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Aug» 7, 1962
Filed Aug. l5, 1958
Unite States Patent
Patented Aug. 7, 1962
Carl Thumim, Westbury, NX., assigner, by mesne assign
ments, to Miehle-Goss-Dexter, Inc., Chicago, Ill., a cor
poration of Delaware
Filed Aug. 15, 1958, Ser. No. 755,161
5 Claims. (Cl. 269-22)
This invention relates to flexible clamps for paper cut
ters and more particularly to hydraulically powered
been known, but none of them have had the construction
and the improvements afforded by the present invention
and as set forth in the objects hereinabove, particularly
wherein the present invention provides a flexible sole, so
called, which exerts a force along the clamping line that
varies directly and automatically with the clamping force
of the clamping bar.
Brieñy, my invention comprises the combination of a
hydraulically operated clamping bar which may be con
10 ventionally mounted and actuated and which clamping
clamps and the like.
In a copending application Serial No. 701,570, liled
by the present applicant and assigned to the same assignee,
bar carries a plurality of fluid (gaseous or liquid) op
er-ated pressure feet wherein the iluid pressure, from a
common source, is exerted within a flexible bag which
is common to a plurality of pressure feet. Thus, a sin
there is disclosed and claimed a paper cutter clamp hav
ing a plurality of individually movable clamping elements 15 gle, elongated ilexible pressure bag extends substantially
the length of the clamping bar and through the clamping
which are actuated individually by hydraulic means. The
present invention relates to generally the same subject
feet and is .disposed within the bar intermediate a lower
matter and constitutes an improvement and simplification
internal wall thereof and the pressure feet. When fluid
pressure is applied to the bag, the bag expands thus forc
of the structure shown in the application referred to.
In general, the objects of the prior invention and of 20 ing the feet downwardly toward the paper pile. In-as
the present invention are substantially the same, viz., the
much as the feet are separate elements, they engage the
provision of a hydraulically operated clamp having a
pile with substantially the same pressure at a plurality
plurality of separate clamping elements carried thereby
of points, depending upon the height of the pile beneath
for `engaging a paper pile in order to insure iìrm clamp
veach foot. Accordingly, a pile of non-uniform height
25 will have equal pressure applied thereto' regardless of the
ing at all points across the pile.
It is another object of the invention to provide a clamp
having a plurality of pressure operated units which en
A detailed description of my invention will now be
given in conjunction with the appended drawing in which:
gage the paper and wherein the pressure exerted by the
FIGURE l is a fragmentary elevation showing the es
units is controlled by' the hydraulic pressure exerted on
the clamp bar.
It is a further object of the invention to provide a pa
per clamp having a plurality of pressure applying units
wherein such units are mounted so as to have a predeter-
sential components of the combination; and
FIGURE 2 is a section through 2_2 of FIGURE l.
Referring now to the drawing, a clamping bar 10 is dis
closed formed with a narrowed lower guide portion or
mined degree of play or rocking in o-rder to conform to
section 15 and carrying a plurality of clamping feet 20
any irregularity along the line of clamping of the paper 35 of generally channel section and having flanges 22 pro
vided with sliding co-action at the surfaces 24 with the
It is a still further object of the invention to provide a
clamp having a plurality of pressure units wherein said
units are capable of independent action although having
a Common pressure supply.
' guide portion 15.
The feet 20 are each retained on the
clamping bar by means of a pair of pins 28 carried by the
ilanges which pass through enlarged holes 32 provided
40 in the guide section 15.
It is yet a further object o-f the invention to provide a
It will thus be apparent that each of the feet 20 has
clamp having a pluralityI of, individual pressure-powered
vertical play with respect to the clamp bar, which play
is limited in upward direction by abutment of the edge
clamping units having a common pressure supply wherein
the pressure of the supply varies with demand and may
top 36 of the side flanges of the feet «with the shoulders
be controlled by the pressure of a separate supply which 45 40 extending ho-rizontally `from guide portion 15. Play
operates the clamp bar as disclosed in the aforementioned ì of the feet is limited in downward direction by engage
copending application Serial No. 701,570.
ment of pins 28 with the bottoms of bores 32.
It is an additional object of the present invention to
The guide section 15 is foreshortened with respect to
provide a clamp having a plurality of pressure operated
the bottom of the channel section of the feet so as to ac
units wherein the clamp construction is simple and rugged
commodate an elongated, flexible pressure bag 45 of any
and requires a minimum of assembly and maintenance.
suitable material, such as reinforced neoprene.
A feed tube 48 connects to the bag and passes upwardly
As is Well known, the thickness of the paper as it comes
from the calendar rolls is not uniform across the Width.
through the clamp bar and will be understood to be at
Thus, if there is a variation of .0001 inch, a pile of a
tached to a source of pressure. For example, where
thousand sheets will provide an irregularity up to la tenth 55 the clamp bar itself is actuated by hydraulic pressure,
of an inch. This irregularity occurs across the clamping
the same source of pressure may be conveniently utilized
line of the pile and it is therefore obvious that some parts
under suitable control for expanding the bag 45. The
of the pile along the clamping line will not be securely
mode of control is not part of the present invention and
held. Thus, uneven cutting results.
it will be understood that any conventional kind of valv
Irregularity along the clamping line also occurs even 60 ing, either manual or automatic, may be utilized for
with paper that is practically uniform in thickness, but
feeding a pressure iluid to the bag 45.
which has been printed with heavy deposits of ink. The
Disposed between the bottom surface of the bag 45
areas of heavy ink deposit are thicker than the imprinted
and the bottom surface of the channel section o-f the feet
areas; thus, uneven cutting again results.
is a flexible strip or plate 52 which extends throughout
It has heretofore been proposed to provide a clamp 65 the feet. The flexible strip 52 may be of any suitable
with a plurality of individually movable clamping feet
flexible material such as is used for a sole strip or plate
which engage the paper pile and compensate for height
56. For example, I have found that a workable material
irregularities. However, such prior art devices are prin
for the strips 52 and 56 is heat treated spring metal.
cipally of a type which rely on a plurality of springs and
it has been found that this expedient is not entirely satis 70 ‘The strip 52 need not be fastened to the feet, but mere
ly reposes at the bottom of the channel sections and is
factory. I am also aware that clamps having a plurality
of hydraulically operated presser feet have heretofore
maintained in position by the bag pressure. Preferably
the strip fills the full width of the channel. The sole
strip 56 may be bolted to the bottom of the feet as by
bolts 60.
It wil be apparent from the foregoing that when a pres
between the flanges of individual feet, said guide section
having bores of larger diameter than the diameters of
sure fluid is fed to bag 45, owing to the transverse con
striction of the bag within the channel section of the
feet, horizontal expansion is substantially prevented.
However, the bag can expand vertically, thus pressing
the individual feet downwardly against the paper' pile,
said pins, said pins extending through respective bores,
whereby play is afforded between said pins and said bores
to permit relative motion between said feet and said guide
2. In a device as set forth in claim 1, said bar having
shoulders disposed to be engaged by portions of said
ilanges to limit motion of said feet in one direction, said
each foot moving a distance determined by the thickness 10 pins bottoming in said bores to limit motion in the opposite
of the pile immediately below it. In the cross-section
f3. In a device as set forth in claim 1, said -tlanges having
shown in FIGURE 2, the -foot 20 is shown at the lower
co-planar tapered edges effecting relative rockability of
most extreme of motion withrrespect to the clamp bar
said feet, and a flexible reinforcing plate extending through
i0, the pin 28 being shown bottomed in bore 32. Re
said feet intermediate said flanges and disposed con
lease of pressure in tube 48 will, of course, release the
tiguously intermediate said bag and the internal bottom
clamping force of the feet on a pile.
wall of each of said feet.
As seen in FIGURE 1, the feet 20 will be seen to be
all identical and provided with upwardly tapering edges
4. In a clamp for a paper cutter, a bar, a plurality of
presser feet carried by said 4bar and having wall portions,
63 on their front llanges. It will be understood that
the rear llanges are provided with the same taper. Thus, 20 means suspending said presser feet from said bar `whereby
said presser feet are permitted individual lateral play
the tapering clearance between opposed edges of adjacent
and vertical play, means for actuating said feet with re
feet avoid lateral pinching of the bag 45' where it passes
spect to said bar comprising an elongated pressure bag,
between the feet, for at that point, the space is narrow
means for effecting pressure in said bag, said bag extend
enough to be bridged by the reinforcing material.
In the foregoing description, only such components
as are necessary to a proper understanding of the inven
ing through said presser feet and disposed intermediate
said bar and said wall portions of said feet, and a flexible
strip intermediate said bag and said wall portions of said
feet whereby when pressure is introduced into said bag,
tion by persons skilled in the art are disclosed and i1
lustrated. lIt will be apparent that the invention may
said feet are moved away from said bar and wherein
be practiced in conjunction with any type of paper cut
ting machine or in any machine where a problem exists 30 said flexible strip can extend across gaps intermediate
said feet upon relative lateral movement thereof to pre
in the gripping of a pile of material which presents a
vent pinching of said bag therebetween.
certain amount of nonuniformity and wherein it is de
5. In a clamp for a paper cutter, a bar having a bot
sired to have equal gripping pressure exerted on the pile.
tom Wall, a plurality of individually movable presser
It will further be apparent that many changes may be
feet having wall portions disposed below said bottom wall
made without departing from the spirit of the invention
of said bar, a pressure bag disposed below said bottom
and I do not wish to be limited to the precise illustration
wall and above said wall portions of said presser feet,
herein given except as set `forth in the appended claims.
‘and a llexible sole plate comprised of a continuous strip
of material disposed intermediate said bag and said wall
1. In a clamp for a paper cutter, a bar, a plurality of
presser feet carried by said bar, and means for actuating 40 portions, and means for expanding said bag to individually
move said presser feet relative said bar in respectively
said feet with respect to said bar comprising an elongated
pressure bag extending through a plurality of said feet
and disposed intermediate said bar and said feet, and
varying degrees dependent upon varying contour of work
engaged by said presser feet, said sole plate flexing to
means for effecting pressure throughout said bag to ex
maintain a smooth surface between said bag and said
erally channel-like in section, and having opposed flanges
References Cited in the file of this patent
pand said bag for actuating said feet, said feet being gen 45 wall portions of said presser feet.
and an internal bottom wall therebetween, said bar hav
ing a guide section extending between the opposed llanges
of said feet; said opposed flanges being slidable relative 5 O
said guide section, said guide section being foreshortened
with respect to said internal bottom wall of each of said
pressure feet, said foreshortened section having a bottom
Seybold ______________ _- Feb. 2, 1909
Hazelton _____________ _- Oct. 4, 1932
Vickers ____________ _.. June 12, 1951
Reaser et al ____________ __ June 20, 1952
Great Britain _________ __ Mar. 9, 1933
edge and said flexible bag being disposed between the
bottom edge of said foreshortened section and the internal 55
bottom wall of said feet, including means for retaining
said feet on said guide section comprising pins extending
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