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Oct. :30, 1962
Filed Dec. 15, 1959
Patented Oct. 30, 1962
In the drawing:
Poul Asger Schacht Petersen, Copenhagen, Denmark, as
signor to Chr. ()lsen Akts. (Corporation), Copenhagen,
Filed Dec. 15, 1959, Ser. No. 859,629
1 Claim. (Cl. 40—334)
The invention relates to a writing instrument of the
type having a holder containing writing elements or units
such as ink cartridges, tubes with paste, pencil lead maga
FIGURE 1 is a diametral section through a pencil, and
FIGURE 2 is a section on the line II—1I of FIGURE 1.
As will appear from FIGURE 2, the pencil holder is
composed of four sector-shaped parts, two of which,
i.e. the parts 1 and 2, are solid, whereas the two other
sector-shaped parts are divided into three parts, each
consisting of two shells, one lying outside the other.
All the sector-shaped parts may be glued together along
their abutting surfaces. The left-hand sector-shaped
part consists of an inner shell 3, see FIGURE 2, which
zines or the like. The said writing units or elements may
be ?xed or movable.
is opaque and carries a picture layer 5, whereas the outer
shell 4 consists of a transparent material which produces
Hitherto, the holder for such writing instruments has
an optical enlargement of the picture surface.
been made of one or more hollow cylindrical bodies into 15
The right-hand sector part consists of an opaque shell
the inner cavity of which the writing units could be in
6 covered by an outer shell 7 of transparent material
troduced and moved freely. In recent years, writing
and leaving a narrow rectangular space 8 between them,
instruments have been made with the rear half con
the said hollow space extending in the entire length of
sisting of transparent containers ?lled with a non-volatile
the holder. The front wall and rear wall of the said space
liquid with movable bodies, whereby the room left for
8 may be provided with pictures or other communica
the writing units is limited to the front half of the
tion surfaces and one or more movable bodies B in the
space 8 may be freely movable or be mechanically con
It is an object of the present invention to provide a
nected with the push-button 9 which moves the writing
writing instrument in which the writing units can be
units of the pencil, or the body or bodies may be assumed
arranged behind such cavities as are ?lled with a liquid 25 to be moved by other means operable from outside such
or with other eye-catching parts, e.g. letters or pic
as the clip 10 of the pencil, the said clip being in the
tures, while on the other side these can be extended freely
embodiment disclosed introduced into a hole 11 in the
down over the bottom parts of the writing instrument,
part 2 directly before the holder is assembled.
bypassing the writing units disposed in that section. In
It will be appreciated that the sector-shaped parts may
this way there is provided a writing instrument the writ
be provided in a number and be of a width to suit re
ing units of which have their full capacity.
In accordance with the invention, the holder consists
The writing elements of the pencil constitute, apart
in part or throughout its length of two or more sector
from the push-button 9, a combined unit which can be
shaped parts freely enclosing the writing units, the said
inserted into the holder by means of threads 12.
sector-shaped parts being connected with each other 35 What is claimed is:
along their abutting surfaces and/or at their ends, for
A writing instrument comprising a holder and writ
example by means of glue or special retaining and/or
ing means; said holder comprising diametrically opposed
assembly means.
solid sectors, intermediate sectors extending between said
The combined sector-shaped parts thus form a cover
solid sectors and constituting therewith a substantially
or barrel in the inner cavity of which the writing units 40 cylindrical body de?ning a central bore in which said
may extend freely throughout the entire length of the
writing means is displaceably accommodated, and means
instrument. The instrument can be assembled by join
for connecting said sectors together, at least one of said
ing the sector-shaped parts around the writing units,
intermediate sectors comprising generally concentric in
whereby a quicker and more reliable assembly of the
ner and outer shells of which said inner shell is opaque
holder parts is obtained than in cases where annular or 45 and said outer shell is of a material which may be seen
cylindrical parts have to be assembled.
through whereby intelligence positioned inwardly of the
In accordance with the invention at least one sector
outer shell and outwardly of the inner shell may be ob
may be composed of shells arranged one outside the
served, means for displacing said writing means in said
other, the outer shell being translucent, preferably trans
bore between operative and inoperative positions and in
said surfaces will be safely protected from wear, and
if the outer surface of the outer shell is curved, it will
relative to the shells can be obtained.
parent, whereas there are surfaces behind it with let 50 dicia means slidably supported between said shells and
ters, pictures or other such material or intelligence. The
coupled to the last said means for being displaced thereby
whereby adjustment of the position of the indicia means
produce an optical enlargement.
In accordance with the invention, it is furthermore 55
possible to provide a cavity between the outer translu
cent or transparent shell and the inner shell or shells,
which cavity may serve to accommodate movable bodies.
The said cavity may thus extend practically throughout
the entire length of the writing instrument, and the said 60
instrument may be provided with a plurality of such
cavities in the different sector parts.
The drawing shows a writing instrument in accordance
with one embodiment of the invention.
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