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Sept. 18, 1962
3,054,41 8
Filed May 22, 1961
57279195” ?'ewvae
United grates ‘Patent
Patented Sept. 18, 1962
aquarium. The invention is not limited to the transfer
of any particular type of liquid but is applicable gen
erally to all ‘liquids which are to be transferred by siphon
ing and which do not attack the materials of tubes 14
and 15 by siphoning. The member 10 is disposed in a
Stephen Framer, 1535 Victory Blvd., Staten Island, N.Y.
Filed May 22, 1961, Ser. No. 111,683
3 Claims. (Cl. 137-146)
receptacle 118 which may be of any suitable nature or ma
terial depending upon the liquid involved and, in the case
This invention relates to a combination siphon, force
of water from a ?sh bowl or aquarium, may be an ordi
cup and pump wherein great versatility of use is obtained
nary galvanized pail or a wooden ‘bucket of suitable
under varying circumstances in a simple, inexpensive man 10 volumetric capacity. The bottom of receptacle 18 is used
ner, the device being readily convertible to its several uses.
as the active ‘surface for deforming member 10.
Siphoning devices are known but the conventional ones
As will be appreciated from FIG. 2, the pipe 14 can be
are subject to certain disadvantages particularly in con
used as a handle to deform member it} against the bottom
nection with the transfer of corrosive or other dangerous
of receptacle ‘.18, thereby forcing air through the said pipe
chemicals or solutions and further because they are not
and tube 115 and then when the deformed member :10
always fully automatic even after the siphoning action
gradually assumes its normal shape as shown in FIG. 3,
commences. They [are also relatively expensive and fre
the siphoning action commences and continues until all
quently necessitate contact between the operator and the
or a desired amount of liquid has been transferred to the
liquid to be transferred. They are not convertible to
receptacle. While it is not ordinarily necessary, member
other uses. The present invention overcomes these and
1!} can be deformed more than once in order to ensure
other disadvantages and provides advantages peculiar to 20 maximum siphoning action and continuity thereof and
the directional arrows appearing in the drawing show the
An object of the present invention is to provide a
directions of ?ow of air and liquid.
simple, inexpensive siphon ‘which can be made from stand
In FIG. 4, the device is arranged :for use as a plumber’s
ard parts and which can be used for the transfer of liquids 25 helper or force cup with all openings in member 10 closed
of all types without those liquids in any way coming in
or sealed, the aperture ‘12 having stopper 13 therein and
contact with the user or operator and wherein siphoning
opening 11 having a one-way valve ‘therein as indicated
is automatic after it is started.
at 20, 21. When the tube attached to the handle is con
Another object of the invention is to convert a so-called
nected to a water faucet, the device becomes a hydraulic
plumber’s helper to a siphon or pump, while still making
‘force cup. The one~way valve is of any suitable known
it possible to obtain a plurality of functional uses there
type such as a ?utter valve or diaphragm valve. It is,
however, to be understood that the one-way valve can be
Other and further objects and advantages will be under
inserted in opening 12, stopper i113 ‘being removed, thus
stood or appreciated by those skilled in this art or will be
apparent or pointed out hereinafter.
In the accompanying drawings, FIG. 1 is a sectional
elevational view of a device responding to the invention
permitting flow into member 10 on suction.
appropriate arrangement of the elements, the devices can
be used to move liquids from higher levels to lower levels
(siphoning) or from lower levels to higher levels (pump
set up as a siphon;
FIG. 2 is a vfragmentary sectional elevation on an en
When the device is used as a siphon, the stopper or
larged scale of the lower portion of FIG. 1 with the suc 40 plug 13 is in place, closing aperture 12. When the device
tion cup partially deformed preparatory to starting siphon
is used as a plumber’s helper, the stopper or plug 13 is
ing action;
also in place as well as the valve 20, 21 so as to prevent
FIG. 3 is a view similar to FIG. 2 with the suction
air or water from leaving the enclosure formed by mem
ber =10. In using the device in this fashion, tube 15 may
be removed and pipe 14 used as a handle. When the de
vice is used as a hydraulic force cup, the valve is in posi
tion (see FIG. 4) but tube '15 is attached to a nearby
cup expanded to its normal shape and showing liquid flow
therein; and
'FIG. 4 is a fragmentary vertical sectional view of the
device as a pump
The combination device according to the invention,
water facuet or other source of hydraulic pressure.
comprises a deformable bell-shaped member 10 of rubber
or other suitable material such as the conventional suc
tion cup of a plumber’s helper. Member 10 is, however,
modi?ed to provide an opening 11 in its apex and an
aperture 12 in its wall adjacent the apex or near the bot
tom of the member, as desired. A rubber ‘or other plug
It will be seen from the foregoing that the device is
extremely simple and inexpensive and is essentially made
up of a suction cup, a suitable length of pipe, a suitable
length of ?exible tube and a one-way valve. The device
can be quickly and easily assembled and disassembled in
various combinations as above described and hence, pro
or stopper 13 is insertable in and removable from aper 55 vides manifold advantages over known devices. It is espe
ture 12 for a purpose to be described below and may be
cially to be noted that the device can be operated as a
tethered to the member 10 as by a chain, cord or the like.
siphon with no contact between the liquid siphoned and
A relatively rigid pipe or tube 14, which may be of metal
the user or operator. The device can also be simply con
or plastic, has one end introduced into the opening 11
verted vfrom a siphon to a plumber’s helper and vice versa
providing communication with the interior of member 10. 60 without requiring any skilled labor or tools. Should it
The other end of pipe 14 is received in one end of ?exible
become necessary to replace any of the parts, such can be
easily accomplished. The device may also be used as a
tube 15 which may be composed of rubber or plastic or
pump by applying a valve as shown and described above.
any other suitable material and the other end of tube 15
What is claimed is:
is immersed in the liquid 16 in the container 17. This
l. A combination siphon, force cup and pump device,
:liquid maybe a chemical which is to be siphoned or trans
comprising a deformable bell-shaped member having an
ferred or ?lled into containers and which may be of cor
opening in its apex and an aperture in its side wall, a rela
rosive or dangerous nature and may, for example, be any
of those liquids which are commonly used in chemical
laboratory work or experimentation. The liquid may,
however, be innocuous, such as water, where, for exam
ple, it is desired to drain the liquid ‘from a ?sh bowl or
tively rigid tube having one end inserted into said open
ing, a ?exible tube one end of which receives the other
0 end of the relatively rigid tube and which ?exible tube
has its other end adapted to be submerged in liquid to be
siphoned, and a stopper insertable in and removable from
said wall aperture and a one-way valve insertable in and
removable from said member opening.
2. In combination, a deformable rubber suction cup
member and having an opening in its apex and an 'aper
ture in its side wall, a stopper insertable into and remov
able from said aperture, a pipe having one end inserted
into said opening, a tube one end of which receives the
opposite end of the pipe and the other end of which is
adapted to be submerged in liquid, whereby upon deform 10
ing said suction cup against ‘the bottom of the receptacle,
using the pipe as a handle, and with said stopper in said
aperture, and allowing the suction cup to return to its
initial shape, siphoning of liquid commences and auto
matically continues.
3. The device claimed in claim 2, wherein the suction
cup member is provided with a removable one-way valve
in the side wall aperture of the member, whereby the
stopper ‘being out of the aperture, the device ‘constitutes
a pump.
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