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Aug. 28, 1962
Filed May 4, 1960
_.__ ______ A‘
Patented Aug. 28, 1962
tion will become ‘apparent as the description of a pre
ferred embodiment thereof proceeds.
James A. Houle, Havertown, Pa, assignor to American
Viscose Corporation, Philadelphia, Pa, a corporation
of Delaware
Filed May 4, 1961), Ser. No. 26,858
2 Claims. (Cl. 206——45.34)
Referring now to the drawing:
=FIGURE 1 is a plan view of a paperboard blank which
is used in forming one of the elements of the complete
FIGURE 2 is a perspective view showing the im
proved carton in ‘an inverted position;
This invention relates to a carton for a plurality of
FIGURE 3 is a perspective view showing the bottom
packages of packaged goods, and more particularly to 10 of the carton opened up to permit tax stamps to be ap
a display canton for cigarette packages.
Because of the legal requirement of many states that
a state tax stamp be placed on each package of cigarettes
after they enter the state and before they are distributed
plied to the packages; and
FIGURE 4 is a perspective view of the carton in an
upright position, some of the packages being omitted
and others shown only in ghost outline.
to retail outlets, the cartoning of cigarette packages 15
The present carton consists of two basic elements the
presents problems not normally encountered in other
?rst of which is fairly rigid and formed of paperboard
?elds. The manufacturer generally packs cigarettes in
cut, scored, folded and secured to provide a tray on
paperboard cartons with ten packages to the carton ‘and
the cartons are loaded in large boxes for distribution
from the manufacturing plant. The cartons are pro
vided for several reasons, principally to protect the in
ranged in upright position in two side-by-s‘ide rows.
dividual packages from being crushed or torn, to provide
additional moisture protection and to facilitate the han
dling of the packages. Upon entering a state having a
of an elongated rectangle substantially equal in size to
the two narrow sides of the side-by-side cigarette pack—
state tax on cigarettes, the wholesaler or distributor re
which and in which ten packages of cigarettes are ar
The paperboard element is so constructed and arranged
as to provide end panels each of which is in the form
The other element of the carton is a ?exible
25 sheet of packaging ?lm which overwnaps a portion only
moves the cartons from the large box and must open
each carton in order to a?ix a stamp to each of the pack
of the paperboard element and the packages in a man
ner presently to be explained.
ages, this opening of the cartons and a?ixing of the
The rigid portion of the carton is formed of a single
stamps generally being done by machine. While the
piece ‘of paperboard cut in the form shown in FIGURE
manufacturer could, of course, carton the cigarettes in 30 1. The paperboard blank is scored to provide a ?rst
a ‘variety of different ways, his selection of the type of
panel 10 in the shape of an elongated rectangle and a
carton is of practical necessity limited to a carton which
bottom forming panel 11 separated from the panel '10
can be readily opened and preferably resealed by the
by a score line 12. The panel 11 is substantially the
distributor without marring the appearance thereof.
same size ‘and shape as the panel 10 and the score line
While the cigarette companies go to great lengths to 35 extends along two adjacent long sides of these panels.
provide attractive packages for the cigarettes, the cartons
Separated from the panel 10 by score lines 13 and 14,
are generally designed primarily for utility, there being
respectively, are a pair of end forming panels 15 and 16.
a not inconsequential expense involved in attractively
The end forming panels are in the shape of elongated
printing the paperboard carton. In many instances the
rectangles and one of the short sides 17 of panel 15 as
‘appearance of the carton is not particularly important
well as one of the short sides 18 of panel 16 lies in a.
because the retail merchant removes the packages from
the carton and sells the packages individually but a great
many cigarettes are sold by the carton, particularly in
line with the score line 12.
Attached to one of the
long sides 19 of panel 15 and separated from said panel
by a score line 20 is a side forming panel 21 in the
supermarkets and large drug stores, and where they are
shape of an elongated rectangle. A second bottom
so sold it is highly desirable for the carton to present 45 forming panel 22 in the general shape of an elongated
an attractive appearance. Since the individual packages
rectangle is separated from panel 21 by a score line 23
are so carefully designed for attractive appearance, it
and a tab-forming portion 24 is separated from one end
would be desirable to provide transparent cartons but
of panel 21 by a score line 25.
heretofore this has not been within the realm of prac
The paperboard blank as described above is folded
ticability. Rigid transparent cartons are much too ex 50 along the score lines so that the panel 11 overlaps panel
pensive and if the packages were completely overwrapped
22 and these two panels are detachably secured together
with a transparent ?lm, the ?lm would be destroyed when
by a line or spots 26 of a suitable adhesive to form a
opened for the purpose of a?ixing the state tax stamps.
carton bottom of a size to accommodate a plurality (usu~
It is an object of the present invention to provide an
ally 10) of cigarette packages arranged thereon in two
improved display carton, particularly a carton for ciga 55 sideby-side rows, the individual cigarette packages :being
designated at 27. Tab 24 is folded so as to lie against
the inside face of end panel 16 and is permanently se
proved cigarette display carton which may be readily
cured thereto by a suitable adhesive. Thus the paper
opened to permit the a?ixing of state stamps to the in
board rforms the skeleton, or, as referred to above, the
dividual packages ‘and then rescaled Without damaging 60 ?rst portion of the carton.
the carton.
While the long side panel 10 is shown as being of
A still further object of the invention is to provide a
greater height than side panel 21, it will be understood
cigarette carton which exposes the individual packages
that the two side panels may be of equal height, or pan
el 21 may be higher than panel 10. ‘The exact height
to view and at the same time affords greater protection
for the contents against loss of moisture than do paper 65 of the side panels is determined by the design of the
cigarette packages. For example, one of the panels may
board cartons now commercially in use.
be su?icien-tly high ‘as to cover most of the face of the
It is also an object of the invention to provide a paper
A further object of the invention is to provide an im
board blank which is so cut and scored that it may be
folded and secured together .to provide an element of a
cigarette display carton.
Other objects, features and advantages of the inven
packages leaving only the brand name visible. Again,
one of the panels may be low enough so that the major
70 portion of the package is exposed to view. One of the
purposes of the present carton is to enable the most ef
fective display of the packages themselves because it is
since all the packages in the carton may be seen without
opening the carton. These cartons also afford better
inventory control for the consumer since he does not
have to reach down a long ‘dark tunnel to discover that
the package which generally receives the major em
phasis in cigarette advertising and the material displayed
on the package is generally selected with a greater amount
of care. Some packages have different designs on the
front and back and this will sometimes make it desirable
the last pack is gone, cigarette cartons being quite gen
to provide a higher side panel on that side of the car-ton
facing the backs of the packages. In some instances it
will‘ be desirable to provide a window in the high side
erally opened from the end.
as above described reaches the ‘wholesaler or distributor
in a state requiring a tax stamp to be a?ixed to each
of the carton so as to display only a selectedportion of
the packages. In any instance, the higher side panel
provides ample space for a distinctive advertising mes
sage while the lower side emphasizes package identi?ca
When the shipping box containing cartons constructed
1O packaage ‘of cigarettes, the cartons are removed from
tion. The side panels must be high enough to permit
the box and individually opened by inserting an instru
ment between the overlapping portions of panels 11 and
22. Since the two panels are only spot-glued together
or lightly tacked along a line, they ‘are readily separated
the overwrapped flexible ?lm to be sealed thereto, as
will presently be explained, and additionally they con 15 as shown in FIGURE 3, whereby access may be had
tribute to the formation of a carton which may be han
dled by the presently used state tax applying machinery.
to the bottom ends of the individual packages so that
the local tax stamps 30 may be a-?ixed thereto.
After the packages are placed in the tray, a clear pack
aging ?lm 28 is wrapped around the end panels 15 and
16, the upper ends of the packages and the exposed side
faces of the packages. In other words, the packaging
?lm overwraps the package group and the paperboard
portion of the carton except for the bottom thereof.
Preferably the ?lm is wrapped quite tightly and at the
After the packages have been stamped the carton may
be rescaled by applying an adhesive to the panel 11 or
22 along the line of the original adhesive spots 26 and
pressing the panel 11 back to its closed position. It will
be observed that no cutting of any part of the carton is
involved in opening it and that the flexible film is not
be applied by hand, although this would of course not
be commercially feasible. Along the two sides of the
carton the ?lm is secured to the side panels 19 and 21
so'that the’ packages are effectively sealed within the
The stamping machines commonly employ feed belts
disturbed in any way.
There are presently in use a num
ends of the carton it is folded and overlapped and se 25 ber of different forms of machines capable of opening
and rescaling the carton in the manner above described
cured together as shown in the drawing. There are a
and for applying the tax stamps to the individual pack
number of machines commercially available which ‘are
ages but, here again, insofar as the present invention is
capable of applying the ?lm in this manner and insofar
concerned this operation could be performed by hand.
as the present invention is concerned the ?lm could even
which bear against the sides of the carton to move them
along and the side panels 11 and 211 protect the packages
from damage by the belts in the same manner as the
usual all-paperboard carton.
the packaging ?lm except for the bottom of the carton. 35 Having thus described a preferred embodiment of the
carton, all portions of the packages being protected by
invention, what is claimed is: i
' While various types of packaging ?lm may be em
ployed, the preferable material is cellophane which has
been coated with a suitable resin or polymer, for exam
ple, saran so that the ?lm may be heat sealed to the side
panels as well as at the ends of the carton. The side
panels 11 and 21 are also preferably coated or printed
with a heat scalable adhesive, typical examples of which
are adhesives based on vinyl resins or acrylonitrile elas
1. A cigarette display carton comprising a single piece
of paperboard cut, folded and secured to provide a bot
tom panel in the form of an elongated rectangle, a plural
ity of cigarette packages standing upright on said bottom
panel, said packages being arranged in two side-by-side
rows with the side edges of adjacent packages in each row
touching one another and the bottom of said plurality of
packages being coextensive with said bottom panel, said
tomers. The ?lm may be entirely transparent and clear,
or, especially in the case of so-called holiday cartons, 45 bottom panel being formed of two pieces of paperboard
which overlap throughout the longitudinal extent of said
the. ?lrnmay' be colored and/or printed with a suitable
panel, adhesive means detachably securing together the
message. The end panels 15 and 16 in addition to im
parting strength to the carton provide a generous space
at'the ends of the carton for brand identi?cation. This
overlapping portions of said panel, side panels integral
‘with the long sides of said bottom panel and extending the
is particularly important in view of the fact that many 50 full length of said bottom panel, said side panels snugly
engaging the lower portions of the cigarette packages and
cartons are sold in supermarkets and the like ‘where they
having a height substantially less than the height of the
. are stored on shelves in such manner that only the ends
cigarette packages, end panels extending between said side
of the’ cartons can be seen and while the side edges of
said end panels extending substantially the full
the packages themselves may carry the brand name, it
of said packages, a ?exible transparent packaging
necessarily appears in rather small print. To facilitate 55 height
?lm wrapped tightly around the plurality of packages, the
the opening of the carton by the consumer a tear strip
end panels and'the side panels, and means securing said
29 may be provided.
Cartons constructed in the manner above described
?lm to said side panels near the bottom edges of said side
panels for substantially the full length thereof, said adhe
means permitting the opening of the carton without
the ordinary paperboardv carton in preventing loss of 60 sive
to'the ?lm or the paperboard.
moisture and consequent drying out of the cigarettes.
2. The carton set forth in claim 1 wherein one of said
The paperboard tends to wick away moisture from the
end panels is integral with both said side panels and the
packages whereas ‘the polymer coated cellophane pro
other end panel is integral with one of said side panels.
vides an effective moisture barrier and it will be observed
that with the present carton by far the major portion 65
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
have been found to be up to four times as effective as
of the packages is in direct contact with the ?lm rather.
than with the paperboard. This improved moisture re
tention is a valuable advantage for the manufacturer,
the distributor, the retailer and the consumer inasmuch’
as considerable more time may be permitted to elapse 70
between-manufacture and consumption without the pos
sibility of- the cigarettes becoming stale. The carton con
structed in_ accordance with the present invention olfe-rs
substantial protection to the ‘retailer against pilferage
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