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United States Patent Oiitice
Allison, Toledo, Ohio, assigner to Owens
Illmoxs‘Glass Company, a corporation of Ohio
Filed Mar. 3, 1958, Ser. No. 718,723
2 Claims. (Cl. 222-242)
The present invention relates to capsule dispensers and
has for an important object the provision of a relatively
inexpensive device attachable quite readily to convention
al glass bottles and similar containers for dispensing cap
sules one at a time.
It is also an object of my invention to provide in a
capsule dispenser a magazine positionable within the
Patented Sept. 25, 1962
axis extending generally parallel to the coincident axes
of `the magazine and neck opening. These passageways
or chambers are `open at both ends to thereby provide for
each chamber an inlet opening 24 at that end facing the
interior of the receptacle ltl and a discharge opening 25
at the outer end which is formed with the previously
mentioned radial flange 21. In the illustrated embodi
ment of my invention, I have shown three such passage
ways or chambers 23 and between pairs of such passage
ways open spaces 26 or recesses which are provided
solely for reasons of economy and satisfactory reduction
in production cost. The lower ends of these recesses
are closed by a wall 27 for obvious reasons.
The magazine is formed with an axial bore 28 or open
neck opening of a bottle and formed with a multiplicity 15 ing extending its entire length, such accommodating a
of passageways or chambers which receive capsules by
connector tube 29 which is carried by a selector 30 and
gravity from the bottle proper and discharge such cap
functions to secure the ylatter and a combined agitator and
sules one at a time by 4gravity through a single port in a
cut-olf 311 together so that they may be rotated as a unit.
rotatable selector disk.
The selector 30 is formed with a single outlet port 32
A further object of my invention is the provision in a 20 which is of substantially the same diameter as any one
capsule dispenser of the above character, a chambered
of the passageways or chambers 23 and is capable of be
magazine and selector disk, the latter formed with sealing
ing brought into register with these passageways one at
means designed for cooperation with a closure cap in
a time. This is accomplished by rotating the selector
preventing the entry of outside air into a receptacle with
and to facilitate such rotation manually I have provided
which the magazine is assembled.
25 at the margin of the disk portion 33 an annular ñange
Another object of my invention is the provision of a
33s which facilitates gripping of the selector. Preferably
dispenser formed in its entirety of polyethylene or some
the major portion of this flange 33a extends above Vthe
similar elastomeric material and comprising a chambered
selector proper and internally is provided with an inclined
magazine adapted for frictional retention within the
peripheral sealing surface 34 designed for snug Contact
mouth opening of a bottle or similar container.
30 with a similarly formed surface 35 on the annular rib 19
Other important objects will be in part apparent and
of the closure cap. Incident to tightly threading the
in part pointed out hereinafter.
closure cap upon the receptacle, the rib and ñange will
In the drawings:
cooperate in effectively sealing the receptacle. It is also
FIG. l is a vertical sectional lView showing a dispenser
apparent that since the selector is formed with one out
incorporating my invention attached to the neck end of 35 let port only, all capsules dispensed must make their exit
a glass container.
through this port and only when it is in register with a
FIG. 2 is a bottom plan view of the «dispenser removed
capsule containing chamber is it possible to dispense such
from the bottle or other receptacle.
FIG. 3 is a sectional elevational view showing the ele
At the inner end of the magazine, the previously men
ments of the dispenser partially assembled.
40 tioned combined agitator cut-off 311 is so positioned in
FIG. 4 is a sectional view taken substantially along
relation to the selector 30 that it always functions to
the plane of line 4--4 of FIG. 3.
close the inlet end 24 of that passageway or chamber 23
In the preferred embodiment of my invention, it is
whose outer or discharge end is in register Áwith the outlet
illustrated in conjunction `with a glass bottle or jar 10
port 32 in the selector. Further, this agitator and cut
having a reduced neck portion 11 or wall which defines 45 off is of such area that in addition to closing the passage
the usual neck opening 12 through which capsules C or
way from which a capsule is about to be, or, in any event,
the like articles to be dispensed may be introduced into
can be dispensed, it also partially covers the inlet end
the receptacle. At the outer end of this wall `11, there
of the other two passageways ‘or chambers so that any
is provided an annular rim 13 and just below this rim
capsules that have entered them from the receptacle
on the exterior surface is a screw thread 14 or like projec
proper will remain therein for later dispensing. This
tion designed for holding engagement with a thread `15
agitator and cut-off is a flat semi-circular plate of a total
or like protuberance on the skirt 16 of a closure cap 17.
area somewhat in excess of 50% of that of the adjacent
This cap includes the conventional panel portion 18 and
end of the magazine 20. It has a beveled straight edge
depending `from this panel in proximity to the attaching
35 with the beveled surface 37 facing the interior of the
skirt is a sealing rib 19 which, as will be apparent present 55 receptacle 10. This beveled edge obviously facilitates
ly, constitutes part of means for sealing the receptacle
the delivery of capsules to the several passageways or
against entry of outside air.
chambers and minimizes the likelihood of breaking or
The dispenser per se preferably is formed of poly
otherwise damaging the capsules incident to agitation and
ethylene or some plastic material having like character
feeding to the chambers. Adjacent the beveled ed-ge, the
istics. It comprises a cylinder-like magazine 2t)y formed 60 agitator is formed with an opening 38 which snugly re
at one end with a radially outwardly directed flange 21
ceives the extended lower end of the connector tube 29,
which rests upon the rim `13 of the neck 11 and thereby
such agitator being held by friction or otherwise against
limits the inward movement of the magazine into the
rotation relative to the tube 29 and against axial displace
neck opening 12 during the assembling operation `and in
ment by a flange 39.
part supports the magazine. Externally of the magazine 65 In operation, it is believed to be apparent that capsules
is an annular series of longitudinal ribs 22 which firmly
C enter the passageways or chambers 23 one at a time by
frictionally engage the wall of the neck opening 12 and
gravity incident to inverting the receptacle 10` and posi
thereby effectively secure the magazine and receptacle
tioning the agitator 31 so that the inlet opening 24 to
against relative bodily movement.
one of the passageways is entirely unobstructed. In such
This magazine 2t) is provided with an annular series
position, the selector 30 is so oriented relative to the mag
of elongated passageways 23 or chambers each having its
azine that the outlet port 32 is out of register with all of
the passageways. When it is desired to dispense a cap
sule, the selector 30 will be positioned as shown in FIG.
1 and simultaneously therewith the agitator and cut-01T
31 will close the inlet end of the chamber from which
the capsule C is to be dispensed. With inversion of the
receptacle and assuming, of course, that the closure cap
17 has been removed, the capsule will fall freely through
the outlet port by gravity. As mentioned previously, the
interengaging surfaces of the depending rib `19 and the
ñange 33a on the selector effectively seal the package.
Modifications may be resorted to within the spirit and
scope of the appended claims.
I claim:
1. A capsule dispenser compris-ing a receptacle having
a wall deñning neck opening, said wall formed with a
continuous rim at ne end, a magazine frictionally se
cured within the neck opening and having an annular
series of elongated passageways arranged about and each
having its axis extending in a direction generally parallel
to that of the neck opening, each passageway having axial 20
ly opposed inlet and discharge openings, a rotatable selec
tor disk formed with a single outlet port adapted for reg
ister with the discharge openings one at a time, a com
bined agitator and cut-01T at the inlet end of said passage
ways, said agitator connected to and rotatable with the
selector disk and being of such area and circumferential
extent as to simultaneously close the inlet end of one
remaining passageways, whereby to retain a capsule in
each of the latter during dispensing of a capsule from said
one passageway, the combined agitator and cut-off being
a ñat generally semi-circular plate having a beveled
Istraight edge and positioned with a curved peripheral
portion substantially in register with a segment of the
periphery of the magazine.
2. A dispenser as deñned in claim 1, the selector disk
having a peripheral flange coaxial therewith, said ñange
being shaped interiorly for sealing contact with a recep~
tacle closure cap and exteriorly carrying means facilitat
ing manual grasping and rotation thereof.
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passageway when the latter is in register with said outlet
port and cover a substantial part of the inlet end of both
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