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Sept. 18, 1962
Filed April 28, 1960
~11; -__1
Patented Sept. 18, 1952
Edwin A. Fiiipowiez, Milwaukee, Wis” assignor to Fort
Howard Paper Company, Green Bay, Wis., a corpora
tion of Wisconsin
Filed Apr. 28, 1969, Ser. No. 25,336
3 Claims. ((31. 226—194)
This invention relates to improvements in roll towel
dispensers having readily removable rolls.
is customarily termed a dispensing roll inasmuch as it
advances a predetermined length of the paper from the
supply roll. The other roll 18 is usually a smaller roll
and may be conveniently termed a pressure roller.
The dispensing roll of the present invention preferably
comprises a core of wood or other suitable material hav
ing its gripping surfaces covered with rubber, as at 20.
Between the rubber covered portions there may be axially
spaced peripheral grooves 21 for a purpose which is not
important in the present invention.
Attached to one end of the roller by screws 22 or by
In dispensing cabinets for roll towels it not infrequently
any other suitable means is a bearing member 23 prefer
happens that the dispensing rollers must be removed for
ably formed to a strip of metal bent into bridge shape
repair or replacement; and it is therefore a general object
as shown, and having a bearing hole 24 in the bridge por
of the present invention to provide construction where
the paper dispensing rollers can be quickly removed and 15 tion 25, there being a hole 26 in the end of the roll
which is in alinement with the bearing hole 24.
The end plate 14 of the dispensing unit has stamped-out
A further object of the invention is to provide a roll
tongues 27 and 28 which are offset outwardly from the
towel dispenser having upright end supports, with novel
outer surface of the wall 14 and which project in reverse
means embodied in said supports for readily removably
directions vfrom one another. A locking strip 29 which
supporting the dispensing rollers.
is normally in the upright locking position shown in FIG.
A more speci?c object of the invention is to provide
a device as above described wherein the features of the
present invention may be used in connection with a cab~
1 carries an inwardly projecting trunnion 3/9 which re
pensing roll supporting trunnions; and
and the tongue 41 is the same in reverse.
movably projects through a hole 31 in the side 14 of the
dispensing unit. When the parts are in assembled posi
inet having a removable dispensing unit, there being novel
means at the ends of the dispensing unit for readily re 25 tion the trunnion is long enough to extend through the
hole 24 in the bridge 25 of the metal bearing member
movably supporting the dispensing rollers.
23 into the bore 26, as shown in FIG. 2. In this way one
A further object of the invention is to provide a roll
end of the roll 17 is rotatably supported on the trunnion
towel dispensing cabinet which is relatively ‘inexpensive
313. A horizontal section through the tongue 28 is shown
in construction, foolproof in operation, and otherwise well
30 in FIG. 5. Here it may be seen that the free end is
adapted for the purpose described.
grooved as at 36 to provide a rounded rib 37 on the inner
In the accompanying drawings, illustrating one com
side. It is also to be noted that the metal allows the
plete embodiment of the preferred form of the invention,
tongues to yield somewhat on the ‘bend portion 38 so
in which the same reference numerals designate the same
that the tongues normally bear yieldingly against the lock
parts in all of the views:
FIG. 1 is an end view of a roll towel cabinet dispensing 35 ing strip to hold it in locking position. The tongue 27 is
the same as 28 only reversed.
unit showing portions of the back and bottom walls of
At the other end of the roll 17 there is an axial bore
the outer cabinet;
32 for receiving an inner portion of the hub 33 of a gear
FIG. 2 is a fragmentary sectional view through the dis
member 34, said hub having an axial hole 35 there
pensing unit, on an enlarged scale, taken on the line 2-2
of FIG. 1, the dot and dash lines indicating a withdrawn 40 through.
The gear may be connected to the end of the roll
position of one of the dispensing roll trunnions;
17 by screws 39 or by any other suitable means. The
FIG. 3 is a view of the opposite end of the dispensing
end plate 15 of the dispensing unit has stamped-out
unit from FIG. 1;
tongues 40 and 41 which are just like the tongues 27
FIG. 4 is a fragmentary sectional view on an enlarged
scale taken on the line 4-4 of FIG. 3, the dot and dash 45 and 28 on the end plate 14 and shown in FIG. 1. The
tongue 40 is the same as the tongue shown in FIG. 5
lines indicating a withdrawn position of the associated dis
A locking
strip 42 like the locking strip 29 of FIG. 1 and which
is normally in the upright position shown in FIG. 3
through one of the end plate lugs.
The present invention is designed particularly for use 50 carries an inwardly projecting tongue 43 which remov
ably projects through a hole 44 in the side 15 of the
in connection ‘with a removable dispensing unit 10 for
use in a towel cabinet of the type illustrated in Dahlin
dispensing unit. When the parts are in assembled posi
application Serial No. 22,763, ?led April 18, 1960, and
tion the trunnion is long enough to extend into the
in Dahlin et a1. application, Serial No. 848,396, ?led Octo
bearing hole 35 of the gear 34 as shown in FIG. 4.
ber 23, 1959. While the invention is particularly suited 55 Thus the roll 17 is rotatably supported on the trunnions
‘FIG. 5 is a fragmentary horizontal sectional View
for use in connection with dispensers for paper towels, it
may also be used in dispensers for cloth toweling. A por
tion of the back wall of the outer cabinet is shown at 11
in FIG. 1 and a portion of the bottom wall 12 is also
30 and 43.
The front edges 45 of the end plates 14 and 15 are
notched inwardly as at 46 with the lower edges 47 of
the notches forming a supporting surface for the trun
illustrated, the dispensing unit being removably con 60 nions 48 of the pressure roller 18. Springs 49v having
nected to the back wall by screws 13 which extend ‘from
one end hooked around the trunnions 48 and having
the outer side of the back wall into a back portion of
the other end hooked to the end plates as at 50, normally
the unit to detachably anchor the unit 10 in position in
hold the pressure roller 18 in the assembled position
the outer cabinet, as shown in FIG. 1.
shown in FIGS. 1 and 3. The outer ends of the springs
The dispensing unit 10 includes end plates 14 and 15 65 engage grooves near the ends of the trunnions as illus
which are suitably connected by transverse members in
trated, and by unhooking said ends from the grooves,
cluding a transverse bottom member 16. In cabinets of
the pressure roller 18 may be quickly released and re
the type under consideration, there are usually two paper
feed rollers which pull the paper from a supply roll and
The gear 34 on the end of the roll 17 shown in FIGS.
cause it to be projected from a bottom opening in the 70
3 and 4 is driven by another gear 51 which may be
cabinet, as is fully set forth in the copending applications.
rigidly mounted on a crank-operated shaft 52, as is
One of these rolls 17 is usually larger than the other and
more fully'described' in ccpending application Serial No.
' to be engaged by a longitudinal edge of said trunnion
supporting strip to serve‘as a stoptfor the latter.
848,396, heretofore'referred to.
Use of the Invention
2. In a roll towel dispenser having spaced upright
end walls, a dispensing roll having ends, mounting means
for each of said ends rotatably mounting the roll be
tween said end walls, the’ mounting means fortat least
' Inasmuch as the rubber coverings 2% on‘ the roll 17,
and the rubber covering on the pressure roller 18 may
from time to time need replacement, it is convenient
one of said ends including a hole in the end wall and
comprising: a ?at, elongated trunnion support on the
outer side of said end wall mounted for movement in a
to be able to readily remove the rolls for this purpose.
It may also be necessary from time to time to replace
the gear 34. After long usage it may even be necessary
plane parallel to and against the end >wall, a short
trunnion pin projecting inwardly from said support
through the hole in the end Wall, there being a hole in
present invention, this may be easily and quickly done.
the adjacent end of the dispensing roll for removably
To remove the dispensing roll :17, it is merely neces
receiving said trunnion pin, said trunnion support being
,sary to open the outer cabinet as is clear from the co
pending applications, and then remove the screws '13 15 laterally movable with the trunnion pin to withdraw
the latter from the hole in the dispensing roll end to
,-from the back wall 11 of the outer cabinet to release
release the latter, and yielding tongues on said end Wall
the dispensing unit. The dispensing unit 10 may then
positioned for yielding engagement over said trunnion
be withdrawn ‘from the cabinet. Next the end locking
support when the latter is in one position of movement
strip 29 is rotated 90 degrees, due to rotation of its
in said plane of movement for releasablylocking said
trunnion in the bearing holes, to the dot and dash line
trunnion support in assembled position’ against the outer
7 position of FIG. 1. The locking strip 42 at the opposite
side of said end wall, said' tongues and ?at elongated
end is similarly rotated to the dot and dash line'position
trunnion support forming the sole means for removably
of FIG. 3. Then the locking strip 29 is pulled out as
retaining said trunnion pin in engaging position in the
shown in FIG. 2 to pull the turnnion 30 with it. Like
wise, the locking strip 42 is pulled out to withdraw the ' hole of the end Wall and in the hole of the dispensing
to entirely replace the rolls.
With the features of the
trunnion 43 as shown in FIG. 4.
This releases the dis
3. In a roll towel dispenserthaving spaced’ upright
end walls, a dispensing roll having mounting means
for each end rotatably, mounting the roll between said
pensing roll 17 and the latter may be quickly removed.
To replace the dispensing roll the reverse procedure is
carried out, the end portions of the locking strips 39 and
42 engaging underneath, the rib portions 37 of the tongues
end walls, at least ,one of said end Walls having a
trunnion hole and the mounting means adjacent said
end wall comprising: a ?at, elongated trunnion sup
27-28 and 40-41. The tongues yield outwardly slightly
during this engagement and tend to bear yieldingly against
the strip during rotation of the strip toward locking po
porting piece positioned against the outer side of said
end wall for movement in a plane parallel to the plane '
' sition and to thereafter spring inwardly to holding po
sition with the ribs along the side edges of the strips, as in 35 of the end wall, a short trunnion pin carried by and
projecting from said supporting piece through the hole
FIG. 5, to prevent accidental rotation of the strips toward
in the end wall, there being a hole in the adjacent end
disengaged position.
of the dispensing roll ‘for removably receiving said
a To remove the pressure’ roller 18, it is merely necessary '
to unhook the outer ends of the springs 49. This frees 40 trunnion pin, said supporting'piece, when in one position
‘of movement in said plane of movement being laterally
the pressure roller so that’ it may be quickly withdrawn
from the notches 46.
movable to withdraw the trunnion pin from the hole in
It is to be understood that the present invention is not
to be limited to the exact details of construction shown a
and described for obvious modi?cations will occur to
persons skilled in the art. '
What I claim is:
the dispensing roll to release the latter, and integral,
yielding tongues stamped from said end, wall, each
tongue having a connecting portion at one end forming
the integral connection with the wall and each tongue
projecting transversely of the ?at trunnion supporting
piece when engaging the latter, with the free end of
walls with alined holes, short trunnion pins projecting . the tongue positioned to receive said trunnion supporting
slidably and rotatably through said holes,’ a dispensing 50 strip thereunder when the latter is in another position
roll extending between said end walls and having end
of movement in said plane of movement, to lock the
trunnion pin and supporting piece in assembled position,
holes receiving said trunnion pins'whereby the roll is
said end connecting portionrot'each tongue being p0
rotatably supported on the trunnion pins, ?at trunnion
sitioned to be engaged by a longitudinal edge of said
supporting strips,connected'intermediate their length to
outer portions of the trunnion pins and positioned ?at 55 trunnion supporting piece to serve as a stop, for the
against the outer sides of said end walls, said strips
when in one position of rotation with the ruunion pins
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
being laterally movable to Withdraw'the trunnion pins
from the, holes in the dispensing roll torrelease the latter,
1. In a roll towel dispenser having spaced upright end 7
and diametrically opposed reversely facing yielding
tongues on the end walls,‘ each having a connecting por
tion ‘at one end joined'to the wall vand each tongue
' 1,272,787
Flanigan __'__________ __ July 16, 1918
Jenkins ____________ __ May 17, 1927
Morin ______________ __ Mar. 18, 1930
projecing transversely relative to one of the flat trunnion
supporting strips when engaging the latter, with the free
end of each tongue positioned to receive, said trunnion
supporting strip thereunder whenwthe latter is in a pre
determined position of rotation on thepend wall to lock
the trunnion pin and strip in assembled position, said
end connecting portion of each tongue being positioned 70
Freborg ____ __V_'_ ____ __ May 19, 1908,
Morris _____ __'_'____'__'__' Jan. 9, 1951
Birr ____ _______ -7 ____ __ Nov; 27, 1956
MacLelland ________ __ Dec. '15, 1959
Casey et a1. __________ __ Mar. 7, 1961
Italy ________________ __ Mar. 30, 1955
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