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Oct. 2, 1962
Filed Aug. 12, 1960
Unite States Patent 0 ” 1C@
William L. Berryman, Highland Park, and Morris A.
Schwartz, North Plainfield, NJ., assignors to Johnson
¿it Johnson, a corporation of New Jersey
Filed Aug. 12, 196i?, Ser. No. 49,363
8 Claims. (Cl. 26o-63.2)
The present invention is drawn to a package of swabs
Patented Oct. 2, 1962
showing the attachment of the swabs to the bottom panel
of the enclosing envelope; and
FIG. 5 is a display card with a sample swab package
secured thereto.
The swab package 1 is in the form of an envelope
having a front panel 2 and a back panel 3. The back
panel 3 has an adhesive-coated section 4 extending across
Ithe panel to which is secured the stems 5 of the cotton
swabs contained in the package 1. The swabs are posi
of the type where the swab has a stem that contains an 10 tioned parallel with respect to each other, side by side,
absorbent fibrous tip, The package of the present in
vention is particularly suitable for sample distribution
and extending in the lengthwise direction of package -1.
The ends of the swabs are provided with tightly wrapped
of cotton or other absorbent fiber-tipped swabs.
ñbers forming the absorbent fibrous bodies 6 which are
The swabs of the packages of the present invention
used in applying medication, swabbing minor injuries or
are of the cotton or other absorbent fiber-tipped type 15 similar uses. The absorbent tips 6 of adjacent swabs are
where the swab per se consists of a stem having secured
adjacent each other but are prevented from relative
to the end thereof a mass of absorbent ñbers. These
movement by the adhesive 4 securing the stems of the
ñbers, which may be cotton, rayon or other suitable
swabs to the back panel 3 of the containing envelope.
fiber, are tightly wrapped around the end of the stem
In the exploded view of FIG. 1, the package is seen
giving the swab a neat appearance and preventing the 20 from the top, whereas in the view of FIG. 2 the package
individual fibers from coming detached when the swab
is seen from the bottom. The front panel 2 of the en
is in use, as in cleaning a scratch or minor cut, apply
ing medication, or other conventional or normal usage
of such swabs. The stem may be made of wood, stili
paper or other suitable material.
It has heretofore been the practice in distributing
samples of swabs of this type to place the same in an
envelope the llap of which is then closed over to main
velope of package 1 is longer than the back panel 3,
although of equal width, and extends beyond the back
panel 3 at each end, as shown in FIG. 2, to provide
ñanges 7 and 8 which are coated with adhesive 9 for
securing the sample package 1 to a display card 10, as
illustrated in FIG. 5, or to some other objects, such for
example as a package containing some other item with
which the sample package of swabs is to be distributed.
tain the swabs therein. The envelope with swabs is then
placed in a small cardboard box and the resulting pack 30 The adhesive 9 is preferably an adhesive that is non
age distributed. In order to reduce relative movement
tacky until activated. The adhesive 9 is then activated
of the contained swabs, the envelope is generally filled
just prior to or during application of the sample pack
with swabs so that there is not suñìcient room for much
age to a carrier, such for example as card 10. Although
relative movement to occur between adjacent swabs.
water or other solvent activatable adhesives may be
This relative movement is objectionable since it results 35 used, it is preferred to use for adhesive 9 a thermoplastic
in rubbing of adjacent fiber-wrapped tips against each
adhesive which is rendered tacky through the applica
other with llufñng of the absorbent libers giving the ñber
tion of heat. The sample packages, because of the nor
wrapped tip a loose and unattractive appearance when
mally non-tacky nature of the adhesive 9, need not neces
the swabs are removed. With the present sample pack
sarily be secured to a carrier, but may be placed in with
ages, although the package is substantially filled with 40 other merchandise or handed out as separate packages
swabs, there is still some space in the envelope permit
without being secured to any other article. Also, if de
ting relative movement between adjacent swabs with
sired, several of the packages can be stacked together
some resulting friction between the swab ends and ñuñ‘ing
in boxes and distributed or sold in this manner.
of the fibers. Also, packages of this type are relatively
The two panels, 2 and ‘3, forming the envelope are
expensive, particularly for sample products such as the 45 sealed together around their peripheral edges by any
sample swabs contained therein.
suitable adhesive. In the package illustrated in the draw
It is an object of the present invention to prepare a
ings, the adhesive is placed both on the front panel 2
swab package in which the packaged swabs are ñrmly
and on the back panel 3 in the areas 11 and 12, respec
anchored to avoid any relative movement with respect
tively, the adhesive 9 being the same as the adhesive 11,
to each other in the package. It is a further object of 50 which at the ends of front panel 2 extends beyond the
the present invention to prepare a package which can
ends of Ithe back panel 3.
be readily opened and individual swabs removed without
The packages 1 are preferably formed by machinery
disturbing the remaining swabs. A still further object
which feeds a continuous strip of paper which has been
of the present invention is a package which can be readily
coated with a thermoplastic adhesive in a pattern such
prepared with automatic machinery and which can be 55 as to form a succession of panels coated in the manner
easily attached as a sample package to display cards
of back panel 3, as illustrated at 4 and 12 in FIG. l.
or other items of merchandise.
The swabs are then placed with their stems 5 extending
Other objects and advantages of this invention will
across the adhesive-coated portion 4 at spaced intervals.
become apparent from the following description taken
A second paper strip, wider than the first strip, with a
in connection with the accompanying drawings, wherein 60 pattern of adhesive coated on it to give a series of panels
coated in the manner as illustrated by front panel 2 in
are set forth by way of illustration and example certain
FIG. l is then superimposed over the strip forming panel
embodiments of the invention.
3 so that the adhesive-coated areas 11 of the top strip
Referring to the drawings,
are aligned with the peripheral adhesive-coated area 12
FIG. 1 is an exploded perspective View of the pack
65 of the bottom strip. The two strips with the swabs there
between are then passed under a die which, through heat
FIG. 2 is a bottom perspective view of the package
and pressure, simultaneously seals the top and bottom
with a section in the center removed to show the swab
strips together along the adhesive-coated areas 11 and 12
stems therein;
and the swab stems 5 to adhesive-coated area 4 to com
FIG. 3 is a cross-sectional view taken along line 3--3
enclose the swabs and seal the stems of the swabs
of FIG. 2;
to the bottom strip or back panel 3. Since the second
FIG. 4 is an enlarged view of a portion of FIG. 3
or top strip, which forms front panel 2, is wider than the
the stem portion of each of said swabs being secured
at a point between its ends to said first panel by
first or bottom strip, which forms back panel 3, the edges
of the top strip extend beyond the edges of the bottom
strip to provide the adhesive-coated ilanges 7 and 8,
illustrated in FÍG. 2. The continuous strip of sealed
packages is then severed into individual packages l, such
means of the adhesive of said adhesive strip and
the ends of said stem portions with fibers thereon
being directly over said adhesive free areas of said
first panel,
as the package illustrated in the drawings.
and a second panel covering said panel and the swabs
contained thereon said second panel being secured
to said first panel by adhesion at said adhesive end
In opening the package, it is torn along dotted line 13
and edge 14- is removed. This makes the swabs immedi
ately available through insertion of the fingers through
the opening resulting from removal of the edge 14. How 10
borders and said adhesive side borders.
.2. A package of claim l in which the stems of said
ever, since the stems 5 of the swabs are adhesively secured
to the yback panel 3, swabs not removed are maintained
swabs are parallel to each other and .are parallel to said
in the package in their secured positions and will not fall
out should the package, for example, be placed in a hand
adhesive side borders.
3. A package of claim 1 in which the adhesive is a
bag or in some other area pending the need for further 15
thermoplastic adhesive.
swabs. Also, the tightly wrapped cotton fiber ends are
prevented from rubbing against each other and are thus
4. A package of claim l in which an absorbent body
of ñbers is secured to both ends of said stems.
5. An absorbent swab package of claim l in which
maintained in their tightly wrapped state, preserving their
one of said panels is longer than the other of said panels,
neat and attractive appearance and reducing the chance
of loose fibers coming detached when the swab is used. 20 the ends of said longer panel extending beyond the ends
of the shorter panel, said extending ends of said longer
Furthermore, even though open, the envelope acts to
panel being adapted to be adhesively secured to a carrier
protect the swabs and keep the same clean, which is not
for said package.
the case with the packages heretofore used where the
6. An absorbent swab package of claim 5 in which the
swabs were loose `and would tend to fallout of the pack
25 extending ends of said longer panel are coated with a
age, once opened.
thermoplastic adhesive.
Where it is desired that the swabs be sterile, the paper
7. The method of making a swab package comprising
used in forming the envelope is such that it will permit
placing a strip of adhesive on a first sheet, placing a
sterilization while preventing the access of air-borne bac
plurality of swabs each having a stem portion and ab
By providing the extending end edges 7 and S with a 30 sorbent fibrous end portions on said first sheet with at
least a portion of each of said stems extending over said
thermoplastic adhesive, the package 1 can be readily
adhesive strip, placing `a second sheet over said first sheet
secured by light pressure and ironing to any carton,
and said swabs contained thereon and thereafter securing
article or display card with which one wants to distribute
said stems to said ñrst sheet by means of said adhesive
the sample swabs.
The invention is susceptible to many modifications 35 and ,adhesively securing said second sheet to said first
sheet around said swabs to completely enclose the same.
8. The method of claim 7 wherein said adhesive on
within its spirit, and it is accordingly to be limited only
by the scope of the appended claims.
Having thus described our invention, we claim:
said first sheet for adhesively securing said swab stems
is a thermoplastic `adhesive and at least one of said sheets
1. An absorbent swab package comprising:
a first panel,
40 contains a thermoplastic adhesive on the periphery there
of for bonding said first sheet to said second sheet, the
swab stems being bonded to said first sheet and said first
an adhesive border extending along each end of said
first panel,
and second sheets being bonded together by heat and
.an adhesive border extending along each side of said
first panel intersecting said adhesive borders extend
ing along the ends of said first panel,
an adhesive strip on said first panel placed between
said adhesive end borders and extending towards
said adhesive side borders the area of said first panel
between said adhesive strip and said adhesive end
borders being free of adhesive,
a plurality of swabs each having a stem portion and
an absorbent body of fibers secured to at least one
end of said stem portion,
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