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11s of the levers 11h and 111' respectively will be located
axially clear of the cam plate so as not to interfere with
its action. The pivots are carried by any Suitable fixed
the group at one side of the discharge opening angularly
offset by 180° relative to the drag Wings of the group
at the opposite side of said discharge opening, and a
power drive means adapted to vimpart to said shaft an
endwise or axial reciprocating motion, and, after corn
pleting each stroke in one sense, to rotate said shaft
on both sides of the trough the conveyor shaft 5 may have
through 180°, thereby moving said drag wings of the
consistent turning movement in either direction in suc
offset groups alternately into their operating positions.
cessive stages of 180 degrees; if the brackets are all on
2. A conveyor as claimed in claim 1, said drag wings
one side of the trough the shaft may be turned consistently
in one direction; and if the Wiper brackets 110 are staggered 10 having mounting ñanges for detachable mounting on said
shaft to permit adjustment of the interspacing or dis
on opposite sides of the trough, as shown, the shaft 5
1f there are wiper brackets 10 in opposed relationship
Will be oscillated back and forth in successive stages of
tribution of said drag wings.
3. A conveyor as claimed in claim 2 including scraping
lmeans disposed in said conveyor trough such that during
15 the turning movement of said shaft said scraping means
opposite directions.
will engage said drag Wings and said shaft to remove
Obviously, the lattachment, interspacing and distribu
dust adhering to the faces thereof.
tion of the drag wings, as Well as the number and position
4. A conveyor las claimed in claim 3, said scraping
ing of the discharge openings, are susceptible of numerous
means comprising staple-shaped Wire brackets fastened
variations and adaptations according to the material to
to said conveyor trough at the sides of said shaft and at
be conveyed and to the local conditions without departing
the level of the shaft axis, each of said brackets adapted
from the scope of the invention.
to clean the confronting faces of two adjacent drag wings
What 1 claim is:
with its lateral legs and to clean the intervening portion
1. A conveyor for pulverant or granular materials
of the shaft with its leg-interconnecting portion.
comprising a conveying trough having a semi-circular
180 degrees. t will be a simple matter to drive the shaft
11C either consistently in one direction or alternately in
bottom formed with at least one discharge opening, a 25
dragging member disposed within said trough, said
dragging member comprising a shaft having a plurality of
dragging elements attached thereto, said shaft being ro
tatable land axially displaceable Within said trough, said
dragging elements comprising sector-shaped sheet-metal
wings having a center angle of approximately 180°, said
drag wings being distributed along said shaft in groups at
opposite sides of the discharge opening, the drag Wings of
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