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Nov. 13, 1962
Filed NOV. 12, 1959
5 51005? POWELL
BY wייf-יw
A77 702N549
Patented Nov. 13, 1962
Edward Baden Powell, 250 N. Orange Grove Ave,
Pasadena, Calif.
Filed Nov. 12, 1959, Ser. No. 852,269
1 Claim. ((11. 102-51)
This invention relates to projectiles and has been pri
marily ?designed as a shotgun slug.
[In the case of ri?es, the spiral grooves called ri?ing
Referring to the accompanying drawing wherein similar
reference characters designate similar parts throughout,
the improved shotgun shell consists of shell case 10 of
conventional construction having the usual percussion
cap 11 by which the gun powder or propellant for the
projectile can be ignited on ?ring in the conventional
manner. The projectile embodying the present invention
comprises a projectile head 12 usually formed of lead
or heavy metal. A hollow rearwardly open skirt 13 is
associated with the head, which skirt may be formed
on the interior of the gun barrel impart a rotational
integrally with the head or may be in the form of a
motion or spinning to the ri?e bullet that is conducive to
section of copper or aluminum tubing, the forward edge
of which is crimped against the sides of the head 12, as
In the case of smooth bore
indicated at 14. The skirt telescopically ?ts inside of
guns such as shotguns, no riding is present to impart to
a projectile a rotary or spinning motion that will tend 15 the shell case 10 and has openings 15 formed in the walls
its retaining a true course.
to cause it to retain its true course without wobbling or
thereof. These openings may be ?formed by striking in
without having a tendency to turn end-over-end.
wardly, portions of the skirt indicated at 16, to form
inwardly extending spiral or helical con?gurations ad
jacent the opening, which are designed to impart rotary
of a projectile head having associated therewith a rear 20 motion to the projectile when gases generated by the gun
powder or propellant are allowed to pass through the
wardly extending rearwardly open skirt. Openings are
openings 15 at high velocity. The portions 16 are tri
formed in the Walls of the skirt and adjacent these open
angular in form and along one longitudinally extending
ings there are con?gurations on the skirt so designed or
edge they are integral with and attached to the skirt.
so shaped that gases, generated by the propellant of the
projectile, ?on passing through the openings will impart a 25 Along another longitudinally extending edge and along
a transversely extending edge the triangular portions are
rotary or spinning motion to the projectile. In the pre
detached and curve inwardly from the cylindrical skirt.
ferred form of construction, the mass of the skirt is no
In the preferred form of construction, the maximum di
greater than, and is usually less than, the mass of the
ameter of the skirt 13 is located rearwardly of the head
projectile head so that the center of gravity of the entire
A primary object of the present invention is to pro
vide a projectile for guns having smooth bores consisting
12 and is greaer than the maximum diameter of the head
"12. As the skirt 1B is of relatively thin wall construction,
this skirt may contract slightly as occasion may require,
when the projectile is discharged through a choke bore
gun barrel, indicated at 17.
If the shell case .10 is formed of metal, the walls of the
shell case may be crimped past reduced head diameter
at r18. On the other hand, if the shell case has its walls
formed of paper, the crimp at the outer end of the walls
may extend partially over the head past !14? to retain the
projectile and shell case in assembled relationship. ?The
entire interior of the projectile is usually ?lled with the
propellant, not shown, such as gun powder. When the
projectile is either at, or forwardly of, the geometric '
center of the projectile. Also, in the preferred form of
construction, the maximum external diameter of the
skirt, which is relatively thin walled, is slightly larger
than the maximum external diameter of the projectile
head, which is either solid or thick walled, so that the
skirt may have an opportunity to contract as occasion
requires in passing through gun barrels having choke
Another object of the invention is to provide an im
proved shotgun shell designed to ?re a shotgun slug and
impart to the slug a rotary or spinning motion.
Another object of the invention is to provide a shotgun
shell that does not require the conventional wads which
are used to seal against the walls of the barrel and thus
shotgun shell embodying the present invention is placed
in the chamber of a shotgun and is discharged, the projec
tile is forced out of the gun barrel by the gases generated
by the burning gun powder. These gases are con?ned
between the front of the base of the shell case and the
rear of the projectile head. During the movement of
con?ne gases generated by the propellant. These wads
are also used to exert and maintain pressure on the
propellant when loading in order to inusre uniform com
bustion and velocity of the projectile from one shell to
another. These wads are resilient and are not always 50 the projectile through the smooth bore gun barrel, due
to the fact that the gases are con?ned and cannot exist
reliable in producing the desired uniformity of com
pression. By means of the improved shotgun shell the
through the openings 15, no rotary motion is imparted to
use of wads can be eliminated. The desired seal against
the projectile. However, as soon as the projectile leaves
the walls of the barrel can nevertheless be retained and
the end of the gun barrel 17, gases under high velocity
and under considerable pressure also issue from the gun
uniform compression of the propellant is possible.
barrel and continue to be effective on the rear of the
With the foregoing and other objects in view, which
projectile. Some of these gases expand laterally but a
will be made manifest in the following detailed description
substantial portion of them follow the projectile, and
and speci?cally pointed out in the appended claim, ref
due to their pressure, ?ow laterally out through the then
exposed openings 15. These gases on ?owing past the
illustrative embodiment of the invention, wherein:
60 vanes or spiral con?gurations 16, ?cause a rotary or spin
FIGURE 1 is a longitudinal vertical section through
ning motion to be imparted to the projectile, which is
a shotgun shell embodying the present invention, the
desired to cause the slug to remain on its intended course.
explosive or propellant being shown removed from the
As the mass of the skirt 113 is preferably never greater
shell for the purpose of illustrating details of construc
than the mass of the head 12, it will be appreciated that
erenece is had to the accompanying drawing for an
PIG. 2'is a sectional view taken substantially upon
the line 2'?"2 of FIG. 1 in the direction indicated;
FIG. 3 is a view illustrating the projectile as having
just issued from the end of a smooth bore gun barrel;
the center of gravity of the projectile is either at or for
wardly of the geometrical center of the projectile. Usual_
ly, it is desired to have the center of gravity decidedly
forward of the geometric center. As with this arrange
70 ment, tendency of the projectile to wobble or to turn
end-over-end in ?ight is eliminated.
FIG. 4 is a perspective view, parts being broken away
It will be appreciated by those skilled in the art that
and shown in section, of the projectile.
the improved projectile can be very easily and economi
cally manufactured and will enable projectiles discharged
pressure of the gases generated by the propellant to ?t
snugly against the Walls of the barrel and thus maintain
from smooth bore guns to have the desired rotary or
spinning motion imparted to them. The number of vanes
contract as required to pass through a barrel having a
sealing contact therewith and the skirt can also readily
or con?gurations 16, and the degree of their pitch will
vary with the type of gun powder or propellant employed.
It is desirable, however, to have the opening and con
choke bore.
Various changes may be made in the details of con
struction without departing from the spirit and scope of
?gurations equally spaced circumferentially about the
the invention as de?ned by the appended claim.
I claim:
In the improved shell the volume inside of the metal 10
A projectile for a gun comprising a body having a
skirt can be regulated and maintained to? accept and con
rearwardly open cylindrical skirt in the walls of which
?ne a precise quantity of propellant which, when the
there are openings, there being a triangular portion of
skirt is bottomed against the base of the shell, can always
the skirt adjacent each opening having one longitudinally
have and provide the same degree of compression of the
extending edge attached to and integral with the skirt,
While the preferred form of construction embodying
the present invention contemplates that the skirt 13 be
equipped with the inwardly extending spiral or helical
another longitudinally extending edge detached from
the skirt and curving inwardly therefrom and a third
edge also detached from the skirt and curving inwardly
therefrom and facing toward the rear of the projectile
con?gurations to impart a rotary motion to the projectile
whereby in the course of ?ring the projectile from a
during ?ight as above explained. The improved projectile 20 gun barrel, when the openings are exposed, propellant
possesses advantages even when these con?gurations are
gases passing through the openings will in so act upon
omitted and the skirt is left imperforate. Heretofore,
surfaces of the triangular portions imparting an axial spin
in shotgun slugs where the projectile is formed of lead
to the projectile.
or the equivalent, or where a projectile has been equipped
with a rearwardly extending skirt, the ?t between the
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
head of the projectile and the Walls of the gun barrel
has been intentionally left somewhat loose to facilitate
passage through the barrel particularly if it has a choke
Plant _______________ __ Mar. 17, 1863
bore. Even where the head of the projectile has had an
Ashley _______________ __ Apr. 3, 1894
integral skirt the skirt has heretofore been of thick-walled 30 1,063,905
Beckmann ___________ __ June 13, 1913
design and the ?t between the skirt and the walls of the
Chilowsky ___________ __ Apr. 26, 1921
gun barrel vhas been left loose. The looseness of the ?t
has been conducive to cause the projectile to wobble or
turn in ?ight. In the improved construction the skirt is
of relatively thin-walled design and if formed of copper
or aluminum the skirt possesses some degree of ?exibility
and resiliency.
Banning _____________ __ May 16, 1950
Hartwell _____________ __ July 10, 1951
Rouse _______________ __ Oct. 30, 1951
Olin _________________ __ Mar. 1, 1960
Great Britain _________ __ June 24, 1896
Consequently, even if the spiral con~
?gurations are omitted the skirt can be expanded by the
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