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United States Patent O??ce
Patented Nov. 6, 1962
through the string loop 6, as illustrated in FIGURE 1.
The part of the U protruding through string loop 6 must
Hector Peloquin, 3 Jean-Baptiste St,
Sorel, Quebec, Canada
Filed Feb. 23, 1962, Ser. No. 175,246
3 Claims. (Cl. 40—-316)
The present invention relates to .a method for attaching
an identi?cation card or the like to an electric cord, or
other elongated and ?exible articles.
It is often necessary to attach an identi?cation card to
an electric cord, the end of which is provided with a
plug or the like having a greater size than the cord itself.
be of sufficient dimension for the free passage of plug 3.
Thus, starting from FIGURE 1, the end portion of the
cord provided with plug 3 is bent back and the plug 3
past through the U-shaped loop of the cord, as shown in
FIGURE 2; this constitutes the second step of the method.
The third step consists of simultaneously pulling in oppo
site directions on plug 3 and on the opposed end of the
electric cord, that is portion 7. Thus, the U of the elec
tric cord vanishes and the cord becomes straight, as
shown in FIGURE 4. During this operation, the string
loop 6 automatically forms a knot which constitutes the
?nal attachment of the card to the electric cord, as shown
The identi?cation card is normally made of cardboard 15 in
FIGURES 4 and 5.
or heavy paper, and is provided with a reinforced hole
this attachment, only one strand 6' passes through
through which passes a string. In order to attach the
the U 6” whereas the other strand 6"’ enters directly
identi?cation card to the electric card, it is necessary to
through hole 4 to merge with strand 6'.
either manually tie the string around the cord or else to
Because the string loop 6 is of small size and is bent
previously make the string into a loop of su?icient size 20 over itself to form the attachment and maintains the
to be able to insert the electric plug therethrough. How
card close to the electric cord, it is impossible for the
ever, under these conditions, the identi?cation card can
string to slip off the cord, because it will abut against the
easily become detached from the cord. The same prob
plug 3 or other similar enlarged portion at the end of the
lem occurs when it is desired to attach an identi?cation
electric cord or other ?exible elongated objects.
card to other ?exible elongated objects provided with an 25
The method in accordance with the present invention
enlarged end portion.
enables to utilize identi?cation cards which had been
The general object of the present invention resides
previously provided with a looped string formed or tied
therefore in the provision of a method which enables to
by a suitable machine and thus does not require manual
very rapidly attach an identi?cation card to an electric
tying of the cord around the electric cord or other ?exible
cord or other elongated ?exible objects provided with an 30 elongated object.
enlarged end portion without having to make a knot and
While a preferred embodiment in accordance with the
yet obtain a ?rm securing of the card to the cord whereby
invention has been illustrated and described, it is under
the card will not become accidentally detached.
stood that various modi?cations may be resorted to with
Another object of the present invention resides in the
out departing from the spirit and scope of the appended
provision of a method of the character described which 35 claims.
.is very simple and very quick to carry out.
What I claim is:
The foregoing objects and other objects of the present
1. Method for attaching a card provided with a string
invention will become more apparent during the following
loop to an elongated ?exible object having an enlarged
disclosure and by referring to the drawings, in which:
portion of a size greater than the opening of said string
FIGURES 1, 2, 3 and 4 are partial elevations of an 40 loop, said method comprising the steps of bending the
electric cord and an identi?cation card showing the dif
elongated ?exible object in the vicinity of its enlarged
ferent steps of the method for attaching the card to the
to form two branches of a U which is inserted
cord; and
said string loop, passing the enlarged portion of
FIGURE 5 is a cross-section of the completed attach
elongated object through said U, and there
ment shown in FIGURE 4.
after pulling in opposite directions spaced portions of
Referring now more particularly to the drawings in
which like reference characters indicate like elements
throughout, in accordance with the invention it is desired
the ?exible elongated object on both sides of said string
loop to straighten out said object thereby resulting in
the attachment of the card to the object, the latter passing
to attach identi?cation card 1 to an electric cord 2 or
through the string loop.
other ?exible elongated object, the cord or other object 50
2. Method as claimed in claim 1, wherein said elon
being provided at one end with an enlarged portion con
?exible object is an electric cord and said enlarged
stituted in the illustrated application by an electric plug 3.
portion is an electric plug at one end of the cord.
The identi?cation card is normally made of cardboard,
3. A method as claimed in claim 2, wherein said card
heavy paper or other conventional material, and is pro
55 is an identi?cation card for the cord.
vided with a hole 4, the edges of which are reinforced,
if desired, by paper 5 glued to the card.
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In accordance with the invention, a string 6 is inserted
through hole 4 and tied at both ends to form a loop, the
opening of which is sui?cient for free passage of at least
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a double thickness of cord 2 but insufficient for the in
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