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Dec. 18, 1962
Filed Aug. 4, 1959
Fig. /
BY MM 5%,,‘
United States Patent 0 ’ ICC.
Patented Dec. 18, 1962
(no shown) secured to the casing at points spaced longi
tudinally therealong. Raised circumferential portion or
Louis Kluck, Box 1421, Odessa, Tex.
Filed Aug. 4, 1959, Ser. No. s31,521
1 Claim. (Cl. 166—173)
section 13 of collar 16 forms a circumferential cavity 24
within the collar 16.
A plurality of identical groups 28 of ?ngers are car
ried by the raised portion 18 of collar 16. A typical
group 28 is shown in detail in FIGURE 5 and includes
This invention relates to a combined well bore and
casing cleaner.
a pair of identical ?ngers 30 and 32. The ?ngers are
constructed of a single piece of resilient wire bent to the
An object of the invention is to provide a practical and 10 desired shape.
The ?ngers 30 and 32 extend through
inexpensive cleaner for loosening mud cake from a Well
bore and for cleaning rust and coating on the casing in
the same operation.
collar 16, and the slots enable the ?ngers to extend
is always a double action i.e. cleaning of two spaced
surfaces during the actuation and operation of the cleaner.
portions operatively connecting the inner ends 40 and
slots 34 and 36 which are on spaced circumferences of
from cavity 24 to the exterior of the collar. The ends
Brie?y, the cleaning action begins when the extreme
of the ?ngers contact the surface of bore 10 during the
ends of a plurality of ?ngers are compressed while enter-. 15 use and operation of the cleaner 14.
ing the well bore thereby causing the flat portions of the
The inner ends of the ?ngers 30 and 32 are slightly
spring ?ngers to come in contact with the casing. There
bowed as at 40 and 42, and there is a network of bent
42 together. This network 46 includes a pair of identi
A constantcleaning action is achieved by reciprocating 20 cal straight parts 48 and 50 joined to the bowed portions
the casing during cementing or the circulating process in
40 and 42 of the ?ngers, and there are multiple loops
well operations. This, of course, assures or at least helps
52 and 54 integral with the ends of straight portions 48
to assure a good cement bond when cementing. .
and 50. Inwardly directed straight portions 56 and 58
The cleaner is made of a collar having specially con
of the ‘single wire from which the ?ngers and network
structed ?ngers carried by the collar. Preferably, the 25 are constructed, extend toward each other, and they have
collar has spaced pairs of slots through which a pair of
right angular portions 6-0 and 62 integral with the adja
?ngers protrude. The ?ngers are capable of operating
cent ends thereof. A loop or eye 64 integrally joins the
within the limits of the slots.
The outer ends of the
?ngers scrape the bore, and the inner ends of the ?ngers
adjacent ends of portions 6%} and 62 so that there is a
?exure possibility in directions following the nominal
are resiliently connected together by means of a network 30 X, Y and Z axes considered on a geometric basis. Fur
of eyes and links of resilient material, e.g. wire, so that
ther, the ?exure of the network is double acting inasmuch
there is ample ?exure of the ?ngers. - ‘The entire network
as the eye or loop 64 receives a shouldered rivet 68 whose
is secured to the collar, for example ‘by a rivet, spot weld
ing, bolting, etc.
head 70 bears against one surface of loop 64 and whose
shank 72 extends through opening 74 in portion 18 of
The construction of the network of eyes is such that 35 the collar. Shoulder portion 76 between shank 72 and
as the ?ngers are de?ected by scraping the bore side wall,
head 71) occupies the aperture of loop or eye 64 forming
the heel of some of the portions of the network scrapes
a ?rm bearing support for the network.
upon the casing to scrape and clean it.
In use the collar is lowered into the well bore on the
These together with other objects and advantages which
well casing 12. As the ends of ?ngers 30 and 32 operate
will become subsequently apparent reside in the details 40 against the inner surface of the casing, rubbing it, they
of construction and operation as more fully hereinafter
described and claimed, reference being had to the ac
clean the same. At the same time, though, the reaction
accordance with the invention.
and 58 and to de?ect in a direction to bring the heels
84 .and 86 formed at the juncture of ?ngers 30, 32 and
force generated between the ?ngers 30, 32 and the
companying drawings forming a part hereof, wherein like
inner surface of the bore, is transmitted to double loops
numerals refer to'like parts throughout, and in which:
52 and 54 and straight portions 56 and 58, causing said
FIGURE 1 is a fragmentary sectional view of a casing 45 ?ngers 30 and 32 to swing about axes generally coinciding
in a well bore with the casing equipped with a cleaner in
with the longitudinal axes of said straight portions 56
FIGURE 2 is a sectional view taken on the line 2—2
of FIGURE 1.
FIGURE 3 is an enlarged sectional view taken on the
portions 48, 50, to bear against the casing 12 and scrape
it clean. All oscillatory movements of the ?ngers coupled
line 3-3 of FIGURE 2.
with movement of the cleaner body or collar, will result
FIGURE 4 is a sectional view taken on the line 4-4
in scraping action against the casing and also against
of FIGURE 3.
the inner surface of the bore of the well.
FIGURE 5 is a fragmentary perspective view showing
The foregoing is considered as illustrative only of the
particularly the preferred form of ?ngers and loop or eye 55 principles of the invention. Further, since numerous
network connecting them together.
modi?cations and changes will readily occur to those
In the accompanying drawings there is illustrated a
skilled in the art, it is not desired to limit the invention
well bore 10 in which there is a well casing 12, both of
to the exact construction and operation shown and de
which are conventional. Cleaner 14 is mounted on casing
scribed, and accordingly, all suitable modi?cations and
12 and is designed principally for use in cleaning the 60 equivalents may be resorted to, falling within the scope
casing and scraping the surface of the bore preparatory
of the invention as claimed.
to cementing.
What is claimed as new is as follows:
Cleaner 14 is composed of a collar 16 which is an
For use in drilling operations, a device for simultaneous
ly scraping and cleaning the inner surfaces of a well
nular to ?t around casing 12 and which has a circum
ferential raised center section 18. The edges 20‘ and 22 65 bore and the outer surface of a well casing, said device
of collar 16 engage the outer surface of casing 12 and
including a collar on said casing having a plurality of
retain the cleaner 14 in place on the casing against lateral
radially opening and elongated slots formed therein ex
displacement relative thereto. It is pointed out that the
tending circumferentially about said collar, a plurality of
collar 16 is free to slide longitudinally of the casing 12 70 pairs of ?ngers including bowed inner end portions ex
between adjacent joints joining adjacent casing sections
or between limits established by means of stop collars
tending through said slots and joined to angulated straight
portions generally paralleling each other, disposed inward—
1y of said collar and de?ning heel portions at the juncture
of the bowed and straight portions of said ?ngers, means
the corresponding slot and terminating at its free end
mounting the ends of the angulated straight portions
in an end portion angulated relative to a radius of said
said ?ngers each lying in a plane generally paralleling
remote from said heel portions together and to said col
collar extending through the corresponding slots, said
lar for swinging movement of the bowed portions of said 5 angulated free end portions being similarly inclined.
?ngers through said slots and about axes adjacent the
ends of said angulated straight portions remote from
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
said heel portions and generally paralleling the longi
tudinal axis of said collar, said ?ngers being constructed
of resilient material and urged toward one limit posi 10
tion with said heels adjacent the adjacent inner surfaces
of said collar and away from the casing on which said
collar is disposed, said slots guidingly engaging the bowed
portions of said ?ngers ‘and said heel portions being dis
Reistle et a1 ____________ __ June 3, 1947
Wright _______________ __ May 2, 1950
Hall _________________ __ Mar. 9, 1954
Baker _______________ __ Aug. 13, 1957
posed for inward displacement and for sliding contact 15
ing relation with said casing on which said collar is
The Oil Weekly, July 7, 1941, volume 102, number
mounted when the outer free ends of said ?ngers contact
5,page 37.
the surfaces of the well bore and are inwardly de?ected,
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