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Sept. 25, 1962
Filed May 24, 1960
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United States Patent U
7 Patented Sept. 25, 1962
tip is then shaped with an end 21 of slightly greater diam
eter which locates in a reduced ‘bore 20 of the member
14 and a part 22 of slightly lesser diameter which is held
Walter Levison Mappin and Dorothy Mappin, both of
1 Caui?eld St., Rnsholme, Manchester, England
Filed May .24, 196i), vSer. No. 31,457
Claims priority, appiication Great Britain May 26, 1959
8 Claims. (Cl. 135-34)
in the slit end of member 14.
To place a cover on the frame the ferrule end of the
stick is passed through the central opening of the cover,
and the tips 16 are inserted in turn in the sockets on the
rib ends; there is su?icient stretch in the material to allow
This invention relates to umbrellas and the like, and
this to be done. A rubber ferrule or like ring 24 can be
has for its object to provide an improved construction 10 pushed onto the projecting end of the stick to hold the
centre of the cover.
The present invention provides an umbrella or the like
The tension in the material and the friction at the tip
comprising a frame having a cover upon it; means are
and socket is sufficient to hold the cover in position but
provided whereby the cover can be easily removed from
if desired means can be employed to hold the cover to the
the frame so that the cover can be repaired or replaced by 15 ribs at points intermediate their ends. For example, tapes
one of a different colour or pattern.
26 sewn to the cover can be tied round the rib, or a
The invention consists of an umbrella or the like com
small hook 27, FIGURE 4, can be secured in the rib
prising a frame, including ribs and a cover secured to the
channel as by crimping at 28. The cover can be pro
rib tips and comprising plug and socket means on the
vided with a loop to engage the hook, or there can be
‘cover and the rib ends, providing readily detachable 20 used a plastic member 30, with an enlarged head 31 to
fastenings between the ribs and the cover.
Other features and advantages of the invention will ap
pear from the following description of embodiments there
of, given by way of example, in conjunction with the ac
companying drawings, in which
?t in the hook.
An advantageous form of the invention is shown in
FIGURES 6 to 9. In this case a tip 40 has a socket 41
at one end and a ball 42 at the other, with a hole 43 for
25 attachment to the cover as described above. This tip can
FIGURE 1 is a fragmentary sectional view of an um
be formed from the solid, but can also be formed from
tube or sheet metal. The socket on the tip receives the
FIGURE 2 is a fragmentary sectional view of a rib
end of the rib, Which can be pressed to substantially cir
end, with a tip-receiving socket on it;
cular cross section at 44. A clip 45 is used to retain the
FIGURE 3 is a side view of a tip for use with the socket 30 tip frictionally on the rib. The clip has a rear part 46
shown in FIGURE 2;
which, as shown in FIGURE 8, is bent round the rib and
FIGURE 4 is a fragmentary side elevation of a rib,
is held securely against rotation. Adjacent this end the
with a retaining hook for the cover;
clip is bent down at 47, to clear the end of the tip 40.
FIGURE 5 is a fragmentary view of ‘a plastic clip to
part of the clip is reduced in Width at 41, to increase
use with the hook of FIGURE 4;
its resiliency, and the end of the clip is shaped at 43 to ?t
FIGURE 6 is a side view of another form of rib end
round the tip and hold it in position. This form of the
and tip;
‘FIGURE 7 is a sectional view of the parts shown in
invention can be used in the same way as that described
We claim:
‘FIGURE 8 is a cross section, taken on the line 8—8 40
of FIGURE 7; and
1. An umbrella comprising a stick, a frame including
FIGURE 9 is a plan view of the rib end of FIGURES
6 and 7.
The umbrella shown in FIGURE 1 comprises a frame
including a stick it), ribs 11 and stretchers 12. The frame
can be of the collapsible type. A cover 13 for the frame
is provided consisting of a series of panels formed by
seams; the cover has a central opening which is passed
over the end of the stick, and the panels, at the ends of
the seams, are attached to the ends ‘of the ribs.
As thus '
far described, the umbrella is conventional.
‘With the present invention, the central opening of the
cover can be readily removed from the ferrule end of the
stick, and the attachment of the points of the cover to
the ends of the ribs can also be easily effected; in this
way the cover can be quickly removed for repair or
One form of attachment between cover and rib is shown
in FIGURES 2 and 3. A tubular socket is formed on the
a plurality of ribs, a cover secured to such ribs, and plug
and socket means on the cover and the end of each rib
respectively, said plug and socket means being engage
able with each other in the general direction of the longi
tudinal axis of each rib, each of said plug and socket
means including a tubular socket member attached to the
end of a rib and a plug member attached to the cover and
frictionally insertable in the respective socket member,
each of said socket and plug members having cooperat
ing parts constituting a detent means to retain said two
members in engagement said cooperating parts comprising
a longitudinally centrally located cut-away section de?n
ing an aperture in the tubular wall of said socket means,
a longitudinal split in the tubular wall of said socket
means extending from one end thereof and intersecting
said centrally located aperture, the tubular walls immedi
ately bordering said longitudinal split de?ning a pair of
end of the rib, with its axis lying substantially in line with 60 springy lips, and an enlarged head on said plug means
the length of the rib; this socket can be formed directly
wider in diameter than the diameter of said tubular socket
on the rib itself, if this is of the usual channel section,
means at said springy lip portions and fully insertable
but as shown in FIGURE 2 a separate tubular socket
Within said tubular socket means at said centrally located
member 14 is used. The member 14 is a force ?t on
the end of the rib, which can be compressed slightly at 15 65
2. An umbrella in accordance with claim 1, and com
to receive it.
prising a central opening in the cover through which the
The socket member 14 receives ‘a small plug or rib tip
end of the stick extends.
16, to retain it frictionally, the tip 16 ‘being sewn to the
3. An umbrella in accordance with claim 2 and com
cover, having a hole 19 for this purpose. To ensure that
the tip will be held, the socket member 14 is longitudi 70 prising a ring of friction material ?tting on said stick to
retain the cover.
nally slit at 18 and inwardly of this slit portion, about
4. An umbrella in accordance with claim 1, and com
half of the periphery of the tube cut away, as at 20. The
prising further means for attaching the cover to the ribs
intermediate the ends of the latter.
eluding small attachments, with enlarged portions for re
tention in said hooks, on said cover.
5. An umbrella in accordance with claim 4, and Where—
in said means comprises tapes on said cover, for tying
round the ribs
6. An umbrella in accordance with claim 4, and where
in said means comprises hooks on said ribs.
7. An umbrella in accordance with claim 6, wherein
said I'lbS are of channel sect1on and the hooks are held
in the channel by crimping the latter.
8. An umbrella in accordance with claim 6, and in-
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