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Oct. 30, 1962
Filed Sept. 3, 1959
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R/ 52
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Arthur N.Wells
United States ~ atent Q
Patented Get. 30., 1962
includes a central collar 17 surrounding the pipe 10 and
having a set screw 18 projecting therethrough for en
Arthur N. Wells, P.O. Box 696, Belmont, Calif.
Filed Sept. 3, 1959, Ser. No. 837,865
1 Claim. (Cl. 175-54)
means of which the handle assembly may be located con-i
This invention relates in general to drilling or digging
implements and pertains more particularly to such type of
gagement against the outer surface of the pipe and by
veniently at any point therealong.
Extending radially
from the collar 17 are diametrically disposed laterally
projecting handle members 19 and 20‘ and by means of
which the entire assembly may be grasped and manipu
In drilling or digging hydraulically, usually the motive 10 The lower end 21 of the pipe is internally threaded for
force which effects the drilling or digging is the body of
the reception therein of a nozzle means indicated gen
water itself. The present invention, however, contem
erally by referenec character 22. The nozzle means 22
plates the utilization of the body of material being dug,
includes an externally threaded shank 23 which is thread
as admixed with the water, as a digging or drilling agent.
ed into the lower end of the pipe 10 and which has a
It is, therefore, of primary concern in connection with 15 restricted axial bore 24 therethrough. The lower end
this invention to provide a hydraulic drilling implement
of the nozzle means 22 is provided with foot extensions
which has a nozzle end through which the water is dis
25 and 26 with notches 27 and 28 being provided there
charged and which nozzle end also includes one or more
between, see particularly FIGS. 2 and 3.
inlets disposed laterally of the main flow of water so as
The intermediate body portion of the nozzle means 22
to permit some of the discharged water in the region of 20 immediately above the notches ~27 and 28 is provided
the inlets to be drawn in through such inlets and re
with diametrically opposed openings 30 and 31. It will
mechanism which operates as a result of hydraulic ?ow.
circulated in the main discharging stream of water or
liquid, and which inlets will also permit earth or loose
material which is being dug or drilled to also be drawn
be noted that the construction of the nozzle means is
such that the diameter of the bore 24 is materially less
than the interior diameter of the pipe 10 and is also
in along with the liquid through the inlet.
25 less than the diameter of the chamber 35 immediately
Another object of this invention is the provision of a
below the face 38 at the lower extremity of the bore
nozzle discharge assembly for use in conjunction with a
hydraulic drilling or digging implement in which there
In operation, it will be appreciated that the discharge
is an axial discharge of the Water through a portion of
of water through the nozzle means is axially thereof with
restricted area and with there being located immediately 30 the notches 27 and 28 providing discharge passages also.
down-stream from this restricted portion openings extend
As the water is discharged into the soil, for example, it
ing laterally through the nozzle assembly and generally at
will mix therewith and form a mud and some of this
right angles to the discharge therethrough so as to re-enter
mud will be re-entered into the nozzle means through
the discharge water mixed with loose material being
the openinges 30 and 31 therein. This is due by virtue
drilled or dug into the discharge stream of the nozzle to 35 of the fact that pressure loss than the ambient pressure
introduce an abrading action into the drilling or digging
is induced in the region of the openings 30 and 31 by
operation and thereby enhance its ef?ciency.
virtue of the sudden enlargement of the bore 24- at face
Another object of this invention is the provision of
an implement particularly well suited and adapted for hand
38 as the water enters chamber 35.
Thus the digging action is achieved not only by the con
digging operations such as in a garden or the like and it 40 version of kinetic energy of the water but also by the
may be operated by an individual from a source of Water
abrading effect achieved by the re-entrance of some
obtained through an ordinary garden hose.
mud into the nozzle means through the openings 30 and
With the above and other objects in view, the inven
31 thus increasing the overall e?‘iciency of the device.
tion consists in the construction and novel combination
The feet 25 and 26 form initial points of penetration into
and arrangement of parts hereinafter fully described, il 45 the soil in conjunction with which the bit assembly shown
lustrated in the accompanying drawings and pointed out
is particularly well adapted and is generally intended.
in the claim hereto appended, it being understood that
In the form of the invention shown in FIG. 4, the prin
various changes in the form, proportions, and minor de
ciples thereof will be seen to be utilized in conjunction
tails of construction, within the scope of the claim, may be
with a generally conventional rock drilling bit indicated
resorted to without departing from the spirit or sacri?c 50 generally by the reference character 50. The bit may
ing any of the advantages of the invention.
be of the rotary type having teeth 51 formed on the lower
In the drawings:
surface and the reference numeral 52 indicates a drill
FIG. 1 is an elevational view, partly in section, illus
pipe connected to and carrying this bit and by means of
trating one embodiment of this invention;
which it is operated.
FIG. 2 is a side elevational view of the nozzle end of
The pipe 52 may have a restricting member or block
the implement shown in FIG. 1 and illustrating further
53 located therewithin and presenting a restricting bore
details of construction thereof;
54 and immediately below this block are openings 55 and
FIG. 3 is a bottom end elevational view of the nozzle
56 corresponding to the openings 30 and 31 previously
assembly; and
FIG. 4 is a vertical section taken through a drill of
generally conventional design incorporating the princi
ples of this invention.
Referring now more particularly to FIG. 1, reference
In operation, the rock dust or chips are
washed away by the water discharged through the pipe 52
and the mud thus formed, as it is generally called, is re
entered into the stream of liquid discharged through the
bit through the openings 55 and 56 to provide an addi
numeral 10 therein indicates generally an elongate tube
tional abrading action enhancing the ef?ciency of the
or pipe having its upper end ‘11 externally threaded for
bit 50.
connection to a valve indicated generally by the reference
As a speci?c example, the nozzle means may be formed
character 12. A nipple 13 extends from the valve and
with a length of approximately three inches with a throat
is provided with external threads by means of which the
diameter of approximately 5/32 of an inch and a discharge
coupling 14 may be attached thereto and which is formed
diameter of approximately % inch. The lateral open
on one end of a hose 15. A handle assembly indicated
ings are preferably about % inch diameter and are spaced
generally by the reference numeral 16 is provided which
from the face adjacent the throat by a distance of ap
proximately 1%; inch. ' Such a nozzle is particularly well
of greater cross-sectional area than said axial bore, said
adapted for use in conjunction with % inch pipe. This
type of nozzle utilized in conjunction with the "A; diameter
pipe having a length of approximately 2 feet is admir
ably suited for gardening purposes. For example, the
implement may be utilized for mulching.
body portion having laterally extending openings formed
therethrough and being in communication with said cham
ber, said openings being disposed adjacent to and entirely
downstream of said axial bore and spaced a substantial
distance upstream from said terminal end of the nozzle
The implement is also particularly Well adapted for
means, whereby liquid passing through said axial bore
loosening soil for fence post holes and may also be used
to loosen soil for effecting removal of fence posts. It
also effects the desired end results in a very rapid and
enters said chamber and then passes outwardly through
the open terminal end of said nozzle means, and liquid
is drawn in through said lateral openings for recircula
tion through the terminal end of said nozzle means, the
e?icient manner and with a minimum of effort on the
terminal end of said body portion including spaced lon
part of the operator.
gitudinally extending foot extensions de?ning notches
I claim:
A hydraulic hand digging implement comprising a
length of pipe, handle means adjustably secured to said 15
pipe intermediate the ends thereof, means for connecting
References Cited in the tile of this patent
the pipe to a source of water under pressure, valve means
connected with said pipe for controlling the ?ow of Water
through said pipe, nozzle means mounted at one end
of the pipe for discharging Water therethrough, said noz 20
zle means having a restricted axial bore formed through
the upstream end portion thereof, said nozzle means in
cluding a body portion extending in a downstream direc
tion from said upstream portion thereof, said body por
tion being open at the terminal end thereof and de?ning 25
a chamber immediately downstream of said axial bore
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