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Oct. 16, 1962
Filed May 19, 1961
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Patented Oct. 16, 1962
8 by means of a pair of countersunk screws 12. The
gear ‘8 is rigidly ?tted on the end of a hollow shaft 14
John E. Brown and Harold A. (Ester-berg, Waukegan, Ill.,
which depends from the gear and extends through a bush
ing 16 in the frame 4. The upper portion 18 of the
assignors to United States Steel Qorporation, a corpo
bushing 16 is ?anged and serves as a bearing for the
gear 8. The upper end of the hollow shaft 14 is flush with
the bottom of the recess in the upper face of the gear
8. Worm gear 8 is in mesh with and driven by a worm
The present invention relates generally to die condi
19 which is ?xedly mounted on ‘a drive shaft 21 con
tioning apparatus and more particularly has as its pri 10 nected with suitable power means (not shown).
ration of New Jersey
Filed May 19, 1961, Ser. No. 111,197
6 Claims. (Cl. 51-237)
A pair of aligned, diametrically extending lugs 22 pro
mary object the provision of an improved die holder
assembly for supporting a wire-drawing die for ripping
ject upwardly from the upper surface of the plate 10
and extend radially ‘from opposite sides of the hole 20,
or lapping in a die conditioning machine.
Another object of the invention is to provide a wire
as ‘best shown in FIGURE 2.
drawing die holder assembly wherein a die receptacle 15
is mounted on and is provided with a driving connection
with a rotatable platform so that a die to be conditioned
can be positively rotated relative to the lapping pin of ‘a
The die receptacle 24 of the assembly consists of two
semi-circular recessed segments 26 which de?ne a socket
28 for receiving the wire-drawing die D. The segments
are held in engagement with the die by means of tWo
tension-spring rings 30 and 32 which are received in
It is another object of the invention to provide a 20 grooves 34 and 36‘, respectively, located in the outer
wire-drawing die holder assembly of the foregoing char
annular walls of the segments 26. It will be noted that
acter wherein the die receptacle is mounted on the ro
the inside diameter of the socket ‘28 is equal to the diam
die lapping machine.
tatable platform in such ‘a manner to permit limited
eter of the die D, however, the segments are not com
shifting of the receptacle during the conditioning proc
plete semi-circles and, therefore, when the segments are
ess so as to effect self-centering of a die held in the re 25 in position around the die, a diametrically extending slot
ceptacle relative to the longitudinal axis of the lapping
38 is formed between the adjacent bottom edges of the
segments. Slot ‘38 receives the lugs 22 of drive plate 10
It is a further object of the invention to provide a
wire-drawing die holder assembly which includes a re
ceptacle comprised of a pair of separate spaced apart
segments having matching semi-circular recesses therein
which form a socket for receiving a die and which seg
ments are held in engagement with the die by means
of a resilient band extending around the annular periph
eries of the segments.
It is a further object of the invention to provide a
to :form a driving connection between gear 8 and the
receptacle 24. The slot 38 has a width greater than the
thickness ‘of the lugs 22 so as to permit the die receptacle
to shift laterally a slight amount relative to the lugs.
Such spacing to permit ‘a slight amount of lateral move
ment between the die and the lapping pin is necessary
to render the die self-centering so as to compensate for
35 wear of machine parts which otherwise would result in
throwing the axis of the lapping pin off-center relative
wire-drawing die holder ‘assembly of the foregoing char
acter wherein the driving connection between the plat
to the axis of the platform and die receptacle.
The receptacle 24 has a center opening 40 through
the bottom thereof which is aligned with ‘and communi
form and the die receptacle is effected by means of a
lug projecting upwardly from the platform and a slot 40 cates with the center hole 20 of the drive plate It) and
in the bottom of the receptacle in which the lug
the bore of shaft 14 so as to render the assembly of the
invention self-cleaning.
is received.
In operation, the platform 7 is rotated ‘at a relatively
As a corollary to the object immediately above, it is
a further object of the invention to provide a wire-draw
slow speed while the lapping pin ‘6, which is supported
ing die holder assembly of the foregoing character in 45 from above, is rotated at a relatively high speed, usually
in the direction of rotation opposite to the direction of
rotation of the platform. During the die conditioning
walls of the segments coplanar with the slot in the bot
operation the lapping pin is caused to reciprocate axially
tom of the receptacle and the resilient band is disposed
while it is rotating. The mechanism for rotating and
in the aligned grooves whereby the band limits move
ment of the receptacle axially of the lug ‘and ‘also main 50 reciprocating the lapping pin is well known in the art
tains the segments in engagement with the die.
and is not shown herein. A typical example of such
These and other objects will become more apparent
mechanism is shown by Patent No. 2,465,867 issued
March 29, 1949.
after referring to the following speci?cation and attached
While one embodiment of our invention has been
drawings in which:
FIGURE 1 is an elevational view partly in vertical 55 shown and described it will be apparent that other ‘adapta
tions and modi?cations may be made without departing
section; and
from the scope of the following claims.
FIGURE 2 is a plan view taken on the line 11-11
We claim:
of FIGURE 1 with parts broken ‘away to show under
1. A wire-drawing die holder assembly for a die lap
lying structure.
Referring more particularly to the drawings reference 60 ping machine which comprises a rotatable platform,
means connected with said platform for rotating the
numeral 2 designates generally the wire-drawing die
same, a diametrically extending lug projecting upwardly
holder assembly of the invention shown mounted in the
from the surface of said platform, a die receptacle loosely
frame 4 of a die lapping machine for supporting a wire
mounted on said platform, said receptacle having a
drawing die D in position for conditioning by a lapping
65 diametrically extending slot on the bottom thereof for
pin 6 of the lapping machine.
receiving said lug, said slot having a width greater than
The die holder assembly of the invention includes a
the thickness of said lug whereby said receptacle is shift
platform 7 which is preferably in the form of a hori
able laterally relative to the longitudinal axis of said
zontally disposed worm gear 8 having a recessed upper
face into which is ?tted a drive plate 10. The drive 70
2. A wire-drawing die holder assembly for a ‘die lapa
plate 10 which is provided with a center hole 20 is
ping machine which comprises a rotatable platform,
?xedly mounted in the recessed upper face of the ‘gear
means connected with said platform for rotating the
which aligned grooves are formed in the outer annular
same, ‘an elongated central lug projecting upwardly from
whereby motion of said receptacle axially of said lug
said platform, a die receptacle loosely mounted on said
is limited ‘by said resilient ‘band.
5. A wire-drawing die holder assembly as de?ned 'by
claim 2 in ‘which said platform and said socket have
aligned center openings therethrough adapted to com
platform, said receptacle including ‘a pair of spaced apart
segments having matching semi-circular recesses therein
de?ning a socket for receiving a Wire-drawing die, the
‘adjacent bottom edges of said segments de?ning a slot
therebetween for receiving said lug, the width of said
municate ‘with the opening of 'a wire-drawing die re
ceived in said socket.
slot being greater than the thickness: of said lug where
6. A wire-drawing die holder assembly as de?ned lay
by said receptacle is shiftable laterally relative to said
claim 5 in which said platform includes a substantially
lug, and securing means disposed around said segments 10 horizontally disposed worm gear, and said rotating
to hold the same together around a wire-drawing die.
means comprises a Worm in mesh with said Worm gear.
3. A wire-drawing die holder assembly as de?ned ‘by
claim 2 in which each of said segments has a peripheral
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
groove therein, the peripheral groove in One segment
being *aligned with the peripheral groove in the other, 15
Muehlieb ____________ __ Mar. 23, 1926
‘and said securing means comprises a resilient band
seated in said peripheral grooves.
Srnyers ______________ __ Dec. 3, 1946
4. A Wire-drawing die holder assembly as de?ned ~by
Gargano ____________ __ Mar. 29, 1949
claim 3 in which said peripheral grooves and the re
Roux _______________ _._ Apr. 1, 1952
silient band received therein are co-planar with said lugr 20 2,835,496
Hall _______________ __ May 20, 1958
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