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Dec- 4, 1962
Filed Feb. 8, 1961
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Dec. 4, 1962
Filed Feb. 8, 1961
3 Sheets-Sheet 2
Dec. 4, 1962
Filed Feb. 8, 1961
3 Sheets-Sheet 3
#1 7
I '
m. TUHQPmn/v
Patented Dec. 4, 1962
2 and 3, includes a ?uid distribution system 51 for con
Alan T. Chapman, North @aldwell, Ni, assignor to West
trolling the positioning ofrod 52 within the cylinder 53.
The distribution system includes four discs 54, 55, 56 and
ern Electric Company, Incorporated, a carporation of
57, of which, discs ‘54, S6 and 57 are ?xed and disc 55 is
New York
5 rotatable by means of the servomotor 58. It will be ob
File? Feb-'3, 1951» 3m"- NO- 37,396
served that disc 55 is ?xed to the shaft ‘59 by means of
16 Claims» (‘CL 137-424‘)
the pin ~61. The servomotor 58 is operated in response
This invention relates to a ?uid distribution system and
particularly to.a dlgltallzed ‘.hsmbutor for ?uid medla'
In pneumatic or hydraulic systems, de?nite pressures
ziihilggoilng'luglndigimg? 51131351616 acianlgreolojpcgigaggdg
l0 and ‘a digitalato-analog converter for controlling the
Servomotor 53
or volumes are required to obtaincertain desired effects
Disc 5‘; conaprises two cuncentric channebshamd rings
such, as a predetermined translatlonal m9vement of a
63 and 6d, the outer ring 63 providing a source of ?uid
“Rem?” or the attainment 9f a 'pnidétermliled cqmpiey
under pressure received over line 67 while the inner ring
slon m a coil?nfgd space‘ It IS espf’clahy dif’slrable m Vlew 15 64 provides a ?uid return chamber which enables the
of me continumg trend toward me adop H.011 of automa'
tion to obtain such results in accordance with a computer
?uid to return via line 68 to storage conveniently, but not
necessarily at atmospheric pressum
arrangement’ for mstaric?’ by :“Ieans of puilched Cams or
Disc 55 ’is a rotatable ?uid distributor and as shown
perforated tapes containing digital coded lllfOl'Il'lZlllOi'hOl‘
in FIGS 1 and 3 is solid except for the. L-shaped open
‘direp?y. by me?” of a ‘Selector mechamsm pmvldmg 20 ings 71 and 72. ’Opening 71 leads to the inner ring 64
Smnlar niformanon‘
An Obj€ClI of the present invention is a fluid distribution
of disc 54l- and the diametrically opposite opening 72 leads
to the Outer ring 63 of disc ‘54
system for distributing ?uid in response to information
avallable m dlgltal fqrm‘
. , .
Coded disc sé includes an Butnr ring Section 77 and an
inner ring section Sit.
Coded openings or channels 0-1
on? asp”? of the mvfa’ntlon lelates ‘to a dmnbutor. fog 25 to @454 provided in the ring sections, have diameters ar
a ?uid niedla for mo‘inig t membfir to pnf'qeteimlrie.
ranged in accordance with a digital code, the openings
positions in accordance with information provided in digi-
being Selectively op?ned and closed by the lower face of
tal form‘
distributor 55 as viewed in FIG. 1.
Another aspect of the invention relates ‘LO controlling
Thirty-six positions
on disc 56 have been shown in FIG 2 ‘for Convenience in
the ?uid Input and Output of a mud dlsinbutmpsyitem. In 30 description. While in some instances, two lcoded openings
such a manner as to assure accuracy in the distribution
of di??rent diameter am Shown in one Ting Section at a
ofthe ?uid.
Adamonany’ the pre§€nt.d1glta1 ?md dlstnbuuon Sys-
ignvs 01fj predeterminelzl diameter wiuld be sii?icigent. pOn
tam may allow for the merma- of the System’ Such asf-the
the other hand if desired three or more openings could
. .
osition to em hasize the di ital code sin le 0 en
mass of moving parts, to attain accuracy in the position- 35 be used at various positiohs
ing of a member.
In carrying out the invention, ?uid from a source is
t .
passed through a distributor system including a series of
cylinder ‘5:,’ and the inner ring 33 leads to the exhaust 87
inlet ports and preferably a series of outlet ports arrange-d
of the cylinder 53
in coded form to allowpredeteninned ‘amounts of ?uld ‘10
In operation, on information received from the control
to be conveyed to- a deslred‘ (“Lemon-t- - a ‘1- d 62, servomotor 58 will rotate shaft 59 to bring openings
In one emb-m-hm-em’ a Nor
pom-10mm“ 1C] m er 1S
71 and 72 of the distributor into line with any one of a
controlled by digitalized amounts of ?uid supplied through
Series of positions 1 to 36 Shown in HG 2
Selected OMS of a plurahty (if channel?’ or Operimgs re“
position opening 71 will be brought into line with open
In the ?rst
lated to each other on a decimal or binary basis. The 45 inc {L1 ’and opening 72 into line with 049. ‘At this time
channel selection may be effected by means of an asseinprzssure drives ?uid from ‘Source 67 through Outer ring’
bly of disclike members, one of which may be rotated to
bring desired channels into registration for predetermined
63 of ‘disc s4 through Owning (L1 through distributor
Opening 72‘ ?irough outer ring 82 of’disc 57 to the intake
[times to pass gem-me am-Ounts of ?md from a -source to
86 to‘drive’ cylinder rod 52 to a predetermined position.
the work positioning cylinder to move the cylinder rod 50 Fluid returns from the exhaust 87 through inner Tina 83
i0 a piedeiermmud posltloni An exhaust ~arrangemerit
of disc 57 through opening (L19 through distributor open
is provided to return the ?uid vfrom the cylinder after it
ing 71 ’ through
the inner ring 64 .of disc
54 to ‘the return
has served its purpose.
The mvem-lon WIH- be bettv'r imderstood Py refer-ems
Further rotation of distributor 55 places its Opening
FIG' 1 1S a sejcflonal VIVW 9f the ?md d-lstnbunon "Y3tent, together with a schematic representation of a servoA.
At POSlLlOIlS 2 and 20 of distributor 55 there are
no coded openings, and hence no motion of thdpiston rod
to the following detailed description and to tue drawings, 55 52
'72 in line with opening 6-3 and its opening 71 in line
With opening $21. This movement enables pressure to
be applied from the Outer ring ‘63 through Opening 72
oaftisctggégfgirsc used in the present 60 through Opening 0'3 through inner ring 83; to exhaust 87’
‘ - '-
FIG. 3 is an end view of a distributor disc used in the
1Felllténgaisa agfravment
to . return the piston
to the original position.
rggéltlllzigograigwg?usgé t?olrgéfgggmg 82’ openmg
Tlie diameter of'outletao
(1.;1G‘, A. 3' $2111?
0 19 i
1' hi
mlon Show1- mg a 65 smaller than the diameter of
the inlet opening
0~1 to a
view showing the cmssover
degree dependent on the inertia of the moving parts, e.g.,
of cod'ed 0 wings Din thealgodi?cation.
FIG 6 is a vigw taken along the Erie 6__6 of FIG 5;
it may take into consideration a slight overshooting of the
desired piston rod position. The diameter of opening 0-3
slightly exceeds that of opening 04 to assure that the
' ‘
FIG. 7 shows a modi?cation of a distributor device 70 Piston Win Tatum to the Stop 84- Openlng (P21 15 made
for use with the coded ‘disc shown in FIGS. 4, 5 and 6.
larger than opening 0—3 to eliminate any back pressure.
One embodiment of the invention as shown in FIGS. 1,
While the operation at only a few positions has been de
7. A ?uid distribution system according to claim 4,
scribed, it is obvious that the operation will be the same
wherein there are two sets of openings on the disc, one
at corresponding positions.
set of openings representing operate positions and the
other set of openings representing return positions, the
operate openings and the return openings being alternately
The purpose of the larger return position openings
04-0-21; 0-,5—~0—24; 6-9-0-27; etc., is to preclude
any false positioning of the cylinder rod, when the dis
tributor disc is operated at relatively high speeds be
arranged about the coded disc member.
8. A ?uid distribution system in accordance with claim
7, wherein the diameter of the openings in the return
positions exceeds the diameter of the openings in the
tween positions. For example, if the distributor starts
from position 36 and it is desired to rotate the distributor
?ve positions forward to position 13, fractional amounts
of ?uid would pass through the system at positions 1, 4,
7 and 10, at the respective openings {5-1, 94%, dill and
(L10, if the intermediate return position openings ili-3—
operate positions.
97 A fluid distribution system according to claim 7,
wherein an opening in a return position is larger than
another opening in the same return position to eliminate
(L21, etc., were not provided. It is proper to consider
these return positions as lending accuracy to the system
any back pressure.
10. A ?uid distribution system according to claim 7,
wherein the openings of the coded disc are at inner and
outer positions and there are a pair of coded openings in
at the cost of useful space on the coded disc 56.
In practice, disc space could be conserved by having
the input and output portions of the distributor cover only
single ring portions of the coded disc and reversals of
the piston rod could be obtained by crossing holes in the
each return position, in a given position the passageway
of the distributor crossing over from the outer ring sec
tion of the inlet disc to the opening in an inner position,
In this case, distributor 55’ includes the 20 and the other passageway crossing over from an inner
openings 71’ and 72'. Opening li—1', equivalent to ®—1,
ring section of the inlet disc to the opening in the outer
remains as previously described but, as shown in FIG. 4,
coded disc.
_ position.
opening 049’ of disc 56’ would be brought adjacent to
11. A fluid distributor according to claim 2, including
opening 0-—1'. Position 2, of course, would not be af
a motor for e?fecting relative movement between the
fected. Opening tl-3’ would enter the control disc in
discs by driving one of the discs to a preselected position,
the outer ring portion but leave through the inner ring
and control apparatus for controlling the operation of
portion and vice versa for opening tl—21’, as shown in
FIGS. 5 and 6. Corresponding openings at other posi
said motor.
tions would be arranged in a similar manner.
contiguous relation an inlet disc, a disc distributor, a coded
disc, and an outlet disc, the inlet disc comprising two con
12. A ?uid distribution system comprising in successive
In a preferred mode of operation, position 36 may be
considered as the home position of the distributor, the
control apparatus directing the distributor to return to
the home position after it has been moved to one of the
operating positions. The necessary information could
be provided, for example, on a punched card or tape.
centric hollow ring sections, one ring section being con
nected to a source and the other ring section being con
nected to a ?uid return, the distributor disc being rotatable
and including two passageways, one for one ring section
Various changes may be devised without departing
from the spirit of the invention.
and the other for the other ring section, the coded disc
including a series of openings arranged at different posi
tions about the disc, there being at least a pair of open
What is claimed is:
1. A ?uid distribution system comprising a ?uid source,
ings for each position, one opening of a pair passing ?uid
a fluid. outlet, a coded member having a series of non
opening passing ?uid in the opposite direction to the
identically sized openings arranged therein in a predeter
mined manner, said opening sizes and the manner of
arrangement thereof being determined in accordance with
the amounts of ?uid to be passed through the respective
openings, a distributor having at least one passageway,
means to e?ect relative movement between the coded
member and. the distributor to bring the passageway into
alignment with one or more openings to pass a predeter
mined amount of ?uid from the ?uid source through the
aligned opening or openings and the passageway to the
?uid outlet.
2.‘ A ?uid distributor according to claim 1, wherein
the‘ coded member is a disc, and the disttributor is a
disc contiguous with the coded disc.
3. A ?uid distribution system according to claim 2,
including an inlet disc at one side of the rotary member,
and an outlet disc at one side of the coded member, each
having at least one ?uid path.
in one direction from the distributor disc and the other
distributor disc, and the outlet disc comprising two con
centric hollow ring sections, one leading to a ?uid intake
and the other leading to a ?uid exhaust.
13. A ?uid distribution system according to claim 12,
including a piston cylinder operatively connected to the
intake and exhaust.
14. A ?uid distribution system according to claim 12, ‘
including a servomotor for driving the distributor to a
predetermined position.
15. A fluid distribution system according to claim 12,
wherein the distributor disc includes a pair of L-shaped
openings, one opening being coupled to the outer hollow
ring section of the inlet disc, and the other opening being
coupled to the inner hollow ring section of the inlet
16. A ?uid distribution system according to claim 12,
wherein the openings of the coded disc are at inner and
outer positions, and there are a pair of openings, in a
4. A ?uid distribution system according to claim 3, 60 given position one passageway of the distributor extend
wherein the inlet and outlet discs each comprise a pair
ing between the outer ring section of the inlet disc and
of concentric. ring sections, one ring section supplying
the outer opening, and the other passageway extending
?uid through the distributor in one direction, the other
between the inner ring section of the inlet disc and the
ring section receiving ?uid from the distributor in the
opposite direction, and the coded disc being provided
with at least a pair of. openings at each of a series of
positions about the disc.
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
5. A ?uid distribution system according to claim 4,
wherein the openings of a pair are at diametrically oppo
site positions on the coded disc.
6. A ?uid distribution system according to claim 5,
wherein one opening of a pair in at least one position is
smaller than the other opening in the same position to
allow for the inertia of moving parts.
inner opening.
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