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Nov. 27, 1962
Filed May 3, 1961
United States Patent 0
serving a similar purpose to seal ends 12 of tubes 10,
Wiiliam B. Mandeil, 15 Center St., Neptune, NJ.
Filed May 3, 1961, Ser. No. 107,354
4 Ciaims. ((11. 128—229)
mitting ?uid to ?ow therethrough internally. Plate 24
also has centrally-disposed opening 26 through which
This invention relates to a sanitary douche which may
be dilated upon passage therethrough of the ?uid em
10', 10", etc., respectively, from the outside while per
screw 40 of holder 25 may pass.
An enlarged central
opening 34 also is provided in the bottom portion of plate
24 to serve as a distribution reservoir to feed ?uid there
from into channels 28 connected therewith and penetrat
ployed therewith. More speci?cally, it deals with a cylin
ing nubs 25, 25', 25", etc., so that ?uid entering reservoir
drical unit surrounded by plastic bags or balloons which 10 34- will pass through channels 28, thence through nubs
become dilated upon passage therethrough of sanitizing
25, 25', etc., and through tubes 10, 1t)’, etc.
liquid under pressure.
Holder or handle 29 has a vertically-directed centrally
Douches employed at the present time for Washing and
dispo-sed screw 40 in its upper portion, designed to pass
sanitizing the vaginal tract are merely rigid tubes con
through hole 26 in plate 24 and to screw onto the threads
nected with a pressure device, such as a rubber bulb, in 15 in opening 27 in body 5.
Feed opening 30, through which
which the sanitizing liquid is contained and from which
the liquid is forced by hand pressure through said tube
?uid is fed, terminates in holder 29 with branched chan
nels 4-1 connecting with ?uid reservoir 34 when holder
and a nozzle connected therewith.
29 is screwed tightly against plate 24. An inner concavity
Such units are not
elfective in cleaning out tissues which may be folded over
31 in the upper part of holder 29 is complementary with
20 the convexity of lower portion 32 of plate 24, so that
or enclosed in wrinkles, and the like.
According to the present invention, a douche device
when holder 29 is tightly fastened against plate 24, sur
is provided which, after insertion, can be dilated by the
faces 31 and 32 are in ?uid-sealing relationship, prevent
pressure of the ?uid, thereby stretching all membranes
ing any escape of ?uid to the outside of the assembly.
and thus cleaning them effectively.
As noted at the bottom portion of FIGURE 1, the lower
The invention will be more readily understood by ref 25 end 50 of handle 23 is enlarged to provide cavity 51
erence to the accompanying drawings which described a
into which is inserted, against shoulder 52 a capsule 53
preferred embodiment, and in which FIGURE 1 illus
made of ?ne stainless steel wire mesh screen. This
trates a side view of such a douche in in?ated or dilated
A top view thereof is depicted in FIGURE 2.
capsule is enclosed entirely by the wire mesh, except for
side opening 54, through which may be inserted (after
FIGURE 3 presents a side view of a portion of the unit of 30 capsule 53 is removed from cavity 51) a medicament or
FIGURE 1 in exploded or disassembled condition. FIG
sanitizing tablet which dissolves slowly into the water
URE 4 is an enlarged cross-sectional view of a plate-?ange
passing through opening 36. The screen would prevent
portion, showing the manner of sealing the ends of the
solid portions of the tablet from entering the ?uid stream.
plastic tubes or bulbs. Similar numerals refer to similar
Inlet tip 55 is screwed into threaded cavity 51 in liquid
35 sealing relation therewith, and serves to hold capsule 53
parts in the various ?gures.
Referring again to the drawing, numeral 5' represents a
in place and also provides nipple 56 to which the inlet
cylindrical body which may be solid and which preferably
liquid (water) hose may be attached.
is made of a hard plastic such as polystyrene, polyethyl
FIGURE 4 illustrates one manner of external sealing
ene, polyvinyl chloride, cellulose acetate-propionate, ethyl
ends of the plastic tubes.
It will be noted that end
polymethacrylate, or the like. Tube 5 is provided at its 40 12 of tube 10 is pulled through hole 1 of ?ange 7, and
ends with ?anges 6 and 7. These ?anges have annularly- , may be cemented thereto, if desired. Plate 24 is disposed
centered holes 8, 8', 8", etc., and 9, 9', 9", etc., respec
against ?ange 7 so that nub 25 ?ts into the open end 12,
tively, for passage therethrough of the ends 11 and 12
and when screw 40 is tightened, ?uid from holder 29
of in?atable tubes or ballons 1t), 1t)’, 10” mounted verti
would enter channel 34', then it would pass through the
cally around cylinder 5. These in?atable tubes are pref
open end 12 of tube 10 and into the tube. Pressure of
erably made of thin plastic or rubber membrane, such as
nub 25 on the tube end 12 and rounded edge 9' of ?ange
polystyrene, polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, gum rubber,
7 seal the system effectively against any exterior leakage
synthetic rubber, or the like. Although there are prefer
of ?uid.
ably ?ve or six such tubes, their number may be more
When in use, the douche, with its tubes 10, 10', 10",
or less, as desired.
etc., in collapsed condition, is inserted into the cavity and
Superimposed over upper ?ange 6 is ?ow concentrating
water pressure from a faucet or similar source is applied
plate 13, which may be made of the same material as
to handle 29 so that the water would ?ow through open
cylinder 5, and which has, projecting from its bottom
ing 30 in the handle, having picked up the proper amount
surface, rounded sealing nubs or bosses 14, 14’, 14", 55 of sanitizing agent or medicament from a storage tablet
positioned in register with openings 8, 8' and 8" of ?ange
inside screen capsule 53 inside cavity 51 in handle 29.
6. Channels 15, 15’, and 15" are drilled through the
The Water, under pressure, enters handle inlet 56, then
centers of nubs 14, 14' and 14" and to spray discharging
passes through screen capsule 53, after which it enters
recess 16 provided on the top of plate 13. Oval-topped
reservoir space 34 and is distributed through channels 28
spray-de?ector nose 17 has centrally-located screw 18 60 and through ?ange 7 and into tubes 10, 10', 10'’, etc.,
which passes through hole 19 in plate 13 and is screwed
in?ating them. Thereafter, the ?uid passes through the
into threaded hole 20 in the top of ?ange 6 and body 5.
several openings in ?ange 6 and the streams enter plate
Shoulder 21 above threads 18 seats on the surface of
13, where they are directed to impinge on the lower
recess 16 and thus prevents nose 17 from being screwed
peripheral surface of mushroom-shaped nose 17, thence
too far, permitting a space 22 of about 1/32" or 1A6", as 65 issuing as a spray through circumferential space 22.
required, through which the spray may be discharged.
Nose 17 also is provided with a notch 23 to facilitate
screwing or unscrewing of the nose portion from the
Thereafter, the ?uid returns by passing in the space 35
(FIG. 1) between tubes 10, 10’, 10", etc., and out past
holder 29. When the operation has been completed, the
body 5.
water pressure is shut off, causing collapse of tubes 1%,
Lower ?uid-spreading plate 24 has its upper surface 70 1t)’, 10", etc., and the unit is withdrawn.
provided with rounded sealing nubs 25, 25’, and 25",
It will be noted that although separate tubes 10, 10',
etc., similarly to nubs 14, 14', 14", etc., on plate 13 and
10", etc., may be employed, it is possible to employ tubes
cemented to or formed out of a plastic sheet which may
be wrapped around body 5.
I claim:
1. A dilatable sanitary douche comprising an elongated
body, a series of elongated in?atable tubes longitudinally
surrounding said body, mounting means for mounting
and ?t the threaded opening in said body, stop means at
the top of the thread on said screw designed to provide a
narrow opening between said nose and said plate when
said nose is tightly screwed into said body, means form
ing a series of channels passing upwardly and inwardly
through said ?rst plate beginning at each nub and termi
nating under the peripheral edge of said nose, a second
said tubes at their ends on said body, a hollow inlet handle
plate ?tting over the other ?ange and having a central
attached to one end of said body and designed to carry
opening and a circular row of projecting rounded nubs
?uid therethrough and to direct said ?uid into one of the
disposed on its upper surface in register with and ?tting
ends of said tubes so as to dilate said tubes during passage
within said other tube ends in outside sealing relation,
therethrough, and a hollow outlet nose portion attached
a screw designed to pass through said latter opening and
to the other end of said body and designed to receive
?t the other threaded opening in said body and tightly
?uid from the other ofthe ends of said tubes and to
hold said second plate thereto, said second plate having
discharge said ?uid in the form of a spray.
2. A dilatable sanitary douche comprising an elongated 15 a narrowed threaded bottom portion, means forming a
body, a series of elongated in?atable tubes longitudinally
surrounding said body, mounting means for mounting
series of channels passing upwardly and outwardly through
said second plate, beginning at around said screw head
and terminating through each nub, and a hollow handle
portion having an enlarged forward end, and means form
attached to one end of said body and designed to carry
?uid therethrough and to direct said ?uid into one of the 20 ing a threaded cavity in said latter end and designed to
be screwed onto said threaded bottom portion in outside
ends of said tubes so as to dilate said tubes during passage
liquid sealing relation, the aforesaid parts, when assem
therethrough, a capsule ‘and a screen container removably
said tubes at their ends on said body, a hollow inlet handle
disposed in said capsule and said container being disposed
bled in operating condition, being designed to allow liquid
under pressure to pass through the hollow handle portion,
inal tablet to be dissolved gradually in said ?uid, and 25 thence through the channels in the second plate as sepa
rate streams, thence through each tube, in?ating same
a hollow outlet nose attached to the other end of said
and causing a dilating effect, thence out through said ?rst
body and designed to receive ?uid from the other ends
the streams being concentrated under the peripheral
of said tubes and to discharge said ?uid in the form of
within said handle and designed to accommodate a medic
a spray.
edge or" said nose from which said ?uid issues out as a ?ne
3. A dilatable sanitary douche comprising an elongated 30 spray and is returned exteriorly past the spaces separating
the tubes.
closed body having a centrally-disposed threaded opening
4. A dilatable sanitary douche according to claim 3 in
at each end, a ?ange disposed around each end of said
which the handle has an enlarged rearward end, means
body, means forming openings disposed in annular array
forming a threaded cavity in said latter end, a screen
in each of said ?anges, the openings of one ?ange being
35 capsule disposed within said latter cavity and designed to
substantially in register with those of the other, a series
accommodate a medicinal tablet to be dissolved gradually
of thin membranous elongated in?atable tubes disposed
in said ?uid, and inlet closure means serving to close said
longitudinally around said body, said tubes being nar
latter cavity in outside ?uid sealing relation and having a
rowed at each end, each end of one set of narrowed ends
being threaded through an opening in one ?ange and each 40 ?uid inlet for passage therethrough of the ?uid to be
end of the other set of narrowed ends being threaded
through an opening in the other ?ange, a ?rst plate ?tting
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in outside sealing relation, a blunt circular ?at-bottomed
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