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Sept. 4, 1962
Filed NOV. 17, 1960
2 Sheets-Sheet 1
Sept- 4, 1962
Filed Nov. 1'7, 1.960
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
-LEL 15; @20
‘2g [117/916
75124414 W 7124'“.
United States Patent ()?ice
Patented Sept. 4, 1962
porting plates 26 located at a ?xed distance below the
wiper line. Upon each of the plates 26 is carried a
series of articulated connecting members that transmit
Richard D. Meier, Dedharn, Mass, assignor to Compo
movement from the levers 11 to the toe band and also
Shoe Machinery Corporation, Waltham, Mass, a cor
provide for the preliminary adjustment of the band.
These connecting members include threaded spindles
poration of Delaware
Filed Nov. 17, 1960, Ser. No. 69,985
9 Claims. (Cl. 12-82)
13 having a swivel connection 14 with the short arms of
the ‘bell crank levers, blocks 15, rockers 17 and elongated
presser members 20, all of which are ‘free to rest and
This invention comprises a new and improved toe
band mechanism for toe lasting machines constructed 10 slide upon the upper surface of the supporting plates 26
in adjusting or operating the toe band.
Each spindle 13 is threaded into a nut forming an
element of its swivel connection 14 with the lever 13 and
is provided with a knurled knob 16 by which it may be
toes of extreme sharpness.
15 rotated to vary its effective length in the transmitting
train and to determine the initial setting of the toe band.
The successful operation of automatic or semi-auto
Each spindle 13 passes freely through a block 15 and
matic toe lasters depends in a large part upon the rapid,
is provided with a shoulder and collar holding the block
accurate and effective upwiping of the upper preparatory
in place against longitudinal movement thereon. A
to the overwiping action of the wipers and the bedding
rocker 17 , channel shaped in cross section, ?ts over the
thereof upon the lasting margin of the upper. The
block 15 and is pivotally connected thereto by a vertical
mechanism of the present invention has proved to be
pivot pin 18. The block 1'5 has an outwardly extending
highly satisfactory in all these respects. The toe band is
arm into which is threaded an adjusting screw 19 having
contracted or closed under ?uid pressure into intimate
a knurled head engaging the web of the rocker 17 and
contact with the entire toe portion of the upper thereby
insuring that it gets down to the wood of the last and 25 so serving to inpait angular adjustment thereto about
the axis of the pivot pin 18.
forms a sharp feather line.
Fitted upon each of the rockers 17 is an elongated
Other features of the invention relate to the train of
presser and carrier member 20‘ also channel shaped in
elements for transmitting power from a ?uid pressure
cross section and secured by the pivot pin 18 in position
cylinder to the toe band and to provision for ?exible and
comprehensive adjustment of the band to the particular 30 to embrace the rocker 17. In the web portion of this
member is formed a notch 23 as shown in FIG. 6 to
shoe in process. I have discovered that a threaded
receive a stud 24 on one arm of the toe band. It will be
spindle may be utilized for the double function of trans
seen that the presser members engage the toe band over
mitting power and adjustment of the toe band by pro
a substantial area and so controls the contour thereof
viding the spindle with a reinforcing member to relieve
it of bending stress. Threaded connection gives the 35 at its open ends. Angular adjustment of the presser
member 20 and of the engaged portion of the toe band
spindle the property of being lengthened or shortened in
is effected by turning the screw 19 and so swinging the
the transmitting train as required for initially adjusting
rocker 17 and member 20 about the axis of the pivot
the band.
It has also been found advantageous to provide a pair
pin 18.
The power actuated band closing thrust of the ma
of ?xed supporting plates upon which the articulated
chine is transmitted by the bell crank levers 11 through
members of the transmitting train may slide in their
the spindles 13 which are threaded and given the form
band-supporting and adjusting capacity. These mem
herein shown so that they may be utilized for effecting
bers are thus ?rmly supported ‘and guided for movement
the adjustment ‘above referred to in addition to their
in their respective paths of action.
These and other features and advantages of the inven 45 thrust transmitting function. In order to reinforce and
support the spindles each block 15 is provided with a
tion will be best understood and appreciated from the
and arranged to impart to the upper a smooth and power
ful upwiping or drafting action and having also provi
sion for precise and ?exible adjustment to accommodate
shoes of various contours including those having pointed
following description of a preferred embodiment thereof,
solid arm 25 ?tted at its rear end wtihin the channel of
selected for purposes of illustration and shown in the
the rocker 17 and extending forwardly in close paral
lelism to the spindle to bear upon the nut 14 of the swivel
FIG. 1 is a plan view of the wiper head with the wipers 50 connection of the spindle to the lever 11.
The toe band itself comprises an outer shell of ?exible
spring steel 21 provided at each end With a headed stud
FIG. 2 is a view in perspective of the toe band;
24 and at its inner closed end with a slotted clip or
FIG. 3 is a fragmentary view showing one end of the
24'. Secured to the inner face of the shell 21 is
toe band;
FIGS. 4, 5-, and 6 are detail views of the transmitting 55 a ply of ?ber or the like which is wedge-shaped in cross
section, tapering to a feather edge at the bottom of the
train of connecting elements, and
FIG. 7 is a view in elevation corresponding to FIG. 1.
band which is shown in FIGS. 2 and 3 in an inverted
The wipers have been omitted from the showing of
position relative to the position in which it is used for
the wiper head since they form no part of the present
wiping. The band is completed by an inner facing ply
invention and if shown, would obscure the mechanism 60 22 of Te?on (poly-tetra-?uoride-ethylene) or other syn
to which attention is directed. The wiper line however
thetic resin having a low coef?cient of friction. This
is indicated in FIG. 7 and from this the location of the
facing ply is of uniform. thickness and may be securely
wipers in the macine will be readily understood.
cemented to the intermediate wedge-shaped ?ber ply
The wiper head 10 carries a ?exible V-shaped toe
to complete the toe band.
band having provision for very precise preliminary ad 65 The toe band is suspended in the wiper head between
justment of contour and mechanism for forcibly con
the supporting plates 26 by the studs 24 which slip into the
tracting the band about the toe portion of the shoe pre
notches 23 of the members 20‘ and the bracket 24' which
sented for the toe lasting operation.
is shaped to ?t a pin 29 projecting upwardly from a slide
The toe band is operated by a pair of hell crank
30 which is movable longitudinally in the wiper head. The
levers 11 pivotably mounted on the head to rock about 70 slide carries a downwardly projecting stud 36 the lower
vertical pivot studs or bolts 12. Secured to the lower
end of which is attached to a tension spring 33 secured at
ends of the bolts 12 is a pair of spaced horizontal sup
accompanying drawings, in which:
its other end to a pin set in the wiper head and tending at
all times to ‘retract the slide 50. The initial position of
the slide is adjust-ably determined by a stop face 35 on
the slide which engages a cone pointed screw 34 project
ing upwardly through a portion of the wiper head and
provided with a lock nut. By turning this screw up
wardly the slide 30 is correspondingly advanced with the
a preliminary and individual angular adjustment of each
presser member for imparting varying degrees of separa
tion to the sides of the toe band.
4. A toe lasting machine comprising a ?exible U-shaped
toe band having a band-shaping presser member secured
to the outer side of each of its ‘arms, a threaded spindle
located on each side of the toe band, a longitudinally ad
justable block on each spindle, a rocker pivotally mounted
toe band and its nitial position and shape are determined
by this adjustment and that provided by the knurled
on the block and carrying one of said band-shaping presser
knobs 1‘6 and 19.
10 members, a reinforcing arm for the spindle projecting from
The ?uid pressure operation of the levers 11 is derived
said block, bell-crank levers having short arms con
from a cylinder 40 and its cooperating piston shaft 41
nected to said spindles, and a ?oating cylinder and piston
connected to ?oat between the long arms of the levers 11
connected between long arms of said levers and Operating
operated through ?uid connections 42 indicated in FIG. 7,
to contract or expand the toe band through the con
It will be apparent that when the piston is retracted the 15 nections described.
levers 11 will be rocked toward each other and motion
5. A toe lasting machine having a wiper head, a ?exible
of the short arms of these levers will be transmitted
toe band suspended therein and a ?uid pressure cylinder
through the threaded spindles 13 and the rest of the
and piston carried thereby, threaded spindles for trans
transmitting train to the toe band. The band accord
mitting power from the cylinder and piston to the toe
ingly will be advanced into engagement with the toe por
band for contracting the same, and a reinforcing arm dis
tion of the shoe and wrapped securely about the upper.
posed adjacent to the spindle and movable therewith.
The shoe and the band are now moved relatively height~
6. A toe lasting machine as described in claim 5, further
wise and the desired upwiping draft imparted to the
characterized n that the spindle carries a longitudinally
upper and the shoe is brought to the proper height with re
movable block from which the reinforcing arm extends
spect to the wiper line.
25 in parallel relation to the spindle.
At the conclusion of the wiping step the over-wiped
7. A toe lasting machine having a wiper head carrying
margin of the upper is bedded ?rmly upon the insole and
a ?exible toe band and ?uid pressure means for contract
secured in overlasted position by adhesion or tacks as
ing the same, together with transmitting elements includ
the case may be. It will be understood that the toe band
ing ball-crank levers, and a threaded spindle having a
mechanism of the present invention is incorporated in a 30 swivel connection to each lever and being adjustable in
lasting machine fully equipped to carry out the complete
its length as an element of the transmitting train between
toe lasting operation.
the levers and the band.
Having thus disclosed my invention what I claim as
8. A toe lasting machine comprising a wiper head, a
new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:
?exible toe band suspended therein, power operated bell
1. A toe lasting machine having a wiper head, a ?exible
crank levers pivotally mounted at opposite sides of the
toe band suspended therein below the wiper line, a pair of
head with inwardly directed short arms, and threaded
levers pivotally mounted in the head, an adjustable con
spindles having swivel connections to said short arms and
necting member between the forward ends of said levers
adjustable connections with opposite sides of the toe
and the opposite sides of the ?exible toe band, and a
?oating cylinder and piston carried by the head and,
9. A toe lasting machine comprising a wiper head
connected between the rear ends of said levers for con
carying a slide and a spring initially holding the slide in
tracting the toe band.
a retracted predetermined but adjustable position, a U
2. A toe lasting machine comprising a wiper head
.shaped toe band secured at its inner end to the slide, a
having spaced supporting plates located a ?xed distance
lever pivotally mounted on either side of the wiper head
below the wiper line, elongated channel-shaped presser
45 and connected to the open sides of the toe vband, and a
members mounted to slide one on each supporting plate,
a ?exible U-shaped toe band ‘suspended between said
‘fluid pressure cylinder and piston disposed between said
Supporting plates and engaged along the arms thereof for
levers and operating to swing them in a direction for
closing the toe band upon a shoe presented thereto and at
the same time advancing the slide and toe hand against
a substantial distance from each of the two ends of the
arms by a diiferent one of said presser members, and 50 spring tension.
power means mounted on the wiper head for varying the
spacing between said presser members and, thereby, con
tracting and expanding the U-shaped toe band.
3. A toe lasting machine as described in claim 2, fur
ther characterized in that the presser members are
pivotally mounted and means are provided for making
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