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Nov. 6, 1962
Filed May 8, 1961
2 Sheets-Sheet 1
Nov. 6, 1962
Filed May 8, 1961
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
United States Patent O??ce
Patented Nov. 6, 1962
The end edges 19 and 24 are ?ared inwardly ‘to form
?anges 27 and 28. Preferably, also, the top edge 16 of
the main wall is ?ared slightly outwardly at ‘29.
Moreover, a reinforcing and protective baffle ‘30 is de
Robert A. B. Lang, 340 McNab Ave., Renfrew,
Ontario, Canada
Filed May 8, 1961, Ser. No. 108,678
5 Claims. (Cl. 99—393)
sirably mounted on the inner surface of main wall 12
along the bottom edge 15 and in slightly spaced relation
to such inner surface. It will be observed that the
baffle is slotted at 31 to correspond with slot 1511.
Part 11 is very closely similar to part 10 and has cor
This invention relates to a toaster attachment for
camp stoves.
Many attempts have been made in the past to provide 10 responding elements including main walls 32, side walls
33 and 34, bottom and top edges 35 and 36 of the
burners such as are employed in camp stoves. However,
main wall, slot 35a, end edges 38 and 39 and longitudinal
none of such attachments are in widespread use largely
edge 41} of side wall 33, slot 40a and shoulder 42 in side
because, it is believed, they fail to produce satis?actory
wall 33, end edges 43 and 44 and longitudinal‘ edge 45
results or because they are unwieldly and awkward in
of side wall 34, and slot 45a and shoulder 47 in side wall
34. Part 11 also has an outwardly ?ared portion 48 of
an attachment for making toast in conjunction with gas
It is an object of this invention to provide a toaster
attachment for camp stoves which is simple and inex
main wall top edge 36 and a protective ba?le 49. How
ever, the longitudinal edges 40 and 45 of the side walls
pensive in manufacture, which is compact in form for
are not ?anged. Moreover, the distance between side
ease of storage and handling, which is subject to easy
walls 33 and 34 is shorter than the distance between side
erection for use, which may be employed to produce
walls 13 and 14 by approximately twice the thickness of
toast of high quality, and which is readily adaptable for
the metal sheet forming such walls whereby part 11 may
incidental uses.
nest within part 10 with the outer surfaces of its side
The invention will be described with reference to the
walls 33 and 34 in engagement with the inner surfaces
accompanying drawings, in which
25 of side Walls 13 and 14 of part 10.
FIGURE 1 is a perspective view of a camp stove with
As clearly shown in the drawings, the ?anged edges
the ‘attachment of the present invention associated there
19 and 24 of part 10 and the corresponding edges 39
and 44 of part 11 extend at an acute angle to the plane
FIGURE 2 is a partial perspective view of the camp
of the corresponding main wall 12 or 32. Thus, par-ts 10
stove showing use of a portion of the attachment as a
and 11 may be associated together, as shown in FIG
hot plate,
URES 1, 6 and 7 to form a generally pyramidal casing
FIGURE 3 is a perspective view of one part of the
with the ?anges 27 and 28 acting to retain the parts in
such association.
FIGURE 4 is a perspective view of another part of the
FIGURE 5 is a perspective view of the attachment in
disassembled relation for packing or storage,
FIGURE 6 is an elevation of one end of the attach
to the wall in slightly spaced relation thereto and is pro
vided with a lower bread supporting shelf 5-2. As shown,
FIGURE 7 is an elevation of the other end of the at
It will be apparent that the casing
forms a chamber with a widely ?ared bottom opening and
a narrow slotlike top opening which is indicated at 50‘.
Mounted on the outer surface of each main wall 12 and
32 is a bread-receiving grill 51. This grill may be ?xed
40 the grill may be removably mounted on the wall for ease
tachment, and
of manufacture and storage and swingable for conven
ience in use. To this end, a rod 53 carries the grill and
may be mounted on the wall by means of a pair of lugs
54 on the wall. A handle portion 55 on the end of the
FIGURE 8 is a perspective view of the attachment in
another position thereof for use as an oven.
Referring to the drawing, 1 is a conventional camp
stove having a casing 2, a primary gas burner 3, a sec
rod permits swinging of the grill. ‘Parallel heat-dissi
ondary gas burner 4, a grid 5 overlying the burners and
composed of longitudinal rods 6 and transverse rods 7,
and a gasoline supply tank 8.
The attachment of the present invention is indicated
pating discs 55a may be provided on each rod 52 adja
ment handle portion 55.
‘In use, the attachment is erected in the form shown in
FIGURE? 1, 6 and 7, and is placed over the primary
generally at 9 and comprises two closely similar parts 119 50 burner 3 of the stove, as indicated in FIGURE 1. It
and 11 formed of suitable sheet metal.
is ?rmly positioned on the grid 5 by reception of a longi
Part 10 comprises a substantially ?at rectangular main
tudinal rod 6 thereof in slots 15a and 35a and transverse
wall 12 and ?at side walls 13 and 14 extending per
rods 7 in slots 20a, 26a and 40a, 45a. With the burner
pendicularly from the side edges of the wall 12 to form a
channel-shaped structure substantially U-shaped in cross
in operation, toast may now be produced.
The wall 12 has a free bottom edge 15 and a
free top edge 16. Wall ‘12 has a relatively short slot 15a
extending ‘perpendicularly from the bottom edge 15
whereby the ?ame therefrom uniformly heats the main
walls 12 and 32 of the device. As a result, the toast pro
thereof adjacent side wall 13. Side wall 13 has an end
edge 18 extending angularly from its junction with bot~
torn edge 15 of the main wall and an end edge 19 extend
It is important, for the purposes of the invention, that
a venturi type of chamber be formed over the burner
duced is of uniform high quality.
When not in use, the parts It) and 11 may be nested, as
shown in FIGURE 5, with the main walls 12 and 32 in
ing angularly from its junction with top edge 16 of the
abutting relation. In this position, the attachment is
main wall. Side wall 13 has a free longitudinal edge 20,
readily receivable in the main stove casing 2 for storage
a slot ‘29a extending inwardly from edge 18 and an in
purposes. This is an important advantage in providing
wardly offset shoulder 22 adjoining edge 20.
65 means for transporting the attachment while ensuring
Side wall 14 has an end edge 23 extending angularly
that it is always conveniently available for use.
from its junction with bottom edge 15 of the main wall
The attachment is useful for other purposes in associa
and an end edge 24 extending angularly from its junction
tion with the stove. Thus, as shown in FIGURE 2, one
with top edge 16 of the main wall. Wall 14 also has an
inwardly o?set shoulder 25 adjoining its free longitudinal 70 part 11 (or 10) may be ?tted over the secondary burner
4 and positioned thereon by reception of a rod 6 in slots
edge 26 and a slot 26a extending inwardly from such
40a and 45a and main wall 32 overlying the burner. It
may thus be used as a ‘warming plate for reception of a
pan or plate which would be supported in spaced rela
tion to wall 32 by the protruding edges of the lugs 54 and
the edge 36.
?anges, said second part having each of its side walls dis
posed between the side walls of said ?rst part and in sub
stantial abutment with one of said last-mentioned side
walls, said ?anges of said ?rst part being in overlying
As shown in FIGURE 8, the parts it} and 111 may be
relation to said main wall of said second part to releasably
associated together with the :side walls 13, 14 ‘and 33, 34
in lapped relation and the main walls 12 and ‘312 in paral
lel, spaced relation to provide an open-ended warming
retain said parts together, each said main wall having a
free top edge, said top edges being spaced fro-m each
other to form an opening therebetween, said main walls
extending from said opening in diverging relation to each
of wall 13 of part 10, while edge 45 of wall 34 of part 11 10 other.
oven 56. As shown, wall 32 of part 11 rests on edge 20
The device in this position
2. A toaster attachment as de?ned in claim 1, each of
is simply laid upon the grid 5 overlying the secondary
said side and main walls having a bottom edge, each of
rests on wall 12 of part 10.
said bottom edges having a grid-receiving slot extending
burner 4.
inwardly therefrom.
There has thus been provided a practical accessory for
3. A toaster attachment as defined in claim 1, each of
a camp stove which has useful and effective utility and 15
said main walls having a grill mounted on the external
which is highly convenient in operation.
surface thereof.
The device may be readily handled when hot by pro
4. A toaster attachment as de?ned in claim 2, includ
viding hook-receiving holes 57 in the main walls 12 and
ing a reinforcing plate mounted on the inner surface of
It will be understood that by the expression “gas
burner” is intended ‘to mean any burner that employs any
form of combustible gas or vapor.
I claim:
1. A toaster attachment for gas burners comprising ?rst
and second sheet metal parts each ‘comprising ‘a ?at rec
tangular main wall and a pair of side Walls extending
angularly from said main wall, each said side wall having
a free end edge disposed at an acute angle to the plane
of said main wall, each said free end edge extending from
a point adjacent to but spaced from said main Wall to a 30
point remote from said main wall, said free end edges of
each said pair of side walls being in opposed relation,
each said free end edge of said ?rst part having a ?ange
thereon directed inwardly towards the other of said
each said main wall, said plate being disposed in substan
tially parallel, spaced relation to said main wall and ex
tending from one of said side walls to another of said side
walls, said plate having .a lower edge in adjacent relation
to said bottom edge of said main wall.
5. A toaster attachment as de?ned in claim 1, each
said main wall having a portion adjoining said top edge
thereof ?ared outwardly away from the other of said
main walls to provide a throat leading to ‘said opening.
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