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.XR 27’ 1962
gmgmmg MUM
Filed June 21, 1960
United States Patent 0 "
Patented Nov. 27, 1962
the washing machine housing, preferably where it can be
conveniently reached for resetting. The pendulum tends
Joseph J. Kaleba, Roselle. and Frederick R. Beck, May
wood, 111.. assignors to Controls Company of America,
to remain at rest (in space) and since the bracket is ?xed
to the machine, the vibration of the machine will cause
the bracket to move relative to the pendulum. When the
Schiller Park. Ill., a corporation of Delaware
Filed June 21, 1960, Ser. No. 37,646
4 Claims. (Cl. 200—-61.5)
This invention relates to an inertia sensitive device
horizontal amplitude of motion becomes great enough,
the elfect will be as if the pendulum rocked to cam plung
er 22 upwardly to trip switch 10 and interrupt power to the
machine. If the vibration is vertical, the effect will be
particularly for sensing objectionable vibrations in rotat 10 as if the pendulum moved up to push plunger 22 up to
ing devices.
trip the switch. The switch requires resetting. Contact
Washing machines, particularly of the horizontal type,
19 could be left open or placed in an alarm circuit.
are subject to objectionable vibrations due to an unbal
Although but a single embodiment of the present in
vention has been illustrated and described, it will be ap
rotational speeds, these vibrations can cause considerable 15 parent to those skilled in the art that various changes
damage to the machine if the machine is not turned off.
and modi?cations may be made therein without departing
In the horizontal type machines, there is no convenient
from the spirit of the invention or from the scope of the
ancing of the clothes within the rotating drum. At high
point to mount a simple snap switch to sense these vi
appended claims.
brations since the vibration may occur in any horizontal
We claim:
or vertical direction.
1. An inertia sensitive device comprising, a housing,
The primary object of the present invention is to pro
switch means mounted in the housing normally biased in
vide a simple mechanism for detecting objectionable vi
a circuit closing direction, means for tripping the switch
brations in machines.
in a circuit opening direction in response to vibrations
Other objects and advantages will be pointed out in,
in the housing of a predetermined amplitude, said trip
or be apparent from, the speci?cation and claims, as will 25 ping means including a plunger limited to axial motion,
obvious modi?cations of the single embodiment shown
said plunger having a conical end member, a pendulum
in the drawings, in which:
movable in any direction relative to the housing and
FIG. 1 is a front elevation partly in section of the
having a conical indentation operatively engaging the
conical end member of the plunger, and an adjustable
FIG. 2 is similar to FIG. 1 with the snap switch 30 spring means controlling the movement of the pendulum
relative to the housing whereby movements of the pen
‘FIG. 3 is taken on line 3-3 of FIG. 1 showing the
dulum relative to the housing of a predetermined ampli
reset button construction.
tude will move the plunger and trip the switch.
The inertia sensitive mechanism includes a conven
2. An inertia sensitive device comprising, a housing,
tional type snap switch 10 secured to bracket 12 by 35 switch means mounted in the housing normally biased
bolts 14 and having a single blade 16 normally biased to
in a circuit closing direction, means for tripping the
engage upper, ?xed contact 17 by compressed band spring
switch in a circuit opening direction in response to vi
18 acting downward on tongue 20. The switch is con
brations in the housing of a predetermined amplitude,
nected in series through the blade and contact 17 with
said tripping means including a plunger limited to axial
a washing machine motor. The blade is snapped into 40 motion and a pendulum movable in any direction relative
engagement with contact 19 opening the motor circuit
to the housing and operatively engaging the plunger where
by the upward motion of trip plunger 22 moving tongue
by movements of the pendulum relative to the housing of
20 upward compressing spring 18 so that the force of
a predetermined amplitude will move the plunger and
the spring on the blade will reverse and snap the blade
trip the switch, and reset means operatively engaging the
downward when the tongue is moved over center. Reset 45 plunger to reset the switch, said reset means including
button 21 is provided with stub shaft 26, which projects
a lost motion connection for engaging the plunger.
into aperture 28 in the upper end of trip plunger to pro
3. An inertia sensitive device according to claim 2
vide a lost motion connection between the reset plunger
wherein said plunger includes a conical end member which
and the trip plunger. Flanges 25 and 27 limit the upward
cooperates with a conical indentation in the pendulum
and downward motion of the reset plunger and the 50 to translate the lateral motions of the pendulum to axial
trip plunger, respectively.
movements in the plunger.
The lower end of the trip plunger is conically shaped
4. An inertia sensitive device according to claim 3
to cooperate with conical indentation 29‘ provided in the
including an adjustable springs means for controlling the
upper end of the pivot member 34 which is provided with
movement of the pendulum relative to the housing.
a spherical portion seating in spherical socket 32 to sup 55
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
port pendulum rod 30 in a ball and socket type pivot.
The pendulum rod 30 carries weight 38 so the weight
can swing in any direction. Spring 40 is compressed be
Maught ____________ __ Oct. 17, 1939
tween washer 46 on shaft 30 and the bracket 12 and the
compression can be adjusted to vary the sensitivity of 60 2,778,896
l ; the pendulum to vibrations by adjusting nut 42 and lock
nut 44.
The device may be positionedin any location within
Barecki et al ___________ __ Oct. 23, 1956
Tollefsen ____________ __ Jan. 22, 1957
Richardson __________ __ Feb. 26, 1957
Worst ________________ _.. Mar. 12, 1957
Loiselle ______________ __ Dec. 8, .1959
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