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Aug- 28, 1962
s. A. BxRcl-IALL
Filed Oct. 13, 1958
_ 4%@- gw@
Patented Aug. 2S, 1962
Sylvia Aileen Birchall, 109 Lytton Blvd.,
Toronto 12, Ontario, Canada
Filed Gct. 13, 1958, Ser. No. 767,053
1 Claim. (Cl. 9-334)
opened and closed at the back by means of a zipper 13
and a buoyant neck portion 12.
Fastened to the inside of the pants portion 10 is a
buoyancy unit 14 consisting of a -water impermeable
cover enclosing, in a water-tight manner, a buoyant -mate
rial such as kapok indicated by the numeral 15. The
buoyant device 14 may be made in different shapes but I
have found that one which is substantially ring-shaped
and adapted to encircle the wearer’s body adjacent the
This invention relates to a garment adapted to give 10 hips and the upper ends of the thighs is satisfactory.
the wearer buoyancy in water and in particular to a
If desired, the buoyant device 14 may be removably se
child’s garment which can be worn by the child at play
cured to the inside of the pants por-tion 10 in the posi
either in or out of the water.
The object of the invention is to provide a garment,
tion previously described.
The buoyant neck piece 12 has a water impermeable
particularly for infants, which is so constructed or
cover enclosing, in a Water-tight manner, a buoyant matc
formed that it can be worn without discomfort and will
rial 18 such as kapok. If desired, the buoyant devices
not, to an irritating extent, interfere with the child’s free
12 and 14 may be separately made and removably at
dom to play while out of the Water and yet will provide
tached to the pants portion and the body portion re
a safe buoyant device which will keep the child’s head
spectively. For example the neck piece 12 may be
and face out of the Water should the child fall into the 20 made as an envelope and the buoyant device 14, with its
water or venture outside its depth.
kapok ñlling 18, if it is of that type, may be removably
Devices of this kind have heretofore been proposed
entered therein.
but have had the one disadvantage that, while they pro
The body portion has wide shoulder straps 16, 17,
vide adequate buoyancy, they do not invariably support
which are wide enough to substantially extend completely
the person, in the water, in a position which will keep 25 across the wearer’s shoulders from the wearer’s neck to
the head and face above the Water.
the outside edge of the shoulder.
It is therefore an object of my invention to provide
The buoyant neck piece 12 is adapted to completely
a buoyant garment which will overcome the disadvantages
surround the wearer’s neck, the ends meeting at the
above mentioned and which will provide a buoyant de
back indicated by the numeral 19 for easy removal. In
vice that will ñoat a person so that the face is kept above 30 the construction shown, the neck piece is shown as being
the water surface.
made in two separate semi-circular pieces but if desired,
A further object is to construct such a garment so
it may be made in one piece which is split at the back
that it can be worn by the child or infant at all times play
to coincide with the back opening. The buoyant neck
ing near a body of water without discomfort and without
piece 12 is formed somewhat similar to a tube and
35 has the inside rim secured, throughout its length, to the
interfering with the child’s freedom of action.
With these and other objects in View, the garment
neck band 20 which is the inner edge of the upper neck
comprises a buoyant pants portion, a buoyant neck piece
adapted to rest on the wearer’s shoulders and to sub
surrounding part of body portion 11, the neck piece 12
being attached to the outside edge and the inside edge,
stantially encircle the wearer’s neck, and a body por»
respectively, of each shoulder strap as indicated at 2l
tion connecting the pants portion to the neck portion 40 and 22. It will be observed that the buoyant neck piece
and having a substantially broad shoulder strap over
1'2 extends a substantial distance beyond the outside edge
lying each shoulder of the wearer, said neck piece being
of each of the shoulder straps, the point of attachment
connected to the shoulder straps at least at each edge
21 being located substantially centrally of the bottom
side of the neck piece 12 and the point of attachment 22
A garment constructed in accordance with the present 45 fastening the inside edge of the neck piece 12 to the neck
invention overcomes the objections or disadvantages of
the prior art devices and will maintain the wearer’s head
and face above the surface of the water and thus prevent
band. When so attached the neck piece is held in a sub
stantially horizontal plane relative to the wearer’s neck.
In its preferred construction, the neck piece 12 is of
suñ'icient width that it extends beyond the shoulder and
For an understanding of the invention, reference is to 50 the outside edge of the shoulder straps are attached to
be had to the following description and the accompany
the underside of the neck piece approximately midway
ing drawings which illustrate one embodiment of the
between the edges.
As an alternative to the body portion shown in =FIGIn the drawings:
URES l, 2 and 3 ofthe drawings which completely covers
FIGURE 1 is a perspective front view of the garment 55 the wearer’s trunk, the same may be replaced by crossed
straps (FIGURE 4) which extend over the wearer’s
showing it being worn by a child.
shoulders and have their ends attached to 4the front and
FIGURE 2 is a back view of FIGURE l,
back of the pants portion. This is the customary design
FIGURE 3 is a vertical cross-section of the garment
for a child’s sunsuit.
shown in FIGURE 1,
The embodiments of the invention in which an ex
FIGURE 4 is a perspective view of another form of the 60
clusive property or privilege is claimed are deñned as
The garment, as shown in the drawings, comprises a
I claim:
buoyant pants portion 10, a body portion 11, which is
A garment adapted to give the wearer a buoyancy in
water, comprising: a pair of pants, a buoyancy device se
cured to the inside of the pants and adapted to substan
tially encircle the wearer’s body in the region of the
hips, Wide shoulder portions overlying each of the Wearer‘s
shoulders, said shoulder portions being connected to and
forming a part of means adapted to support said pair of
' pants, a separate buoyant relatively wide and ilat and
relatively ñexible neck piece adapted to substantially en
circle the Wearer’s neck `and to overlie said shoulder por
tions and attached to said pants support means at the
inner and outer edges of said pants support means, Where
by said neck piece is held substantially flat in a plane
substantially perpendicular to the spinal column of the
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