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Sept. 18, 1962
s. slERPlN
Filed July- ll, 1960
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United States
Patented Sept. 18, 1962
Stanis Sierpin, 2266 E. Kirby, Detroit, Mich.
Filed July 11, 196i), Ser. No. 42,097
2 Claims. (Cl. 40-131)
This invention relates to a letterholder construction for
signs and more particularly to a letterholder adaptable for
mounting upon fluorescent lighting tubes.
It is the object of the present invention to provide a
letterholder adapted to have removably positioned thereon
a letterplate, with suitable lettering thereon, whereby a
as particularly illustrated in FIG. 2. The present letter
holder includes a pair of upright parallel spaced end walls
16 having a pair of vertically aligned circular apertures
17 adapted to slidably and cooperatively receive the re
spective tubes 12, as best illustrated in FIG. 2.
The respective apertures 17 defined in the end walls 16
terminate in the diverging cutouts or gates 18, said end
wall 16 also being horizontally slotted as at 19 for venti
The letterholder 15 also includes the respective parallel
spaced top and bottom walls 20 completing the boxlike
assembly and defining >the rectangular aperture 21 at the
front thereof, and arranged inwardly thereof the rectan
combination of these holders with letters mounted there
gular opening 26 adapted to cooperatively receive the up
on, or other message when slidably provisioned upon one 15 right letterplate 27 as hereafter described upon which suit
or more fluorescent illuminating tubes provides an illu
able indicia 28 is provided as for example the lettering
minated sign.
It is the further object of the present invention to pro
It is contemplated the letterplate, for example, may be
vide an novel form of letterholder housing consisting of a
of an opaque material or opaque plastic as at 27, and
hollow apertured boxlike formation having one or more 20 with the letters therein provided by transparent or trans
longitudinally opposed apertures in its side walls to slid
luscent portions as at 28 to define the lettering shown. It
ably receive one or more fluorescent tubes forming the
is contemplated also as a part of the present invention
part of a lighting iixture, providing a means for holding
that the letterplate 27 may merely have cutouts therein
the letterholder upon the lighting tube.
to define the respective letters or series of letters to make
It is a further object of the present invention to pro 25 up the intended sign to be mounted upon the fluorescent
vide a novel form of letterholder assembly with means for
removably receiving a particular letterplate for retaining
the same upon a letterholder but at the same time provid
ing for readily removable or replacement thereof.
Projecting inwardly from the respective top and bottom
walls 20 and side walls 16 is the continuous inwardly tap
ered retaining flange 22, adapted to retainingly engage the
It is an object of the present invention to provide a 30 continuous outer edge of the letterplate 27 upon one side
letterholder housing wherein letterplates may be remov
ably provisioned and wherein one or more letters may be
thereof. Transverse horizontally disposed inwardly di
rected tapered flanges 25 project respectively from the
applied to a particular letterplate, and wherein a plurality
of said letterholder housings may be slidably provisioned
upper and lower walls 20 of the housing and are adapted
to retainingly engage interior upper and lower edge por
upon one or more illuminating tubes for the purpose of 35 tions of the respective letterplate 27.
deiining an advertising message and wherein the tubes are
It is noted for example in FIG. 2 that the spaced pair
arranged rearwardly of the letters for the purpose of pro
of ñanges 25 are of less extent than the corresponding
viding illumination to the said letterplates.
front flange 22 so that the letterplate 27 may be snapped
It is contemplated in this instance that the letterholder
into the deiined rectangular slot 26 from the interior of
plates vmay be in the nature of opaque plastic material or 40 the letter housing. The letterplates 27 are of a flexible
the like and wherein the letters formed therein may be of
clear plastic, or may be apertures therein through which
the light source is readily discernible to the observer to
thus provision the required lettering or wording, as the
case may be.
These and other objects will be seen from the following
specification and claims in conjunction with the appended
drawing in which:
material such as metal or plastic, like polystyrene, for il
lustration, and accordingly are self-supporting once pro
jected within the retaining slot 26 which is arranged in an
upright plane with respect to the front face of the hous
45 ing.
Flanges 25 as a pair could instead be arranged on
opposite sides on the interior of the housing rather than
at the top and bottom.
As viewed in FIG. 1, the righthand side wall 16 of each
of the housings adjacent its front surface, has a lateral pro
FIG. l is a front elevational view of one form of the
present letterholder housing as mounted upon a pair of 50 jection 29. The corresponding opposite side edge of the
fluorescent tubes, fragmentarily shown.
housing has formed therein an elongated aperture 30.
FIG. 2 is a fragmentary section taken on line 2*2 of
Accordingly, when a pair of the said housings are assem
FIG. 1.
bled side by side, the projection 29 of one assembly co
FIG. 3 is a fragmentary section taken on line 3_3 of
operatively nests within the recess 30 in the opposite side
FIG. l.
of the adjacent assembly as best shown in FIG. 1 to thus
FIG. 4 is a front elevational View of a slightly different
create an innerlock between the sign holders.
form of a sign holder.
In operation the sideholders must be slidably provis
FIG. 5 is a section taken on line 5-5 of FIG. 4.
ioned over the ends of the tubes 12. For this purpose, the
FIG. 6 is a section taken on line 6-6 of FIG. 5.
end wall gates 18 are laterally aligned with the individual
It will be understood that the above drawing illustrates
tube holders 11 and the housing slidably positioned there
merely a preferred embodiment of the invention and that
other embodiments are contemplated within the scope of
In view of the fact that a pair of vertically spaced tubes
the claims hereafter set forth.
12 are shown in FIG. 1 and FIG. 2, letter housings 15 are
Referring to the drawing and particularly FIGS. 1, 2 and
retainingly provisioned in the upright position shown.
A slight variation is shown in FIGS. 4, 5 and 6 wherein
3, there is shown one form of sign holder. A pair of
vertically aligned fluorescent illuminating tubes 12 have
the letter housing 31 is more simpliñed and is adapted
their terminal ends 13 mounted within a pair of upright
for mounting upon a single tube. For this purpose there
is provided the upright parallel side walls 32 with arcu
conventional supports 11, which are suitably mounted or
secured to a wall surface as at 14.
70 ate apertures 33 therein adapted to cooperatively receive
The present sign holder generally indicated at 15, is
adapted to be slidably mounted upon the pair of tubes 12,
a fluorescent tube.
The aperture 33 opens in the rear
wardly extending gate 34. The housing includes the re
spective top and bottom walls 35 which towards their
forward ends and in conjunction with the end walls 32
define the rectangular opening 36 in the front of the
Rearwardly thereof and of slightly increased dimension
is the rectangular opening 37 within which is positioned a
corresponding letterplate 43 with suitable indicia or letter
ing or numbers, or the like, 44, as above described.
The letterplate 43 at its rear is retained within the
rectangular opening 37 by the continuous ñange 38 which
extends inwardly from the top and bottom walls 35 and
side walls 32. Front portions of the letterplate 43 are
retained at their top and bottom by the inwardly tapered
pair of flanges 40 which additionally form a part of the
top and bottom walls 35.
It is contemplated as a part of the present invention
that the said letterplate may be manually projected with
a slight flexing of the top and bottom edges of the letter
plate into the Yslot 37 from the front of the casing. This
is provided for by the outer tapered top and bottom v
ñanges 40 being of smaller extent than the correspond
ing rear continuous flange 38.
In the present construction employing a single tube for
mounting on the letterhousing, normally some means
should `be employed for retaining the said housing in the
upright position shown in FIG. 5.
engages and connects with one of the ends of the tube
and an opposite end secured to the wall, the end supports
each being arranged substantially horizontally and being
elongated in its horizontal direction and of a uniform
vertical height which is less than the diameter of the
tube, the end supports thus being radially arranged rela
tive to the tube axis and normally arranged relative to
the wall and holding the tube parallel to but spaced a
short distance from the wall; said letterplate mounting
device comprising a tbox-like housing having a vertically
arranged front wall, centrally apertured to form a pic
ture frame, top and bottom horizontal walls, identical
vertical end walls, and an open back, all of the walls
being rigid and immovably connected together; said end
walls each having a circular opening of a size to slidably
receive the ñuorescent tube, the openings being horizon«
tally aligned; each end wall having a notch horizontally
extending from its rear edge into its opening and axially
aligned with the center of its opening, the width of the
notches in the vertical direction being slightly greater than
the vertical height of the end supports, the circular edges
defining the openings being otherwise uninterrupted and
engaging the periphery of the tube in a circular line con
tact, whereby the housing is mounted upon the fluorescent
tube by sliding it endwise upon the supported fluorescent
tube with the end wall openings slidably receiving the
tube and the notches slidably passing the support for thus
holding the housing upon the tube; and means for mount~
ing a letterplate within the front wall picture frame form
It is contemplated that as a part of the present inven
tion that the said housing may engage the wall surface
as indicated at 14. Accordingly, as shown in FIG. 5,
the assembly or housing 31 is retained in the upright posi 30 ing aperture.
2. A construction as defined in claim 1, and said end
tion shown by the rear end portions of the side walls 32
walls, above and below the notches, extending rearwardly
engaging the wall surface 14.
a sufficient distance to bridge the space between the tube
Instead of employing the pair of top and bottom flanges
and flat wall so that their ends Contact the ñat wall above
40 of FIG. 5, there may be used a pair of side iianges for
and below the axis of the tube for non-rotatably holding
retaining a `pair of outer edges of letter plate 43 with
the housing relative to the tube.
respect to the inner continuous ñange 38.
A translucent strip 41 of plastic material of any de
References Cited in the file of this patent
sired color may be employed as in FIG. 5 to give color
to the lettering on the letter plate 43. In operation,
the housing 31 is slid over tube 12 with the tube support 40 2,583,939
French ______________ _.. Ian. 29, 1952
11 received within gate 34. Thus the sign housing is
mounted on the tube without disconnecting said tube.
Having described my invention, reference should now
be had to the following claims.
I claim:
1. In combination a letterplate mounting device and a
iiuorescent tube supported upon a ñat wall by a pair of
fluorescent tube end supports each having an end which
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