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Nov. 27, 1962
Filed Feb. 18. 1960
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Patented Nov. 27, 1962
consisting of half-shells with the connection by clamps
Gunter Bartel, Osnabruclr, Germany, assignor to Firma
Lemforder Metallwarengesellschaft m.b.H., Lemforde,
Haunover, Germany
Filed Feb. 18, 1960, Ser. No. 9,596
Claims priority, application Germany Feb. 24, 1959
6 Claims. (Cl. 166-176)
constructed in accordance with the invention, and
FIGS. 2 to 4 are cross sections showing several different
fastenings in plan and omitting the scraper bars.
As shown in FIG. 1, the two half shells 1 and 2 are
provided with scraper blades or edges 3 and 4 on their
outsides. The part of the pump linkage rod to which the
scraper blade is attached is denoted by 5. In applying the
The present invention relates to a scraping device for
cleaning by scraping the internal surface of a pipe such as
invention, the ends of the half shells 1 and 2 are provided
is required for cleaning rising pipes in pumping wells
bedded into the half shells 1 and 2 and whose edges are
provided on both sides with a ring of pointed teeth 8
with metal half clamps or sleeves 6 and 7 which are em
used in the petroleum industry.
integral therewith. When the clamps are tightened and
One form of scraper for cleaning the risers of petroleum
pumps consists of two ?exible plastic half shells enclos~ 15 when the parts move to and fro in the course of the clean~
ing operation, the teeth 8 enter into the surface of the
ing the pump linkage rod which are held together and
material of the linkage rod 5. As seen in FIG. 1 the
attached to the pump linkage rod by means of pipe clamps
teeth are bent inwardly at an angle from the main part
of the sleeve.
In the embodiment shown in FIGS. 1 and 3, the free
the attachment and fastening of the plastic half shells 20
ends of the half clamps form eyes 9 and 10 through which
as to ensure the absolutely ?rm location of the scraper
split pins 10a can be passed thus providing a secure con
on the pump rod linkage. Another object of the inven
nection of the half shells with one another. The half
tion is substantially to simplify the attachment of the
or the like.
It is an object of the present invention so to design
clamps 6, 7 are preferably provided at one end with a
scraper on the pump linkage.
In order to solve this problem according to the present 25 single eye 9 and at the other end with two eyes 10 whose
distance from each other is equal to the length of the
invention the upper and/or lower edges of the pipe clamps
single eye, so that the single eye 9 will in each case be
located between the two eyes 10 of the opposite clamp,
the split pin 10a passing through them forming a secure
pump linkage rod and whose points-penetrating the 30 connection of the halt clamps with one another.
In the embodlment shown in FIG. 2, the half clamps 6
material of the half shells——enter into the material of the
and 7 are provided with lugs 11 and 12 connected by
pump linkage rod. Such teeth ensure the ?rm location
the screws 13. In this case the lug 12 is provided with a
of the scraper, because the teeth, which are preferably
plain hole through which the screw 13 passes while the
made of a material which is harder than that of the pump
linkage rod, enter into the surface of the material of the 35 ing 11 is tapped so that the screw 13 can be screwed in
rod when they are tightened and when a load is applied
?rmly connecting the clamps with one another.
later in the course of the cleaning operation, thus prevent
The only difference between the embodiment con
ing, due to the fact that the teeth are oblique, the dis
structed in accordance with FIG. 4 and that of FIG. 3
location of the scraper relative to the linkage. In time
is that in FIG. 4 the two lugs 11 and 12 are provided with
the teeth will enter a little deeper into the surface of the
plain holes, both parts being held together by a nut and
linkage, which will securely locate the scraper against
bolt connection 14, 15.
dislocation in both directions of movement.
What I claim is:
In a particularly advantageous embodiment of the
l. A scraper for cleaning the riser of a petroleum pump
invention it appears to be useful to design the pipe clamps
comprising two ?exible plastic half shells surrounding the
as half clamps and to embed these into the plastic of the
pump linkage rods, metal clamps in and around the
half shells in such a manner that only the means of at
half shells to hold the latter together and clamped to the
used for the attachment of the half shells are both pro
vided with a ring of pointed teeth which on both sides of
each clamp are inclined obliquely inwards towards the
tachment project from the half shells.
The advantage
of this is that each half clamp will form an integral unit
pump linkage rod, the edges of the clamps being provided
with its half shell, which substantially simpli?es assembly
with a ring of pointed teeth which on both sides of each
ings, in which:
clamps are provided at one end with a single eye and at
clamp are inwardly inclined towards the pump linkage
and storage of the components.
rod, the points of the teeth penetrating the material of the
For the attachment and connection of the half shells
half shells and projecting into the material of the pump
it has been found useful, in addition to the usual fasten
linkage rod, and a scraper blade mounted on each half
ings, to provide the half shells with eyes projecting from
the body of the shell which overlap with the correspond
2. A scraper according to claim 1, in which fastening
ing eyes of the other shell so that the shells can easily 55
means are provided for each half shell so that a half
be joined to one another by means of split pins passed
through the eyes.
clamp is joined to a half clamp of the opposite half shell
by the fastening means.
To facilitate assembly a special pair of pliers can be
used by means of which the shells can be forced together
3. A scraper according to claim 1, in which the free
as required until the split pins have been inserted into 60 ends of each half clamp form projecting eyes which over
the overlapping eyes.
lap axially with the eyes of the opposite clamp and pins
Several embodiments of the invention will now be de
inserted in the eyes for fastening the clamps together.
scribed in detail by reference to the accompanying draw
4. A scraper according to claim 1, in which the half
FIG. 1 is a side view partly in section showing a scraper 65 the other end with two eyes whose distance apart is equal
to the length of the single cy? and the single eye of one
clamp is positioned between the two eyes of the opposite
5. A scraper according to claim 1, in which means of
attachment are provided for the half clamps and the half
clamps are embedded in the plastic of the half shells so
that only the means of attachment project to the Outside
with the half clamps and half shells forming one com
ponent member.
6. A scraper according to claim 1, in which the pointed
teeth of the half clamps are made of spring steel which is
harder than that of the pump linkage rod.
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