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Oct- 9, 1962
Filed April 4. 1960
ye K772079500.
atent 0 " "ice
Patented Oct. 9, 1962
which the side walls 11 and 13 each carry top ?aps 22
and 23, respectively, and the side walls 12 and 14 each
carry a top ?ap 24 and 25, respectively, with the top ?ap
George V. Thompson, Win?eld, 111., assignor to Ferguson
Lander Box Company, a corporation of Illinois
Filed Apr. 4, 1960, Ser. No. 19,827
1 Claim. (Cl. 229-39)
This invention relates to a collapsible carton and more
24 having a hook 26 co-acting with a slit 27 cut in the
top ?ap 25 for closing and locking the top ?aps together
with the flaps 22 and 23 therebeneath.
The side walls 11 and 13 each carry a bottom ?ap 30
and 31 scoringly connected thereto by score lines 32 and
33, respectively. The bottom ?aps 30 and 31 are spaced
in which the bottom has ?aps formed for positive inter 10 from each other with a bottom ?ap 34 positioned there
particularly to such a carton which is easily erected and
between and scoringly connected to a side wall 12 by a
score line 35. The bottom ?ap 34 along with another
bottom ?ap 36 which is connected to the side wall 14
by a score line 37 form a ?rst pair of bottom ?aps
the locking of the bottom is more positively maintained. 15 which are opposed to each other as the carton is erected.
The bottom ?aps 30 and 31 constitute a second pair of
Another object of this invention is to provide a carton
having a plurality of interconnected side walls with each
bottom ?aps.
Each of the bottom ?aps 34 and 36 of the ?rst pair of
side wall having a bottom flap and with one pair of op
locking to maintain the bottom closed and the carton in
its erect condition.
An object of this invention is to provide a new and
improved bottom ?ap construction for a carton in which
posed bottom ?aps each having a diagonal score line
?aps has a diagonally extending score line 38 and 39,
forming each of the flaps into an inner part and an 20 respectively, which divide each of the ?aps into two
parts. The bottom ?ap 34 has inner part 40‘ and an
outer part with an adhesion portion, each of the adhesion
outer part 41 with an adhesion portion while the bottom
portions attached to an adjacent bottom ?ap of a second
?ap 36 has an inner part 42 and an outer part 43 with an
pair of bottom ?aps, one of said outer parts having a
adhesion portion.
hook portion and an opposed bottom ?ap of the other
In forming the carton from the blank 10, an initial
pair having a projecting coplanar tab whereby erection 25
of the carton cause-s the tab and hook to travel toward
each other with the tab passing into a slit adjacent the
hook to lie behind the hook and with said hook and tab
lying in substantially the same plane when the carton is
erected to have abutment therebetween, said abutment
occurring to one side of a diagonal between opposed cor
nets of the carton whereby forces tending to collapse the
carton maintain said abutment.
step is illustrated in FIG. 2 in which the bottom ?aps 30
and 31 are turned downwardly and the bottom ?aps 34
and 36 are also turned downwardly with the adhesion
portions of the outer parts 41 and 43 turned upwardly
along the diagonal score lines 38 and 39‘ respectively.
The sealing ?ap 20 is then brought around to seal against
the underside of the side wall 14 and at the same time
the adhesion portion of part 41 of the bottom ?ap 34
is secured to the upper side of the bottom ?ap 30‘ as
Further objects and advantages will become apparent
from the following detailed description taken in connec 35 viewed in FIG. 2 and the adhesion portion of part 43
of the bottom ?ap 46 is secured to the upper side of the
tion with the accompanying drawings in which:
bottom ?ap 31 as viewed in FIG. 2. This is accom
FIG. 1 is a fragmentary plan view of the one~piece
plished by known gluing operations and results in the
blank with the side of the blank forming the interior of
collapsed carton shown in FIG. 3 ready for subsequent
the carton uppermost.
?lling upon erection thereof.
FIG. 2 is a view similar to FIG. 1 showing initial ‘fold
The resulting association of bottom ?aps is seen from
ing of the bottom flaps preparatory to securement there
examination of FIG. 4 in which the car-ton is partially
erected and in which pressure exerted at the score lines
FIG. 3 is a plan view of the completed carton formed
15 and 17 is causing closure of the bottom of the carton
from the blank and shown in collapsed condition;
by movement of the ?aps 30 and 31 toward each other
FIG. 4 is an elevational view looking toward the bot
and to a relationship overlying each other across the bot
tom of the carton and showing the carton in an interme
tom of the carton. This action is obtained by the bottom
diate position during erection thereof;
?ap 36 tending to move towards a ?ap position which
FIG. 5 is a perspective view looking toward the bot
pulls the bottom flap 31 toward the bottom of the carton
tom of the carton showing the carton in erected condi
and the bottom flap 34 moving also to a generally ?at
tion; and
condition which pulls the bottom ?ap 30 toward the bot~
FIG. 6 is a horizontal section taken generally along
tom of the carton. With the bottom of the carton closed,
the line 6—6 in FIG. 5.
the bottom ?aps are disposed as shown in FIGS. 5 and 6.
While this invention is susceptible of embodiments in
With the carton in upright condition, the bottom ?ap 30
many different forms, there is shown in the drawings and
will herein be described in detail an embodiment of the ' is beneath the bottom ?ap 31 and the latter ?ap extends
across the entire bottom of the carton to form a complete
invention with the understanding that the present dis
closure therefor.
closure is to be considered as an exempli?cation of the
In order to lock the bottom flaps in position and main
principles of the invention and is not intended to limit the
tain the carton in erect condition, means are provided on
invention to the embodiment illustrated. The scope of
the bottom ?aps 30 and 36 including a hook 50 formed
the invention will be pointed out in the appended claims.
at the extremity of the outer part 43 of the bottom ?ap
As shown in the drawing, a paperboard blank indicated
36 and having a slit 51 adjacent thereto with the part of
generally at 10‘ has a plurality of side walls indicated at
the blank material at the side of the slit remote from the
11, 12, 13 and ‘14 which are scoringly connected along
hook being free of adhesion from the bottom ?ap 31.
score lines 15, 16 and 17. The side ?ap 11 has a sealing
?ap 20 scoringly connected thereto along a scoreline 21 65 This means also includes an integral tab 52 extending be
yond the periphery of the bottom ?ap 30 in coplanar
whereby the carton may be formed from the blank by
relation therewith and having slightly rounded corners
attachment of the sealing ?ap 20 to the underside of the
with a substantially straight edge 53-.
side wall 14 and as shown in FIG. 3.
The side walls 11, 12, 13 and 14 each carry parts of 70 As the carton is being erected as viewed in FIG. 4, the
tab 52 is caused to move toward the hook 50 and the
structure for closing the top of the carton after it is
tab 52 will pass above the book 50 and through the slit
erected and ?lled. This structure is shown in FIG. 3 in
51 since the part of bottom ?ap 36 adjacent to the slit is
free of adherence to the bottom ?ap 31 which tends to
open the slit. With the carton bottom ?nally closed as
viewed in FIGS. 5 and 6, the tab ‘52 extends to the side
of the slit 51 opposite from the hook ‘50 and the rela
tively straight edge 53 of the tab abuts against the edge
?ap of the second pair having a planar projecting tab
located intermediate the ends of the free edge of the
flap and extending beyond the remainder of said third
bottom ?ap, said tab extending beyond the edge of the
adjacent ?rst bottom ?ap when the ?rst and third ?aps
are adhesively secured together, said tab and the adja
of the hook 50. This abutment is maintained effective
by the generally coplanar relation between the tab 52 and
the hook 50 since the hook 50‘ lies beneath the outer part
cent edge of the ?rst bottom ?ap cooperating to form a
notch, and the outer part of the second bottom ?ap being
secured to the fourth bottom ?ap of the second pair hav
41 of the bottom ?ap 34 and is thus substantially in the 10 ing a hook at its extremity and a narrow slit adjacent
same plane as the tab 52. The tab also extends beyond
thereto opening toward said tab as the carton is erected
the base of the slit. This abutment also is to one side
and not adhered to the adjacent bottom ?ap whereby ex
of a diagonal between opposite corners of the carton
pansion of the carton causes said third and fourth bottom
whereby forces tending to collapse the carton maintain
flaps to move toward each other as they approach parallel
the locked relation between the tab 52 and the book 50.
relation, one above the other, and said tab and slit ap
I claim:
proach each other with the tab passing through said slit
A collapsible carton having a self-locking bottom closed
and lying behind said hook and between said second and
and automatically locked upon erection of the carton
fourth ?aps when the bottom of said carton is closed.
comprising, four connected side Walls with each wall hav
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
ing a scoringly connected bottom flap, the ?rst and second 20
of said bottom ?aps forming a ?rst pair of opposed bot
tom ?aps each having a diagonal score line forming the
Neumann ____________ __ Oct. 15, 1935
?aps into an inner part and an outer part with an ad
hesion portion, the third and fourth of said bottom ?aps
forming a second pair of opposed bottom ?aps, each being 25
adhesively secured to one adjacent adhesion portion of
said ?rst pair of opposed bottom ?aps, said third bottom
Buttery ______________ __ Jan. 23, 1951
Buttery ________ __'____ _._ Nov. 17, 1953
Kuchenbecker _________ __ July 9, 1957
Ryder _______________ __ June 27, 1961
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