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NOV. 6, 1962
Q scHwARTz
Filed May 18, 1959
United States Patent
Patented Nov. 6, 1962
Cyrus Schwartz, 727 S. Orange Grove Ave.,
Los Angeles, Calif.
Filed May 18, 1959, Ser. No. 813,866
1 Claim. (Cl. 128-81)
The present invention relates to a chiropodial device.
Although the device of the invention is adaptable for
numerals 3, 4 and 5 wherein it will be observed upon
reference to FIGURE 2 that the faces have different areas.
In fact the three faces as shown in FIGURE 2, form a
triangle with all angles unequal. Thus a section forms
a scalene triangle although the faces do not intersect.
In the forming of the device, what may be termed ribs 6,
7 and 8 extend between the two bases 1 and 2, and sepa
rate the faces. The device is provided with a bore 9
which extends between the bases 1 and 2 and is eccentric
many uses, an object of the present invention is to provide 10 thereto.
a device, in one of its adaptations, which may be turned
Although the description just given for the device is
and in so doing regulate the spacing between toes such as
my preferred form, it is of course within the scope of
the great toe and the second toe. As generally under
my invention to provide the faces 3, 4, and 5 in other
stood, the phalanges of the great toe and the second toe
than scalene triangle in cross section as the faces may
may be separated so that the phalanges of the great toe 15 form an equilateral triangle, an isosceles triangle, or a
are maintained in what is called a normal position which
right triangle, with the hole 9 eccentric or concentric to
is essential in the treatment of bunion.
the bases 1 and 2. If the hole 9 receives a ?xed post 9a
Another object is to provide a device which acts as an
or other means, it is obvious that the device of the inven
adapter for various and sundry purposes such as the
tion may be revolved to arrange the faces in certain posi
placement thereof on a pencil or pen so that the ?ngers 20 tions. For instance, in FIGURE 2, the faces 3 and 4
may grip the same without cramping.
form a type of wedge of less angularity than the faces 3
Other objects include a device which is adaptable for
and 5 and the same is true for the angularity between
the handles of water faucets, to keep from breaking or
the faces 4 and 5. In the adaptation of the invention
chipping various types of dishes when striking said
for chiropodial purposes, the great toe 10 is separated
handles; as insulation means for hot and cold faucets; 25 from the second toe 11 and the device is so turned as to
as an insulator on wiring of lamps; as a means for use
present the desired faces between the toes to cause the
in removing caps from various bottles such as nail polish
phalanges of the great toe to assume a normal position
relative to the second toe.
bottles and other types of screw type caps; which may be
used on furniture, particularly the legs thereof, and other
In FIGURE 4 I have shown the invention in use with
housewares for preventing scratching or marring of sur 30 a sandal wherein the ankle strap 12 is secured to a thong
faces; which may be used as a tool holder and on the
13 which extends from said strap to a position wherein it
frames of glasses; and, in fact, can be used for other
is received between the great toe and the second toe.
purposes which will readily suggest themselves to one
The device may be revolved on the thong to position the
using the device, although such uses are not speci?cally
desired angularly related faces thereof for separation of
35 the toes. As illustrative of use of the device for several
enumerated here.
Further objects include a device which is inexpensive
purposes, as enumerated for instance in the objects and
in cost of manufacture, simple of structure, without parts
particularly if the device is formed from ?exible material,
likely to get out of order, and superior to devices for
a pencil or a pen may be passed through the bore 9 with
performing the objects heretofore mentioned.
In the drawings:
FIGURE 1 is a perspective view of the device of the
the ?ngers engaging the faces 3, 4 and 5. Obviously, the
40 device may be rotated on the pencil to secure the best
angularity between the faces for the ?ngers, the thumb
engaging one face with the index and third ?nger engag
ing the other two faces. This provides a ?rm grip and
one that will prevent cramp in the ?ngers during Writing.
I claim:
FIGURE 3 shows an adaptation of the invention for 45
chiropodial use, the foot and the toes being shown by
A toe spreader, comprising: a truncated pyramidal
dotted lines; and,
device having bases of substantially curved outline and
FIGURE 2 is a sectoinal view on the line 2—-2 of
FIGURE 4 is a perspective view of a sandal incorporat
provided with at least three lateral faces which form a
ing the device of the invention.
scalene triangle in transverse cross section to provide
Referring now to the drawing, the device of the inven 50 lateral faces of different areas, there being an eccentric
bore extending between the bases.
tion may be formed of any suitable material dictated by
use whether it be rubber, wood, a plastic of some form,
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
or metal. The device is pyramidal in form although the
base 1 has a curved outline. In this sense it may be said
that the device is either the frustum of or a truncated
pyramid, or cone having ?at lateral faces of different
areas as best illustrated in FIGURE 2. Being a frustum
D. 109,755
D. 177,790
of either a pyramid or cone as de?ned, the same has two
bases one of which is shown at 1 and the other at 2 and 60
the base 2 has lesser area than the base 1. The lateral
faces of which there are three, are designated by the
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