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Dec. 11, 1962
P. w. scHwlMMER
Filed April 30, 1959
2 Sheets-Sheet 1
Dec. 11, 1962
P. w. scHwlMMER
Filed April 50, 1959
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. E
` arent
Patented Dec. 11, 1962
driver’s license yet wherein the person’s master card num
ber is not to be shown on the identiñcation card.
Paul W. Schwimmer, 16573 Freeland Ave.,
present photographic system can be used to provide such
an identification card, but with the prior art systems it
is first necessary to make a positive photograph which is
then copied on iilm negative and which further requires
the use of said negative to produce a linal positive pho
tograph. The prior tart systems, because of the many
Detroit 35, Mich.
Filed Apr. 30, 1959, Ser. No. 810,127
2 Claims. (Cl. 9S-1.1)
This invention relates generally to the art of making
steps that have to be carried out to obtain the desired
identification cards with pictures thereon and, more par 10 results, are costly and time consuming. Accordingly, the
ticularly, to a new and improved method of and means
present invention overcomes the disadvantages of the prior
Ifor making identification cards such as -driver’s licenses,
art systems by providing a method of making identifica
club cards and the like by employing a photograph nega
tion cards with pictures thereon which can ibe carried
out in a minimum of time and at minimum cost.
It is the primary object of the present invention to 15
Referring now to the drawings, -and especially to FIG.
provide a method of making identification cards with
l, the numeral 10 -designates a master or key card which
pictures thereon wherein a person’s picture is first taken
a person may fill out when joining a club, applying for
on photographic paper to produce a photographic nega
a driver’s license and the like. The portion 11 on the
tive and then the picture is applied to a master or key
right end of the master 10 is a receipt slip or stu-b which
iile card and rephotographed to produce an identification 20 is detachable from the card 10 along the dotted line 12
card having a positive photograph wherein white colors
after the applicant, or prospective new member or the
show up as ~white and any identification numbers or
like makes out the card 10. The receipt stub 11 would
codes appear for correct or right reading.
be provided with a master card number or processing
It is another object of the present invention to provide
cross-index number as 13 on the `front face thereof and
a method for making identification cards which employs 25 this same number would appear on the master card as
conventional photographic paper whereby the cost will
indicated by the numeral 13a. The master card number
be greatly reduced as no ñlm support is necessary.
would also appear in large black numerals on the back of
It is `another object of the present invention to provide
the receipt stub 11 but in an enlarged condition as indi
a method of making identification cards with pictures
cated by the numeral 13b. After the applicant has filled
thereon wherein an identification number or code is pho 30 out the master card 10 he is handed his receipt stub 11
tographed together with the person, whereby positive con
and his picture is then taken on photographic paper to
produce a photograph negative. As shown in FIGS. 2,'
trol and correspondence of a person to a master or key
card is obtained.
3 and 4, an illustrative photographic layout for use in
It is a further object of the present invention to pro
the invention would comprise a table, generally indicated
vide a novel method of making identification cards with 35 yby »the numeral 14, which would be provided with the
pictures thereon wherein all errors are eliminated in set
legs 15 and a U-shaped frame, generally indicated by the `
ting up or writing numbers which correspond to a master
numeral 16, on one end thereof. 'I‘he frame 16 may be
or key card, whereby much time is saved by the elimina
ñxedly connected to the table by any suitable means, `as
tion of this operation and any forging of identification
by means of bolts and nuts as 17. The applicant is gen
40 erally indicated in FIGS. 2, 3 and 4'by the numeral 18
cards would be prevented.
It is still another object of the present invention to
and he would be positioned between a white screen 19
provide a novel method of making identification cards
and the frame 16 for picture taking purposes. As shown
in FIG. 4, the applicant 18 would be positioned centrally
with pictures thereon which is economical to carry out,
in the opening 20 made *by the frame 16.
eñicient and fast in operation and which can be carried
out with existing equipment.
Fixedly mounted on the left end of the table as viewed
Other objects, features and advantages of this inven
in FIGS. 2 and 3 would `be a receipt holder 21 upon
tion will be apparent from the following detailed descrip
tion and appended claims, reference being had to the ac
companying drawings forming a part of the specification
wherein like reference numerals designate corresponding 50
parts of the several views.
`In the drawings:
which would be mounted the applicant’s receipt stub 11.
The receipt stub 11 would be mounted in a reversed po
sition whereby the enlarged master card 13b would be
facing outwardly as shown in FIG. 4. Adjustably mount
ed on the right end of the table 14 or other suitable
platform is a suitable conventional camera, generally in
dicated by the numeral 22 and which would tbe supplied
IFIG. 1 is a plan view of the front side of a simulated
identiiication card for a club membership;
with conventional photographic paper instead of film.
FIG. 2 is a top plan view of a photographic layout 55 The camera would be provided on the front end thereof
employed in carrying out the method of the present in
with a power input plug connection for connecting the
camera to `a source of electrical energy.
FIG. 3 is a side elevational View of the structure il
lustrated in ~lFIG. 2, taken in the direction of the arrows
marked “3”;
As best shown
in FIGS. 2 and 3, a supporting arm as 24 and Z5 is fixed
ly mounted on each side of the camera 22 and these arms
60 are adapted to support suitable lighting means as 26 and
FIG. 4 is an elevational sectional view of the structure
27, respectively. A suitable light for members 26 and 27
illustrated in FIG. 3, taken along the line 4_4 thereof;
is one available on the market under the tradename
“Strobe” which permits exposures of a M000 sec. and lens
FIG. 5 is an illustrative example of a photograph nega
tive made in accordance with the photographic layout of
openings of approximately f22. The photographic light
65 ing means 26 and 27 are electrically connected by the
FIGS. 2, 3 and 4; and,
FIG. 6 is a front plan View of an identification card
leads 28 and 29, respectively, to the input plug means
made in accordance with the invention.
23. In order to have the master card number 13b ap
It is desirable in many instances where identification
pear correct or right, a prism as 30 is mounted in front
cards and the like are used that the person’s picture be
of the receipt stub 11. The applicant’s picture is then
incorporated with the card together with the person’s 70 taken by the camera 22 and a photograph negative, gen
card number. An example of this would be where a
erally indictaed by the numeral 31 in FIG. 5, is produced
state requires that the person’s picture be shown on his
on the photographic paper. For Igood lighting effects it
is preferable to have the upper surface 32 of the table 14
colored white.
After the photographic negative 31 is made it is pasted
directly on the master identification card .10 >as indicated
by the numeral 31a in FIG. 1. An identiiication card
by the present method would apply only to the person
actually shown on the identification card. With the present system it is possible to photograph an individual or
applicant with his coded receipt stub ‘bearing the same
cross-index number as the master card 10, which would
33, as shown in
6, is then made by photographing
the master card 10 with the photograph negative thereon.
be kept at a central location Vyet which would ypermit ,the
further making of the identification card 33 with the
It will >tbe seen that ’the identification card 33 is produced
master cross-index card number deleted therefrom.
without all of the data of the master card 10 of FIG. 1.
While it will be apparent that the preferred embodi
As viewed in FIG. 1, all of the data on the master card 10 ment of the invention herein 4disclosed is well calculated
10 is blocked off to «the right of the line 34 >and below
to fulfill the objects above stated, it Awill be `appreciated
the line 35, and such data does not »appear on the card
that the invention is susceptible to modification, variation
and change without departing from the proper scope or
33. Likewise, theY master card number or processing
cross-index numbers 13 is blocked out and does not ap- '
pear on the identification card 33.
It will be seen that
when the photographic negative ’31 is reproduced iby any
conventional photographicV process on the master card
10, that a positive picture of a portion of the master
fair meaning of the subjoined claims.
What I claim is:
1. A method of making identification cards for a per
son with his picture thereon comprising the steps of ñrst
taking a picture of the person on photographic paper to
make a photograph negative, and then mountingV ,the
card 10 is reproduced to provide a positive identification
card 33 with an integral positive picture of the applicant 20 photograph negative on a master card Vand making a pho
tograph of the card.
thereon. Any conventional photographic paper can be
' 2. A method of making identification cards for a per
used to make the photograph negative 31 as, for example,
son with his picture thereon comprising the steps of ñrst
any paper ‘base or opaque lbase material having a light
sensitive emulsion thereon, as for example, a silver ha
having the person fill out a master card with his personal
lide emulsion. A further example of `a photographic pa-.
per that may 1be used for this purpose is one put out by
the Kodak Co. which has the following identification
data, detaching a portion of the master card with said
data thereon, namely, single Weight, Medalist, F~4,
portion having the master card number thereon, .taking
a picture of the person with his numbered card portion
before him so that it appears in the picture kand said pic
ture ibeing taken on photographic paper to make a pho
exp '1/60 63'61-12950.DE.
It lwill be seen that the present invention provides a 30 tograph negative, >mounting the lphotograph negative on
said master card, and then taking ya picture of the com
novel method and means for quickly and easily making
identification cards and automobile `driver’s licenses inV
posite master card and photograph negative, with parts
an economical manner.
of the master card blocked out, to produce an identifica
tion card of the person with his picture thereon.
References Cited in the `tile of this patent
It will be seen that with the
present system it is impossible to make a mistake relative
to a person’s master card num-ber and his picture since
the person mounts his own receipt stub on the holder 21
when his picture is taken. thus positively indexing the
photograph to the application. Furthermore, if the cam
era 22 is provided with a code >means which would ap
pear on the photograph negative 31, the exact camera 40
which took the picture could »be identified in the future.
The company, club or licensing bureau and applicant
would have complete confidence that any picture made
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