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Nov. 20, 1962
Filed Jan. 11, 1961
7 WnyMSV/ééaXa
il'nited States Patent
Henry Veghte, In, Stage, Rutland, Vt.
Filed Jan. 11, 1961, Ser. No. 82,028
1 Claim. (Cl. 2-—l58)
This invention comprises a new and improved article
of hand Wear and is in the nature of a ?nger mitten
adapted to be sliped on and worn over conventional
gloves or mittens and to encase the ?ngers in an outer,
protective sheath.
Patented Nov. 20, 1962".
only the four ?ngers and knuckles which enlarge the
girth of the gloved hand.
T0 keep the sheath in place and to form a snug seal
with the underlying glove 14, an elastic band 16 may be
sewn into the mitten around the marginal edge of the
opening 12. The material of the body of the sheath is
gathered as it approaches the band 16 so that the size
of the opening is reduced as compared to the width of the
For a proper ?t and to insure the greatest meas
ure of comfort, the sheath should be sufliciently long so
that when worn the elastic insert will pass across. the
palm at the level of the thumb crotch and over the back
The mitten of my invention may be manufactured from
of the hand above its enlarged knuckle portion. When
leather, wool, plastic or the like, or a combination of any
worn in this manner, the ?ngers are free to move within
of these materials and may be provided with an inner
lining if desired. The mitten is in the form of an ab 15 the sheath and the knuckles cooperate with the elastic
insert to hold the mitten in place.
breviated sheath, open at one end through which the
While the mitten shown is fabricated from a pair of
?ngers are inserted.
opposing panel members marginally connected to one
The mitten is comfortably secured to the hand by
means of an elastic insert sewn into the body of the
mitten at its open end. The sheath is dimensioned to
another as by a seam 18, it will be understood that cer
tain variations may be made to the actual construction.
extend over the ?ngers of the gloved hand and rearwardly
For instance, the body portion 10 may be a one-piece
past the knuckles, enclosing those ?ngers and providing
affair molded from rubber or plastic material or may be
fashioned with front and rear panel members connected
an extra layer of protective insulation.
by a narrow strip extending about the periphery of the
The mitten, which is the subject matter of this inven
tion, will ?nd particular utility among those accustomed to 25 mitten.
For added warmth, the mitten may be lined with wool
spend extended periods out-of-doors during cold Weather
and who are required to use their hands during the
or other insulating material.
course of their activities. Skiers and policemen, by Way
of example, will ?nd this mitten to be particularly useful
terials may be used in the front and rear panels.
Furthermore di?erent ma
example, the front panel being naturally subject to
since it can be readily slipped over a gloved hand when— 30 greater wear may be made from leather while the rear
panel may be a woolen fabric. Obviously the mitten
may be made up in a number of di?'erent sizes according
to the customary practice.
novel ?nger mitten that may be quickly and easily slipped
Having thus described my invention, what I claim and
on and o? the ?ngers of a gloved hand to provide added
35 desire to obtain by Letters Patent of the United States is:
warmth and protection to those members.
A new and improved ?nger mitten comprising a lined
Another object of this invention is to provide a simple,
body having front and back panels connected to each
low-cost ?nger mitten that is convenient to wear and
other by marginal seams and forming a sheath ?attened
does not appreciably interfere with the movements of
to follow the contour of the hand, enclosing only the
the hand.
These and other objects of the invention, along with 40 knuckles and excluding the thumb and the back of the
hand, the sheath presenting at its open end an elastic
further features and advantages thereof Will become more
binding, the panels of the mitten being of su?icient length
readily apparent upon a detailed description of a pre
to locate the binding adjacent to the enlarged knuckle
ferred embodiment of the invention taken in connection
portion of the hand so that it passes snugly across the
with the accompanying drawing, in which the sole
FIGURE is a View in perspective showing the novel 45 palm at the level of the thumb crotch.
mitten as it is worn on a gloved hand.
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
The illustrated embodiment of the invention includes
a ?exible mitten or sheath 10 of leather, rubber, or other
pliable material that is suitably weather-proof and serv 50 1,023,581
Monaghan __________ __ Apr. 16, 1912
iceable in an article of hand wear. The sheath 10 pref
Bowen ______________ .__ Mar. 26, 1918
erably is somewhat ?attened to follow the contour of
Morganstern _________ __ Sept. 9, 1924
the hand and is formed with an opening 12 through
Bruggeman __________ __ Dec. 23, 1930
which the ?ngers are inserted. As appears in the draw
Wright _______________ __ Jan. 6, 1942
ing, the sheath is designed to be Worn in combination 55 2,728,914
Mercur ______________ __ Ian. 3, 1956
ever the ?ngers become uncomfortably chilled.
It is an object of the present invention to provide a
with a conventional glove 14 and is fashioned to encase
Finn _______________ __ Sept. 13, 1960
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