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Aug. 14, 1962
F. T. MccLosKEY
Filed Feb. l1, 1960
M/ @j
United States Patent O Mlee
Patented Aug. 14, 1952
sists of a plurality of layers of sanitary absorbent ma
terial 22 stitched under folds 18 and 20 by stitching 21.
Florence T. McCloskey, 7126 Germantown Ave.,
Philadelphia, Pa.
Filed Feb. 11, 1960, Ser. No. 8,054
4 Claims. (Cl. 12S-_283)
The enclosed sheet ‘.14 is seen to be of dimensions sub
stantially the same as the inside dimensions of the pocket
portions 13, whereby substantially no misalignment of
sheet 14 may occur. As thus constructed, three layers
of the absorbent material 22 cover the sheet 14. More
or less layers may be utilized depending on the thickness
of material 22 which is preferably made of a non-irritat
ing both re-useable and disposable characteristics.
10 ing material such as surgical gauze, diaper fabric, or the
It is customary for a person who has undergone a
surgical colostomy operation to utilize sanitary means to
In addition to absorbent material 22, ñaps 15, 16 com
protect the colostomy opening in the -abdominal wall and
prise a multi-ply terable absorbent material having an
to provide for sanitary discharge of waste matter. Here
edge thereof affixed to body portion -12 by `fold 20 and
tofore, various devices have been utilized for this purpose, 15 stitching 21. Tissue paper products such as facial tissue
these devices generally comprising a body circling band
and toilet tissue -may be utilized for this purpose.
having atïixed thereto an impervious material arranged so
A pair of complementary fastening devices 23, 24 are
as to be readily placed over the colostomy, with the
affixed to opposite ends and surfaces of -body portion '12.
inter-position of a portion of absorbent material which
In order to use the article of my invention disclosed
This invention relates to colostomy belts, and more
particularly it relates to an improved colostomy belt hav
may be disposed of periodically upon `the soiling thereof.
in FIGURES 1-3, the colostomy patient merely encircles
In the event, however, that the portions of the prior art
his body with the extended belt 1‘1, taking care to center
devices which are not designed to be disposed of should
the tixedly positioned impermeable sheet 14 over the
become soiled, it is necessary to clean and preferably
colostomy opening in the abdominal wall with flap 16
sterilize the complete article before reapplying it to the
against the colostomy, and thereupon securing the free
body for use. Likewise, periodic general cleaning of the 25 ends of the body portion '12 to each other by the fastening
device is -also necessary, which fact necessitates the avail
means 23, 24. Other sui-table fasteners, such «as pins,
ability of at least two such devices in order that the person
clamps, adhesive materials or the like, may alternatively
may be continuously protected. Such sterilization may
be used. In use, the impermeable sheet .14, held in place
weaken conventional materials such as elastic bands and
by the material of pocket portion 13 prevents seepage of
certain impervious materials, -as well as the material form 30 waste material `from the colostomy opening onto the
ing the belt itself.
clothes of the wearer, any such Waste material being main
It is therefore an object of this invention to provide
tained within the outline of sheet 14, and liquid material
an improved colostomy belt of such simplified and in
incidental thereto being absorbed into flaps 15, 16 and
expensive construction that it is readily disposed of.
the absorbent material 22. The complete belt 11 is read
It is another object of this invention to provide such 35 ily disposed of at periodic intervals in accordance with
a colostomy belt which has limited re-useable character
It is another object of this invention to provide a colos
tomy belt which is of such size and configuration as to
be substantially unnoticeable when worn under the clothes
of the wearer.
the wearer’s sanitary habits, and since sheet 14 may be
readily inexpensively formed from such materials as plas
tic, rubber, and the like, it may be readily disposed of
along with body portion 12, and the complete belt in
expensively replaced several times during each day, if
necessary. By thus being totally disposable, the colostomy
Other objects and advantages of this invention will be
belt of my invention represents an improvement in such
come apparent from a reading of the following descrip
structures, since currently used devices of a similar nature
tion Aand from the drawings wherein:
are not readily totally disposable without incurring great
FIG. l represents a perspective view of a colostomy 45 expense, and therefore have limited sanitary characteris
belt formed in 4accordance with the structure of this
tics. Furthermore, the colostomy belt of my invention
occupies a minimum amount of space under the clothing
FIG. 2 is a sectional view taken along the lines and
of the wearer, and is practically undiscernible when worn
in the direction of the arrows II-II of FIG. 1; and
by the normally attired person. Conventional articles of
FIG. 3 is a sectional perspective view taken along the
this nature are of necessity of a bulky structure, and can
lines and in the direction of the arrows Ill-~lll of FIG. l.
easily lead to the embarrassment of the wearer.
Referring now to FIGURE l, there is shown a fully
During periods when waste excrement is slight, ex
extended costomy belt 11 constructed in accordance with
tended sanitary use of the belt of this invention may be
this invention, comprising a single length of iiexible ab
made by successively tearing away the tissue flaps 15,
sorbent material forming a body portion 12, a central 55 16. In this manner, it would therefore be possible, to
pocket portion, 13, an impermeable sheet 14 disposed
use the belt over three periods of time, that is, ñrst with
within said pocket portion, and enclosed by the material
liap 16 exposed to the colostomy, then flap 15, and then
forming the pocket portion §13, and a pair of superimposed
the sanitary absorbent material 22 of pocket portion 13.
tiaps 15, 16. Body portion 12 is preferably constructed
This is assuming that the seepage of waste materials has
of `an inexpensive material having suitable tensile strength
only penetrated to an extent such that the remaining
such as high strength paper towelling or the like. Alter
natively body portion l12 may be made of such materials
layers of absorbent material are unsoiled. In case of ex
as surgical gauze or diaper material. While any absorben-t
belt, by providing an increased number of inexpensive
absorbent layers.
treme seepage, flaps 15 and 16 permit extended use of the
material would be generally suit-able for such use, it is
recognized that economy of production is an important 65
In emergencies, the belt »11 may be re-used after soil
feature of the article of my invention, and the choice of
ing by hand washing pocket portion 13 and the enclosed
materials is therefore preferably limited to inexpensive
sheet 14, however, the primary advantage of the colos
tomy belt of this invention resides in its disposable char
Body portion `12 is reinforced at the edges thereof by
means of folds 17, 18, 19, 20, and stitching 21.
It is to be understood that the form of this invention
Referring now to FIGS. 2, 3, pocket portion 13 con
herewith shown and described is to be taken as a pre
ferred embodiment. Various changes may be made in the
shape, size and arrangement of parts. For example,
equivalent elements may be substituted for those illus
trated and described herewith, parts may be reversed, and
certain features of the invention may be utilized inde
pendently of the use of other features, all without depart
whereby in the applied position said minor covered por
tion of the body circling member, said'absorbent member
and said impermeable sheet form an integral colostomy
ing from the spirit or scope of the invention as defined
2. The colostomy belt of claim 1 characterized addi
tionally by the fact that there is affixed to said body cir
cling member a ñexi‘ble tearable disposable absorbent
in the subjoined claims.
Having thus described my invention, I claim:
1. A fully disposable colostomy belt comprising
flap, said flap covering a major portion of said absorbent
(l) a one-piece elongated flexible body circling mem
ber having complementary fastening means at each
3. The colostomy Abelt of claim l wherein the body
circling member comprises a high strength paper material.
4. The colostomy belt of claim 2 characterized fur
(2) Ia sanitary absorbent member integrally afiìxed to
_ther by the fact that `an edge of said flap is not añ‘ixed to
~ said body circling member, Ithereby providing a gripping
said body circling member medially of the ends
portion for removing said tearable disposablev member.
end thereof,
thereof, and covering a minor portion thereof, said
absorbent member having an internal pocket formed
(3) a flexible liquid impermeable sheet disposed with
in the pocket of said absorbent member whereby mis 20
alignment of said sheet With respect to said absorb
ent mem-ber is prevented,
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