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Dec. 18, 1962
3,069,1 77
Filed Sept. 30. 1959
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Dec. 178, 1962
’ R, w, ERlKSON
Filed Sept. 30. 1959
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United States Patent O??ce
Robert W. Erikson, Rockford, Ill., assignor to Sundstrand
Corporation, a corporation of Illinois
Filed Sept. 30, 1959, Ser. No. 843,528
1 Claim. (Cl. 277-93)
Patented Dec. 18, 1962
and a discharge 24 with the discharge being returnable
either to the reservoir ‘13 or to the tank from which the
oil is drawn through the medium ofa pipe 25 connecting
I the discharge to the reservoir or through a discharge port
A threaded plug 27 may be used to determine the
?nal disposition of the discharge of the ?rst stage. When
the plug is in the position shown, the discharge of the ?rst
stage is through the port 26 to tank, while when the plug
This invention relates to a pump and more particularly
to a pump of the gear type.
27 is removed and a similar plug is used to block the port
It is a general object of the present invention to pro 10 26, discharge is to the reservoir.
duce a new and improved pump of the character described.
The ?rst stage pump 17 acts primarily as a lift pump to
It is a more speci?c object of the invention to produce
bring oil from the tank or other place of storage to the
a new and improved pump of the gear type which is capa
reservoir 13 and its purpose is to maintain the reservoir
ble of operating over longer periods without leaks or other
13 full of oil. It will be noted that the intake of the ?rst
di?iculties which would necessitate repair or replacement
of parts.
It is still another object of the invention to produce a
pump of the character described in the preceding para
graph which includes a shaft rotatably mounted in the
housing for rotating the gears of the pump and including
a new and improved seal between the shaft and the hous
ingto prevent leakage of oil along the shaft and ultimately
out of the housing.
Other and further objects and advantages of the present
invention will be readily apparent from the following
stage pump is located at the top of the reservoir. Hence,
it will serve to draw o? air or foam from the reservoir so
that the lower portion thereof is always ?lled with solid
oil. The second stage pump =18 draws its oil from the
bottom portion of the reservoir and as it is this oil which
is ultimately delivered to the burner nozzle, the advantage
of the described locations for the intakes of the ?rst and
second stage pumps becomes apparent. Thus, the second
stage intake 30 is located as shown in FIG. 1 near the
bottom of the reservoir. The second stage pump dis
charge 31 is directed to a burner shut-off valve 32 which
description and drawings, in which:
controls a burner port 33 connected to the burner. The
FIG. 1 is a ?ow diagram of a pump embodying the
valve 32 is similar to the cut-off valve shown in the Erik
present invention;
son Patent No. 2,763,336 and includes an inlet chamber
FIG. 2 is an enlarged detail view of the shaft seal of the
34 to which the discharge line 31 is connected and a plu
present invention;
30 rality of vertical passages 35 opening at one end to the
FIG. 3 is a top plan view of a pump embodying the
inlet chamber 34 and at the other end to an outlet chamber
36. Oil under pressure supplied by the second stage
pump is directed to-the outlet chamber 36 and when the
pressure is suf?cient, the valve 37 slides upwardly within
FIG. 5 is a transverse sectional view taken along the
the sleeve 37a against the opposition of spring 3811. The
line 5——5 of FIG. 3.
sleeve 37a is held in position by a retainer spring 33. The
While this invention is susceptible of embodiment in
tension of spring 38a acting in opposition to the pressure
many different forms, there is shown in the drawings and
may be adjusted by the knobs 39 against which one end
will herein be described in detail one speci?c embodiment,
of the spring bears.
with the understanding that the present disclosure is to be 40
The valve 37 is carried at the lower end of a piston
considered as an exempli?cation of the principles of the
slidable in the sleeve 37a and the piston walls are pro
invention and is not intended to limit the invention to the
vided with openings 40 connecting to an annular groove
embodiment illustrated. The scope of the invention will
41 formed at the exterior side walls of the piston and that
be pointed out in the appended claims.
annular groove may be moved to communicate with the
Referring now to the drawings, there is shown a pump
inlet chamber 34 when the piston moves upwardly suffi
particularly adapted for pumping fuel from a tank or
ciently in response to increasing pressure. As the in
other supply and supplying it under pressure to a burner
terior 42 of the shut-off valve is connected to drain by
nozzle. The oil burner pump shown includes a casing 10
means of the pipe 43, movement of the piston upwardly
provided with a cap 11 at one end thereof secured by bolts
to a point establishing communication between the inlet
as shown to the body 12 of the casing. The ‘cap 11 is
chamber 34 and the interior of the valve through the
hollow to provide a reservoir 13 and in the reservoir there
medium of the grooves and openings 40, 41 serves to limit
is located a cylindrical screen 14 for preventing solid parti
the pressure of oil delivered to the burner nozzle. The
cles in the oil from entering the pumping mechanism. At
pressure may be checked from time to time through the
the top of the casing there is an inlet port 15 and an alter
medium of gauge port 44 which connects as shown to
nate inlet port 15a is provided at the bottom of the casing.
the second stage discharge line 31.
Either of the inlets may be used depending upon which is
As indicated earlier, ‘novel shaft seal means are pro
more convenient, and the particular installation, and the
vided for preventing leakage of oil along the shaft 16
inlet not in use may be closed by a suitable threaded plug.
from the area of the pumps 17 and 18 and ultimately out
Rotatably mounted in the casing 10 is a drive shaft 16,
of the right-hand end of the casing. Referring now to
rotation of which serves to rotate a ?rst stage gear type
FIG. 2, it will be seen that the shaft seal 22 includes a
pump 17 and a second stage gear type pump 18, the ?rst
?oating ring 50 of low friction material such as nylon,
stage pump 17 being provided with an internally contained
having a clearance 51 from the shaft of the order of .005
ring gear 19 meshing with an externally contained pinion
inch or even greater, and thus is free to adjust its position
gear 20 with the gears being faced so as to provide a space
automatically so that its face 52 can engage the face 53
therebetween opposite the point of close mesh with said 65 of the adjacent portion of the housing. A pin 54 extends
space being occupied by a crescent member 21. The sec—
through the shaft 16 and into suitable slots 54a provided
0nd stage pump is provided with similar gears including a
in the ring 50 so as to rotate the same with the shaft.
ring gear 19a, a pinion 20a, and crescent 21a. The shaft
Covering the ring 5%) is a spring supporting cap 55 against
16 is provided with a shaft seal generally indicated at 22
which one end of a compression spring 56 bears, the
to prevent leakage along the shaft and the details of this 70 other end of the spring bearing against a corresponding
seal will subsequently be described fully.
cap 57 covering a leaded bronze ring 58‘. The bronze
The ?rst stage pump 17 is provided with an intake 23
ring is provided with a face 59 bearing against a corre
FIG. 4 is a longitudinal sectional View taken along line
4—4 of FIG. 3; and
spending sealing face 60 provided on a ring housing mem
ber 61 sealed to the housing 12 by O-ring 64. A second
O-ring 65 provides a seal between the shaft and the leaded
bronze ring 58 and the ring housing member 61 is main
tained within the recess and the housing by removable
in said nylon ring to allow said nylon ring to freely and
automatically adjust its position in sealing engagement
with said one seating area, a second ring having an an
nular sealing face bearing against the other seating area
in sealing relationship therewith, a sealing means inter
posed between said second ring and said shaft, and a
snap ring 66. A drain line 67 connects the recess hous
spring in the hollow compressed between said nylon ring
ing ‘the sealing ring to the drain line 43 as shown.
and said second ring to provide a driving connection be
As indicated earlier, the ring 50 is ?oating by virtue
tween said nylon ring and said second ring for rotating
of the clearance previously described and thus is more
or less self-adjusting to the face of the housing. The O 10 the latter with the shaft, to urge said annular sealing face
into engagement with said last mentioned seating area and
ring 65 does not supply the sole driving force between
to maintain the axial position of said shaft in said housing.
the shaft 16 and the rotating bronze seal 58 as a good
deal of the driving force is supplied through the medium
of the spring 56 which is rotated through its contact with
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
the upper surface of the ring 50 which is, as previously
noted, pinned to the drive shaft.
I claim:
A rotating seal of the character described comprising a
housing having a hollow therein, a shaft rotatably sup
ported in said housing and extending through the hollow,
oppositely facing annular seating areas in the housing and
surrounding the shaft at each end of the hollow, a nylon .
ring encircling but spaced from the shaft loosely to sur
round the same and having an annular face bearing
against one seating area, means providing a driving en
gagement between said nylon ring and the shaft including
a pin extending through said shaft and into a slot provided
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