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Nov. 20, 1962
Filed June 5, 1959
Patented Nov. 20, 1962
barrel 21 and the free end provided with a depending
knob 22 for detachably mounting the same. In accord
ance with the present invention the portion of the clip
Hans F. Stoffel, Scar-sdaie, NX.
which is anchored or mounted on the barrel has an open
(68 Main St., Tuckahoe, NÃZ.)
ing 23 through which a line 24 passes; such line is attached
Filed June 3, 1959, Ser. No. 817,838
5 Claims. (Cl. 20o-86)
to the card 1i) by passing through an opening 25 in the
front and back thereof and has its end connected by a
This invention relates to the marketing and display of
seal 26.
various commodities and more particularly to those,
While various materials may be employed for the line
which because of their relatively small size, require addi 10 24, an elasticized cord is preferred, as this assists in hold
tional precautions against theft and are preferably associ
ing the item in mounted relationship on the card, but
permits sufficient separation of the upper portion to
attention and promote the sale thereof.
facilitate testing as indicated in FIG. 2. In its mounted
In connection with the display for sale of small items
position the item is received in the opening 16 and pocket
such as ball and other pens, pencils and the like, there is 15 18 and its lower tip 28 is received in the space between
frequently a desire on the part of customers to test the
the front and back portions of the card formed at the
item before purchase. However, handling of small indi
lower edge of opening 16.
vidual items has led to a substantial amount of theft
The display card may contain various advertising and
thereof. Attempts have been made to combat the prob
sales information adapted to attract and inform the trade.
lern by the use of visual display cards of relatively large 20 A prospective customer may easily ydismount the pen by
size to which the items are attached. Such attachment
lifting the tip 28 from the opening and the item out of
has sometimes consisted of a transparent material entirely
the porcket 18. He may then test the pen and easily
covering the item, or of a mounting portion on the card
replace it in its original mounted position. The attaching
which engages the item and from which it may be re
line permits sufficient separation and manipulation of the
moved. The former attachment device undesirably pre 25 upper portion of the pen for testing purposes, but pre
vents testing of the item before sale, without tearing the
vents surreptitious removal of the pen from the display
covering material, and the latter may prevent testing or
card. The seal 26 may contain an indication of value or
permit complete detachment of the item from the card,
quality or other information and enhances the attractive
depending on the specific mounting arrangement, with
ness of the display.
the attendant possibility of theft.
While the invention has been described in connection
Accordingly, it is an object of the present invention
with its application for the display of a writing instru
to provide a display package or device for relatively small
ment, it obviously may be employed for other items
items, such as pens and pencils, which permits the customer
adapted to be mounted and attached to various display
to test the operation of the item without completely de
ated with advertising and display of a nature to attract
taching the same therefrom.
It will be obvious to those skilled in the art that vari
A further object of the invention is the provision of
ous changes may be made in the described embodiment
a display device for a small item, such as a pen or pencil,
of the invention without departing from the spirit and
in which the item is connected by tamper-proof sealing
scope thereof, and, therefore, the invention is not limited
means which permit testing of the item, but which re
by that which is illustrated in the drawing and described
quires tearing or cutting of the item for complete separa 40 in the text, but only as illustrated in the accompanying
tion and in which the sealing means enhances the display.
These and other objects and advantages of the inven
What is claimed is:
tion will become apparent from the following descrip
l. A display package for a writing instrument, com
tion taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawing,
prising a writing instrument having a clip with an aper
in which:
45 ture in its mounting portion, a sheet of relatively stiff ma
FIG. 1 is a perspective illustrating one embodiment of
terial having a lengthwise dimension exceeding that of
the invention;
the instrument and a Width substantially greater than the
FIG. 2, a fragmentary perspective illustrating the par
tial separation of the item from the display card for test
ing purposes; and
ength of the instrument, such material being folded upon
itself to form front and back portions, a slit traversing
said folded edge adjacent each end thereof and defining
an intermediate edge portion, said edge portion being
respectively, of FÍG. l.
folded inwardly to provide an outwardly opening pocket
Briefly stated, the present invention provides for the
having a length substantially that of the writing instru
display of a relatively small item by mounting the same
ment, said pocket receiving said writing instrument, the
on a card for advertising or the like in such a way that 55 ends of the pocket opening into said fold adjacent the ends
the item may be easily moved from its mounted position,
of the instrument, an aperture in the sheet, a loop of
and securing the item by a line attached to the card and
elasticized cord passing through the aperture in the clip
the item and having the ends of such line sealed and so
of the instrument and theaperture in the sheet, and a
connected or arranged that the item may be dismounted
seal permanently securing the ends of cord.
and partially separated to permit the testing thereof.
2. A display package for a writing instrument, com
With continued reference to the drawing, there is illus
prising a writing instrument and sheet means of substan
trated a display package or device which includes a card
tially greater length and width than said instrument, said
FIGS. 3 and 4, sections on the lines 3~3 Aand 4_4,
10 on which an item such as a ball pen 1l is mounted.
sheet means having a folded edge and a pocket folded
'Ihe card has a front 12 and a back 13 with upper and
inwardly at said edge for the partial lateral reception of
said instrument, slits traversing said folded edge and de
iining the ends of said inwardly folded pocket, said sheet
lower fold portions 14 and 15 spaced apart to form an 65
opening 16 produced by the slitting and inward folding of
the central portion 17 to provide a pocket 18 contiguous
to the opening 16. The sides 12 and 13 are preferably
means having an aperture adjacent to said pocket, said
instrument having an aperture adapted to receive a strand,
connected by suitable means such as an adhesive or
and an elasticized strand passing through the apertures in
70 the sheet means and the instrument and having its ends
The ball pen 11 is provided with a spring clip 20 of
conventional character having one end secured to the
3. A display package including a card and a writing
instrument, said card having ‘substantially greater length
ticized cord for traversing said pocket and adapted to con
and width than said instrument and having a portion of
one edge folded inwardly forming a pocket to receive said
instrument, said instrument being mounted in said in
Íine an item in said pocket.
5. The combination of a display device and a writing
wardly folded portion, ‘the ends of said inwardly folded
portion ,being defined by slits traversing said folded edge,
length and Width than said instrument and having a por
instrument, said display device having substantially greater
tion adapted for the reception therein of the instrument,
an elasticized cord, said card engaging said cord, said
an instrument mounted in said portion, a clip attached to
instrument having means engaging said cord, and a Seal
said instrument and having an opening in the mounting
connecting the ends of said cord.
portion thereof, said display device having an aperture,
4. A card for displaying an elongated relatively small 10 an elasticized cord passing through said opening in said
ítem having engageable means, comprising a sheet of
clip and said aperture in said display and attaching said
relatively stiiî material of a length exceeding that of the
instrument to said display, and a Seal connecting the -ends
item and of a width substantially greater than that of the
of said cord.
item, such material »being folded upon itself to form front
References Cited in the ñle of this patent
and back portions, said portions being secured to each 15
other in face contacting relation forming a combined
article receiving and display card, said folded edge having
a slit adjacent each end thereof, and that portion only
between said slits being tucked inwardly to provide an
Murdock ____-_'. _______ __ Feb. ll‘, 1902
Frowenfeld ______ __'___.__. Ian. y1'2, 1937
Buttery ____________ _._._ Dec; 20, 19755 Y
Curran ______________ __ Oct. 15,1957
Stratton _______ __; _____ __ Apr. 5, 1960
outwardly opening pocket with its ends opening into the
fold, said card having an aperture therein adjacent to and
intermediate the ends of said pocket, and a loop of elas
Brooks -'.__.'._.____‘ ______ __ July '8, 1890l
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