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. 18, 1962
Filed sept. 2s. 1959
Henry David Bishop
United .States Patent
The food in container 5 is protected by an imperforate
Henry David Bishop, Mount Clemens, Mich., assignor to
cover or closure 20 which may be formed from inexpen
sive material such as metal foil or cardboard. The cover
may be provided with a circular cutout portion (not
Aluminum Company of America, Pittsburgh, Pa., a
corporation of Pennsylvania
Patented Dec. 18, 1962
shown) and a plastic inserted so that the food in the con
tainer may be visually observed.
Filed Sept. 23, 1959, Ser. No. 841,895
Where desired, the
pack-age may be provided with a further outer cover 21
attached to the rim of the outer container and extending
This invention relates to packages, and has for its ob
over the inner container (FIGURES 2 and 3).
ject to provide a package for holding food which may be 10
In practicing the invention, the covers 20 and 21 are
heated, in preparation for serving, while in said package,
removed by means of pull tabs 22 and tear strip 23 -perfo
and served from said package while maintained in a warm
rated to facilitate opening. Water is introduced into
1 Claim. (Cl. 220--13)
the outer container through hole 24 in plate 12 inter
mediate the outer container 4 and food container 5, and
It is another object of the invention to provide a food
package of the above type formed from disposable, inex
the water brought to a boil by means of an electric or
pensive light metal such as aluminum toil.
These together with other objects and advantages of
of the invention will best be understood by referring to`
gas range. The food may be served directly from the
package, thereby maintaining the foo-d in a warm condi
tion which may be particularly desirable in serving in
the following detailed specilication and preferred embodi
ment thereof, and 4to the accompanying drawings, in
tants. The hole 24 may be provided with a suitable
closure (not shown) to prevent the escape of hot water
and steam which may be desirable during serving.
FIG. 1 is a perspective view of a food package em
There is illustrated in FIG. 3 an alternate securing
bodying my invention. Portions of the covers have been
means for attaching the said support 12 to the package.
broken away to show otherwise hidden structural fea
Outer container 4 is provided with annular projecting rim
25 or lip 26. The periphery of said supporting rim or collar
FIG. 2 is a vertical sectional view on line II-II of
12 is then folded over rim 26 in such a manner as to
FIG. 1.__
encompass the rim as shown in the figure.
FIG. 3 is a fragmentary vertical sectional view similar
FIG. 4 illustrates a modified support means of the in
to the right side of FIG. 2, showing a modified construc
vention in which the side wall 9 of food container 5 is
30 bent outwardly at its marginal edge to form annular
laterally projecting llange 30. The food container 5 is
supported within outer container 4 by seating the outer
periphery of said flange 30 on annular flange 10 and with
in recess 11, and conjoining the said periphery between
FIG. 4 is a view similar to FIG. 2 modified to illustrate
substitute support means.
In general, my improved food package incorporates two
containers in substantially concentric arrangement similar
to that of a double boiler. The containers may be of 35 the walls of recess 11, substantially as described above.
any desired shape, but preferably are constructed as shal
Having described the invention generally and in terms
low pans of circular cross-section. The outer container
of speciñc embodiments thereof, I claim:
is for holding water and is subject directly to the heat of
In a food container comprising a non-combustible outer
an electric or gas range. The smaller container for hold
container having a marginal rim, a smaller inner «container
ing food is supportingly engaged within said outer con 40 »disposed within said outer container and spaced there
tainer by suitable support means and terminates above
from, said inner container having an annular flange fixed
»ly attached thereto and Projecting laterally therefrom,
the bottom of said outer container in such a manner as to
define a compartment for the boiling liquid. The lower
a cover for said inner container, and a cover for said
portion of the food container is thus surrounded by water
outer container extending over said inner container, the
45 improvement comprising the said marginal rim of the
and exposed to the heat of the boiling water.
Referring to the drawings wherein like reference nu
outerl container being turned outwardly and then reversely
merals designate similar parts throughout the various
turned inwardly providing a substantially ñat uppermost
views, 2 designates generally a food package formed from
surface in overlapping relation to the outwardly turned .
thin light metal, preferably aluminium foil. The outer
portion of the marginal rim to form a recess, the said
container 4, preferably of circular cross-section, has a 50 flange having its outer rim seated in the said recess and
substantially flat bottom wall 6 and upwardly extending
íixedly joined to the said outer container between the
side wall 8 terminating at its marginal edge with an out
walls of said recess, and said cover -for said outer con
wardly directed annular flange 10 having an inwardly
tainer being íixedly attached to the substantially flat upper
turned reverse bend forming recess 11, as shown in FIG. 2.
most surface of said inwardly turned marginal rim of
Food container 5, of similar structure but of smaller 55 said outer container and being lfree of engagement with
diameter and less depth than outer container 4, is mount
the rest of the marginal rim.
ed within said outer container, the substantially concentric
arrangement thus defining a compartment 13 for the boil
References Cited in the ñle of this patent
ing water. The side wall 9 of food container 5 is bent
outwardly to provide annular laterally projecting llange 16
having horizontally disposed extending rim 12, preferably
formed as a disc-like collar, for supportingly engaging said
yfood container 5. Extending rim or collar 12 is provided
with a centrally disposed opening 18 adapted to receive
the food container. The periphery of the extending rim 65
or collar is of such contour as to seat upon annular ilange
10 and within recess 11 and the extending rim conjoined
at its marginal edge between the walls of the recess by
crimping, welding or the like. The food container 5 is
inserted through opening 18 and is supported snugly
in place by reason of the annular liange 16 resting uponthe top side of the collar 12 adjacent the opening.
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