 64. When all available surface
'between the tabs 124 to accommodate the Water supply
area on one side of the central planar section 56 has been
pipe 116. It should be understood of course that the
position of opening 127 will depend upon whether pipe
Worn, the valve seat member 52 may be removed and re
versed so that tongue 54 is inserted in the groove 6€) adja
116 enters through the left or right side of cover 122», or
cent the worn seating surface. Thus valve member 52
through the top as illustrated. The lower end of `cover
128 is secured to the adjacent end of an overflow pan 129
has -a much longer usable life span than those valve mem
bers having only one seating surface area. Thus valve 55 by a screw 130 threaded into a screw clip 132 clamped .
member S2 in the combination described is novel in that
over the side of the overflow plan. ln practice, cover
it combines several advantages: (l) lt is a single molded
member providing a multiplicity of new valve surfaces.
122, may have three semi-circular tabs (not shown) all
cut, 'but not removed at the three locations where the tube
(2) It is readily removable for visual inspection and slips
116 may make its exit. At the time of installation, one
on and off readily without necessity of screws or other 60 such tab is knocked out to correspond to the preferred
position of tube 116 on that particular installation.
means of attachment. (3) The recessed flange on each
side serves alternately as retainer and water deflector
Lime and related material in solution in the water sup
ply to humidifiers is eventually deposited as solid matter
into the reservoir.
rPhe adjustment screw 62 permits positioning of valve . upon evaporation of the water in the unit. The greater
seating member 52 in relation to the -adjusted position of 65 the evaporating capacity the faster the lime accumulates
and the more frequently manual cleaning of the ‘humidifier
reservoir pan 24, thereby making it possible to obtain a
substantially parallel valve seating surface in relation to
is required. Some water carries much lime and cleaning
the discharge end surface of nozzle 64.
is desirable several times each heating season. Easy
Another feature of the humi-diñer of this invention is
cleaning is essential and the present invention facilitates
that overflow pan 26 acts as a shield to prevent upwardly 70
moving air currents in the plenum chamber or duct from
impinging ydirectly on the bottom of reservoir pan 201
which would tend to upset the balance of the members
associated with ti'ltable support bracket 36 and cause water
to be discharged into the reservoir pan 24 when none is 75
this by design for easy removal of the entire unit and use
of a smooth surfaced yglass pan which is readily cleaned
and -does not deteriorate.
Lime in solution is a constant threat to reliable opera
tion because of an entirely different action. Lime will
usually remain in solution at room temperatures indeñ
’ entlbys
g 47M¿With ejatirfìowk \
t ',chamb'a‘r; they interyening Wnlis" te hen
qwiiileiie" airtig t
„Valve from the 'supply line issn
, f peses bnt'ge'xperienee prqîlesoth'
, ' is lov’vgßaetually `mi ` „ ching 'the eyagp "rati
,:ifier,`` and this usually, y'cities»not exceed
ji‘eieìgsingx its
beffite'.k the "filent
balance ‘1 sp
j means must beÍsxîtppliedÜto `effectively cool thejyaiïife and' "
; Cifk Sa,
ik ` One essential factor in this accomplishment ¿sto-‘keep
` Kv »the valve 4anni tubey area insidetheweoveniand‘ so jexpose‘dïfî
be used in 'extreme cases to furtherfi‘educefheatfñombutß
Till@ length of ¿opperïtubingßise arianne; inside k‘ t
.k3y @The ¿assembly @file aim ïlvwherein, means ' are? `>Pm.
n ~ covers ’76 andy E28 is 'short but ‘the length of tubing, in t n fv'iciedl for* adiusting‘xlîhef tension offfsaid balanceifspnn '
y i theieutside ycool air
n'iuehy longerl toàugmenLthe heat i
"` ‘ñei ompri'sing:ia‘substantiaily
k‘ verticalsnp»
,di'ssípat-in’g, capacity. ‘ Ásjthîs entire' tlib'e" `is "suppiiéd’ä'í
i "rßçkßîhjwtm ,e fior H2131@ ÍHQVQÃÈSEÈ ëllî‘mlî El
an‘integral part òf the faetfory’assembw itòannotf‘be left. t ' tëtlltíîllly;'hoi-izo'ntaivzniíis;` said »snppnrt brzieketjhm/“ing` i,„
'off during field installatiem; Copper `being an excellent
Mowerfcn?wardlyßxtendi?g arm; andfspaceduppeïrwr-~
heat conductor, the noutward «heat ñoW is ratp/yid,y Thisgis“ “ »IQS'PODÚÍADEÍQUÉWÈYÖW @Xîel’ldîîlg arms adâp'fed tÓ ,SU'PE’CYÍk
further augmented bynsing tubing of, at least double¿usualA "s . ‘a Abottoïn¿met sides iespe‘ctively of Aalwateij reservoir` 192111,); ¿
‘i wall thiekness asfshown inFIGURES'Svandfö @V63 and 170 ahreservoirßpänfsuizpßrted‘w' YSaid Macken, a‘sprìneclip; ' ^
'in rFIGURE 15 ` at 116A~~Amp1e heatiìqwkeapaeityfis Í l
assured. `
; ff ¿
K'Ifiiisîfmnstinowibe followed by ampleÍÍheatvdissipat y n
Èbasvingia,pairfo?spacedlegsjoiningeaehdnthelffat Voneîend.;
f» ¿ToneòfSäidllegs‘being‘seeiire-dadjaeenf¿anmendwoïàposite ~
'ffröm‘itsfnjeinedßend'to said snpportibreeketfi?‘,
capacity. Asfftube `116 is «iongfa‘nd `¿heavy itï'e‘annot 'bei
adaptedtèidetachgbly "‘1 amp aßid‘eîof saidßreser
fffbent duringfaetqry assembly‘or‘infpgekingi‘the xïnit,` with '1175 r«tosaiyzì "UpPQrt braak "
jacent the end of the other of said legs, a water nozzle hav
ing a discharge end opposite said valve seat for supplying
water to said reservoir pan, the weight of said reservoir
' and its contents tilting said supportbracket toward said
nozzle to move said valve seat to a position to close the 5
discharge end of said nozzle when water in said reservoir
pan is at a predetermined level, a balance spring oper
ably connected to said support bracket biasing the sup
portbracket and valve seat in a direction away from said
water nozzle when water in said reservoir pan is below
said predetermined level to open the discharge end of the
nozzle to reiill said reservoir pan to said predtermined
level at which point the weight of the reservoir pan and
its contents tilts said support bracket to a position to
close the discharge end of said nozzle.
on said support bracket adjacent an upper end thereof and
opposite from said nozzle, said valve seat being adapted
to close said nozzle when water in the pan is iilled to a
predetermined level.
9. A humidifier assembly comprising a counter-bal
anced tiltably _mounted receptacle, a nozzle having a dis
charge end for supplying water to said- receptacle, valve
seat means adapted to abut and close the discharge end
of said nozzle in response to a predetermined water level
in said receptacle, a stationary nozzle retainer member
having a flow passageway therethrough connecting with
said nozzle, means mounting the nozzle on said retainer
member, a water supply pipe connected to the flow pas
sageway of said retainer member, a threaded mounting
stud on said retainer member extending therefrom at sub
5. The humidiñer of claim 4 in which a screw is
stantially right angles to said water supply pipe, support
threaded through a leg of said spring clip to abut against
the opposite leg to provide for adjustment of the width of
means having a hole therethrough for receiving said stud,
space between the two legs.
and a nut threaded on said stud rigidly clamping said
retainer member to said support means, said stud permit
6. A humidiiier comprising a water reservoir pan, means
ting pivotal adjustment of said water supply pipe about
mounting said reservoir pan for tiltable movement about
the axis of said retainer member.
a substantially horizontal axis in response to a prede
l0. A counterbalanced humidiíier assembly compris
termined water level in said pan, a water nozzle positioned
ing an evaporator receptacle tiltably mounted at one end
above said reservoir pan, a valve member mounted on the
on a substantially horizontal axis and having an open
means mounting said reservoir pan and adapted to open 25 top, said axis being located below said receptacle, a
and close the discharge end of said nozzle in response to
relatively stationary discharge conduit having an open
the tiltable movement'of said reservoir pan, said valve
end located above said top near said one end providing a
member comprising a valve seat disposed substantially
substantially horizontal discharge opening, a valve mem
vertically when in an operative position, and means for
ber secured to said receptacle at said one end and adapted
vertically adjusting said valve member to position differ 30 to engage said discharge opening, and means including
ent valve seat areas thereof for engagement with the
balancing spring means biasing said receptacle to tilt in
discharge end of said nozzle.
a direction to move said valve member away from said
7. A humidifier comprising a water reservoir pan,
opening, the weight of said receptacle and contents serv
means mounting said reservoir pan for tiltable move
ing to tilt said receptacle to forcibly directly engage said
ment about a substantially horizontal axis in response to 35 valve member with said conduit end to close said dis
a predetermined water level in said pan, a substantially
charge opening when a desired liquid level is attained in
horizontally disposed water nozzle positioned above said
the receptacle and to permit said spring means to oppo
sitely tilt the receptacle when said level falls.
reservoir pan, a reversible valve member adapted to
l1. A counterbalanced humidifier assembly compris
open and close the discharge end of said nozzle, said re
versible valve member comprising a planar section form
ing a support mounted for tilting about a substantially
ing a valve seating surface on opposite sides thereof, said
horizontal axis, an open-top evaporator receptacle remov
seating surfaces being disposed in a substantially vertical
ably mounted adjacent one end upon said support above
plane when in anI operative position,- -a pair of hoods ex
the pivot axis and extending generally horizontally away
tending outwardly from the top and sides of said planar
from said pivot axis, a relatively stationary liquid dis
section in opposite directions, a groove in the underside 45 charge conduit extending to dispose its open end adjacent
the open top of said receptacle, spring means connected
of each of the hoods adjacent said planar section, means
to the support for balancing the weight of said receptacle
including a tongue carried by said reservoir and slidably
fitting in one of said grooves for mounting said valve
and its contents, means for adjusting said spring means for
deter-mining the maximum liquid level in said receptacle,
member with one side of said planar section against said
nozzle when the water level in said reservoir is at a pre 50 a valve member carried by said support adapted to forc
ibly engage directly and close said open end of the con
determined level.
duit Whenever said receptacle contains a predetermined
8. A humidifier assembly for mounting in a wall aper
amount or more of liquid to be evaporated, said spring
ture of a plenum chamber or duct of a hot air furnace,
means tilting the support to uncover said open end of the
an adaptor plate adapted to be secured to the Wall of said
plenum chamber or duct, an aperture in said daptor plate 55 conduit to permit liquid flow into the receptacle when
ever the liquid in the receptacle falls below a desired
opposite said wall aperture when the adaptor plate is
level, and means for adjusting said valve member toward
mounted on the wall of said plenum chamber or duct, a
and away from said one end of the discharge conduit.
substantially horizontally disposed overflow pan rigid with
l2. In the humidifier defined in claim 6, a hood ex
said adaptor plate and >extending through the aperture
therein, means in said overflow pan mounting a tiltable 60 tending outwardly from the top and sides of said valve
seat, the hood being disposed over the discharge end of
substantially vertically disposed support bracket, means
for detachably securing a water reservoir pan on one side
of said support bracket and over said overflow pan, a shield
the nozzle in a manner to deflect water discharged there
on said adaptor plate extending transversely across the
member opens the water nozzle.
position closely adjacent the bottom of the reservoir pan,
13. In a counterbalanced humidifier assembly, an open
top evaporator receptacle mounted at one end to tilt
urged by the weight of said reservoir pan and its contents,
a substantially horizontally disposed water nozzle mounted
balancing spring means biasing said receptacle to tilt in a
inside of said water reservoir pan and downwardly to a 65
from downwardly into said reservoir pan when the valve
about a generally horizontal axis, a relatively stationary
a tensioned balance spring operably connected to a side
liquid discharge nozzle disposed to supply fluid to said
of said support bracket opposite from the side on which
said reservoir pan is secured for biasing said support 70 receptacle adjacent said one end, a valve member for en
gaging said nozzle, a substantially U-shaped spring mount
bracket‘in a direction opposite from that in which it is
having one leg »secured to the receptacle and the other
leg mounting said valve member adjacent the nozzle, and
on said adaptor plate over said reservoir pan and directed
direction to move said valve member to uncover said
toward said support bracket, means mounting a valve seat 75 discharge nozzle, said receptacle tilting in the opposite
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