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Aug. 28, 1962
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Aug. 28, 1962
Filed Dec. 18, 1961
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. Aug. 28, 1962
Filed Dec. 18, 1961
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United States Patent O _CCN
3,55 1,1 i 9
Patented Aug. V28, 1962
Peter Morton Hamiyn, Totney House, Kingsdown, Bath,
III-III and IV-IV 'of FIGURE 2 drawn to a larger
Somerset, England; .lohn Edwin Snelliing, Woodiea
House, Stockwood Vale, îieynsham, near Bristol, Som
erset, England; and Bevan Graham Horstmann, 1 Fers
propulsion unit embodying the invention and from this
fìeld, Perrymead, Bath, Somerset, England
Fiied Dec. 18, 1961, Ser. No. 166,940
3 Claims. (Cl. 11S-_35)
- The general view `depicted in lFIGURE l shows a marine
illustration there will ‘be noted a main casing of a general
T-shape designated as a whole by the numeral 1 having
a top casing part 2 (the top bar of the T) and a 4depending
part 3 (the leg of the T). This casing is mounted on a
transom bracket 4 adapted to be secured to the transom 5
of a waterborne vessel 6. The transom bracket 4 has a
This invention relates to marine propulsion units of the
type adapted to be attached to the transom of a boat, and
including a main casing containing a main driving shaft
geared to drive a propeller shaft with the propeller
pair of spaced apart parallel plate parts 7 constituting
mounted on the bottom of the casing, and a rudder also
x-y which coincides with the axis of the nut 8 and a shaft>
mounted -on the casing astern of the propeller, said casing
being supported by a transom bracket so that the Whole
unit is capable of tilting in a vertical plane should under
14 (FIGURE 2); One of the said plate parts 7 is seen in
FIGURE 1 the other being hidden behind a casing 17
water obstacles be encountered when moving ahead.
Marine propulsion units constructed according to the fore
`trunnion bearings between which the top partV 2 of the
main casing is mounted, being pivoted on a horizontal axis
also carried by the transom bracket 4. There is a Vertical
rudder post 9 rotatable in lugs 10 on the base plate part
of the transom bracket 4, externally of the casing and
going description are referred to herein asy of “the type 20 within the tubular stern part 11 of the leg 3 of the
T-shape main casing 1 there is rotatably mounted a rudder
While it is reasonably simple to provide for operating
mounting shaft 15 (see FIGURE 2) operating the rudder
the rudder of such a unit from a rudder post mounted on
12. In the larger body part of the depending leg 3 of the
the stern of the boat if the tilting action is omitted, it
main casing there is a sub-shaft 16 (see FIGURE 2) for
becomes a complicated matter when the unit is movable 25 the propeller 13. The main casing 1 can swing about the
in relation to the rudder post. The object of the invention
axis x-y in the fore and aft direction when the unit en
isto provide a simple and eliîcient device for transferring
counters an obstacle.
transom-located rudder post movements to the rudder
Across the interior of the top 2 of the casing 1, and
without having to uncouple the steering arrangements
mounted at each end in suitable _bearings is the aforesaid
30 shaft 14 which is a tubular horizontal power-driven shaft,
when providing for tilting.
According to the invention in a marine propulsion unit
i.e. the main shaft of the unit, .and this extends out of the
of the type described the main casing houses a rudder
casing at one end thereof into the aforesaid fixed casing
mounting shaft projecting therefrom at its lower end which
17. This .contains a ‘chain-sprocket arranged to drive the
carries the rudder, and the unit is combined with a sep
main shaft 14 through a suitable disc clutch. The latter iS
arate rudder post outside the main casing adapted to ybe 35 normally held in the engaged condition by springs »adapted
mounted on the boat’s transom, the post and mounting
to press an end plate `of .the casing against vthe disc assem
shaft each having an arm (the post arm and shaft arm re
bly, so that -declutching can lbe eíected by means of an
spectively) projecting therefrom and turnable therewith,
internal push rod passing through the cen-tre of the clutch
assembly and into the main shaft. The fixed casing 17
and over the main casing there is mounted, concentrically
with the unit’s axis of tilt, an arcuate frame of channel 40 containing the chain sprocket and clutch is continued section the mounting of said arcuate frame being on a
through the transom 5 as indicated at 18 (FIGURE 1),
pivotal axis upstanding from the casingapproximately
and at the inboard ‘end 19 there is mounted a second
radial of the frame from near its middle, the respective
chain sprocket mounted in suitable bearingsV within the
free ends of the post and shaft arms being freely located
casing and formed with a central splined hole through
in the channel of said arcuate frame whereby movement 45 which the driving shaft of an internal combustion engine
of the arm from the said post is communicated to the
can be passed for driving engagement. A driving chain
mounting shaft arm.
connects the two `sprockets .so Ithat the engine can trans
By this construction the partial rotation of the rudder
mit its power to the aforesaid main shaft 114 of the pro~
post causes the arcuate frame to perform a swivel move
pulsion lunit via the clutch just described. 'Ilhe construc
ment rotating on the main casing> by means of the en 50 tion of the shaft, push rod, clutch and general driving and
gagement of the post arm with the frame, and the frame
control mechanism forms no part of the present invention,
in turn causes the rudder mounting shaft to .rotate through
and details thereof can be »seen in co-pending application
its shaft arm with which the frame is engaged. Notwith
No. 160,762 tiled December 20, 1961.
standing this steering connection between the fixed axis
The said main shaft 14 is adapted to drive the aforesaid
rudder post located outside the main casing and the rud 55 sub-shaft 16 disposed at right-angles to the main shaft 14
der mounting shaft, the unit comprising the main casing
with its rudder, rudder mounting shaft and pivoted arcuate
frame, may be freely tilted on its tilting axis because the
arcuate frame will be carried with the main casing and
and extending downwardly within the «leg 3 of the Tshaped casing l. It terminates near the foot of the casing
in a bevel drive 20 to Ia propeller shaft 21 which extends
describe a movement about its arcuate centre, where
upon its channel will run over the free end of the rudder
post arm-_which is non-movable in the vertical direction.
In order that the said invention may be readily under
stood an embodiment thereof will be described, by way lof
example, with the aid of lthe accompanying drawings in
.FIGURE 1 is a perspective View of the unit attached
out of the casing to drive the propeller 13.
Astern of the sub-shaft, the main casing 1 is formed
downwardly from the crossdbar 2 of the T-shape along
the leg 3 of the T with the aforesaid tubular housing 11
for the rudder mounting shaft 15 journalled therein at
top and bottom and extending out at the bottom to carry
the rudder 12.
Over the .top of the main casing 1 there is pivotally
mounted an ‘arcuate »frame 22 (roughly .a semi-circle).
The centre of the arc of this frame lies approximately on
to the transom of a waterborne vessel;
FIGURE 2 is a vertical section of the unit on ya plane 70 the axis of ltilt x-y of the main casing, and its pivotal axis
a-b passes through a »swivel pin 23 upstanding from the
passing through the axis of the propeller shaft, and
FIGURES 3 and 4 are respectively sections on the lines i
casing and iapproximately radial of the frame extending
from near the middle of its larcuate length to a point
near the axis of tilt, Y'llhersaid frame 22 is of channel sec
peller, said casing being supported by a transom bracket
tion with the channel facing outwardl . 'Iïhe pivotal
mounting arrangement on the axis a-b isv such that the
in a manner whereby the unit is capable of tilting, a rudder
mounting shaft housed within said casing and carrying the
Vframe may be turned independently of the casing 1 with
its wperiphery moving on a path generating -approximately a
rudder, the unit beingcombined'with a .separate rudder
post outside the main casingradapted to be mounted yon a
boat’s transom, the post and mounting shaft each having
c semifsphere, and at »the same time itmay _movewith the
Y casing 1 -when the latter is tilted. This latter movement
. an arm (the Vpost arm and shaft arm respectively) pro
,of theframe, assuming the same is llying in its central
jecting therefrom and turnable therewith, an arcuate frame
ofY channel section mounted over the main casing Vcon
centric with the unit’s axis of tilt, the mounting of said
' (fore-Vand-aft) position, is in a vertical plane normal toV
thelaxis x-y of tilt: c
. v
"As previouslyidescribed, from the bracket plate 4 at
arcuate frame being on a. pivotal axis upstanding from
Y tached. to; the transom 5Vthere extends the pair of spaced
the casing approximately radial of the frame, the respec
parallel-arms# constituting trunnion supports for the
casing; The said bracket isalsoformed with the lafore-V
Splined on the I
tive free ends of the post and shaft arms being freely
located in the channel of said arcuate frame whereby
movement of the arm »from said post is communicated to
said spacedrco-.axial mounting lugs 10 and a socket 10a
' for -the rudder post. 9.-
a rudder also mounted on the casing asternrof the pro
dder post is a sleeve 24tiixedly
the mounting shaft arm.
v2. A marine propulsion unit as claimedrin> claim V1 in
which the transom bracket by which the unit is supported
wards towards the aforesaid »arcuate frame 22. Y Its'rend
terminates ina spherical knob 26 constituting Ia ball joint 20 is formed with _lugs in which the rudder post is rotatable,
the ¿arm projecting from said post terminating in arslipper
housed in a slipper 27 disposed within'the channelof the
slidable in the groove of the arcuate frame and connected
to the arm byV a ball joint whereby the arm can turn the
On the aforesaid rudder mounting shaft 15 rotatably
ing ani-arm ¿25 -extending radially outwards «and then up
carried in thecasing tubular part 11 and where it extends
Y frame about its pivot swivel-Wise on the main casing,
out of the Itop of >its tubular housing 111, there is also 25 While the unit can swing about its tilting
relative sliding movement between the arcuate frame and
splined an iarm 28 similar to arm 25 carried by the rudder
the said slipper. y
post 24, and' this :arm> extends yaway astern of- the main
3. A marine propulsion unit according to claim 1 in
casing and its knobbed end 29 pivoterL-to a slider is located
which the main casing is of general T_-shape having a top
inthe channel of the arcuate frame diametrically opposite
30 casing part (the top bar of the T) and a depending part
the location of the end 26 of the rudder lpost arm 25.
(the leg of the T), the latterpart of «the casing housing a
Operation of. the rudder post25 will turn the frame 22
sub-shaft geared to the main ‘shaft and drivingv the pro
peller, and also having a tubular stern part in'which is
swivel-wise about the axis a--b and lasia result will cause '
.the rudder- mountingV shaft ¿15Í to--turn- by means of itsrarm
28. 'Should the unit swing upwardly' away from the
transom,- thegframe 2_2 will move with the casing in al
journall'ed the rudder mounting shaft extending out of the
35 bottom to carry the rudder and out of the top to carry
the shaft arm, the said shaft arm being fitted With a pivoted
`clockwise direction with reference to FIGURE?, and Vthere
slider to engage in the groove ofthe arcuate frame.
will berelativesliding movement between it and thejarm
ZS-of -therudder post.
' _
f The partsfmarkedßß comprise .a locking arrangement
associated withthevtilting ofthe unit, and form no part of
References Cited in the iile of this patent( Y
the present: invention. Details >vthereof are described in eo-`
pending applicationNoi 160,041 tiled December 18, 1961.
We claim:
Y ‘
Y l.u Marine 'propulsion unit attachablerto boats, including
a main casing containing apmainrdriving shaft geared to V45
drivea propeller mounted on the bottom¿ of thecasing,
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Germany _____________ __ May 14. 1958
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