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Nov. 13, 1962
o. o. BRANT
Filed Dec. 17, 1957
04 W0
W ' a. 6%
nited States
David 0. Brant, 1017 Chevy Chase Drive,
Beverly Hills, Calif.
Filed Dec. 17, 1957, Ser. No. 703,447
1 Claim. (Cl. 99-287)
The present invention relates to a coffee maker ‘and
Patented Nov. 13, 1962
The ?lter is removably held in ?ltering position by a
‘holder designated at 21 which may essentially be cylin
drical. At its inner bottom end ?lter holder 21 is open
and provided with an annular rim which may be ?ared
horizontally outward to form a sealing lip 22. At the
outer or top end holder 21 can be shaped to form
radial inwardly directed ?ange sections 23 which may
be advantageously sector like and curved at their junc
more especially to a device of this nature which can be
ture with the cylindrical wall to de?ne a generally square
10 shaped opening extending to the cylindrical wall. The
placed directly upon a coffee cup or like receptacle.
An object of the invention is to provide a coffee maker
latter is of such diameter as to be easily inserted tele
with which coffee can be made in a relatively short time.
- scopically within the circumferential body wall 11 to
Another object of the invention is to provide a coffee
?rmly engage the ?lter and clamp it against the annular
maker with which an e?‘iciently infused beverage is pro
shoulder 16. The latter is thus in the form of a ledge
15 disposed inwardly of the body wall relatively near the
Still another object of the invention is to provide a cof
bottom end thereof. Member 21, in such operative po
fee maker which will enable the production of a cup of
sition, is radially spaced from body ill for convenient
coffee which is received in a cup at a suitably high tem
assembly and its outer or upper end terminates a relative
ly short distance below the top of body 11 so as to be
A still further object of the invention is to provide a 20 conveniently grasped by the user who is able to readily
coffee maker which is convenient ‘and highly ef?cient in
grip the ?ange sections 23. The bottom end of the
holder affords an efficient contact rim ?rmly pressing
Another object of the invention is to provide a device
upon the periphery of the ?lter to effectively hold the
of the above character which is relatively simple in con
?lter during coffee making.
struction and can be produced at relatively low cost.
In the modi?ed form of the invention, shown at FIG
Other objects and advantages of the invention will be
URE 4, a cylindrical body 30 is constructed so that its
apparent during the course of the following description.
bottom end forms a horizontally directed outward ?are
Referring to the drawing wherein are illustrated a pre
31 upon its exterior contour. It is open at top and bot
ferred and a modi?ed form of the invention,
tom ends and assembled upon a base 32.
FIGURE 1 is a view partly in side elevation and partly 30' This base is composed of a tapered neck 33 having
in vertical section of a preferred form of the invention.
formed at its upper enlarged end an annular horizontally
FIGURE 2 is a top plan view of the coffee maker there
disposed L-shaped socket ring 34. The open upper end
of vertically disposed neck 33 joins the inner edge of a
FIGURE 3 is an enlarged fragmentary section taken
horizontal ?ange 35 integral with an upstanding vertical
35 ?ange 36. These ?anges are formed to provide a groove 37
on line 3-3 of FIGURE 1.
FIGURE 4 is a fragmentary vertical section of a modi
extending upward of the ?at annular surface on ?ange 35
?ed form of the invention.
and contoured to generally conform to the exterior shape
In the drawing wherein like characters of reference are
of ?are 31. Above groove 37 at the ?ange 36 has a
employed to designate like parts throughout the views,
rabbeted recess 38.
10 designates the generally tubular body of the preferred 40
The lower diametrically reduced end of the neck co
form of the coffee maker or beverage producer mounted
taxi-ally joins a circular horizontally disposed plate 39,
upon a drinking cup C of conventional coffee drinking
the center part of which forms a ?at bottom for the neck
passage while an annular part radially outward of the bot
Body 1ft embodies an upper cylindrical brewing section
tom end of the neck produces an extension adapted to
11 open at the top and integral with a conical wall 12 45 be seated upon a cup. At its center, horizontal wall 3-9
tapering downwardly from the section 11 to join the outer
is provided with an aperture 44} having but a relatively
edge of a central conical wall 13 tapering to an elevated
small area as compared to the horizontal area of the
upper larger end of neck 33. Outwardly of the neck,
aperture 15. This aperture forms an outlet the area of
wall '39 is advantageously provided with a plurality of
which is a minor fraction of the area of the brewing sec
50 vent openings 41. At its peripheral margin the under
tion at ‘the plane of the ?lter.
face of wall 39 has a stop bead 42 to retain it on the
At a relatively short distance above its juncture with
the bottom wall section, the circumferential wall of brewer
A ?lter, such as a cotton cloth member 42, is ?tted with
11 is offset upon a horizontal plane so that its lower por
tion is of decreased diameter relative to its remaining 55 in groove 37 and the ?ared end of member 30 is pressed
thereagainst so as to resiliently clamp the ?lter 43 with
upper portion. This forms an internal shoulder 16 upon
in socket 34 with the ?lter body held in a ?at horizontal
the upper surface of a ledge disposal in a plane per
pendicular to the axis of the brewer.
In making coffee, as in the structure of FIGURE 1, the
Disposed horizontally about the lower diametrically re
device It} is ?tted upon the top edge of a conventional
duced end part of wall 11 is the vertical ?ange 17 of an
60 coffee cup ‘and a tablespoonful of ground coffee is placed
annular supporting element shaped to also provide a hori
upon the ?lter 20. A measured quantity of hot water,
zontal outwardly projecting annular ?ange 18. The lat
depending upon the particular size of the coffee cup, is
ter is adapted to seat upon the top edge of cup C. In
then poured into brewer 11. As a result the ground coffee
wardly of the cup the seating ?ange has, at angularly
is steeped in the water and the infusion produces an ex
spaced intervals, a plurality of vent apertures 1g’.
tract which is ?ltered through member 20‘. The extracted
Upon the internal shoulder 16 is horizontally mounted
and ?ltered coffee flows through passage 12 and passes
a ?lter or like member Zil designed to effectively strain
downward through the aperture 15. As the latter is
the grounds from the infusion. Member 20 may advan
of a cross~sectional area much smaller than the inlet
tageously comprise a cotton relatively stiff sheet adapted
through the ?lter the cup receives a charge of coffee with
to effectively ?lter the solid matter from the infused ex
the lapse of sufficient time to effect highly et?cient infusion
tract and having a diameter exceeding that of the shoul
to produce a desirable cup of coffee. Thus, the operation
dered portion of the body by an annular margin su?icient
may be carried out in front of the user and the body
to provide a suitable clamping overhang.
ing the outer surface of the reduced section and at its
is thereafter readily removed with the ?lter holder and
upper edge engaging the outside of said shoulder; the
?lter detached for convenient cleaning.
?ange member of said support ring extended outwardly a
The construction is such as to enable stirring of the
su?lcient distance to be mounted upon the upper edge
grounds to accelerate extraction. The device could also
of a coifee cup and having a plurality of vent holes located
be used for straining milk, frying fat, wine and the like.
between the edge of the cup and the annular support ring;
The speed of delivery through the outlet, many times
a cylindrical ?lter support assembly mounted within the
smaller than the inlet, is such that the cup full of coffee
is of a desirably high temperature. This affords sumcient
brewing cylinder and supported on said shoulder; a ?lter
time for steeping of the ground coffee to form a most ef
of cotton material mounted on the ?lter support and
?cient liquid of ?ne ?avor which extracts the bene?cial 10 adapted to ?ex under the force of vapor pressure, said
ingredients. The ?ow of the heated co-?ee through the
?lter extended over the edges of the ?lter support mem
tapered passage 12' reduced from the opening at the bot
ber and wedged between the ?lter support member and
tom of the brewer receptacle just below the ?exible ?lter
the interior surface of the cylindrical brewer section and
to an outlet opening below and having an area but a small
between the lower edge of the ?lter support and the sup
fraction of the area of said opening at the bottom of the
brewer causes the formation of a gas bubble which bears
against the underside of the ?lter medium and elevates
port shoulder; means below said ?lter and at the end of
said reduced section for generating a vapor pressure below
the ?lter to flex the ?lter upwardly, said means com
prising a downwardly extending frusto-conical section
the latter with vibrations against the pressure occasioned
by the weight of the grounds and water. The result of
integral with the cylindrical body member and joined to
such arcing of the ?lter is to spread the ?lter material and 20 the lower extremity of the reduced diameter section, said
enlarge the interstices thereof to promote the ?ow of
frusto-conical section being closed by an upwardly ex
extract containing liquid, without the passage of solid
tending conical portion the apex of which has a small
opening therethrough for permitting the brewed coffee to
matter, adjacent the wall of the tapered passage.
It is to be understood that the form of the invention
leave the brewing cylinder.
herewith shown and described is to be taken as a preferred 25
example of the same, and that various changes in the
shape, size and arrangement of parts may be resorted to,
without departing from the spirit of the invention or the
scope of the subjoined claim.
Having thus described my invention, I claim:
A coffee brewer for use with a coffee cup, comprising:
a hollow cylindrical brewing section having adjacent its
lower end an annular section of reduced diameter; the
juncture of said reduced section with the main cylindrical
body forming a shoulder adapted to provide support for
a brewer support ring on its outside and a ?lter holder
on the inside of the cylindrical member; said brewer sup
port comprising an annular ring with a radially extended
?ange at its lower end, said annular support ring engag
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