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Dec. 18, 1962
Filed May 13, 1959
Patented Dec. 18, 1962
Alvaro Mario Car-ion, 1621 Page St.,
San Francisco 17, Calif.
Filed May 13, 1959, Ser. No. 812,866
4 Claims. (Cl. 77-7)
the control switch 32 is arranged outside of the adapter
25 and is fastened thereto. The control switch 32 is
provided with a manually movable control button 33,
and the switch 32 is fastened to the adapter 25 by means
of securing elements 34, there being a backing or rein
forcing plate 35 interposed between the switch 32 and
the side wall 26. Slots 36 are arranged in the side wall
27, and the slots 36 provide clearance space whereby a
tool such as a screwdriver can be extended through the
This invention relates to a drill stand, and more par
ticularly to a control mechanism for the drill or other 10 slots 36 so as to gain access to the securing element 34,
as for example when the adapter 25 is not on the lever
tool being used.
16, so that means is provided for fastening or unfastening
The object of the invention is to provide an adapter
the control switch 32 from the adapter 25.
for connection to the movable lever or handle of a drill
The numeral 37 indicates an electric cable or wire
stand whereby a convenient means is provided for turn
ing the electric drill on or off.
15 which is adapted to be connected to a suitable source
of electrical energy by means of a plug 38, and the wire
' Another object of the invention is to provide an adapter
37 leads to the switch 32. The numeral 39 indicates a
which permits the control switch to be fastened to a
wire or electric cable which serves to electrically connect
manually movable lever so that a person can readily
the switch 32 to the usual motor of the drill 33.
move a drill up or down and at the same time control
From the foregoing, it will be apparent that there has
the actuation of the drill by means of the control switch 20
been provided an adapter which serves to connect a con
which is fastened to the handle lever by means of the
trol switch such as the switch 32 to the movable lever
adapter of the present invention.
or handle 16 so that a person can simultaneously move
A further object of the invention is to provide a uni
the lever 16 and at the same time operate the switch 32.
versal switch adapter for a drill stand, which is extremely
Thus, only one hand is needed to perform this Work
simple and inexpensive to manufacture.
wherein with the switch not located on the lever 16, two
Other objects and advantages will be apparent during
hands would be required since one hand would be re
the course of the following description.
quired to move the lever 16, while the other band would
In the accompanying drawing, forming a part of this
be needed in order to operate the switch 32.
application, and in which like numerals are used to desig
In use, by gripping the lever 16 and moving the lever
nate like parts throughout the same:
16, the sleeve 18 will be moved up and down on the
FIGURE 1 is a side elevational view illustrating the
present invention.
FIGURE 2 is a sectional view taken through the manu
ally movable lever.
FIGURE 3 is a sectional view taken on line 3-3 of
FIGURE 4 is a sectional view taken on line 4-—4 of
post 12.
The arm 26 connects the bracket 22 to the
movable sleeve 18, and since the bracket 22 provides a
support for the drill 23, it will be seen that this manual
movement of the lever 16 will cause similar movement
of the drill 23 so that the bit 24 can be moved into or
out of engagement with a work piece which is supported
on the base 11.
At the same time, when it is desired to turn the drill
FIGURE 5 is a perspective illustrating the adapter.
Referring in detail to the drawing, the numeral 10 40 23 on or 011, it is only necessary to manually move the
control button 33 and this will open or complete the
indicates a stand which includes a horizontally disposed
circuit to the drill 23.
base 11 and .an upright post or standard 12, FIGURE 1.
The switch 32 is fastened in place on the lever 16 by
A collar 13 is a?ixed to the post 12 in any suitable man
means of the bracket 25, and the switch housing is con
ner, and the numeral 14 indicates a link which is pivot
ally connected to the collar 13 as at 15. A manually 45 nected to the adapter 25 by means of a securing element
34. The lever 16 extends through the adapter 25, and
movable lever or handle 16 is pivotally connected to the
by loosening the sections 31, the adapter 25 can be shifted
link 14- as at 17, and the lever 16 is also pivotally con
to dilferent positions on the lever 16. After the adapter
neeted to a movable sleeve 18 as at 19. The sleeve 18
is mounted for sliding or up and down movement on
the post 12.
The numeral 20 indicates an arm which is fastened
to the movable sleeve 18 as at 21, and a bracket 22 is
secured to the arm 20, and the bracket 22 serves to
support a conventional electric drill or tool 23. The
has been moved to the desired position, the screw mem
50 bers 31 are tightened so as to maintain the adapter 25
immobile in the desired position.
The parts can be made of any suitable material and
in di?erent shapes or sizes.
With the present invention, drilling jobs can be accom
drill 23 includes the usual rotary bit 24.
55 plished easier, speedier, and safer. Drill stands for
electric hand drills are not built with a switch thereon,
According to the present invention there is provided
and with the present invention, a person can readily
an adapter which is indicated generally by the numeral
attach a switch to the drill stand handle 16 in a very
25, and the adapter 25 is of U shape and has the lever
short period of time and no alterations to the drill stand
16 extending therethrough, FIGURE 2. The adapter 25
includes ?rst and second spaced parallel side Walls 26 60 or to the drill being used is required. Different sizes of
and 27 as well as a top wall 28. The numeral 29 indi
cates a block which is mounted between the lower por
tions of the side walls 26 and 27, and the block 29 is
retained in place by means of pins or securing elements
switches can be accommodated and some of the advan
tages of the present invention are as follows. Full control
of the drilling process is provided at the user’s ?ngertips,
and a faster and more accurate job is accomplished and
only takes one hand to operate the feed handle 16
30. The numeral 31 indicates screw members or set
of the drill stand and by merely stretching the user’s
screws which extend through the block 29 and which
?ngers of the same hand, the person can start or stop
engages the lower surface of the lever 16 so as to main
the drilling process in a short period of time. Further
tain the adapter 25 in the desired immobile position on
more, it is not necessary to clamp down the work piece
the lever 16.
since the user has a free hand to hold the same, so that
As shown in the drawing the numeral 32 indicates a
a person can work faster. Furthermore, the user can
control switch which is of conventional construction, and
concentrate on the work in a more satisfactory manner
since it is not necessary to move the eyes away from the
Work piece to start or stop the drilling process and the
'4 .
face of said lever for retaining the block in place, a switch
arranged outside of the adapter and electrically con
switch‘ is within ?nger reach and adds to the safety with
nected to the tool, said switch including a manually mov- ‘
which the drill is being used. Furthermore, the electric
able control button, securing elements for fastening the
drill vwill not be left running all the time since it is easy
switch to said ?rst side wall, and a backing plate inter
posed between the switch and the; adjacent side wall of
to start and stop the same so that there will be less noise
and more peace for users, as for example when the drill
the bracket.
2. The structure as defined in claim 1 wherein said
tool consists of an electric drill.
3. The structure as de?ned in claim 1 wherein said
and operating costs. Since there is no strain or pressure l0
second side wall is provided with slots which are ar
put upon the adapter, it can be built of very light mate
ranged opposite the securing elements that fasten said
rial and the adapter can be made to trip the feed handle
is being used in the home. Also, the drill will last longer
without heating up and there will be a saving in power
of various types of drill stands as desired.
switch to the ?rst'side wall;
Minor changes in shape, size and rearrangement of
'4. In a drill stand, a manually movable lever, a U
details coming within the ?eld of invention claimed may 15 shaped adapter having said lever projecting therethrough,
said adapter including ?rst and second spaced parallel side
be resorted to in actual practice, if desired.
I claim:
walls and a top wall, a block a?’ixed to the lower portion
of said adapter between said side walls, securing ele
1. In a device of the character described, a stand in
ments extending through said block and engaging said
cluding a base, a post extending upwardly from said
base, a stationary collar af?xed to said post, a link pivot 20 lever, a switch outside of the adapter, said switch in
cluding a manually movable control button, securing
.ally connected to said collar, a sleeve slidably connected
elements fastening the switch to the ?rst side wall, there
to said post, a lever pivotally connected to said sleeve
being slots in said second side wall opposite said last
and link, an arm connected to said sleeve, a bracket con
nected to said am, an electric tool connected to said
named securing elements.
bracket, a U—shaped adapter having a portion of said 25
lever extending therethrough, said adapter embodying
?rst and second spaced parallel side walls and a top wall,
one of said side walls having a plurality of spaced apart
slots therein, a block a?ixed in the lower portion of said
adapter between said side walls, securing elements ex 30
tended through said block and engaging below the sur
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
Moretz ______________ _._ Apr. (2, 1957
Great Britain _________ __ May 22, 1957
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