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Dec. 4, 1962
Filed July 11, 1960
lijnited States Patent
John A. Frampton, 144 E. Beechwold Blvd,
Columbus, Ohio
Filed July 11, was, Ser. No. 41,970
3 {Claims (Cl. 272—27)
The present invention relates generally to surprise toys
or practical jokes, and more particularly to an improved
noise-making surprise toy.
The primary object of this invention is to provide a
novelty surprise toy in the form of an outer casing or
container which is appropriately formed and/or deco
rated to simulate the innocent appearance of an ordinary
Patented Dec. 4, 1%52
of the side wall 12 of the container above the shoulder
provided by the lower rim 13, so as to hold the inner cas~
ing 14 and the associated noise-making unit, as herein
after described, against accidental removal from the con
tainer. To release the spring 15 and thus permit removal
of the inner casing 14, the outer ends of the spring may
simply be ?exed inwardly or contracted about the inner
sleeve so as to clear the rim 13 to thus permit the inner
casing to be removed axially through the open bottom
of the container.
The inner casing 14 is provided slightly inwardly of
the upper end thereof with a transversely extending and
circular partition wall 17. The diameter of the wall 17
is substantially equal to the inner diameter of the inner
beer can or the like, and which has concealed therein a 15 casing 14-, in order that there is a close frictional ?t be
tween the periphery of the wall 17 and the inner casing
battery~operated, noise-making unit and associated switch
14. Additionally, the inner casing 14 is provided with
mechanism operable upon the lifting of the container
an annular shoulder-forming strip 18 which is adhesively
from a supporting surface to emit a sharp and sudden
secured to the inner surface of the casing 14 and which
noise, and to thereby startle an unsuspecting party.
provides an annular ledge or shoulder for the support of
Another object of the present invention is to provide
the partition wall 17.
a surprise toy of this character which is of relatively
Riveted, or otherwise suitably secured, to the partition
simpli?ed construction, and which utilizes more or less
wall 17 is the inner end portion of a resiliently flexible
standard and readily available component parts in its
metal strip or switch arm 19. The outer end portion
A further object is to provide a noise-making surprise 25 of the arm 19, as shown in FIG. 1, is normally arranged
to extend above and in spaced relation to a relatively
toy comprising an outer container and an internal, nor
stationary metal contact 2h which may take the form of
mally concealed, battery-operated, noise-making mech
a metal clip or staple attached to and carried upon the
anism which may be easily assembled and disassembled
upper surface of the partition wall 17. The outer end
for battery replacement or repair purposes where neces
30 of the switch arm 19 is formed with a hooked or looped
end extremity 21 to which is connected the upper end
‘For a further and more detailed understanding of the
of a ?exible string or chain 22. The string or chain 22
present invention and the various additional objects and
advantages thereof, reference is made to the following
description and the accompanying drawing, wherein:
extends downwardly through a window or opening 23
formed in the partition wall 17 and is attached at its
PEG. 1 is a medial, longitudinal, vertical sectional view 35 lower end to a connector eye 24 formed on a generally
U~shaped metal frame member 25. Riveted, or other
wise suitably secured, to the central portion of the frame
same resting bottom down upon a table or other ?at sup
of my improved noise-making surprise toy showing the
porting surface;
member 25 is a resiliently expansible, U-shaped battery~
supporting clip 26. The clip 26 partially encompasses
FIG. 2 is a similar view showing the position of the
noise-making unit and its associated switch mechanism 40 and releasably supports a small dry cell, ?ashlight-type
battery 27. The base or negative pole of the battery 27
when the toy is lifted free of a supporting surface;
is held in electrical contact with the upper leg 25a of the
FIG. 3 is a horizontal sectional view taken along the
frame member 25, while the positive pole 28 of the bat
line 3—3 of FIG. 1;
tery engages an electrical contact plate or rivet 29 which
F26. 4 is a similar view taken along the line 4—4 of
is supported by the opposite or lower leg 25b of the frame
FIG. 1;
25. As shown particularly in FIG. 5, the con
FIG. 5 is an enlarged, fragmentary, vertical sectional
tact plate or rivet 29 is electrically insulated from the
view taken through one of the battery pole contacts of
lower leg 25b of the frame member 25 by means of a
the noise-making unit; and
FIG. 6 is a wiring diagram of the electrical circuit
employed in the present noise-making toy.
?ber or other dielectric Washer or collar 3i} which is ?tted
50 within an opening formed in the lower leg 25b.
With reference to the drawing, it will be seen that the
present surprise toy makes use of an outer cylindrical cas
ing or hollow container 14} which may, advantageously,
constitute an ordinary metal beer can from which the
The contact plate or rivet 29 is formed with a lateral
terminal extension 31 to which is soldered and electrical
container id is formed to include a circular top wall 11
and a continuous cylindrical side wall 12 and an open
contact 26).
Attached to the lower leg 22% of the frame member 25
ly connected one end of a ?exible wire 32.
The op
posite end of the wire 32 extends upwardly within the
bottom wall has been cut and removed. As such, the 55 inner casing 14 and is soldered to the stationary switch
bottom bounded by the circular rim 13. The external
surfaces of the container may, if desired, be suitably col
ored or otherwise decorated to give the same an attrac
tive and innocent appearance.
Positioned within the container 10 is an inner tubular
or sleeve-like casing 14 preferably formed from sti?
and projecting downwardly therefrom is a relatively small
size, battery-operated, vibrator-type horn 33 of a type
60 commonly used on children’s bicycles or similar toys.
The horn 33 is electrically grounded to the lower leg 25b
of the frame member 25 and is thus electrically connected
by the frame member 25 with the base or negative
terminal of the battery 27. The horn 33 is also pro
cardboard or other suitable dielectric material. The outer
diameter of the inner casing 14 is slightly less than the 65 vided with a contact terminal 3% which is electrically con
nected with the inner end of the ?exible switch arm 159
inner diameter of the outer container 10. The inner
by means of a second, ?exible lead wire 35.
casing is releasably retained within the container by
As will be noted by reference to FIG. 1 of the draw—
means of a resiliently contractible, split-type leaf spring
the frame member 25, battery 27 and the horn as
15 which is riveted at its intermediate portion to the
lower end portion of the inner casing, as at 16, and which 70 sembly are adapted to be suspended as a unit from the
outer end of the switch arm 19, as by means of the string
has its outer end portions arranged normally to ?ex out
or chain 22. The length of the string or chain 22, com
wardly into frictional engagement with the inner surface
bined with the overall length of the frame 25 and horn
33, is such that when the outer casing or container llil
is placed bottom down upon» a flat supporting surface,
outer end portion of said switch arm and having a lower
end portion arranged to extend downwardly slightly
below the open bottom of said container when said con
such as a table top indicated. at 36, the lower end of the
tainer is lifted vertically from a supporting surface, said
horn 33 will rest and be supported upon the table top CR battery and noise maker unit being arranged to move up
and the switch arm 19 will occupy its normal open
wardly and to be concealed within the con?nes of said
position in spaced relation to the stationary switch con
container when the latter is placed bottom down upon a
tact 20. Thus, with the container resting upon a sup
supporting surface; and switch means electrically con
porting surface, the operating circuit between the horn
nected with said switch arm and said battery and noise
33 and the battery 27 will be open and the horn will
maker unit and operable to close an electrical circuit for
remain deenergized. However, in the event the outer
said noise maker when said container is liftec tree of a
container is lifted or otherwise removed from the sup
supporting surface.
porting surface 36, the Weight of the frame member 25,
the battery 27 and the horn assembly will cause the
switch arm 19 to ?ex downwardly into closingr contact
2. A noise~making surprise toy comprising a hollow
container having closed top and side walls and an open
15 bottom adapted to rest upon a flat supporting surface;
with the stationary contact 2!} to thus close an operating
a battery and electrical noise-making unit; means sus
circuit to the horn 33, thereby causing the latter to emit
pending said battery and noise-making unit for limited,
a sudden and sharp noise.
relative vertical movement within said container, said
As will be readily understood, the present device pro
battery and noise-making unit having a lower part there
vides an amusing practical poke. When the outer con
on arranged to extend slightly downwardly beyond the
tainer is attractively decorated or made to simulate an
open bottom of said container when the latter is lifted
ordinary, unopened beer can and is placed bottom down
free of a supporting surface and arranged to engage such
upon a table or bar counter, the internal noise-making
surface to move said unit relatively upwardly within the
assembly is entirely concealed from the view of an un~
con?nes of said container when said container is placed
suspecting or unwary person. If such a person chooses
bottom down upon such surface; and switch means car
to pick the container up, or otherwise slide the same off
of the table or bar top, the now unsupported weight of
ried within said container and electrically connected with
said unit for closing an operating circuit for said unit
when the lower part thereof is extended outwardly be
yond the bottom of said container and to open such
circuit when said unit occupies a position within the
con?nes of said container.
3. A noise-making surprise toy comprising an outer
container formed with an open bottom; an inner casing
removably positioned within the con?nes of said con
the frame member 215, battery 27 and horn assembly will
cause the switch arm to close upon the contact 20 and
thus energize the horn 33, all to the surprise and shock
of the unsuspecting dupe, and to the amusement or" the
informed onlookers.
The present surprise toy is also characterized by its
simplicity of construction and ease of assembly and dis
assembly within and from the outer container. Thus, to
provide access to the internal component parts, and par
ticularly to the battery for replacement purposes, it is
tainer; means detachably securing said inner casing with
in said container, normally open switch means carried
by said inner casing and including a resiliently ?exible
arm‘having an outer end portion arranged to ?ex in a
merely necessary to contract the free end portion of the
spring strip 15, by means of a knife blade, to free the
same from engagement with the lower rim 13 of the con
tainer, and the entire inner casing 14, battery and horn
generally vertical plane; a ?exible connector secured to
40 and depending from the outer end portion of said arm;
assembly and switch assembly maybe removed as a unit
from the lower end of the outer container to. There
after, the partition wall 17 and the depending frame, bat
and a battery and electrical noise maker unit suspended
from said ?exible connector and having a lower end por
tion‘ arranged normally to project slightly beyond the
tery and horn may be removed from the upper end of the 45 open bottom of said container, said unit having electrical
connections with said switch means and being arranged
inner casing to provide access to the battery for replace
to ?ex said switch arm to a circuit~closing position when
ment purposes.
the bottom of said container is free of a supporting sur
While a single preferred embodiment of the present
invention has been illustrated and described in detail, it
will be understood that modi?cations as to details of con
struction and design may be resorted to without depart~
ing from the spirit of the invention or scope of the follow
ing claims.
Having thus described my invention, what I claim is:
1. A noise-making, surprise toy comprising a hollow 55
container having closed top and side walls and an open
bottom adapted to rest upon a ?at supporting surface; a
resiliently ?exible switch arm carried within said con
tainer and having an outer end portion arranged to ?ex
in a generally vertical plane; a battery and electrical noise 60
maker unit suspended within said container from the
face, said unit being movable upwardly within the con
?nes of said container when the bottom of said container
is placed upon a supporting surface, whereby to cause
said switch means to assume its normally open position.
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