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Sept. 18, 1962
Filed Oct. 20, 1958
PM-E/vr Aaau'r
United States Patent 0 ’ 1C6
Fatented Sept. 18, 1962
force to urge the push-button 22 downwardly to close
the second switch ‘16 is ‘derived, a small curved metal
plate 30 is arranged for interposition between the balloon
Frank E. Dean, Los Gatos, Calif.
28 and the push button 22 in the manner illustrated in
Filed Oct. 20, 1958, Ser. No. 768,365
FIG. 1. This plate 36 is connected to the metal rim by a
3 Claims. (Cl. 273-1)
short length ‘of chain 32 so that when displaced from its
position within the rim 26, it will still remain in the im
The present invention relates to timing mechanisms and
mediate vicinity for replacement on the push button 22
more particularly, to apparatus for timing a gun drawing
when another in?ated balloon is inserted.
and shooting operation.
In operation of the described device, a balloon 28 is
Various timing mechanisms, some partially and some 10
?rst in?ated and then placed within the rim 26 together
completely automatic, have been proposed to accurately
with the curved plate 30 so that the push button switch
indicate the time required for human responses and activi
16 will be urged into closed position. The light or other
ties of many kinds. It is a general object of the present
signalling device 18 is preferably placed in a position
invention to provide an apparatus particularly adapted
for timing the period required for drawing and shooting 15 physically close to the standard 24 so that a gunman can
readily see the light 18 and the balloon 28 at the same
time. An attendant then closes the manual switch '14
to complete the series circuit, the push-button switch 16
having already been .closed, which at once energizes the
apparatus having an accuracy to the nearest one-one hun
20 electric clock #10‘ and the signal light 18. The gunman,
dredth of a second.
then seeing the light energized, draws his gun and aims it
A further ‘feature of the apparatus is its capability of
towards the balloon 28 and ?res. Even though a blank
automatically recording the completion of a “quick-draw”
cartridge is in the gun, the balloon 28 will be broken if the
operation only in response to an accurately directed
gunman stands within 4 or 5 feet of the standard 24.
A further vfeature relates to the arrangement of the 25 When the balloon 28 breaks, the spring 20‘ moves the
push button switch 16 into ‘open position which, in turn,
apparatus so that such completion of the “quick-draw” is
opens the circuit to de-energize the electric clock 10 as
responsive to the ?ring of a “blank” cartridge wherefore
well as the signal light 18. The time registered on the
injury to the gunman or any onlookers is positively pre
face of the clock ‘10 then indicates to the nearest one-one
These and other objects and ‘features of the invention 30 hundredth of a second the period required between the
energization of the signal light ‘18 and the breaking of
will become more apparent from a perusal of the follow
the balloon 28. Since the balloon 28 will be broken only
ing description of the accompanying drawing wherein:
if an accurate “shot” is ?red, the device indicates not
‘FIG. 1 is a diagrammatic view of a timing apparatus
only the speed of the gunman, but his accuracy as well.
embodying the present invention including the associated
a gun in response to a given signal, such activity being
commonly referred to as the “quick-draw.”
It is a feature of the invention to provide such a timing
Various modi?cations and/ or alterations can obviously
electrical circuit, and
be made without departing from the spirit of the inven
FIG. 2 is an enlarged fragmentary view of a particular
tion, and ‘the foregoing description of one embodiment
switch structure that constitutes one portion of the appa
is accordingly to be considered purely as exemplary and
ratus shown in FIG. 1.
not in a limiting sense. The actual scope of the inven
With initial reference to FIG. 1, the illustrated em
bodiment of the invention includes an electric clock 10 40 tion is to be indicated by reference to the appended
connected by a series circuit to a 110 volt alternating
What is claimed is:
current source, indicated at 12. The clock 10 can be
anyone of several commercially available units of high
accuracy having indicia thereon for registering the pas
1. Apparatus for timing a gun drawing and shooting
operation which comprises an electrical circuit including
sage of time to the nearest one-one hundredth of a second. 45 an electric clock, a signaling device, and a pair of switches
connected in series, the ?rst of said switches being man
First and second switches 14 and 16 are included in
ually-operable, the second switch being spring-biased to
the series circuit as well as a signaling device 18 in the
a normally-open position, and means including an in?ated
form of an electric light which is energized along with
balloon for holding said second switch in a closed position.
the electric clock 10 when both of the switches 14, 16
2. Apparatus for timing a gun drawing and shooting
are closed to complete the circuit. The ?rst switch 14 50
operation according to claim 1 wherein said switch hold
is a manually operable one, while the second switch 16,
ing means includes a rigid rim adapted to encompass said
as shown in detail in FIG. 2, constitutes a push-button
in?ated balloon and said normally-open switch includes
switch normally held in open position by a compressed
a push-button projecting into the interior of said rim.
spring 20. The push-button 22 itself projects upwardly
from the top of a vertically-adjustable standard 24 into 55 3. Apparatus for timing a gun drawing and shooting
operation according to claim 2 which comprises a plate
the interior of a rigid metal rim 26 also mounted on such
disposable within said rim between an encompassed bal
loon and the end of said switch push-button.
In accordance with the present invention, a member
can be placed within the rim to hold the push-button 22
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
down wherefore the switch 16 is moved into closed posi 60
tion, but upon displacement of the member from its posi
tion within the rim 26, the spring 20 will cause the switch
Brooks _______________ __ Apr. 5, 1898
16 to again open. Preferably, as shown in FIG. 1, the
Welser ______________ _.. Mar. 12, 1935
mentioned member constitutes a balloon 28 which can,
Brunner _____________ _... Feb. 27, 1945
upon in?ation, be placed within the rim 26 to be encom
passed and held thereby. In order to insure that enough
Allgaier ______________ __ Mar. 3, 1953
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