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Dec. 11? 1962
B; PoPown'z
3,067,976 ‘
Filed Aug. 1, 1961
nited States
" atent
Patented Dec. 11, 1962
Bruno Popowitz, Detroit, Mich, assignor to Robinson
Furniture Company, Detroit, l‘v ‘ch., a corporation of
Filed Aug. 1, 1961, Ser. No. 128,401
7 Claims. (Cl. 248—349)
This invention relates to a theft-proof television swivel
and more particularly to a swivel mounting for television
receivers, or the like, of such construction as to prevent
an unauthorized removal.
Heretofore, and this is particularly true in motels and
in some hotels, smaller sized television sets are so at
nut 18, which abuts the outer end portion of the sieeve 16
and is also ?xedly secured thereto in any suitable fashion
such as by the Welds 20.
At the same time the nut 18 loosely engages the under
surface of the base plate 11 so that in effect the said base
plate 11 is loosely mounted as indicated at 21 with re
spect to the swivel assembly, including the sleeve 16, disc
14 and the nut 18.
A series of equally spaced radial notches 22 are formed
in the peripheral edge of the nut 18 for cooperative regis
try with the projection 34 at the end of the arm 32 of
the spanner wrench 31, whose inner curvature as at 33
substantially corresponds to the outer curvature of the
nut 18 for operation in a manner hereafter described.
A series of bores 23 are formed partly through the
tractive that they are oftentimes carried off by the guests. 15
The primary object of the present invention is to pro
base plate 11, as best shown in FIG. 2, terminating in the
vide a theft-proof television swivel mounting for a tele
reduced counterboresfor cooperatively receiving the series
of individual fasteners 24, which are adapted to project
vision set, or like instrument, and wherein the means
up through portions of the base plate 11 so as to thread
which fasten the television receiver to the swivel are
practically inaccessible except on the application of a
edly or otherwise be secured to the television receiver,
special type spanner wrench in the possession of the motel
shown in phantom lines, and indicated by the letter T.
In the construction of the present television swivel, the
swivel mechanism, including the sleeve 16, disc 14', and,
operator or service man.
It is the object of the present invention to provide a
novel form of swivel mounting for a television set by
the nut 18, are assembled and loosely secured with re
which the television set or like device may be mounted 25 spect to the base plate 11; as a second step, the base
and secured upon the flat top support of a piece of furni
plate 11 is ?xedly secured in any suitable fashion such as
ture within a hotel or motel room, and which once as
by fasteners 24, to the undersurface of the television re
sembled may not be removed without the application of
ceiver or other instrument, as for example, a radio or
the like.
special tools, normally not available to the average trav
After the television swivel assembly has been mounted
It is the further object of the present invention to pro
and secured in place using a suitable screw driver, or
vide a simpli?ed swivel mounting for a television re
other means, using equivalent fastening mechanism, as the
case may be, then the television set with associated swivel
ceiver, or instrument of like character, such as a radio
mounting, is ready for assembly.
or the like, wherein the swivel assembly incorporates a
disc-like nut, located upon the undersurface of the swivel 35
For this purpose, and for the mounting of the said
support and which when threaded down over a securing
television and its swivel upon a piece of furniture, all that
bolt projected up through the top support of the piece of
is required is that the furniture 25 have a ?at top sup
furniture, is of such limited height as to prevent normal
porting surface, which is the surface 26, fragmentarily
manual access to the means which fasten the swivel sup
shown in vFIG. 2, and being provided with a bore 27
40 therethrough.
port to the television receiver.
These and other objects will be seen from the follow
The headed bolt 28 has a polygonal portion 29 there
ing specification and claim in conjunction with the ap
under which is forcefully and ?xedly projected up into
pended drawing in which:
the undersurface portion of the bore 27 so as to normally
FIG. 1 is a plan view of the present theft-proof tele
be retained against rotation, and includes the threaded
45 shank 30, which extends up through the said bore 27 and
vision swivel.
FIG. 2 is a fragmentary section taken on line 2-2 of
above the support 26.
FIG. 1, illustrating the television receiver in phantom
As the next step in the assembly, the combination tele
lines and fragmentarily illustrating the flat top support
vision receiver and base plate 11, with associated swivel
of a piece of furniture, the said FIG. 1, being also a section
assembly, is loosely rotated so that the threaded aperture
50 19 of the nut 18 cooperatively receives the threaded por
taken on line 1—-1 of FIG. 2.
FIG. 3 is a plan view of the special type of spanner
tion of the nut 30 with rotation continuing until said
wrench required for tightening or loosening the disc-like
nut 18 bears against the top surface of the support 26.
nut for the swivel mechanism.
The securing of the nut 18 against the top surface of
It will be understood that the above drawing illus
the support 26 and with respect to the bolt 23 is completed
trates merely a preferred embodiment of the invention 55 by the application of the spanner type of wrench 31—32,
and that other embodiments are contemplated within
the scope of the claims hereafter set forth.
shown in FIG. 3.
This wrench is, of course, thin and is
projected loosely Within the space between the undersur
face of the base plate 11 and the support 26, so that its
arcuate inner surface 33 cooperatively bears against the
Referring to the drawing, the present theft-proof swivel
includes a base plate 11 of general rectangular form,
though it may be circular and is preferably constructed 60 outer arcuate surface of the nut 18. At the same time
of wood, for illustration, but not excluding other mate
the projection 34 is nested within one of the notches 22
rial such as metal.
A transverse bore 12 is formed through base plate 11,
and upon one side of said plate terminates in the en
formed in the said nut and by a rotary movement as for
example in a clockwise direction looking downwardly
with respect to FIG. 1, the nut 18 is tightened with respect
larged counterbore 13 within which is loosely nested disc 65 to the bolt 28 so as to grip the support 26.
14 centrally apertured at 15.
Accordingly, a means is provided by which the tele
Sleeve 16 is loosely positioned through the bore 12,
vision swivel assembly may be ?xedly secured to the sup
and at one outer edge is peripherally or otherwise ?xedly
port surface 26 of the piece of furniture 25, and at the
secured to the disc 14 as by the welds 17. Disc 14 is
same time the base plate 11 connected with the television
also loosely positioned within the counterbore 13; and 70 receiver, is free for rotation with respect to the sleeve 16,
the swivel assembly .is completed by the application to
associated disc 14 and the disc-like nut 18.
the undersurface of the base plate 11 of the disc-shaped
By this construction it is apparent that in view of the
limited and reduced height for the disc-like nut 13, the
base plate 11 is so close to the support 26 as to positively
preclude manual application or access to the fasteners
24 with the result that it is impossible to remove the
television receiver from its swivel mounting or from the
support 26 of the furniture. The only means by which
this can be achieved is the application of a special type
of spanner wrench, such as is shown in FIG. 3, normally
not in the possession of the usual traveler at a motel, for
threaded disc-shaped nut loosely bearing against the un
dersurface of said plate and ?xedly secured to said sleeve,
said nut threaded down over said bolt and adapted to be
tightened against said support; said nut having a series of
spaced peripheral notches therein for retaining registry
with a spanner wrench for tightening and loosening said
2. The combination of claim 1; the nut being of such
limited height as to preclude normal manual access to
10 the means for securing said base plate to said receiver
except on application of said spanner wrench.
Of course, with the application of this wrench, it is a
3. The combination of claim 1 wherein the means ex
relatively simple matter to apply the wrench in a proper
tending through the plate for securing it to the receiver
respect so as to rotatively loosen the nut 13, as desired,
comprises screws threaded upwardly through the plate
after which the entire television and swivel assembly may
be removed by mere rotation relative to the stationary 15 and into the receiver.
4. The combination of claim 2 wherein the means
bolt 28.
extending through the plate for securing it to the receiver
It is noted that an aperture 15 is provided through the
comprises screws threaded upwardly through the plate
disc 14, which, as far as FIG. 3 is concerned, performs
and into the receiver.
no function. It is contemplated, however, that under
5. The combination of claim 1 wherein the nut is of
certain circumstances the top support 26 may be of such 20
greater diameter than the sleeve.
thickness that in tightening the nut down, the shank 3%
6. The combination of claim 2 wherein the nut is of
will project towards or past the disc 14. Accordingly,
greater diameter than the sleeve.
under such circumstances, the aperture 15 provides a
7. The combination of claim 1 wherein the means ex
clearance therefore.
tending through the plate for securing to the receiver
Having described my invention, reference should now
comprises screws threaded upwardly through the plate
be had to the following claims.
and into the receiver and wherein the nut is of greater
I claim:
diameter than the sleeve.
1. In combination with a piece of furniture having a
?at top support, an upright bolt projected up through the
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
undersurface of said support and thereabove; a theft-proof 30
television swivel comprising a base plate adapted to sup
portably receive a television receiver; means extending
through the plate adapted for securing it to said receiver,
said plate having a central bore and counter bore; a sleeve
loosely positioned through said bore; a disc of increased
diameter loosely positioned in said counter bore and se
cured to said sleeve; a centrally apertured interiorly
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