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Aug- 14, 1962
Filed June 29, 1959
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Aug- 14, 1962
Filed June 29, 1959
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nited tates
Patented Aug. 14, 1962
tion of the machine head 11.
Between the machine head
11 and the casing 14, which casing is provided with a
re?ecting plate 21, is formed a heat radiating chamber
22 having ventilation openings 23 to prevent the machine
Jutaro Sasaki, Osaka City, Japan, assignor to Sanka
Mishin Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha, Osaka City, Japan
Filed June 29, 195% Ser. No. 823,392
2 Claims. (Cl. 240-214)
head .11 from overheating due to the heat of the electric
This invention relates to lighting apparatus in sewing
26 made of insulating material, provided with four arms
In a known type of sewing machine, in which an elec
tric lamp is mounted in the lower part of a drum near a
machine base parallel with the direction of a machine
27, of ‘which the alternate two are covered with metallic
a lighting apparatus in a sewing machine, wherein at the
lower part of a machine head near a front plate is formed
in the head 11.
lamp 19.
On a shaft .24 of a knob 25 is mounted a ratchet wheel
pieces 28 electrically connected with a spring contact piece
29 through ?anges 30a on rivet 30 and through washer
30b. The inner ends of metallic pieces 28 wipe on
washer 39b. A terminal 31 is electrically connected with
head, that is, crosswise to .the direction of sewing, sut?
the threaded receptacle 32, and terminal 34 is connected
cient light can not be given to the sewing part, for the
effective rays are only those coming from the head of 15 with spring ‘33. When the metallic pieces 28 come in
contact with the spring 33, the electric circuit of the lamp
the lamp in a slanting direction and those are disturbed
19 is closed from terminal 31 to terminal 34.
by the sewer’s hand. Furthermore, a ‘big casing for the
Power is supplied to terminals 31 and 34 through
lamp projecting ?rom the underside of the drum looks
two prongs 35 frictionally ?tting into sleeves ‘36, which
The object of the present invention is to provide means 20 sleeves are in turn connected to a source of power by
wires (not shown) extending along grooves 37 in the top
to improve illumination in a sewing machine.
of semicylindrical casing ‘14 ‘and through the opening 32
With this object in view, the present invention provides
a recess, with a casing therein ?tted in such a way as
to leave a space for a heat radiating chamber, and an
electric lamp having a rotary switch is installed in the
casing crosswise to the direction of the machine head, that
Thus the entire socket 18 can be easily
and quickly unplugged from the casing 14 to change the
lamp 19.
It is thought that the invent-ion and its advantages will
be understood from the foregoing description and it is
apparent that various changes may be made in the forms,
construction and arrangement of the parts without de
is, in parallel with the direction of sewing.
According to the present invention, the lighting of the 30 parting from the spirit and scope of the invention or sac
tri?cing its material advantages, the form hereinbefore
sewing part is greatly improved, for a lamp, which is re
described ‘and illustrated in the drawings being merely
movably mounted parallel with the direction of sewing
and set in a casing ?tted into a recess formed at the
a preferred embodiment thereof.
lower part of the machine head near the trout plate,
casts all e?ective rays down upon the sewing part, al
most vertically and never interrupted by the sewer’s hand.
desire to secure by Letters Patent of the United States is:
In addtition, the lamp can be comparatively small, the
mounting of a casing is easy, the switch is easily turned
Having thus described my invention, what I claim and
1. In combination, a sewing machine head extending
longitudinally of a sewing machine, said head having a
downwardly opening semicylindrical recess adjacent the
end thereof, said recess extending transversely of the
on and oif by turning a knob and overheating of the
machine head can be prevented by the radiator chamber 40 longitudinal direction of said head, one end of said re
cess ‘opening out of one side of said head, said head
formed therein.
having a semicircular groove therein around the inside
Other and the ‘further objects of the present invention
of said recess, a semicylindrical casing ?tted into said
will become apparent from the following. speci?cation and
semicylindrical recess, said casing having a closed end
claims taken together with the accompanying drawings in
which is shown the preferred embodiment of the lighting 45 secured to said head at the closed end of said semicylin
drical recess, the other end of said casing having an
apparatus in a sewing machine according to the present
opening therethrcugh, said semicylindrical casing having
a semicylindrical wall de?ning with said semicircular
FIG. 1 is an elevation of a sewing machine embody
groove a ventilating chamber extending in a semicircle
ing the present invention.
FIG. 2 is a sectional plan view taken on the line 2—2 50 around said semicylindrical ‘casing and opening out of
said head at the sides of said semicylindrioal casing, said
of FIG. 1.
semicylindrical wall having at least one aperture there
FIG. 3 is an enlarged sectional side View taken on the
through opening into said ventilating chamber, a light
line 3—3 of FIG. 1.
socket removably ?tted into said opening in the other end
FIG. 4 is a sectional elevation taken on the line 4-—4
of said casing and having switch means thereon, and
of FIG. 3, and
current conducting means on said ‘socket and current con
FIG. 5 is a sectional elevation taken on the line 5——5
ducting means on said semicylindrical casing engageable
of a socket of which the cap is removed.
with each other.
In these drawings reference numeral 11 indicates a
2. The combination as claimed in claim 1 in which said
machine head, at the lower part of which a recess 12 is 60 socket comprises a threaded receptacle for a light bulb,
formed near a front plate 13. Into the recess 12 is
a socket body having a recess therein in which said
inserted a plastic casing 14 having a semicylindrical form,
provided with front and rear portions 15 and 16, of
which the from position 15 is ?xed to the machine head
threaded receptacle is mounted, said socket body being
the portion of the light socket which is removably ?tted
the electric lamp 19 may be passed through the opening
in said opening, and ‘said means on said socket for placing
. it in electrical connection with said casing comprise a pair
of prongs on said socket body, one in electrical connection
with said threaded receptacle and the other in electrical
connection with said switch means, said switch means
20 and located in the casing 14 transverse to the direc
being in electrical connection with said threaded recepta
11 by a set screw 17.
A socket 18 having therein a
threaded receptacle for an electric lamp '19 is removably
?tted in ‘an opening 20 made at the rear portion 16 so that
cle and being insulated from the other electrical connec
iion with ‘said receptacle, and said means on ‘said semi
References Cii‘ed in the ?le of this patent
cylindrical casing for placing it in electrical connection
with said socket comprising a pair of ‘sleeves into which
said prongs awe ifnictionally slidable, ‘said sleeves being 5
mounted in said semicylindrical casing, ‘and said casing
having grooves therein for wires leading Ito said sleeves.
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