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Aug- 7, 1952
Filed May 4, 1959
United States Patent Office
Patented Aug. 7, 1962
nicotine. This housing 1 is substantially cylindrical at its
Herman L. Shaw, Newton, Mass, assignor to Aquafilter
‘forward end 2 and gradually tapers at its rear end into
a solid mouthpiece section 3. The mouthpiece section
3 is substantially oval in cross sectional shape, and is
Corporation, Newton Center, Mass, a corporation of
?ared outwardly as illustrated at 4 at its rear edge.
Filed May 4, 1959, Ser. No. 810,714
2 Claims. (Cl. 131-207)
ridge 5 is provided at the rear end of the mouth piece for
the purpose of providing an effective gripping area. Simi
larly at the forward end a ridge or head 6 may be pro
The present invention relates to a ?lter for cigarettes
vided about the periphery of the housing 1. The housing
and the like and more particularly to a unitary disposable 10 is formed with a cylindrical opening 7 at its forward end
?lter of inexpensive construction into which a cigarette
2, and a narrow passage 8 continuous with the opening 7
or the like may be ?tted.
extending through the mouthpiece section 3. A trap 9
With the accumulated evidence of the deleterious ef
is formed in the rear end of the cylindrical opening 7 ad
fect of nicotine and tars in tobacco smoke there is an in
jacent and surrounding the passage 8. This trap or an
creased desire on the part of the public to obtain a more ef 15 nular recess 9 is formed in part by an outer wall 29 con
fective ?lter for cigarettes. Recently, many cigarette
tiguous with the pair of shelves 21, 22 and an inner Wall
23, the forward end of which is coplanar with the shelves
21, 22. This trap 9 is annular in shape, and de?nes the
not as effective as hygroscopic ?lters such as disclosed
projecting wall 10 of the passage 8. It will be noted that
in copending application Serial Number 457,349, ?led 20 opposite sides of the projecting wall 10 are recessed at 11
September 24, 1954, now United States Letters Patent :No.
and 12 so as to assure 'an open passage therethrough of the
2,911,984, issued November 10, 1959. Since ?lter tips
smoke from the trap 9 into the tube 8. The ?lter material
integral with the cigarettes cannot of necessity be readily
13 occupies the space from the forward end of the pro
formed as hygroscopic ?lters, there is an increased de
jecting walls 10, forwardly to a point indicated at 15. The
mand for separable hygroscopic ?lters which are inex 25 ?lter material 13 is secured in place by a series of prefer
pensive to manufacture and which are certain of opera
ably three, tabs 16 two of which are shown and which are
tion. It is therefore an object of the present invention
gouged from the inner wall of the forward end 2., thereby
to provide a ?lter for cigarettes which is simple and in
holding the ?ber material spaced from the forward end
expensive in design. This construction of the present in
30 of the casing 1.
?rms have tried to solve this problem by incorporating a
?lter tip in the cigarette. These ?lter tips, however, are
vention, while being inexpensive in nature, is nonetheless
highly effective and provides a ?lter for cigarettes which
is much better in ?ltering harmful substances including
The ?lter material 13 may be formed of the same mate
rial as described in the co-pending application previously
set forth, sufficiently prewet with a ?uid as described in
tars and nicotine from the smoke than conventional ?lter
that application.
tips embodied in the cigarettes themselves.
A cigarette ?tted into the forward end of the ?lter may
The present construction also provides a disposable 35 be smoked so that the smoke draws rearwardly through
?lter element adapted to permit the free flow of smoke
the ?lter material 13. The ?lter material is of such a
therethrough without requiring the smoker to exert an
nature it expands outwardly when wet and presses against
unnecessary draw to effect its passage. ‘Further, the pres
the wall of the housing 2, thereby forcing all the smoke to
ent invention effectively ?lters‘the entire amount of smoke
pass through the ?lter material and not around it. The
passing therethrough.
In the present invention the ?ltering body is reeesse
from the end of the holder, thus providing a receptacle
for the end of the cigarette. In addition, the ?lter of the
smoke passes into the trap where due to the cooling effect
of the mass of plastic material, much of the tars and
nicotine are condensed into a fluid in the trap 9.
puri?ed smoke then passes through the recessed portions
present invention provides a liquid trap adjacent the other 45 11 and 12 into the tube 8 and then into the smoker’
end of the ?lter material, adapted to receive condensate
liquids as the smoke passes from the ?lter material, there
Having now ‘described my invention, I claim:
by effectively reducing the amount of distasteful ?uids
1. A cigarette holder of plastic material comprising an
which might otherwise pass into the smoker’s mouth. In
the present invention, there is also provided means for
cooling the smoke in order to reduce the biting sensation
which is often caused by hot smoke.
The present invention is also designed to permit effec
elongated tubular open ended casing having in series a
forward end with a longitudinally extending cylindrical
opening therethrough terminating in a pair of inwardly
directed shelves and a solid mouthpiece section having a
passage narrower than said cylindrical opening there
tive use of a single ?lter for twenty or more cigarettes;
through communicating with said opening, means form
thus, considerably reducing the per cigarette cost of each 55 ing an annular recess in said solid section de?ned by inner
?lter. In this connection, it has been found that the ef
and outer walls thereby forming ‘a liquid trap in said
?ciency of the ?lter in fact, increases with use from cig
mouthpiece section extending rearwardly from said shelves
arette to cigarette.
and coaxial with said opening and with the outer wall of
These and other objects and advantages of the present
said recess at least in part contiguous with said shelves,
invention will be more clearly understood from a con 60 said annular recess having a forward end coplanar with
sideration of the accompanying drawing in which:
said shelves and also coaxial with said opening and with
FIG. 1 isya plan view of the cigarette ?lter.
FIG. 2 is a cross section'taken along the line 2-2 of
the inner wall of said annular recess and de?ning a por
tion of said passage ‘adjacent said opening, means forming
radially extending slots in said inner Wall adjacent the
FIG. 3 is a cross section taken along the line 3—3 of 65 forward end thereof for passage of smoke therethrough,
FIG. 2.
and a quantity of ?lter material positioned within said
- As illustrated in the drawing, there is provided a hous
opening and extending forwardly from a point immedi
ing 1 formed of injection moldable plastic material. The
ately adjacent said trap, said shelves and forward end
particular material of which the casing is made should
coacting to maintain said ?lter material in a position
be ?re resistant and nonreactive with cigarette smoke, 70 covering the open end of said recess.
FIG. 1, and,
tars or nicotine, except insofar as minor surface discolora~
tions may occur due to the action of the smoke, tars and
2. A device as set forth in claim 1 wherein said ?lter
material is inwardly spaced ‘from the forward end of
said casing and is secured ‘within said cylindrical opening
by a plurality of tabs gouged from the inner surface of
said forward end.
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