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Oct. '23, 1962
Filed Aug. 11, 1960
l CE
Unite States
Dan M. Price, 804 N. Montgomery Ave, Litch?eld, Ill.
Filed Aug. 11, 1960, Ser. No. 49,022
4 Claims. (Cl. 36-115)
The present invention relates generally to foot wear
and more particularly to a class of foot wear of the
- Patented Oct. 23,1962 \
. tially where the heel of the foot is located. Extending
upwardly through these openings are a plurality of
resilient hook elements which engage the threads of the
stocking to hold the sandal in place. These hook ele
ments ‘also provide a cushioning effect as they deform
slightly under the weight of the wearer which in turn in-_
creases their ability to engage and hold the threads of
the stocking. Additional cushioning material such as a
sponge rubber is placed in back of the hook elements to
sandal type that requires no upper members for engaging
the upper surface of the foot or heel to retain the sandal
10 increase the cushioning effect.
in a wearing position.
So that the present invention may be more clearly
‘In the existing art, there is a plurality of dilferently
presented and more easily understood, the applicant now
shaped sandals for the protection of the foot which not
refers to the drawings in which:
only provides the desirable cushioning and contouring of
FIG. 1 is a perspective view of the strapless sandal of‘
the lower sole portion but also an upper portion con
this invention;
sisting of straps, elastic bands, hooks, etc. for retaining
FIG. 2 is a perspective view of the strapless sandal of
the sandal or sole protector in a wearing position.
this invention with the upper cover member being partial
Several disadvantages have arisen from the retaining de
ly elevated illustrating the location of the cushioning and
vices of the upper portion of the sandals of the prior art
retaining members;
such as; breakage of the straps, failure of the elastic ma
FIG. 3 is a sectional view taken along the lines 3——-3
terial in the resilient bands, the pulling away or disen 20 of FIG. 1 illustrating the relationship of the base member
gagement of the straps from the lower portion to which
with the retaining, cushioning and backing members; and
they are attached, and of course, the added time and cost
FIG. 4 is a view in side elevation of the invention.
for the securing of these upper retaining devices to form
Referring to thejdrawings the preferred embodiment
the complete sandal. These disadvantages are but few of
of the invention is designated by the numeral 10 and in
the manufacturing problems and the disadvantages to the 25 cludes a base member 11 and a cover member 12. Refer
ultimate consumer are readily apparent to anyone who
ring speci?cally to FIGS. 3 and 4, the base member 12 is
has worn this type of sandal. The bending over to buckle
preferable formed from a ?exible rubber composition of
the straps, the forcing outwardly of the elastic members
approximately 3716 of an inch in thickness with its under
so the foot may be inserted, and the binding, cutting, and
side or lower surface 13 roughened to provide su?icient.
chapping of the skin by these straps and bands are but
friction in order to, give a ?rm hold on the surface of the
a few of the disadvantages that the wearer experiences.
ground and to prevent slippage during walking. The up
It is therefore, the primary object of this invention to
per surface 14 is substantially smooth and ?at in contour
eliminate the disadvantages of the prior art and to pro
for receipt of the cover member 12 and to provide a sur
vide an improved strapless sandal that is retm'ned in the
face for a retaining, cushioning, and backing members to
wearing position without the use of upper retaining mem
be described.
bers to engage the upper surface of the foot.
The cover member 12 is preferable formed from a thin
A speci?c object of this invention is to provide an im
?exible material such as a vinyl or well-known leatherette
proved strapless sandal which is readily attached and re
and provides an elongated opening 15 angularly posi_
moved to only the lower surface of the foot.
40 tioned across a forward portion corresponding to that of
Another object of this invention is to provide an im
the ball of the foot and another elongated opening 16
proved strapless sandal which is retained in the wearing
positioned across a rearward portion corresponding to the
position by the engagement ‘of a multiplicity of hook
heel of the foot. The upper surface of member 12 has a.
elements with the threads of a stocking.
smooth textured ?nish which has a pleasant appearance
Another object of this invention is to provide an im
while the lower surface is in an un?nished condition
proved strapless sandal which not only retains the sandal
with a substantially roughened surface to assist in a
to the foot, but provides a cushion for the foot.
bonding operation for securing the cover 12 to the
A still further object of this invention is to provide an
base 11.
improved strapless sandal which may be secured on a foot
Referring speci?cally to FIG. 3, a cushioning member
by merely stepping down on the sandal with the foot
17, a retaining member 18, and a backing member 19,
having a stocking thereon.
are disposed between the cover member 12 and base 11.
A still further object of this invention is to provide an
The cushioning member .17 is preferably a high resilient
improved strapless sandal which is completely ?exible
rubber and may vary in thickness depending upon the
to adhere to the contour of the foot during a walking
type of material used and the desired amount of cushion
ing required. The retaining member 18 has a thin ?exi
Another object of this invention is to provide an im 55 ble base with a multiplicity of book elements integrally
proved strapless sandal that is inexpensive to manu
formed therewith wherein each of the hook elements
facture, ruggedly constructed, and adaptable for use by
anyone desiring protection for the foot while wearing a
These being the objects of the present invention, other
further desirable characteristics and objects will become
evident hereinafter as the speci?cation proceeds.
Fundamentally, the applicant’s improved strapless
extends upwardly approximately 1756 of an inch at right
angles to the base. The retaining member is preferably
formed from a plastic like material such as nylon which
is su?iciently resilient to engage the threads of a stocking
without injury to the stocking material or the foot, and in
addition provides a cushion effect.
To insure the proper alignment of the cushion member
is contoured substantially to the form of a foot surface 65 17 with the retaining member 18, a cloth backing mem
ber 19 is secured about its periphery to the periphery of
with the under side thereof roughened for engagement
the retaining member 18 with the cushioning member 17
with the ground while the upper side is covered by a thin
centrally disposed between. In other words, we have a
smooth material such as vinyl or a leatherette. The up
closed pad 20 arrangementwith one surface being the re
per covering has two elongated openings therethrough,
one angularly positioned across its forward portion sub 70 taining member 18 and the other being the backing mem
ber 19 with the cushioning member 17 centrally secured
stantially where the ball of the foot is located and the
other opening is located across the rear portion substan
sandal comprises a ?at resilient rubber base member that
The above mentioned pads 20, consisting of the retain
2. A strapless sandal for protection of a foot sole hav
ing a stocking thereon comprising a ?exible base member
ing member 18‘, cushioning member 17 and ‘backing mem
*ber 19, are positioned on the ‘base 11 in alignment with
having a contour substantially of a foot sole, a cover mem
the elongated openings. ‘15 and 16 vas the member, 12 is.
placed on the base 11. As readily viewed in FIG. 2, 5 ber for an upper surface of the base, said cover having a
?rst elongated opening therethrough in juxtaposition with
these pads have an external contour substantially greater
the ball of the foot and a second‘ elongated opening in
than the elongated openings whereby they may be secure
juxtaposition with the heel of a foot, a cushioning mem
ly held by the cover upon the cover being secured to the
ber, a retaining member providing a plurality of upwardly
base. Securing the cover 12 to the base 11 may be
extending hook elements, means to centrally secure the
satisfactorily accomplished by any of the well-known
pressure-sensitive-bonding adhesives. As viewed in FIG.
2 the cover member 12 has only its periphery secured
cushioning member beneath the retaining member, and a
cover member encircling said cushioning and retaining
members and securing them in position as the cover is
bonded to the base whereby an e?ective engagement of
the strapless sandal of this invention has provided an 15 the retaining hook elements may be made with the threads
of the stocking to hold the sandal in position during a
improved and useful sandal for the protection of the foot
Walking movement.
which is readily adaptable for application to the foot and
3. The invention as set forth in claim 2 wherein the
' eliminated the previously required retaining straps, bands,
to centrally secure the cushioning member beneath
etc. of the prior art. Moreover, the retaining members
of this invention with their upwardly extending hook ele 20 the retaining member comprises a ?exible backing mem
ber secured about its periphery to the periphery of the
ments for engagement of the, threads of a stocking not
retaining member with the cushioning element disposed
only serve as the retaining means and additional cushion
ing means, but also permits the passage of air between
4. A strapless sandal for protecting the under surface
the lowermost portion of the foot and the surface of the
sandal which creates a very desirable cooling effect. Fur 25 of a foot having a stocking thereon comprising a ?exible
thermore, the strapless sandal of this invention, presents
base member, a resilient cushioning member secured be
such an extremely thin pro?le that it is most advanta
tween a retaining member and a backing member, said
geous for packaging and shipping by the manufacturer
retaining member comprising a plurality of upwardly ex
and serves as a space, saving commodity for the retailer.
tending semi-rigid hook elements, a ?exible cover mem
Likewise, the traveler who never has enough space may
ber having a pair of elongated openings spaced for re
easily slip the strapless sandles into a pocket of a suitcase
ceipt of the combined cushioning member and retaining
to the base 11.
To those skilled in the art it is readily apparent that
and save weight as well as space.
elements, said elongated openings being in spaced rela
Although the embodiment of the present invention has
‘been described in speci?c detail as to its construction and
tionship therewith for alignment with the ball and heel
how its objects are attained,,this should in no Way be con
strued to. limit the scope of the present invention as set
ber to the base member whereby the retaining members
of the foot, and securing means to hold the cover mem
are secured in alignment for contact with the threads of
the stocking near the ball and heel of the foot.
What is claimed is:
1. A strapless sandal for contact with only the lower
most surface of the foot having'a stocking thereon com 40
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