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Dec. 18, 1962
Filed Nov. 25, 1960
Jr 7¢WM“74%.
United States Patent 0
Patented Dec. 18, 1962
Quebec, Canada
means of staples '12 passing through the lower portion 13
of the slotted ends of the slats and partly into the upper
portion 14 of the slotted ends of the slats to securely
clinch the straps 9 in the slots. In this manner the
Filed Nov. 25, 1960, Ser. No. 71,680
3 Claims. (Cl. 297—+-453)
support mat and therefore can cause no harm to the
Louis Propus, 6159 Durocher St., Montreal,
staples are not apparent from the top surface of the back
clothes of the user.
The seat section 7 of the back support mat is assembled
ticularly to back support mats readily ?tted on the
in the same manner as is the back section 6 except that
driver’s seat of automobiles, beds and davenports etc., to 10 there is no top slat such as the slat 8a. It is therefore
provide good posture and comfort.
composed of a series of identical slats 15 as shown in
The invention consists essentially in the provision of
FIGURE 2 and assembled together on the straps 9 ?tted
back support mat consisting of a series of wood slats
in the end slots 10 and secured together by the staples 12.
mounted on tapes of webbing in which the wood slats
Each of the slats 15 is slotted at 16 over a major por
are slotted horizontally for a major portion of their 15 tion of the length of the slats, and the, slots 16 are sepa
This invention relates to back support mats and par
length between solid portions, giving a degree of flex
ibility to that portion of the slats which take the full
weight of the body.
The object of the invention is to provide a back sup
rated from the end slots 10 by relatively short solid por
tions 17. These slots 16 are approximately in the same
plane as the end slots 10 and extend through the slats
from one edge to the other. The greater portion of the
port mat of body supporting wood slats in which the 20 length of the slats 15, therefore, consists of relatively
wood slats are slotted to give ?exibility to the slats in the
thin members 18 and 19 supported between the solid
body supporting area.
portions 17 and are capable of'being individually ?exed
A further object of the invention is to provide a back
to an extent not possible with a solid slat.
support mat which provides a high degree of ventilation
When the seat section 7 is seated upon, the relative
25 thin top member 18 of each slat 15 will ?ex in the direc
between the seat and the supported body.
A further object of the invention is to provide a back
tion of the arrows A to a degree depending upon the
support mat which will, while supporting a considerable
weight distribution over the area of the seat section.
weight, be less destructive on the material forming the
The back section 6 of the back support mat does not
seat surface.
have the same concentration of load upon it. However,
These and other objects of the invention will be ap 30 the slats 8 can be slotted in the same manner as the slats
parent from the following speci?cation and the accom
‘15 are slotted at 16 to give a degree of ?exing of the
panying drawings, in which:
outward facing surface of the slats when a person leans
FIGURE 1 is a perspective view of a seat with the
backwards on the seat.
back supporting mat installed in position.
The relatively narrow but not too close spacing be
FIGURE 2 is a plan view of the seat portion of the 35 tween the slats of both the back section 6 and the seat
back support mat.
section 7 ensures that each of the sections 6 and 7 flex
FIGURE 3 is a front end view of the back support
on the securing ‘straps 9 to take up a contour on the
mat seat section shown in FIGURE 2.
surfaces of the seat 5 which will give a maximum of
FIGURE 4 is an enlarged plan view of one end of one
support to the user on the seat portion and back portion
of the slats of the back support mat partly broken away
of the seat 5 without any pinching action between the
to expose the slots and the securing staples of the web~
bing tapes holding the slats in spaced relation to each
slats. The slats 15, extending as they do, over a major
portion of the length of the slats provides a degree of
ventilation between the seat 5 and the body of the user
FIGURE 5 is a vertical section on the line 5--5 of
which is not possible where completely solid slats are
used or with solid ?lled pads or mats. Each section 6
Referring to the drawings, the numeral 5 refers to an
and 7 of the seat saver can be rolled up on themselves
automobile seat or any other type of seat on which it
into very small bulk when not in use, and can be stowed
would be advantageous to ?t a back support mat of the
away either under the seat or in the trunk of the car.
type disclosed in the application.
While the back support mat has been illustrated and
The type of back support mat hereinafter described
described as being applied to a seat form of any type, it
consists of two sections, the back section 6 and the seat
can also be applied under a mattress to give adequate
section 7. The back section 6 of the back support mat is
and ?rm support to the back of a person lying down
formed of a series of slats 8 held in spaced apart rela
while, at the same time, allowing a maximum of ventila
tionship to each other by two straps 9 of strong web
tion to the overlying mattress.
bing material. Each of the slats 8 are slotted inwardly 55
What I claim is:
at 10 from their ends for a distance exceeding the width
1. A resilient, ventilating back support mat compris
of the straps 9. The slots 10 are cut in a plane parallel
ing: a seat portion having a plurality of elongated parallel
with the ?at sides of the slats and midway of the thick
slat-like members having slots extending therethrough be
ness of the slats. The top slat 8a is of greater width
tween and parallel to the upper and lower surfaces there
than the slats 8 and has anchored to it the securing straps
of and extending over a substantial portion of the length
11 of strong webbing material which are draped over the
of said members, a back portion having a plurality of like
back of the seat 5 and secured to the seat in any suit
slat-like members parallel to the ?rst mentioned slat-like
able manner.
The slats 8 and 8a are secured to the two straps 9 by
members, slots in the end portions of all of said members
separated from said ?rst mentioned slots by solid portions
of said slat-like members, ?exible straps extending through
ible straps to provide ?exibility in the plane of the slat
the slats in the end portions, means connecting said straps
like members.
to each of said slat-like members, said slat-like members
being spaced apart sufficiently to enable the device to be
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
freely ?exed in either direction.
2. A back support mat according to claim 1 further
comprising means for attaching said mat to a supporting
Bennett _____________ __ Mar. 16, 1875
Davidson ____________ __ July 22, 1902
3. A back support mat according to claim 1 wherein
Fullam _______________ __ Jan. 4, 1910
said end portion slots have a width greater than the ?ex- 1° 1,455,239
Childress ____________ __ May 15, 1923
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