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Oct. 2, 1962
4 Sheets-Sheet 1
Filed June 6, 1960
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Oct- 2, 1952
Filed June 6, 1960
4 Sheets-Sheet 2
Oct- 2, 1962
Filed June 6, 1960
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0 41/3x”, Wag/W.My
, .m:;
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Oct- 2, 1962
Filed June 6, 1960
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Patented Oct. 2, 1962
FIG. 6 is a vertical section thereof taken substantially
Lester D. Sollenberger, Oak Park, and Rinaldo Sciacero,
Chicago, Ill., assignors to Nautec Corporation, a cor
poration of New York
Filed June 6, 1966, Ser. No. 34,321
5 Claims. (81. 232-16)
along the line 6-6 of FIG. 5;
FIG. 7 is a transverse section taken substantially along
the line 7——7 of FIG. 5;
FIG. 8 is a fragmentary schematic representation there~
of illustrating the closed position of the door and the
corresponding coin collecting position of the receptacle;
FIG. 9 is a view similar to that of FIG. 8 but with
This invention relates to coin controlled meters and in
the door intermediate its closed and opened positions and
particular to coin controlled parking meters.
10 the receptacle intermediate its coin collecting and coin
In the conventional coin controlled parking meter,
means are provided for collecting the coins and storing
withdrawing positions;
HG. 10 is a View generally similar to that of FIG. 8
them for removal by authorized personnel. The known
but with the door in the open position and the receptacle
coin collecting and storing means have several serious dis
in the coin withdrawing position; and
advantages such as dif?culty of removal of the collected 15
FIG. 11 is an enlarged view of a key arranged for use
coins by the authorized personnel, and susceptibility to
in operating the lock of the meter and for manipulating
breakage and theft of the collected coins. The present
the door and receptacle between the alternative posi
invention is concerned with a new and improved coin
tions thereof.
controlled parking meter effectively eliminating the above
In the exemplary embodiment of the invention as
discussed disadvantages.
20 disclosed in the drawing, a coin controlled parking meter
A principal feature of the present invention is, there
generally designated 10 comprises a mechanism portion
fore, the provision of a new and improved coin controlled
11, an indicating portion 12, and a coin collecting and
storing portion 13. The present invention is concerned
Another feature of the invention is the provision of
with the coin collecting and storing portion 13; the mech
such a meter having new and improved means precluding 25 anism portion 11 and indicating portion 12 may be of any
undesired access to the interior thereof.
suitable construction, the form thereof shown in the draw
A further feature is the provision of such a meter in
ing being for illustrative purposes only. As best seen
cluding novel co-operating lock and bolt means provid
in FIG. 1, the coin collecting and storing portion 13 is
ing an automatic retention of the bolt in the locking posi
housed in an enclosure 14 which may conform to the
tion when the lock is forced from the door as by vandals.
enclosure 15 of the mechanism and indicating portions
A further feature of the invention is the provision of
11 and 12 to de?ne a unitary meter housing generally
designated 16.
such a meter wherein the bolt is connected to rotatable
lock means by readily disengageable means permitting
Referring now to FIG. 4, enclosure 14 includes a front
the bolt to be retained in the locking position notwith
portion 17 de?ning an access opening 18 selectably closed
standing a forceful removal of the rotary lock means from
by a door 19 for controlled access to the space 20
engagement therewith.
within the enclosure. A receptacle 21 is disposed within
space 20 for collecting coins passed downwardly through
A yet further feature is the provision of such a meter
wherein the means interconnecting the rotary lock means
and bolt means comprises a cam and co-operating pin and
a coin drop 22 through an upper wall 23 of the enclosure
a coin controlled meter having a new and improved door
14. For this purpose, the receptacle 21 is- provided with
an opening 24 in its upper portion 25 which is disposed
directly below the coin drop 22 when the receptacle is
in the coin collecting position shown in FIG. 4. The
construction effectively precluding the removal of the
receptacle is disposed in the coin collecting position by
slot means.
Still another feature of the invention is the provision of
a support generally designated 26 including a ?rst por
45 tion 27 de?ning a base 28 removably carrying the re
the meter enclosure as by prying the door periphery.
ceptacle 21. Support portion 27 is pivotally mounted on
Still another feature of the invention is the provision
a pair of brackets 29 bolted to the enclosure at the op
of such a meter wherein the door periphery includes a
bevel inclined outwardly and a cylindrical inner portion
posite sides of opening 18, as by pins 30. Also piv
?tted in the access opening of the enclosure.
otally mounted on the pins 30 is a second support por
A yet further feature of the invention is the provision 50 tion 31 de?ned by a pair of bars each provided with a
pin 32 at its upper end pivotally carrying a bracket 33
of such a meter having new and improved co-operating
secured to the rear of door 19 by suitable means such
removable key means arranged to de?ne a handle ?rmly
as bolts 34-. Support portion bars 31 may be intercon
releasably secured to the door for facilitated manipula
nected by a plate portion 35 as best seen in FIG. 5
tion thereof in moving the door between opened and
door from a closed position across an access opening of
closed positions.
A yet further feature is the provision of such a key
including a handle portion ?tting the space de?ned by a
Or Cl for improved rigidity of the support.
Thus, in effect, door 19 is pivotally mounted on the
enclosure 14 by means of bracket 33 and support por
tion 31 pivoted on the ‘brackets 29 secured to the en»
user’s fore?nger, middle ?nger and apposed thumb.
closure. Support portion 27 is pivoted on the enclosure
Other features and advantages of the invention will be
apparent from the following description taken in con 60 by means of pins 30 on brackets 29. Pivotal move
ment of the support portions 31 is transferred to the
nection with the accompanying drawing wherein:
support portion 27 by means of a pair of co-operating
FIG. 1 is an elevation of a parking meter embodying
shoulders 36, on support portion 27, and 37, on bars
the invention, with a portion thereof broken away to
illustrate the internal construction thereof;
PEG. 2 is a reduced plan view thereof;
FIG. 3 is a side elevation thereof;
FIG. 4 is an enlarged vertical section taken substan
tially along the line 4—4 of FIG. 1;
Thus, as best seen in FIGS. 8 through 10, as the
" bars 31 are pivoted in a clockwise direction about pivot
31) during a movement of the door 19 away from the ac
cess opening 18, the shoulder 37 on the support portions
31 moves toward the shoulder 36 on the support por
tion 27 until, as seen in FIG. 10, the shoulder 37 en
FIG. 5 is a rear elevation of the door thereof and a 70 gages the shoulder 36 to pivot the support portion 27
portion of the means supporting the door on the en
in a clockwise direction about pivot 30 together with the
support portions 31. This clockwise pivoting of the sup
means effectively precluding the movement of the bolts
56 from the slots 62 in brackets 29, thereby preventing
the opening of the door 19 notwithstanding a forcing of
ing 18 providing for facilitated removal of the receptacle.
the lock 42 completely from the door.
To preclude injury to the exterior surface of enclosure
Door 19 is further arranged to preclude unauthorized
portion 17 when the door 19 is in the fully opened posi 5
access to space 20 as by prying of the door away from the
tion, a bumper 38‘, preferably formed of a non-marring
enclosure portion de?ning opening 18. For this purpose,
material such as neoprene, is secured to the rear of the
the periphery of the door is arranged to de?ne an inner
door to engage the enclosure portion 17 and maintain
cylindrical portion 65 accurately ?tting the access open
the door spaced therefrom at all times. When the door
ing 18 and inwardly abutting an annular shoulder
19 is swung in the reverse direction back to the closed
66 of enclosure wall portion 17 de?ning the inner
position of FIG. 8, the weight of the support portion 27
end of the access opening. The periphery of the door is
automatically returns the support portion 27 to the po
further de?ned by a frusto-conical portion 67 extending
sition of FIG. 8 with the receptacle 21 thereon returned
outwardly from cylindrical portion 65 and tapering to
to the coin collecting position.
To assure the proper disposition of the opening 24 15 ward the axis of the door. Thus, any sharp implement
of the receptacle 21 relative to the coin drop 22 when
forced into the space between frusto-conical portion 67
the receptacle is returned to the position of FIG. 8, the
of the door and the cylindrical surface de?ning the access
base 28 of the support portion 27 is provided with a pair
opening 18 tends to wedge the door more tightly against
of upstanding pins 39 receivable in a corresponding re
the annular shoulder 66 rather than pry it free from the
cess 40 in the lower end of receptacle 21. If desired, the 20 enclosure.
receptacle may be provided with a lock41.
To further resist breakage of the meter as by vandals,
Referring now more speci?cally to FIGS. 5 through 7,
it is preferable that the enclosure and door structures be
port portion 27 causes the upper portion 25 of the re
ceptacle 21 to swing outwardly through the access open
an improved means for locking the door 19 in the closed
position across access opening 18 is shown to comprise
a cylinder lock generally designated 42 having a barrel
portion 43 and a plug portion 44 concentrically Within
the barrel portion and terminating inwardly in a thread
ed end 45. Bracket 33 includes a pair of side ?anges
formed of a thick rigid material such as cast metal. Re
sultingly, the door 19 is relatively heavy and it is desirable
to provide some means for facilitated movement thereof
nated ‘48 and including a small diameter outer portion
between the closed and opened positions as illustrated
in FIGS. 8 through 10. For this purpose, the key 68 for
opening lock 42 is provided with a handle portion 69 of
a size substantially greater than the size of conventional
keys. A rod portion 70 extending from the handle por
tion 69 carries at its distal end the key element 71 for
cooperation with the lock. The rod portion 70‘ accurately
49 and a large diameter inner portion 59 receiving a
?ts the opening 49 in door 19 to comprise a rigid connec
46 and a plate portion 47 extending across the rear of
door 19 between the side ?anges. As best seen in FIG. 6,
door 19 is provided with an axial hole generally desig
corresponding large diameter outer portion 51 of the lock
tion of the handle to the door when the lock portion 71
barrel 43. The inner end 52 of the lock barrel is re 35 is fully received in the lock 42. Thus, key 68 provides
duced in diameter and the bracket plate portion 47 is
a removable handle for facilitated manipulation of the
provided with an opening 53 corresponding to this re
door 19. As indicated above, the handle portion is rela
duced diameter and permitting the lock barrel end 52 to
tively large; in the illustrated embodiment, the handle
extend inwardly therethrough.
portion is arranged to ?t the space de?ned by the user’s
A cam 54 is ?xed to the inner end 45 of the plug by 40 fore?nger, middle ?nger and apposed thumb. More spe
means of a nut 55 retaining the cam against the inner
ci?cally, the handle may comprise a tubular element at
end of the plug. A pair of bar bolts 56‘ is slidably re
least approximately 1/2 inch in diameter and at least ap
tained in facial juxtaposition to the rear surface of bracket
proximately 3 inches in length.
plate portion 47 with their inner end portions 57 re
In use, the coins may be withdrawn from the collecting
ceived between the bracket plate portion 47 and the pe
and storing portion 13 only by authorized personnel having
riphery of cam 54 and their outer portions 58 extending
a suitable key 58. The key is inserted through door open
through corresponding slots 59 in the side ?anges 46.
ing 43 to operate lock 42 and retract the bolts 56 from
The bolts are biased outwardly by a wire spring 601 ex
the bracket slots 62. The handle 69 of the key is then
tending through suitable openings 61 in each. When
manipulated so as to pivot the door 19 from the closed
disposed fully outwardly from the axis of the lock 42,
position of FIG. 8 to the opened position of FIG. 10‘. In
the outer ends 58 of the bolts extend through corre
so moving, the door causes a pivotal movement of the
sponding slots 62 in the brackets 29 thereby securing
support portion 31, which in turn causes a pivotal move
the door 19 in the closed position across access opening
ment of the support portion 27 to swing the coin collect
ing receptacle 21 to the inclined withdrawing position of
Movement of the bolts to and from the outer locking
FIG. 10 wherein the upper end 25 of the receptacle is
position is effected by a pair of pins 63 one each on the
disposed outwardly of access opening 18.
inner end 57 of each bolt and extending rearwardly
The entire receptacle may be withdrawn by an axial
through corresponding arcuate slots 64 in the cam 54
outward movement of the receptacle and an empty re
each eccentrically related to the axis of the lock 42.
placement receptacle installed, or the collected coins may
Thus, as the lock is turned in a clockwise direction, as 60 be removed from the originally installed receptacle and
seen in FIG. 5, the pins 63 are urged radially inwardly
this receptacle reinstalled. The guide pins 39 carried on
toward the axis of the lock and, correspondingly, draw
the base 28 of the support portion 27 effect an automatic
the bolts 56 inwardly from the brackets 29 permitting
proper positioning of the installed receptacle so that upon
the door 19 to be swung open as shown in FIGS. 9 and
a reverse movement of the door 19 back to the closed
65 position of FIG. 8, the receptacle is automatically dis
‘In addition to providing an improved locking opera
posed with its coin passing opening '24 aligned with the
tion, the arrangement of lock 42 in door 19 effectively
coin drop 22 of the enclosure 14. The key 68 is now
precludes forcible entry to within enclosure 14, as by
withdrawn, leaving the meter in the locked condition, the
vandals. Thus, should such a person force the lock 42
above disclosed structure of the meter 10‘ effectively posi
inwardly through opening 50 in an attempt to release the 70 tively precluding undesirable access to the space 20* in
locking mechanism, the inward movement of the lock
which the coins are collected and stored, While permitting
portion 50 causes the portion 47a of the bracket plate
facilitated ready removal of the collected coins by author
47 de?ning the hole 53 to be deformed inwardly into the
ized persons having the proper unlocking means.
path of movement of the bolts 56 toward the axis of the
While we have shown and described certain embodi
lock. Thus, the deformed portion 47a comprises a stop 75 ments of our invention, it is to be understood that it is
capable of many modi?cations. Changes, therefore, in
lock includes an inwardly facing shoulder and a stop
plate is secured to the inner surface of the door to over
lie said shoulder and retain said lock in said opening.
the construction and arrangement may be made without
departing from the spirit and scope of the invention as de
?ned in the appended claims.
5. In a coin cont-rolled meter having an enclosure hav
We claim:
1. In a coin controlled meter: an enclosure having an
ing an access opening, a door selectively closing the
opening, a lock in the door for locking the door in the
closed position across said opening, a receptacle Within
access opening; a door selectively closing the opening and
having a hole therethrough aligned with said opening;
the enclosure for collecting coins inserted into the meter,
a lock in said hole having a portion controlledly rotatable
and ‘a support pivoted on the enclosure including a ?rst
within the enclosure; a latch on the enclosure; bolt 10 portion connected to the door and a second portion carry
means connected to said lock portion and movable to
ing the receptacle, said support being arranged to dis
engage the latch to lock the door in closed position; and
pose the receptacle in an upright coin collecting position
a stop means in the enclosure inwardly adjacent the lock
within the enclosure when the door is disposed in the
and movable, as a result of an inward displacement of
closed position and to dispose the receptacle in an out
the lock, into the path of movement of the bolt means 15 Wardly accessible position for Withdrawal of the collected
to block withdrawal of the bolt means from engagement
coins when the door is disposed in an opened position
With the latch Whenever the lock is forced inwardly
spaced from said opening, a key removably engageable
through said opening as by vandals.
with the lock for operating the lock, said key being pro
2. The coin controlled meter of claim 1 wherein said
stop means comprises a plate facially juxtaposed to the
rear of the cover and partially overlapping said hole, said
fore?nger, middle ?nger and apposed thumb to comprise
vided with a handle ?tting the space de?ned by a user’s
means for pivoting the door and receptacle on the sup
port, said door being provided with a hole outwardly
aligned with the lock, and said key being provided with a
portion between the handle and a lock engaging portion
bolt means being spaced rearwardly of the plate adjacent
said hole a distance no greater than the extent of over
lapping whereby the overlapping portion of the plate is
deformed inwardly, by an inward displacement of the 25 thereof comprising a shaft having a cross section comple
lock, to preclude unlocking movement of the bolt means.
mentary to said hole to provide a ?rm connection of the
3. In a coin controlled meter: an enclosure having an
access opening; a door selectively closing the opening and
handle to the door when the lock engaging portion is dis
posed within the lock.
having an outwardly necked hole therethrough aligned
with said opening; a lock complementarily ?tting in said
hole and having a rotatable portion Within the enclosure;
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
a latch adacent said lock portion; and bolt means con
nected to said lock portion and selectively engageable
with the latch to lock the door in the opening-closing
4. The coin controlled meter of claim 3 wherein said
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