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Dec. 4, 1962
Filed Dec. 18, 1959
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aw», w», ORNEY
Dec. 4, 1962
R, R, Rossl
Filed Dec. 18, 1959
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v; llllllmu
iii/K24”, I
United States Fatent @i‘frce
Patented Dec. 4, 1962
when positioning member 10 into the vertical or extended
position as will be hereinafter described.
A pair of supporting studs 42 and 44 are secured to
base portion 22 at the ends thereof for ?rmly positioning
base 20 on a roadway as is shown in the drawings. Studs
42 and 44 are preferably made of a resilient material
which provides a frictional engagement with the roadway.
Robert R. Rossi, Audubon, N.J., assignor to Arrow Safety
Device Company, Mount Holly, N.J., a corporation of
New Jersey
Filed Dec. 18, 1959, Ser. No. 860,565
3 Claims. (Cl. 248-33)
The inner ends of studs 44 are cone-shaped to present a
This invention relates to re?ectors and more particu
resilient support for member 10 when it is in the horizon;
larly to re?ector ?are devices for use at roadways and 10 tal or collapsed position shown in FIGURE 3. As shown
similar places to alert approaching vehicles.
in this ?gure, the apex of the cone portion of studs 44
In the construction of re?ector ?are devices it is de
is engageable with member 10 adjacent the free end of
sirable that the device may be quickly set up on a road
plate 114.
way or similar place in a manner such that it cannot be
When the re?ector ?are device is shipped or stored in
easily overturned and will retain a position to re?ect a
a vehicle, it may be positioned in a collapsed position as
signal to approaching vehicles. It is also desirable that
shown in FIGURE 3. In this position member 10 ex
the device may be safely shipped or stored in a vehicle
tends substantially parallel to base 20 and is supported at
so that it takes up a minimum amount of space.
its mounted end by means of shaft 28 resting within slots
It is an object of this invention to provide a re?ector
3% and 32 on sidewalls 24 and 26 and at its free end by
?are device having the above-described features.
engagement of plate 14 with studs 44. By this arrange
Another object of this invention is to construct a re?ec
ment, the device takes up a minimum amount of space.
tor ?are device of the indicated type with a minimum
Also, the re?ector assemblies 18 are protected by side
number of parts which will render it economical to manu
walls 24 and 26 which partially enclose the same and by
facture and facilitate repair.
The above and other objects and featuers of the inven
tion will become apparent from the consideration of the
following description taken in connection with the accom
panying drawings wherein:
FIGURE 1 is a front elevation of a preferred embodi
the resilient mounting provided by studs 44.
When its is desired to use the device to indicate a
dangerous condition at a roadway or similar place where
a re?ector would be helpful, the device is moved to the
extended position shown in FIGURES l and 2. To place
the device in this position, member 10 is moved to the
ment of the invention;
30 medial portion of base 26 by sliding shaft 28 along the
FIGURE 2 is a side elevation of the embodiment shown
track de?ned by slots 30 and 32 to the innermost ends
in FIGURE 1;
thereof and is rotated to a vertical position. Member
FIGURE 3 is a side elevation of the embodiment shown
10 is then moved transversely of base 20 by sliding shaft
in FIGURE 1 with a portion thereof cut away and with
the parts in a different position; and
FIGURE 4 is a fragmentary view taken on line 4—-4
28 into transverse portion 36 while at the same time
guiding tab 38 into slot 40. Member 10 is moved trans
versely until shaft 28 rests on the end of transverse por
of FIGURE 1.
tion 36. The cooperation of tab 38 with slot 40 re
Referring to the drawings, the device comprises a re
stricts any rotatable movement of member 10 within
?ector carrying member 10 which consists of a pair of
slots 34} and 32 and the cooperation of shaft 28 with
plates 12 and 14 secured together as by rivets 16. Mem 40 transverse slot portions 36 restricts any rotation of mem
ber it) has a pair of circular re?ector assemblies 18 suit
ber 10 within slot 40. It is thus apparent that this look
ably secured to each of the plates 12 and 14. Re?ector
ing arrangement ?rmly secures member 10 in its vertical
assemblies 18 may be red in color to indicate danger and
or extended position. The re?ector device may then be
may be of any suitable type.
placed in a position to provide a re?ecting signal without
Means are provided for mounting member 10 on an
the possibility that the re?ector carrying member 10 will
elongated base 20 comprising a base portion 22 and a
be easily moved out of its re?ecting position by reason
pair of opposing sidewall members 24 and 26 extending
of the locking arrangement and the balanced arrange
perpendicular to base portion 22. To this end, a mount
ment of the device.
ing shaft 28 is secured between plates 12 and 14 adjacent
Although only one embodiment of this invention has
one end thereof and extends through a pair of opposing
been shown and described for purposes of illustration,
slots 3% and 32 in sidewalls 24 and 26, respectively. A
it will be apparent that the invention can be variously
pair of retaining nuts 34 are fastened to the outer ends
embodied and changes may be made in the construction
of shaft 23 which extends to the outer sides of sidewalls
and arrangement of parts without departing from the
24 and 26 to thereby secure shaft 28 on sidewalls 24 and
scope of the invention as de?ned by the appended claims.
26. The outer diameter of shaft 28 is slightly less than
What is claimed is:
the width of slots 3%} and 32 whereby shaft 28 is slidable
l. A re?ector device comprising a re?ector carrying
and rotatable therein to permit rotating and sliding move
member, a support for said member having opposed side
ment of member 10.
walls joined by a base, each of said side walls having a
As is best shown in FIGURE 2, slots 30 and 32 extend
slot therein, means movable within said slots in said side
longitudinally from a point adjacent one end of base 20
walls for mounting said re?ector carrying member on
to the medial portion thereof. Slots 30 and 32 have a
said support, a projection formed on said re?ector carry
longitudinally extending portion which inclines as it ex
ing member, and a third slot de?ned in said base, said
tends from the outer end to the inner end thereof and
re?ector carrying member being movable to a position
a transverse portion 36 which extends perpendicular to 65 in which said projection extends within said third slot to
base portion 22 at the medial portion of base 20.
lock said re?ector carrying member positively against
Means are provided for securing member 10 in a posi
rotative movement in a position extending substantially
tion normal to base 20. Such means comprises a tab 38
normal to said base, said re?ector carrying member being
projecting from the mounted end of member 10 and a
further movable to a position substantially parallel to
slot 445 in base portion 22 adapted to receive tab 38. The 70 said base, said mounting means moving within said slots
transverse portions 36 of slots 30 and 32 provide a means
in said side walls upon movement of said re?ector carry
by which tab 38 may be inserted downwardly into slot 40
ing member between said positions thereof, said slots in
said side walls having a longitudinal portion and a por
tion extending substantially normal to said base and pro
position to prevent contact thereof with said base.
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
jecting from said longitudinal portion inwardly toward
said base at a position insubstantial alignment with said
third slot, said mounting means extending Within said
normally extending slot portion when said re?ector carry
ing member is in said normal position.
2. Adevice as claimed in claim 1 wherein said projec
tion comprises a tab on said re?ector carrying member
and said third slot extends transversely of said base.
3. A device as claimed in claim 1 comprising means
including said pair of slots and said mounting means for
supporting said re?ector carrying member in said parallel
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