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Aug- 21, 1962
Filed Dec. 22, 1960
United States Patent 0 ice
Patented Aug. 21, 1962
The guide which is the subject of this invention consists
essentially of a body member 15 shown in one part in
FIG. 4 as being of sheet metal formation 16 with porr
Albert R. Bessette, 80 Falcon Ave., and Raymond N. Mar
tin, 65 Cambridge Ave., both of Warwick 5, RJ.
Filed Dec. 22, 1960, Ser. No. 77,681
tions 17 and 18 extending from the upper side edges
thereof and folded as at 19 and 20 so as to extend over
and about the ferrule 13 and embrace the same.
4 Claims. (Cl. 15—248)
tending laterally from either side of the body portion
16 there are arms 21 and 22 each of which is L-shaped,
there being one portion 23 and 24 in the plane of the
of paint brushes.
10 body 16 while there is another portion 25 and 26 which
is folded at substantially right angles to the portions 23
One of the ‘objects of this invention is to provide a
and 2-4 and which presents a guiding surface which may
paint brush guide which may be used for guiding a paint
engage the edge such as 27 of a part to be painted, the
brush along a window casing or frame.
bristles engaging the surface 28 of this part and extend
Another object of this invention is to provide a guide
which will be of simple construction and inexpensive to 15 ing only ‘to the surface 29 so that the part 28 may be
painted by reason of the guide which is formed between
the surfaces 25 and 26 and the edge 27 as the brush is
Another object of this invention is to provide a paint
drawn therealong.
brush guide from sheet stock which may be bent into
a form for embracing and being held on a paint brush.
The edges 30 and 31 of these right angularly or L
Another object of this invention is to provide a paint 20 shaped extending parts of the arms 21 and 22 engage the
This invention relates to a paint brush guide which
may be made in varying sizes to attach to different types
brush guide which may be adjusted so as to provide vary
edges 32 and 33 of the brush or bristles thereof and
serve to prevent these bristles from spreading laterally
and thus con?ne the bristles in place. Also to assist in
Another object of this invention is to so con?ne the
this con?ning action of the bristles, there is a tongue 34
"bristles that they will not spread unduly as the brush 25 shown ‘by itself in FIG. 3 which is a ?at sheet of stock
is used and thus prevent the bristles from getting out of
bent into L-shape or provided with a ?ange 35 at one
ing amounts of exposed bristle for determination of the
width of surface which is to be painted.
end. This ?ange engages the edge 36 of the portions 17
With these and other objects in view, the invention
and 81 so as to limit its extent so that it will terminate
consists of certain novel features of construction as will
even with or at the same position along the
be more fully described and particularly pointed out in 30
bristles as the edge 37 of the body 16. Thus the bristles
the appended claims.
are further con?ned by this arrangement.
In the accompanying drawings:
In order to hold the guide in place, we have provided
FIG. 1 is a perspective view of a paint brush with
a thumb screw 38 having a handle portion 39 which is
our guide attached thereto;
FIG. 2 is a central sectional view through the adjust ' threaded through the metal body as at 40 so as to en
gage the metal ferrule 13, and by pressing against this
ing means of the guide for exposing the desired amount
ferrule, it will draw the body plate 16 so that its arm will
of bristles for operation;
FIG. 3 is a perspective view of one part of the guide;
engage the tongue 34 and press the tongue against the
FIG. 4 is a perspective view of another part of the
ferrule 13 and serve to bind the entire guide in place.
guide; and
FIG. 5 is a sectional view through a casing illustrating
the paint brush with the guide attached thereto as in
position with reference to the casing or in operative use.
We claim:
1. A paint brush guide comprising a body member
with a portion extending longitudinally on one side of
the bristles substantially the width of the paint brush with
In proceeding with this invention, we have provided
portions folded from the opposite edges thereof to em
a sheet metal guide consisting essentially of a body plate 45
with a portion bent so as to embrace the paint brush at
the portion ‘thereof which imbeds the bristles or a part
of the handle, while at the other end of this body there
is provided laterally extending arms which are bent up
at the forward portions so as to engage the edge of a
window ledge or the like along which it is desired to
draw the brush to deposit paint. Also these folded-up
brace the brush at a location spaced from the ends of
the bristles, a tongue member to engage the opposite
side of the paint brush also embraced by said body and
of a length substantially the length of the body portion
extending longitudinally of the bristles to support the
bristles on opposite sides.
2. A paint brush guide as in claim 1 wherein a screw
adjustably holds the body and tongue on the brush.
edges serve to con?ne the bristles against undue spread
3. A paint brush guide as in claim 1 wherein one of
ing while to further carry out this con?ning of the
bristles, we have provided a tongue plate which is also 55 said members carries lateral arms to engage a guiding
embraced by the folding portions of the body and which
is held in place by a thumb screw which attaches the
4. A paint brush guide as in claim 1 wherein one of
body to the brush. By this arrangement various adjust
ments of the guide may be provided for locating the
said members carries lateral arms to engage :a guiding
so that the desired amount of bristles will be exposed.
With reference to the drawings 10 designates gen
erally a paint brush having a handle portion 11 and
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
surface, said arms being L shape.
guide the desired distance from the end of the bristles 60
bristles portion 12, the bristles being bound together and
secured to the handle by a ferrule '13 which is usually of
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