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Aug. 7, 1962
Filed April 22, 1959
FIGJ. ,9
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Patented Aug. 7, 1962
As shown more clearly in FIG. 2, the pump ‘25 consists
of a vertical conduit into the upper end of which the end
Charles G. Roberts, 23861 Verne Ave, Detroit 19, Mich.
of pipe 20 extends and is ?xed. The end of pipe 20 is, as
shown, constricted to form a jet 25A and the conduit con
stricted at the proper location to provide a venturi 2513.
Above the venturi 25B suitable openings 25C will be pro
vided to allow the seepage to enter the pump.
Filed Apr. 22, 1959, Ser. No. 808,124
7 Claims. (Cl. 137-111)
The present invention relates to ?ood control means
and speci?cally to means operating automatically to pre
vent basement ?ooding due to backing up of sewer Water
‘In the use of the device, the plug-?oat portion of the
device is inserted into the clean out pipe and plug 27 ex
or in?ow of seepage.
panded to close its portion of the trap 16. The pipes 21
Among the objects of the invention is to provide means
operating automatically to force the ?ow of collecting
seepage into the main sewage line when the ordinary flow
is stopped due to a ?lled sewer.
Another object is to provide a device of the kind indi
cated which is operated by the usual household water
supply system.
Still another object is to provide a device of the kind
indicated which may be operated either automatically or
by voluntary means.
‘Other objects and advantages will readily occur to those
skilled in the art upon reference to the following de
scription ‘and the accompanying drawings in which:
FIG. 1 is a more or less diagrammatic view of the de
vice as installed, parts being shown in section.
FIG. 2 is an enlarged sectional view of a part of FIG. 1.
‘FIG. 3 is a view, partly in section, of a plugging device
and 21A are connected to the water supply 19 and suit
able electric connections made for the switch 37. With
normal drainage from the seepage drain, water enters the
pipe 25 and ?ows into the trap and sewer 18.
However, if the drainage becomes greater than that
allowed by the lateral openings in the pump, it will sooner
or later affect the ?oat 35, causing it to rise with an easing
of the tension on the wire 35 and consequent closing of
the circuit through the switch 37 to actuate valve 22.
The resulting flow of water through pump 25 carries
off the water collected in drain 17. Whereupon the ?oat
drops and opens the circuit through the switch and sole
noid to cease the operation.
The hand operated valve 21B may be used if no elec
25 tric current is temporarily available.
‘In cases ‘where the backing up of sewer water is likely
to over?ow water closets, a plug such as is indicated in
FIG. 3 may be provided.
In the drawing, an outside house wall is indicated at 10
\In this ?gure, the plug is shown as a rubber cup 50,
with the basement ?oor at 11. In the latter, a standard 30 mounted upon a handle 51 threaded near its upper end.
drain clean-out, usually covered with a cover, is indicated
Slidably mounted on the handle 51 is a cross member 52
at 12. The element consists of a vertically arranged
long enough to lie under the usual ?anges 53 of a toilet.
pipe 15 connected to the trap 16 which forms part of the
A spring 54 surrounds the handle 51 and abuts the plug 5i}
seepage drain 17 leading to a sewer 18.
and the cross member. A suitable thumb nut 55 threaded
The device of the present invention utilizes the standard 35 on the handle will keep the parts together and adjust the
for a water closet.
installation above referred to, being inserted into the pipe
15, after removal of the regular cover.
As shown in the drawing, the present device consists
of a pipe 20, connected through parallel pipes 21 and
spring tension.
tinues upwardly to about the ?oor level, being reduced in
pipes through said plug passage, said supplementary source
of water being independent of water normally present in
said cleanout pipe.
Such a plug or stopper is preferably produced to fit
each toilet by ?rst inserting the plug as so far described
and then ?lling the rubber cup 50 with plaster of Paris
21A to the water system 19 of the building which pro
and ‘allowing the latter to harden before removing the
vides as is usual a supply of water under pressure.
plug. Plugs or stoppers thus prepared will have the most
The parallel pipes 21 and 21A are each controlled by a
accurate ?t possible.
valve—the valve 21B in pipe 21A being a standard hand
I claim:
operated valve and that in pipe 21 being a solenoid op
1. A ?ood control system comprising a substantially
erated valve 22. The pipe 20 extends to a point in the
45 vertical drain cleanout pipe, a seepage inlet pipe openly
vertical portion of trap 16 well below the location of
connected with the lower end portion of said cleanout
the entrance of the seepage drain 17 and has its lower
pipe, a trap openly connected to the lower end of said
end ?xed to an injector pump 25 the lower end of which
pipe and disposed below said seepage inlet pipe, a plug
carries a plate 26.
element disposed in said trap and having a passage there
Surrounding the lower portion of the pump 25, is a suit
through open at all times to provide water drainage from
able rubber ball or thick disc 27 and upon this a second
said cleanout pipe through said trap, and a pump means
plate 28 loosely surrounds the pump. Seated upon the
connected with a supplemental source of water under
second plate is a perforated shield 30 or frame, enclosing
pressure and disposed in said trap and selectively operable
the pump 25 and lower end of pipe 20, which shield con
to force-pump water from said cleanout and seepage inlet
diameter for convenience.
For a short distance above the upper end of shield 30,
the pipe 20 is threaded to receive a handle 31, disc or the
like, which is su?iciently large to engage the upper end
of shield 30.
Upon proper manipulation of the handle 31, the two
plates 26 and 28 may be moved toward each other to
thereby expand radially the plug 27 for the purpose of
closing that portion of the trap 16 in which it is positioned.
Surrounding the reduced upper part of the shield 30 is a
?oat 35 which is suspended in a predetermined vertical lo
cation by a suitable wire, cable, or chain 36 from the
actuating lever or element of an electric switch 37 which
controls the solenoid valve 22.
In the switch, the actuating element is spring biased
2. The flood control system as de?ned in claim 1 and
in which said passage includes an inlet openly connected
with said trap above said plug and a restricted venturi
intermediate said inlet and outlet, and means selectively
injecting a jet of water under pressure past said inlet,
through said venturi and out said outlet, whereby to
suck water from said pipe and trap above said plug
through said passage.
3. The ?ood control system as de?ned in claim 2 and in
which said water injecting means comprises, conduit means
connecting the source of water under pressure with said
plug passage and having a restricted jet ori?ce opening
into said passage, and valve means selectively opening
toward circuit closing position and is maintained in open 70 and closing said conduit means.
circuit position by the weight of ?oat 25.
4. In combination with a cleanout pipe and a seepage
drain having ‘a trap; a pumping unit ‘adapted to draw
unit comprising ‘an expansible plug adapted ‘for sealing
seepage liquid from said drain and force it through said
trap, said pumping unit consisting of an expansihle plug
disposed in said trap, ‘a jet pump disposed in said trap
discharging therethrough, a ‘water supply pipe for said
contact with said cleanout pipe, a water operated jet pump
pump, a ?oat and control ‘means for said water supply
all mounted in vertical series relation, the whole being
immediately ‘above said plug and having its discharge ex~
tending through said plug, a water supply pipe and jet,
of such ‘overall dimensions as to be insertable into the
extending into ‘and providing the activation for said
pump, said plug ‘and pump being carried by said cleanout
drain cleanout pipe with‘ the plug positioned substantially
open circuit position when said ?oat is in its non-?oating
having at its lower end, a water actuated jet pump having
‘a downwardly directed discharge outlet, an expansible
plug surrounding ‘said outlet ‘and ?xed against movement
in said drain trap‘ ‘downstream of the connection of said
seepage drain with said cleanout pipe.
pipe, a ?oat slidable on said water supply pipe above said
7. A pump unit for seepage ?ood control having a
pump, a solenoid valve for controlling the ?ow of Water 10
seepage drain and a cleanout pipe openly connected with
through said water supply pipe, ‘an electric switch for con
said seepage drain, said pump unit adapted to be inserted
trolling said valve and means operatively connecting said
into said cleanout pipe, said unit comprising a Water pipe
?oat and switch and arranged to maintain said switch in
5. A pump unit for seepage ?ood control system com—
prising a seepage drain and a cleanout pipe openly con
nected therewith, said unit adapted to be inserted into said
cleanout pipe, said unit comprising a water pipe having
at its lower end a Water actuated jet pump having a down
longitudinally thereof, -a perforated shield surrounding
said pump ‘and resting upon said plug, means for moving
said water pipe and shield relatively longitudinally where
20 by to expand said plug, a valve for controlling flow of
wardly directed discharge outlet, an expansible plug sur
rounding said outlet and fixed against ‘movement longi
tudinally thereof, va perforated, shield surrounding said
pump and resting upon said plug, means for moving said
Water to said pump, valve actuating means, and ‘a ?oat
operatively connected'to said valve ‘actuating means, said '
unit ‘adapted to be positioned in said cleanout pipe with
said plug disposed downstream of the seepage drain and
Water pipe ‘and shield relatively longitudinally whereby to 25 cleanout pipe connection.
expand said plug into sealing contact With said cleanout
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
pipe, a solenoid valve for controlling ?ow of water to said
pump, an electric switchyfor controlling said valve, and
a ?oat operatively connected to said switch, said unit
Erwin _________ __,____ __ Dec. 2, 1902
adapted to be positioned in said cleanout with said plug 30 1,810,473
Gaines ___._'___’.. ______ __ June 16, 1931
below the connection of said seepage drain and said clean
Byram ______________ __ Oct. 10, 1950
out pipe.
Weisman et »al _______ _,_.._ Nov.‘ 29, 1955
6. A ?ooding control unit for a seepage ?ood control
system having a seepage drain and a cleanup pipe openly
connected with a drain trap down stream of the connection 35
of. said seepage drain with said cleanup pipe, said control
Jacuzzi et a1. _________ __ Mar. 20, 1956
Bigham _____________ __ Nov. 24, 1959
Winter ______ __~ _____ __ ‘Nov. 15, 1960
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