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Dec. 18, 1962
Filed Nov. 10. 1959
lsrQ Q15
United States Patent O?tice
Patented Dec. 18, 1962
the tube from sinking to the bottom of the water. Al
though it is customary to add an extra weight to a line
Frank Paul Hopkins, 1315 Cleveland-Massillon Road,
Copley, Ohio
Filed Nov. 10, 1959, Ser. No. 852,103
3 Claims. (Cl. 43-4.“).1)
when trolling deep with a tube, no extra weight is required
if the skid is of proper weight. For instance, if the tube
is copper tubing 31/2 to 4 inches long and about 7A; inch in
diameter, and the skid is copper wire about 5732 inch in
diameter and about 8 inches long, no extra weight is re
This invention relates to an improved trolling tube for
either deep or shallow trolling. Such tubes are about 1/2
inch in diameter to 1 inch or more. A downwardly di
When trolling or reeling in a line, the skid causes little
10 resistance. The lure, which is preferably attached to the
rected skid on the tube prevents the tube from sinking
loose ring 10 and is located about 4 feet or somewhat more
to the bottom of a body of water when in use.
behind the tube, is held down at all trolling speeds.
The tube is of any usual design and is of any usual
When the skid makes contact with the bottom of the
composition. The front end is beveled so that it slopes
body of water, the ?sherman can sense it through his reel
backwardly from the bottom to the top at an angle be 15 and rod. He then knows that the tube is properly located
tween about 30 and 60 degrees, and preferably about 45
and that the lure will travel just above the bottom of the
degrees, so that the tube tends to level off as it is drawn
water. In trolling, when the skid 12 strikes an obstruction
through the water. The back end of the tube can be cut
on the bottom of the body of water, the tube will tip up
off straight or at any slanting angle. Means is provided
anud the lure will follow it over the obstruction, usually
for attaching both a trolling line and a lure to the tube. 20 without snagging.
The tube is preferably made of copper, but can be made
If it is desired to have the tube travel closer to the
of other metal or plastic. -It can be shaped from a ?at
bottom than the extended skid permits, the skid is bent.
sheet or extruded.
It may be bent in a straight line to the rear, but is prefer
The skid is preferably a stiff wire of such composition
ably curled back under the tube. It may be curled to a
that it can be bent to any desired shape. It is usually 25 half circle, bringing the bottom end of the skid near to
from 6 to 12 inches long and preferably about 8 inches
or in touch with the rear of the tube.
long. A longer wire skid may be used if bent to an ef
In addition to keeping the tube off the bottom of the
fective length of 6 to 12 inches. Other skid means can
body of water, it gives added weight to the front of the
be employed for keeping the tube about 6 to 12 inches
tube, making it dive deeper and travel nearer the bottom
30 of the body of water, and the line drawing the tube travels
off the bottom of the body of water.
The invention is described in connection with the ac
companying drawings, in which
' in a position more nearly perpendicular to the bottom of
the body of water so that less line is out.
FIG. 1 is a side view of the tube and skid;
The tube can be used with any type of lure and with
FIG. 2 is a top view; and
any of the usual ?shing accessories.
FIG. 3 is a bottom view.
The invention is covered in the claims which ‘follow.
‘ The tube 5 is preferably seamless and composed of
What I claim is:
copper or other non-corrodible metal. It is immaterial
1. A straight trolling tube having a front end which
Whether the rear end 6 of the tube is cut off perpen
is beveled from the bottom backwardly to the top so
dicularly, or at an angle, but the front end 7 is beveled
as to provide a beveled edge at the front end thereof, and
and slopes back from the bottom to the top at an angle 40 including means for the attachment of a- trolling line to
of about 45 degrees.
the top of the tube near the beveled edge, which tube has
The bottom of the tube, which is about %-inch in
a downwardly directed stiff skid extending downwardly
diameter, is shown as being provided with a hole 9 at
therefrom in front of said means for the attachment of
the rear in which is the ring 10 for attachment of a lure.
a trolling line, which skid prevents the tube sinking to the
The ring can be omitted and other means for attaching 45 bottom of a body of water when used for trolling therein.
a lure to the tube may be used.
2. The trolling tube of claim 1 in which the skid is
At the front of the tube is the skid 12. It is preferably
a stiff, bendable wire attached to said front end of the tube.
a piece of stiff, bendable wire the upper end 13 of which
3. A straight trolling tube having a front end which
is welded to the bottom of the tube. It may be fastened
is beveled at an angle of about 45 degrees from the bottom
to the tube in any desired manner at any suitable place
backwardly to the top thereof, with a stiff, bendable wire
between the front of the tube and the place at which the
fastened to said front end of the tube and extending
trolling line is fastened to the tube. The skid wire is
downwardly therefrom, there being means at the bottom
stiff enough to prevent the tube from sinking to the bot
of the opposite end of the tube for the attachment of a
tom of the water when trolling. It may, for example,
lure thereto, and two rings fastened to the top of the
measure 8 inches from the tube to its bottom end. A 55 tube, one of said rings being very near said front end of the
longer or shorter wire may be used, as desired, depend
top and the other being in front of the center of the tube.
ing upon the distance which the tube is to be kept off of
the bottom of the body of water. Although the wire is
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
advantageously directed perpendicularly downwardly, it
may be slanted, and in this case it will normally be slanted 60
toward the rear.
For deep trolling the line is preferably attached to the
ring 15 which is slightly forward of the center of the
top of the tube and may, for example, be one-third of the
distance from the front edge 7 to the rear edge 6. For 65 2,484,747
shallow trolling, the line is preferably fastened to the
front ring 18 to more readily keep the tube substantially
horizontal with a shorter line.
As the tube is drawn through the water in trolling it
automatically positions itself in a substantially horizontal 70 2,843,965
position in the direction of travel. The skid 12 prevents
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