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Sept 25, 1952
w. l.. TANcRl-:D ET AL
Filed July 2l, 1959
f5 n/ZSP Ä
m?luwü ‘@Um-MNÜDEU.
United States Patent
William L. Tancred, Wethersfield, and Ralph V. Bennett,
South Norwalk, Conn., assignors to Sperry Rand Cor
poration, New York, NX., a corporation of Delaware
Filed July 21, 1959, Ser. No. 828,531
5 Claims. (Cl. 23S-60)
Patented Sept. 25, 1962
lator into which the numbers are entered in the usual
manner. Each pin-supporting frame preferably com
prises a shallow elongate stamped metal box having an
elongate base portion 14 and oppositely disposed shallow
walls 15 and 16. As disposed in the machine the base
of the box is disposed vertically and the above mentioned
walls extend horizontally therefrom as shown in FIG. 3
particularly. The free edges of the walls 15 and 16 are
This invention relates to new and useful improvements
provided with spaced oppositely disposed notches or
in the construction of pin boxes for use in calculators of 10 slots 17. These notches act as guide ways for the pins
the key-set type.
18 which are inserted laterally therein for vertical move
In machines of this type there is a travelling pin box
ment as shown in FIG. 2. Each pin has upper and lower
with a series of settable stop pins for each order. As the
lateral projections 19 and 20 to limit the vertical move
keys are operated successively to set up the pins in each
ment of the pins in their guide ways. After all the pins
order the box travels to the left until the pins for all 15 are assembled in their box a cover 21 is disposed there
the desired orders are set-up after which a motor bar
over to form with the box a unitary structure for that
key is depressed and the add racks move rearwardly to
series of pins. The opposite ends of the box are provided
encounter the set pins.
with projections 22 which extend into suitable enchoringr
The main object of the invention is to improve the
’ slots 22' in the front and rear Walls 12 and 13 and the
snap action of the pins when being depressed or restored. 20 ends of the cover 21 are likewise provided with projec
A further object is to provide a construction of box
tions 23 which extend into similar slots 23’ in said Walls.
which is simple, efficient, and economical in construc
Thus the box with its pins and cover are suitably anchored
in place. These parts are so located including the above
Still another object is to provide a box which is cheaper
mentioned slots that the series of boxes are disposed in
to tool-up and produce and presents a more flexible unit 25 rather close abutting relationship across the main frame
in assembling the parts.
as shown in FIG. l.
In brief and general terms, the invention includes a pin
The invention further includes novel means to hold
which is disposed in a supporting frame in guide ways
the pins latched in either the upper or lower positions
for vertical movement and the side of the pin supports
and this means includes a spring on the side of each pin.
a spring member one end of which is reversely curved 30 This spring may be a single leaf spring or a double leaf
to cooperate with the guide ways to snap the pin into its
spring. The latter is shown in the drawings and may be
lower or upper position and latch it in said positions un
U-shaped with the median portion 24 disposed between
less moved by outside pressure.
closely related studs 25 on the side of and near the bot
The invention further includes a main pin box frame
tom of each pin. The upper end of each leaf of the spring
which is adapted to receive and support a series of lateral 35 is provided with reversely curved portions 26 and 27.
ly abutting pin-supporting frames which are separately
As shown in FIG. 2 when the pins are in their upper po
assembled as individual units and then nested within the
sitions both curved portions are above the upper wall 15
main frame. These pin-supporting frames can thus be
of the box and the lower curved portion 26 will prevent
separately inserted, and removed at will. Each pin-sup
the pins from moving down unless definite pressure is
porting frame is preferably in the form of a shallow elon 40 applied thereto. On the other hand when the pin is de
gate open box the elongate walls of which are provided
pressed it will be seen that both curved portions are be
with pairs of spaced alined notches to act as guide-ways
low the upper wall 15 and the upper curved portion 27
for pins which .are laterally inserted therein and then held
will prevent the pin being moved up except under
in place by a suitable cover. The pins are of the con
delinite pressure applied thereto. Thus it will be seen
struction above described. These pin-supporting boxes 45 that the pin 18 is moved to one or the other position with
are disposed in the main frame with their bases vertical
a positive snap action and is latched in either position.
and with their elongate walls horizontal.
In the form of spring mounting shown in FIG. 4, the
A present preferred form which the invention may
median portion of the spring is wrapped at least once
assume is illustrated in the drawings, of which:
around a single stud 25 but the free ends of the spring
FIG. l is a partial plan view showing some of the 50 are constructed as above mentioned. It will, also, be
pin-supporting boxes in position on the main frame;
understood that while we have springs with two free ends
FIG. 2 is an elevational view of one of the pin-support
or leaves having reversely curved portions it is within the
ing boxes, partly broken away, and showing pins both
scope of the invention to .achieve the snap action with a
in the raised and depressed positions;
spring having only one leaf with a reversely curved upper
FIG. 3 is a partial vertical transverse section taken on
the line 3_3 of FIG. l; and,
It will thus be seen that we have provided a simple,
FIG. 4 is a detail of a pin showing another form of
efficient, compact, and economical pin `box which can be
spring mounting therefor.
easily and quickly assembled and disassembled with a
Referring to the drawings showing the present prefer
minimum number of parts and can be quickly and easily
red form of the invention there is shown the main pin 60 assembled in nested relation with other similar boxes to
form the complete pin box as shown. The form of unit
box frame having side walls 10 and 11, and front and
can `also be economically tooled-up and manufactured.
rear walls 12 and 13. This box is an improvement of the
Wfhile fthe invention herein has been «fully shown and
type of pin box shown in FIG. l of U.S. Patent No.
described in detail with respect »to one preferred present
2,688,439, issued September 7, 1954 to W. W. Landsiedel.
The rear wall 13 is lower than the front wall 12 to act
as a “9” stop for the accumulator racks and the front
wall 12 is more elevated to avoid blocking the rearward
movement of said racks.
65 form which it may assume, lit is not «to ‘be ‘limited to the
speciñc form shown `since lmany changes and modliñca
tions may be made in ‘the structure without depamting from
'the ‘spirit and `scope of the invention in its broadest
To be disposed and supported within this main frame 70 aspects. Hence it is desired to cover any 'and all forms
and modifications `of the invention which may come
are a series of pin supporting frames or boxes, each box
supporting a series of pins for an order of the accumu
within »the lspirit .and `scope of yany ‘one or more of the
»appended claims.
ond pair of walls for loosely mounting 'the median por
What we claim is:
1. In a calculator, a main pin box `inaine «including a
box arranged within said main pin box iranie and sup
ported by the fname walls, said pin `supporting box llav
tion of ythe »leaf spring ‘to eiiect a positive snap action on
the pin when the latter is moved to either the said lirst or
second position, »the space between said :one wall and said
settable pin being slightly igreater »than ihe width of the
ing separable walls with at least one of said separable
leaf spring «to prevent excess movement of the latter in
walls being detachab‘ly mounted on said box frame walls
to provide for removal of said one wall irom fthe box
irarne, a plurality of aligned slots formed in a pair of
pair of oppositely disposed frame walls, a pin supporting
oppositely disposed walls of said pin supporting box7 and
directions norm-al to the direction of movement of the
4. In a calculator, a pin supporting box including
a plurality of «settable pins arranged 'for slidable mos/e
Irnent within the box in directions normal «to said pair of
walls and parallel to Ithe frame walls, said pins having op
posite ends lthereof projecting through said slots.
spaced oppcsitely disposed walls each provided with
aligned slots, a plurality of settable pins arranged for
slidable movement in direct-ions norrnal to said wall-s `and
having opposite ends pnojecting through the slots of the
walls, said pins being inoperative when in a ñrst position
2. In a calculator, the »combination comprising a inain 15 and operative when in a second position, three studs ar
ranged in ‘triangular manner `on each of said pins, mid
pin box ffrarne having front and rear walls with mount
ya substantially U-s‘naped leaf »spring having a median por~
ing slots formed in said walls, :a separable pin supportn
tion loosely mounted between ‘the apex »stud and remain
ing box of shallow elongate forni having a base portion
ing «two studs, said leaf spring having curved portions ad
and 'a pair of side walls extending perpendicnlarly ironi
said base portion, «a detachable cover member for said pin 20 jacent the end of `each arm to cooperate with the walls
supporting box «arranged parallel to said base portion, said
pair of side walls provided with a plurality or" «aligned
slots, a denominational series of settable pins mounted
in said aligned slots -ior movement in directions normal
to said side walls, the opposite end of each settable pin
provided with lateral projections tto limit the movement ci
the pins, each of said settab‘le pins having studs on the
of the slot in one of said oppositely disposed vwalls »to re
tain the pin in either the said iirst or second positions in
the pin supporting box, said leaf spring erlïeoting a posi<
tive ysnap action on the settable pin when fthe pin is moved
to einer position, :the Imedian portion of the spring being
engaged by said `apex stud when the pin is in the first
position and the said median portion of the spring being
in `Contact with ‘the remaining ‘two studs when the pin is
side thereof, a leaf spring having a portion positioned be
in «the second position.
tween said studs «for movement therebetween, the ends of
said >leaf yspring remote `from said studs having reversely 30 5. In a calculator, a pin supporting box «including a
curved portions Ito coact with the walls of one of said
nvr-st pair of spaced oppositeiy disposed walls provided
with aligned guide way slots, a second pair of spaced walls
arranged perpendicularly yto said first pair of walls, set
ftable pins #having opposed flat side surfaces and arranged
iirsit mentioned portion of said leaf spring between said
studs, »and projections on (the ends of said pin supporting Q3 Cil ior slidable movement in ‘the aligned guide way slots in
`directions normal Ito said ñrst pair of walls, :a plurality of
box and cover member detachably mounted in the mount
spaced studs on one tlat surface of each settable pin, and
ing lslots of said front and rear walls of ‘the main pin box
a movable leaf spring loosely mounted in the space be
frame yfor positioning the pin supporting box therein.
aligned slot-s ,to snap the pin into and lioid [the pin in
either a inst or second position upon movement of the
3. In la calculator, a pin supporting box including a
tween said studs, one wall of said second pair of walls
first pair of spaced oppositely disposed walls each pro~ 40 being spaced inorn said yone `fiat side surface of said set
table pin slightly greater than the width of »the leaf spring
vided `with aligned slots and a second pair of spaced walls
io prevent excess movement of the leaf spring in a direc
:arranged perpendioularly to said iirst pair of wall-s, plu
tion normal to ythe movement of fthe pin, each of said leaf
rality of settable pins arranged ior slidable movement in
springs provided at its opposite ends with reversely curved
directions normal to said ñrst pair of wal-ls »and having
opposite ends projecting through ‘the slots of the walls, 45 portions :to cooperate with opposite walls ofthe said guide
said settable pins being disposed nearer one wall of said
second pair of walls than the other wall of said second
pair oi Walls, 'a substantially U-shaped leaf spring having
curved portions 'adjacent fthe end of each larrn which co
operate wirh the walls of the slot in one of said first pair
of Walls to retain the pin in either a iirst or second posi
tion, and a plurality lof spaced studs on each of said pins
disposed between said pin and said one wall of said sec
way slots ‘to hold the pin in #a ñrst or a second position
in the pin supporting box.
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