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Aug. 7, 1962
Filed Jan. 7, 1960
Frank E Charles
United States Patent Oil?ce
Patented Aug. 7, 1962
comprises an absorbent sleeve 2% which, in common prac
tice, is about one and one-half to two inches in length
having a cross-section of slightly less than an inch. It
may be a simple cotton tube or sleeve impregnated with
Frank E. Charles, 390 S. 6th St., Blythe, Calif.
a medicament (salt and soda) or any equivalent chemical
Filed Jan. 7, 196i), Ser. No. 1,079
commonly used when administering a douche. The bore
4 Ciainis. (Ci. 128-227)
of the sleeve is denoted at 22. It is such that the sleeve
The present invention relates, broadly and generally
may be ?tted over a prong-like post 24 carried by a disk
speaking, to hot water bottles and syringes but has refer
like hub-member 21 formed at the lower converging ends
ence in particular to a douche bag and means cooperable 10 of the circumferentially spaced radial spokes 26 of the
therewith for promoting a fast, reliable and safe method
hanger or rack 28. There is a ring 39 to which the spokes
of administering an ef?caciously medicated douche.
are connected and the ring has its outer peripheral por
In carrying out the underlying inventive principles of
tion seated in a channel provided therefor by way of
the concept under advisement, the idea has been to effec
an encircling bead or equivalent retaining means 32. This
tually cope with female personal hygiene problems by
hanger may ‘be made of non-corrodible metal, a suitable
appropriating and using a method and means to simplify
grade of commercial plastics, of synthetics or a combina
the act of douching to promote personal cleanliness and
tion of such materials. In practice, the absorbent cotton
to achieve this end in a manner to save valuable time and
cartridge or sleeve (which has been properly impregnated
effort and to thus encourage willing believers to resort
with a soluble medicament) is merely slipped over the
with frequency to the use of the means to be hereinafter
post 24 to assume the position seen in FIG. 3. The rack
speci?cally disclosed.
is “plugged” removably into the mouth portion of the
With a view toward achieving the herein-desired-results
and seeking to encourage widespread adoption and use, a
simple sleeve-like cartridge is provided. The sleeve it
self is made of appropriate absorbent material which when
wetted liberates the medicament with which it is charged.
By merely running tap water over the cartridge, as the
bag (FIG. 1) so that as the water from the tap enters
and is trapped it partially takes up the embodiment. Since
the cartridge itself is immersed in the liquid the latter is
conditioned for administering the treatment quickly and
The foregoing is considered as illustrative only of the
principles of the invention. Further, since numerous
modi?cations and changes will readily occur to those
bag is being ?lled, the trapped water is effectually medi
The invention also features a simple and practical 30 skilled in the art, it is not desired to limit the invention to
holder for the cartridge. Speci?cally, this holder may be
the exact construction and operation shown and described,
and accordingly all suitable modi?cations and equivalents
may be resorted to, falling within the scope of the inven
described as a rack-like hanger having an upstanding
centralized prongdike post over which the bore of the
sleeve or cartridge is removably ?tted.’ This rack or
hanger is suspended within the con?nes of the neck por
tion of the bag so that the cartridge, at least a major por
tion thereof, may be immersed in the water which has been
tion as claimed.
What is claimed as new is as follows:
1. For use as a time and labor-saving aid when admin
accompanying drawing.
istering a douche, a douche bag having an unobstructedly
open top mouth portion and a funnel-like bottom adapted
to be connected with a ?uid delivery hose, a readily in
sertable and removable sleeve made of absorbent material,
said sleeve being charged with a prescribed medicament
commonly used in administering a douche and which is
In the drawing, wherein like numerals are employed to
designate like parts throughout the same:
liberated when immersed in water or otherwise subjected
to the action of water coming in contact therewith, and
trapped in the bag. In fact, simply running the tap water
over the cartridge medicates the water.
Other objects, features and advantages will become more
readily apparent from the following description and the
FIG. 1 is a view in perspective of a currently well-known 45 an openwork rack embodying a ring removably mounted
type of a douche bag or hot water bottle. showing the im
in the mouth portion for supporting said medicament
pregnated or medicated cartridge racked and suspended in
charged sleeve, said ring suspending a hub member having
the lower mouth portion thereof.
an upstanding prong-like post on which the sleeve is re
FIG. 2 is an enlarged top‘ plan view with a portion
movably mounted and held, said post 1being in axial align
broken away and appearing in section.
ment with the central axis of the ring.
FIG. 3 is avertic'al section on the plane of the line 3-—-3‘
2. For use in the upper end of the mouth portion of a
of FIG. 2, looking in the direction of the arrows.
douche bag or the like, a one-piece openwork readily in
PEG. 4 is a view in perspective which may be said‘ to
sertable and removable suspension rack embodying a
be of an “exploded” type in that the medicated cartridge
frame adapted to be positioned horizontally and retained
is separated from the post on the hanger or rack.
in operative position in said mouth portion, an upstanding
Insofar as the essence of the invention is concerned, the
ertically disposed post the vertical axis of which is in axial
container 6 (bags, syringes, hot water bottles, etc.) may
alignment with the axis of said frame, said frame being
be of any suitable construction. While it would be within
provided with independentcircumferentially spaced de
pending spokes having lower ends thereof cooperable with
the purview of the inventive concept to employ the novel
rack and cartridge for some other ‘body irrigating pur
pose, it is believed that the matter under advisement may
be best and clearly understood in relation to the afore
mentioned fast, safe method for female personal hygiene.
and supporting said post, and a readily attachable and
detachable medicated sleeve removably mounted on said
post and constantly accessible by way of said frame.
3. For use in the upper part of the mouth portion of
It will simplify matters here to interpret the container as
a hot water bottle or the like, an insertable and removable
a douche bag, the upper mouth portion 8 being open, per 65 hanger rack having an upstanding retaining post, and an
haps (as often the case) cylindrical in cross-section.
attachable and detechable medicated cartridge mounted
There is a suspension flap 10 at the top with a hole 12. to
removably on said post, said cartridge being of absorbent
accommodate a nail or the like 14 on which the bag may
cotton which will liberate the medicament by dissolving
be suspended. The lower or bottom portion is tapered
the same, said rack comprising a ring-like frame, radial
and of funnel-like form, as at 16, and‘a hose 13 is con 70 spokes carried by and depending from said frame, said
spokes converging and being connected with said post by
nected thereto.
The aforementioned douche water medicating means
way of a disk-like member supporting said post.
4. For use in positioning and suspending a readily in
sertable and removable absorbent medicated sleeve cen
trally in the mouth portion of a hot water bottle, an open
work rack comprising a ring-like frame adapted to be ac—
cessible and removably ?tted and suspended in the mouth
of said Water bottle, a centrally disposed disk-like member
located in a plane below the plane of said frame, said
joining the disk-like member to the frame, said disk-like
member being provided on an upper side thereof with an
upstanding positioning and retaining post for said medi
cated sleeve.
References Cited in the tile of this patent
member ‘being of an area in plan appreciably less than the
diameter of said ring and having its marginal edge well
MacWilliam __________ __ June 18, 1912
within the space circumscribed by said frame, cir 10
cumferentially spaced independent spokes connected at
upper ends to said frame and converging toward and with
their lower ends connected to said disk-like member and
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