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Nov. 20, 1962
Filed June 13, 1961
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Nov. 20, 1962
Filed June 13, 1961
5 Sheets-Sheet 2
Nov. 20, 1962
Filed June 15, 1961
5 Sheets-Sheet 3
Nov. 20, 1962
Filed June 13, 1961
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Nov. 20, 1962
Filed June 15, 1961
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3,664,264 -
Patented Nov. 20, 1962
30 so that the lowermost position of the head 20 may be
correspondingly adjusted. For straightening the toggle
linkage 24 and thus driving the head 20 downwardly,
Clayton S. Spinney, Greenland, NJ-L, assignor to The
Morley Company, Portsmouth, N.H., a corporation of
there is provided a pneumatic cylinder 32 whose one end
is pivotally connected to the frame 10 by the arm 34
and whose piston 36 is connected to the central or swing
Filed June 13, 1961, Ser. No. 116,846
13 (Ziairns. (Cl. 1—318)
ing pivot 38 of the toggle linkage 24.
This invention relates to presses and more particularly
to a press for automatically attaching handles to fabric
It is conventional to place around the periphery of a
mattress handles by which the mattress may [be moved
and turned. These handles are typically applied directly
to the strip of fabric which forms the sides of the mat 15
For the handles to be applied, there is provided an
arched guideway 40 (FIG. 3) whose upper end extends
over the press so that handles may be easily loaded into
the apparatus from the front of the press and thence con
ducted by gravity to the reciprocating head 20. The
handles 42 (FIGS. 7 and 8) are provided with pre-at
tached pronged fasteners 44 which, as may ‘be seen in
FIG. 4, include a plurality of pointed prongs 46. These
prongs ?t in corresponding slots in the ends of the han
, tress. It is thus a primary object of the present inven
tion to provide apparatus for applying handles to such
dle (FIGS. 8 and 10) and, before attachment to the fab
ric strip, are held there by friction. After proceeding
material quickly and cheaply and with as little human
down the guideway 49 the handles 42 arrive at a position
supervision as possible.
Further objects are to provide such apparatus which 20 er 5%} (FIGS. 7, 8 and 9) which is attached to the frame
16 and which includes the pair of pivoted arms 52 which
is largely automatic, Which is highly reliable, which forms
are biased by the spring 54 to hold the leading handle
a very secure attachment between handle and fabric,
in the path of the reciprocating head 20. The arms 52
which is not subject to rapid wear, which is easily ad
hold the handle by tapered edges 56 so that, as the head
justed and repaired, which is compact, and which is rela
tively inexpensive.
25 20 comes down and the driving dies 22 engage the cor
In achieving these objects the invention contemplates
respondingly spaced fasteners 44, the handle is taken from
a press which will apply handles having pre-attached
pronged fasteners of the type in which the prongs are
the positioner 50 and carried down into engagement with
the fabric 1'6. To prevent the possible bowing of the
handles the head 20 is provided with a spring loaded pin
adapted to engage a locking ring. The press has a re
59 which bears lightly against the central portion of each
ciprocating head which forces the prongs of the fastener
through the fabric and into a closing die which turns
handle 42 as it is fastened to the fabric strip.
On the opposite side of the fabric 16 and positioned by
the prongs. In a preferred embodiment a plurality of
closing dies are provided and are spaced around a disk
means to be explained hereinafter, there is a closing die
which is rotated so as to bring successive dies into posi
60 (FIG. 10). Resting in this die, is a locking ring 62.
tion below the head. Preferably there is provided means 35 As the driving dies 22 continue downwardly the prongs
for automatically loading locking rings into the closing
46 of the fastener 44 are driven through the fabric and
are turned outwardly by engagement with the closing die
dies as the disk rotates. Preferably also there is provided
a means for feeding handles successively into the recip
60 so as to engage and lock with the locking ring 62 in
rocating path of the head so that the head with each
the manner shown in FIGS. 10 and 11. Preferably, there
stroke carries a handle into engagement with the fabric. 40 is provided concentric with the driving die 22 and fas
For purposes of illustration a preferred embodiment
tened to the head 20 by the same screw 23, a permanent
of the invention is shown in the accompanying drawings
in which
1 is a top view of a handle attaching press;
2 is a front view of the press;
3 is a side view of the press;
4 is a side view of a prong fastener;
5 is a section on the line 5—5 of FIG. 2;
6 is a section on the line 6—6 of FIG. 5;
7 is a section on the line 7——7 of FIG. 2;
8 is a section on the line 8—8 of FIG. 3;
9 is similar to FIG. 8 with the head being shown
in its lower position;
FIG. 10 is a view similar to FIG. 9 in section and to
a larger scale;
FIG. 11 is a ‘back view of a piece of fabric with a
pronged fastener and locking ring attached; and
magnet 19 for holding the fasteners 44 in proper align
ment with the dies 22 in the interval between leaving the
positioner 50 and engaging the fabric 16.
So that the locking rings 62 may be automatically pro
vided as needed, the press includes a plurality of closing
dies 60 which are spaced around the peripheries of a
pair of disks 65 which may be rotated so as to bring
successive locking dies 60 into position under the respec
tive driving dies 22. The disks 65 are set into the bed
14 of the press so as to provide a ?rm support for the
fastener closing action. At a portion of each ‘disk re
moved from the operating position, there is provided a
ring tube 67 (FIGS. 1 and 2) which is adapted
to drop a single locking ring into each empty closing die
60 as it passes 'by the tube.
For rotating the disk 65 there is provided a second
FIG. 12 is a schematic representation of the pneumat
pneumatic cylinder 70 (FIGS. 5 and 6) which is adapt~
ic control system for the press.
ed to move the levers 72, 74 and 76 so as to rotate the
Referring now to FIGS. 1, 2 and 3, the press is built 60 ratchet drive 78 which in turn unidirectionally rotates the
around a frame 10 which includes a top cantilevered por
disks 65. An adjustable stop 79 limits the extent of this
tion 12 and a bed 14. The space between the portion 12
movement. The exact positioning of each disk 65 for
and the bed 14 constitutes a path for a strip of fabric
the proper making of the fasteners 44 and the locking
material 16 (shown in dot-dash lines) to which handles
62 is accomplished by an indexing pin 80 (FIG.
are to be applied. In the portion 12 of the frame there 65 1) which is urged into engagement with corresponding
is journaled a head 20 which includes a pair of spaced
‘ indentations 82 on the disks 65 by the spring 84.
driving dies 22. The head 20 is adapted to be driven
Control of the press is achieved by means of the pneu
downwardly ‘by a toggle linkage 24 whose upper end is
matic switch 86. With the switch lever 86 in its raised or
pivoted to the frame 10 and whose lower end is pivoted
70 normal position, compressed air is conducted, by the pip
to the head 20. The height of the upper pivot 26 may
ing shown schematically in FIG. 12, to the side of the
be adjusted by means of the bolts 28 and the lock nuts
cylinder 32 such that the head 20 is held in its raised posi
tion. Likewise air is provided to the cylinder 70 so that
its piston 71 is extended. When the operator has prop
3. Apparatus according to claim 2 wherein said‘v last
means includes spaced guides engaging the ends of the
erly positioned the'fabric 16, the switch lever 86 is de
elongate handles.
pressedand air. is provided to the opposite sides repectively
of the cylindersi 32 and 70. This causes the cylinder’ 32
to straighten the toggle linkage 24 ._thereby driving the’
4. Apparatus for applying handles having two pre-z.
attached pronged fasteners to afabric strip comprising
head 20. downwardly so as to pick up a'handle' 42 and
drive the prongs 46 of its corresponding fasteners 44 into
engagement with awaiting locking ring 62. At the same
time, piston 7170f the cylinder 70 will be withdrawn;
however" this will not rotate the disk 65 as this rotation
is opposite that transmitted by the ratchet drive 78.v
drawn, a reciprocable head journaled in said frame above,
the bed and having a pair of spaced driving dies, means
for guiding handles into the path of said head above the
bed with the fasteners positioned beneath said driving
a frame having a bed over which a fabric strip may be‘ _
dies, a pair of discs Set into said bed beneath said head,
each of which discs has on one face thereof and equally
spaced around its periphery a plurality of fastener closing:
When the securing of the handle is completed, the switch
'dies, and means, on the opposite side of each disc from,
lever 86 is released and the head 20 is withdrawn by the
cylinder 32. Again simultaneously airv is provided to 15 said head, for loading fastener closing rings into said
closing dies.
, 3
the cylinder 70 causing the drive 78 to be rotated in a
counterclockwise direction as seen in FIG. 5.
5. Apparatus according to claim 4’ 'andfurther com
This rota
tion;will bring another closing die 60 carrying a locking
prising: a manual switch, means, responsive to the move- .
ring 627 into position under- each driving die 22 and thus.
ment of said switch in one direction, for driving said head
through a fastener closing stroke; and means, responsive.
the cycle is ready to begin again.
In the preferred embodiment there is also provided,
to the movement of the switch in the other direction,_ for '
causing each of said discs to advance another closing die
into position under said head.
6. Apparatus according to claim 4, and further c,om-.
oriented so as to provide a force urging the next handle
42 in the guide 40 into the positioner 50. ''This force. 25 prising a toggle link for reciprocating said head and an,
air cylinder for driving said togglelink at its middle pivot;
is in addition to the gravitational force exerted by any
7. Apparatus according to claim 4, in which the means
other handles in the guide and helps. to overcome the
for guiding handles includes an arcuate, handle guide?
resilience of the spring 54. The jets 90 are oriented ad
which arches from over said frame to’the path of said
jacentthe disks 65 so as to empty each closing die 60
just before that die passes beneath the loading "tube 67 30 head whereby handles may be gravity fed. into the path of
said driving dies.
thereby to avoid jamming of the apparatus if a fastener
8. Apparatus according, to claim 7, and further com-"2'
fails to properly. engage its locking ring.
though not shown in the other views forvpurposes of
clarity, a plurality of air jets 88 and 90. The jets 88 are
prising positioning means for resiliently holding ahandle
It should’ be understood that this disclosure is for the
in said path sothat the driving. dies can engage, the handle
and carry it to a?fabric ‘strip lying over said closingidie.
9-. Apparatus according to. claim 8 and further com:
prising. air jet means for urging a handle from said guide
purpose of illustration only and that the present inven
tion includes all modi?cations and equivalents falling
within the scope of the appended claims.
1. Forl applying to-a strip elongate handles having pre
attached pronged fasteners spaced apart a predetermined
distance lengthwise of the handles, apparatus comprising
into said positioning means. i
prising indexing means for causing each of said discs, to
al-frame; having‘a bed over which the strip may. be. drawn,
’ ajreciprocatory head mounted in said frame above the
bed with driving dies spacedwapartv said-predetermined
distance, means including. a plurality offfastener-closing'
dies under said dies below the bed for positioning fastener
closures, and means for guiding handles over the-bed to
be releasably held with one of said closing dies located
precisely under one of said driving dies exceptwhen said:
2. For applying to a strip elongate handles having pre-,
12.’Apparatus according to claim, 11-, in which ‘the
means for loading fastener closing rings is a gravity
supply tube.
13. Apparatus according toclaim 11, and further com~
prising air jet means for emptying each closingrdie‘ just
before. it passes under said closing ring supply tube;
a frame having a bed over which the; strip may be drawn, ,
a, reciprocatory head mounted in said frame above the
bed with driving dies spaced apart in one direction said
References (Cited in the .?le of this patentv
predetermined distance, means’including a plurality of
fastener-closing dies under said dies below the bed ‘for
positioning fastener closures, and means ‘for guiding said
handles over the bed transverselyrto said directionv to a,
position in which said fasteners are between. said driving
. Mahler _____,___,____,..
2,718,004 .
and closing dies respectively.
reciprocations of said head.
attached pronged fasteners spaced apart a predetermined‘
distance‘ lengthwise of. the handles, apparatus comprising.
discs are. being’ rotated.
11. Apparatus- according to- claim‘ 4, and further com
prising means. for rotatingreach of said discs between»
a position in which said fasteners are between said driving
and closing dies respectively.
10., Apparatus according‘ to claim 9, and further-pom
Choate ______________ .a May 23; 1916
_,_ Dec. 12, 1916"
_ Sept 20,119.55.
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