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Aug. 21, 1962
Filed May 5, 1960
Edward R. Germgine
By Chad L... Germaine
United grates atent 95
Patented Aug. 21, 1962
shell 11, as by a hinge 24, for pivotal movement, about
a horizontal hinge pin 26, in a vertical plane. The cov
er member 23 is provided with foot-operable means, here
shown as including a lever 27 extending upwardly and
Edward R. Germaine, 5633 Sapunor Way, Carmichael,
' Calif., and Chad L. Germaine, 3812 Anadale Lane,
Sacramento, Calif.
Filed May 5, 1960, Ser. No. 27,143
1 Claim. (Cl. 220-18)
radially outwardly from the hinged portion of the cover
member, and in a direction extending generally from
the hinge pin 26, so that the cover member is opened
upon downward pressure of a foot on the lever 27.
-It wil be seen that the hinge pin 26 is elevated above
‘This invention relates to garbage receptacles and,
more particularly, to garbage receptacles adapted for 10 the surface of the surrounding concrete 16, so that the
lever 27, When pressed fully downwardly, engages the
being sunk partially into the ground and for being in part
Sunken, foot-operated garbage receptacles have usually
been designed with somewhat insui?cient regard for one
of the major features of their operation; that is, they
have often been designed without su?icient regard to
smoothness and quietness of operation.
concrete at an angle adapted to hold the opened cover
member radially outwardly inclined with respect to the
shell 11. The mouth 12 is thuscleared for unimpeded
insertion or removal of the contents and when fully
opened the lid will stay open until urged toward closed
Th device of the invention is also provided with an
inner container formed as a hollow cylindrical bucket 31
which is particularly adapted for smooth and noiseless 20 having an upper rim 32 de?ning an opening 33. The
bucket 31 ?ts snugly within the outer container shell 11
operation throughout.
with the upper rim 32 formed for and snugly engaging
It is another object of the invention to provide a gar
Accordingly, it is an object of the present invention
to provide a sunken foot-operated garbage container
bage receptacle which is adapted for cushioned assembly
and separation of the various separate parts.
the under side of the vcover member 23, and de?ning with
the cover member and with the shell 11 a relatively re
It is still another object of the invention to provide a 25 stricted air space 36 (FIGURE 3) for cushioning the
closing movement of the cover member 23.
garbage container which is easy to keep cleaned.
More particularly, the upper rim 32 of the bucket in
It is a further object of the invention to provide an
inserted position is formed to extend above the upper
inexpensive and generally improved sunken foot-operated
garbage receptacle.
portion of the ?ange 1'4, and the lid member is formed,
Other objects, together with the foregoing, are at
tained in the embodiment described in the following de
scription and shown in the accompanying drawing in
30 as with a downwardly extending portion 37, to engage
the rim 32. The lid also includes a portion 38 extend
ing peripherally outwardly and downwardly to engage
the ?ange 14 at a location remote from the mouth 12.
Thus, the ?ange 14, the cover member portion 38, and
FIGURE 1 is'a perspective view of, the garbage re
ceptacle of the invention, with the lid in closed position; 35 the bucket rim 32 combine to de?ne the air space 36,
FIGURE 2 is an exploded perspective View of the gar
bage receptacle shown in FIGURE 1; and
FIGURE 3 is a cross-sectional elevational view, to an
enlarged scale, of the receptacle in ground-mounted posi
which, as may be seen in FIGURE 3, is relatively much
smaller than the interior cavity of the bucket 31, and
operates to trap a quantity of air when the cover member
descends to closed position, and to cushion the impact of
descent so as to prevent jarring and clatter.
It should be clear that the air cavity 36 is relatively
While the device of the invention is susceptible of
more effective in producing such vcushioning effect than
numerous physical embodiments, depending on the en
would be the main interior cavity of the bucket 31,
vironment and requirements of use, substantial numbers
which has a considerably greater depth into which the en
of the herein shown and described embodiment have
been made, used and sold, and have performed in a very 45 trapped air may be compresesd. However, while the
successful manner.
main cavity produces a considerably smaller cushioning
effect per uit cross-section ,(horizontal) area, there is a
de?nite air-dome or air-cushion effect, particularly when
the bucket becomes rather full of garbage.
having an upwardly opening mouth 12 and adapted to be
The bucket 31 has an elongated curved bail 41 pivot
sunk into the ground 13 (FIGURE 3). The shell 11 is 50
ally connected at diametrically opposite locations 42 and
curled outwardly at the mouth 12 to de?ne a peripheral
43 on the upwardly extending rim 32 of the bucket and
?ange 14 for limiting the extent of insertion of the shell
relatively above the level of the outer shell ?ange 14.
into the ground, the ?ange 14 being reversely and down
The intermediate portion 44 of the bail is formed to over
wardly peripherally curled for providing an elevation of
the mouth 12 above the ground level to guard against sur 55 lie and to be supported by the rim 32 in the inoperative
The garbage receptacle of the invention includes an
outer container formed as a hollow cylindrical shell 11
The ground 13 may be prepared with an upper struc
condition of the bail (FIGURE 31). Thus, the bail is
located entirely above the outer shell 11 and beneath the
tural surface, such as a layer or slab of concrete 16 or
cover member 31 so as not to interfere with these mem
face drainage into the mouth.
bers, and is at the same time positioned for ready ac
other material, the slab having an opening 17 formed
therein corresponding in diameter to the greatest diameter 60 cessibility to a person operating the device. Ordinarily
the bail is positioned at rest as shown in FIGURE 3,
of the body of the shell 11 but less than the maximum
with the intermediate bail portion 44 oriented on' the
diameter of the ?ange 14. The outer lateral surface of
hinged side 46 of the cover member 23; and the cover
the shell is provided with recessed portions 18 and 19,
de?ned in part by peripheral raised portions 21 and 22, 65 member, in turn, is spaced above the rim 32 of the bucket
on the side 46 so as to provide room for and accommo
for greater strength and for receiving and engaging the
date the bail. In this arrangement, therefore, the down
material of the ground 13 after insertion of the shell
wardly extending portion 37 of the cover member is
downwardly through the opening 17, so as to resist with
formed only on the side 47 of the cover member, op
drawal of the shell and to resist the buoyant effort of
posite the side 46.
ground water on the shell.
The cover member 23 is also particularly formed in
The outer container 11 also has a cover member 23
a domed shape, as shown in FIGURE 3, the portion 38
snugly ?tting over the mouth 12 and being hinged to the
packed above them and of resisting the upward
buoyancy of said shell in wet ground;
extending downwardly and outwardly to engage the
?ange 14 remote from the mouth 12 as above described,
so that the structure provides a rain shed preventing fall
(d) a hollow cylindrical bucket insert-able in said
shell, sad bucket including an upper annular margin
de?ning a central opening, the elevation of said
margin being at least as high as the elevation of the
ing and draining water from seeping into the outer shell
As another important feature of the invention, the
bucket 31 is formed with the upper and lower peripherally
highest portion of said ?ange, said bucket further
enlarged portions 517 and 52 snugly ?tting the inner wall
53 of the outer shell 11 for causing a piston-like action
of the bucket on insertion into the shell and for thereby 10
cushioning the insertion action of the bucket 31 to pre
including ‘on its outer walls aplurality of peripherally
enlarged bands, .the outer periphery of each of said
bands having a diameter slightly less than the inner
diameter of said shell for causing apiston-like ac
vent clatter. In this arrangement, the outer peripheral
surface 54 of the bucket, intermediate the upper and
released; and
tion as said bucket is inserted in said mouth and
(e) a foot-operated cover pivotally mounted on said
lower portions 51 and 52, is of smaller diameter than the
portions 51 and 572, and is thus spaced from the inner 15
wall 53 of the shell for minimal frictional resistance
therewith during insertion and withdrawal of the bucket
?ange, said cover including a downwardly extending
annular portion adapted to register in closed posi
tion with said upper annular margin of said bucket,
and a peripheral rim on said cover, said peripheral
Also, to reduce noise andfclatter, the bucket 31, the
rim extending radially beyond said downwardly ex
, shell 11 and the cover member 23 with the associated 20
tending annular portion, said rim terminating at an
annular margin engageable with said ?ange on said
lever 27 and hinge 24, are all preferably made of a ma
terial such as ?berglass, for ease of cleaning, resistance
to chemical attack and physical shock, and may be cast
or moulded to form for reducing the manufacturing
~ shell at an elevation above ground level, said rimv
defining with said ?ange on said shell and with the
What is claimed is:
I A garbage receptacle comprising:
(a) a vhollow cylindrical shell having an upwardly
opening mouth;
cushioning the fall of said cover from open position
to closed position, said cover having a relatively low
mass relative to said volume of said air space.
(b) a peripheral curled ?ange encompassing said 30
mouth, and extending outwardly therefrom, the outer
margin of said ?ange being at an elevation below
said mouth for supporting said shell at an elevation
upper outer Wall of said bucket an annular air space,
said space having a substantial volume capable of
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
such that said mouth is above ground level;
(c) a plurality of peripherally raised portions disposed 35 1,687,327
on the outer walls of said shell, said ?ange being in
bearing engagement with the surface of the ground
_ and said peripherally raised portions including upper
, radial shoulders capable of engaging the ground
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